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Rock the Park

Rock the Park

2014 - Now  •  Saturday 11:00 AM on ABC (US)  •   51 hours
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111 votes
# 11013
Documentary, Special Interest, Adventure, Family, Travel
"Rock the Park" taps into America's love affair with our national parks. Hosts Jack Steward and Colton Smith have made it their life's mission to explore every national park in this country. In the process, they come face to face with nature and push their physical limits as they go off the beaten path ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Best of Sharing the Adventure Aired on 05/30/2020
Best of Sharing the Adventure
Season 6: Episode 26
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season 1
S01 E01
Katmai: Where the Bears Are
S01 E02
Glacier Bay: White Thunder
S01 E03
North Cascades: Life on the Edge
S01 E04
Olympic: Obstacles and Animals
S01 E05
Katmai: Journey to the Volcano
S01 E06
Voyageurs: Living Off the Land
S01 E07
Glacier National Park: Rocky Mountain High
S01 E08
Glacier National Park: Bears, Big Horns & Glaciers
S01 E09
Shenandoah: Climbing Virginia Rocks
S01 E10
Mammoth Cave: All About the Bats
S01 E11
Zion: Red Rock Canyons High and Narrow
S01 E12
Bryce Canyon: Horses, Hoodoos and Mud Water
S01 E13
Yellowstone National Park: Hot Spots and Wildlife
S01 E14
Yellowstone: Old Park, New Views
S01 E15
Sequoia: In the Land of Giants
S01 E16
Death Valley: Destination Desert
S01 E17
Joshua Tree: The Climber's Paradise
S01 E18
Haleakala: In the House of the Sun
S01 E19
Hawai'i Volcanoes: Trekking Mauna Loa
S01 E20
Everglades: Slough Slogging & Sea Kayaking
S01 E21
Pictured Rocks: Sleds and Snow Beds
S01 E22
Santa Monica Mountains: From Canyons to Coast
S01 E23
Best of Eat, Drink, Sleep
S01 E24
Best of Wildlife: Bears
Season 2
S02 E01
Cumberland Island: Animal Encounters
S02 E02
Dry Tortugas: Fort Finds and Deep Dives
S02 E03
Great Smoky: Big, Tiny, and Slimy
S02 E04
Padre Island: Keeping Up with the Kemp’s Ridleys
S02 E05
Apostle Islands: Sunken Ships and Carved Caves
S02 E06
Glacier National Park: Grizzly Bears and Rough Rapids
S02 E07
Aniakchak: Wicked Whitewater
S02 E08
Denali: What Lies Beneath
S02 E09
Craters of the Moon
S02 E10
Denali: The Big Five
S02 E11
Mount Rainier: Man Against Mountain
S02 E12
Grand Teton: Climbing in Grand Exposure
S02 E13
Rocky Mountain High: Ridin' High
S02 E14
Capitol Reef: Cliffs, Canyons and Culture
S02 E15
Acadia: Boulders and the Bay
S02 E16
South Dakota: Road Trip
S02 E17
Big Bend: Bend But Don't Break
S02 E18
St. Croix: Into the Abyss
S02 E19
Virgin Islands National Park
S02 E20
Great Basin: Top to Bottom Extremes
S02 E21
Yosemite: Uphills and Down Falls
S02 E22
Yellowstone: Fire and Ice
S02 E23
Best of Water Adventures
S02 E24
Best of Extreme Landscapes
S02 E25
Best of California National Parks
S02 E26
Yellowstone: Fire and Ice
Season 3
S03 E01
Channel Islands National Park
S03 E02
Black Canyon National Park
S03 E03
Dinosaur National Monument
S03 E04
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
S03 E05
Denali: Gold, Bears & Bike Rides
S03 E06
Wrangell-St. Elias: Trekking Glaciers
S03 E07
Wrangell-St. Elias: Backpacking the Wrangell Mountains
S03 E08
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
S03 E09
Deschutes National Forest
S03 E10
Gates of the Arctic National Park
S03 E11
Mount St. Helens
S03 E12
Lassen Volcanic National Park
S03 E13
The Jarbidge Wilderness
S03 E14
New Mexico and Texas Roadtrip
S03 E15
Washington, D.C.
S03 E16
Mojave National Preserve
S03 E17
Virginia: From Coast to Cliffs
S03 E18
Return to Death Valley
S03 E19
Okinawa, Japan
S03 E20
Irimote-Ishigaki National Park
S03 E21
Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
S03 E22
Grand Teton: Avalanches and Alpine Skiing
S03 E23
Okinawa, Japan
S03 E24
Irimote-Ishigaki National Park
S03 E25
Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
S03 E26
Grand Teton: Avalanches and Alpine Skiing
Season 4
S04 E01
New River Gorge National River
S04 E02
NYC: National Parks of New York Harbor
S04 E03
Biscayne National Park
S04 E04
Glacier: Back in Big Sky Country
S04 E05
Jasper National Park
S04 E06
Churchill, Canada
S04 E07
Coconino National Forest
S04 E08
Katmai: Return To The Valley of 10,000 Smokes
S04 E09
Bears Ears National Monument
S04 E10
San Juan National Forest
S04 E11
White Mountain National Forest
S04 E12
Devils Tower National Monument
S04 E13
Santa Fe National Forest
S04 E14
Florida Parks: Hurricane Recovery
S04 E15
Best of Caves
S04 E16
Cayman Islands
S04 E17
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park
S04 E18
Best of Rivers and Waterfalls
S04 E19
Best of Conservation
S04 E20
Best of the Rockies
S04 E21
Northern California
S04 E22
Grand Canyon National Park: Rim to Rim
S04 E23
Denali: Dog Sledding
S04 E24
Santa Catalina Island
S04 E25
Superior National Forest
S04 E26
Nevada: The Loneliest Road in America
Season 5
S05 E01
Uncompahgre National Forest!
S05 E02
Return to the Colorado Rockies & Great Sand Dunes National Park
S05 E03
Canyonlands National Park
S05 E04
Crater Lake National Park
S05 E05
Return to Grand Teton National Park
S05 E06
Return to Yellowstone National Park
S05 E07
Return to Glacier National Park
S05 E08
Arkansas: The Natural State
S05 E09
Best of the Power of Nature
S05 E10
Return to Maui
S05 E11
Island of Hawaii
S05 E12
Top 10 Bear Encounters
S05 E13
Top 10 Cave Encounters
S05 E14
Seoraksan National Park
S05 E15
Top 10 Great Rides
S05 E16
Top 10 Underwater Creatures
S05 E17
Best of Utah
S05 E18
Top 10 Scuba Dives
S05 E19
Top 10 Survival Lessons
S05 E20
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
S05 E21
Top 10 Volcano Adventures
S05 E22
Best of Road Trip Adventures
S05 E23
Best of the West
S05 E24
Best of Wild Alaska
S05 E25
Top 10 Winter Adventures
S05 E26
Voyageurs National Park
Season 6
S06 E01
Chugach National Forest
S06 E02
Kenai Fjords National Park
S06 E03
Chugach State Park
S06 E04
San Juan Islands
S06 E05
Olympic National Park
S06 E06
South Dakota Nucelar Silos and Cathedral Spires
S06 E07
Gallatin National Forest
S06 E08
Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest
S06 E09
Arapaho National Forest
S06 E10
Curecanti National Recreation Area
S06 E11
Glacier: The Highline Trail
S06 E12
Colorado River
S06 E13
Return to Great Basin National Park
S06 E14
Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
S06 E15
Moab Mountain Biking
S06 E16
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
S06 E17
Gold Butte National Monument
S06 E18
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
S06 E19
Crystal River Preserve State Park
S06 E20
Big Cypress National Preserve
S06 E21
Petrified Forest National Park
S06 E22
Los Angeles: From Surf to Snow
S06 E23
Best of K9 Adventures
S06 E24
Best of National Forests
S06 E25
Best of Florida Adventures
S06 E26
Best of Sharing the Adventure
Episode 1
Extreme Landscapes
Episode 2
California National Parks
Episode 3
Best of Wildlife
Episode 4
Best of Eat, Drink, Sleep
Episode 5
Best of Wildlife: Bears
Episode 6
Best of Wildlife: Big & Small
Episode 7
Best of Water Adventures
Episode 8
Best of Extreme Landscapes
Episode 9
Best of California National Parks
Episode 10
Best of Island Adventures
Episode 11
Best of Frozen Landscapes
Episode 12
Best of Coast to Coast
Episode 13
Best of Wildlife: Close Encounters
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