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Nature Cat

Nature Cat

2015 - Now  •  Friday on PBS Kids Sprout  •  36 hours  •  146 episodes
4 votes
329 votes
# 40299
Animation, Children, Adventure
PBS KIDS new series NATURE CAT follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. In each episode, once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, “backyard explorer extraordinaire.” Nature Cat can’t wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Wild Bee Motel Aired on 06/10/2021
Wild Bee Motel
Season 3: Episode 30
Nature Cat | Trailer
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Heartthrob Hamster
S01 E02
S01 E03
Muck Amok
S01 E04
Follow Those Footprints
S01 E05
Breezy Rider
S01 E06
Swamp Thing
S01 E07
The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart
S01 E08
Pet Sounds
S01 E09
Cave Conundrum
S01 E10
Daisy’s Colossal Fossil
S01 E11
There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills
S01 E12
Nature Cat and Mr. Hide
S01 E13
Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?!
S01 E14
For the Birdies!
S01 E15
Ants Revolution
S01 E16
Tide Pool Tough
S01 E17
Hooray, It’s Arbor Day
S01 E18
Goodnight, Gracie
S01 E19
Love You, Michael Bluejáy
S01 E20
Ze Worm Whisperer
S01 E21
Happy Halentine’s Day
S01 E22
The Groundhog Way
S01 E23
Star Gazers
S01 E24
A Jump To Remember
S01 E25
Stream and Shout
S01 E26
Hal's Day Off
S01 E27
Tally Ho! A Rainbow!
S01 E28
Travelin’ Seeds
S01 E29
Earth Day Today
S01 E30
Earth Day Every Day
S01 E31
Kingdom of Rotting Log
S01 E32
Can You Dig It?
S01 E33
Mud Love
S01 E34
Call It a Night
S01 E35
Woodpecker Picks a Place
S01 E36
Here Comes the Sun
S01 E37
The Great Grasshopper Race
S01 E38
Fall for Hal
S01 E39
Playground Palooza
S01 E40
Small But Big
S01 E41
Slime Time
S01 E42
Rock Stars
S01 E43
Gimme Shelter
S01 E44
Goin' Batty
S01 E45
The Legend of Gold Gardens
S01 E46
Winter Dance Party
S01 E47
Ice is Nice
S01 E48
Bird's Eye View
S01 E49
Runaway Pumpkin
S01 E50
Lady Bug Tough
S01 E51
Stop That Squirrel
S01 E52
Onward and Pondward
S01 E53
Appily Ever After
S01 E54
Sound Off
S01 E55
The Shell Game
S01 E56
Heron Food Blues
S01 E57
Spring Hunter 3000
S01 E58
The Case of the Missing Moon
S01 E59
Mighty Mountain Climbers
S01 E60
Bug Eating Plants
S01 E61
Flight of the Firefly
S01 E62
S01 E63
Plants Got the Moves
S01 E64
Magnet Mania
S01 E65
Return to Mighty Mountain
S01 E66
Welcome to the Vernal Pond
S01 E67
The Queen of the Night
S01 E68
Space Rocks
S01 E69
Croak and Swagger
S01 E70
Puddle Pool Party
S01 E71
The Glow Games
S01 E72
Have a Grape Day
S01 E73
S01 E74
What a Tangled Web
S01 E75
The Shellersons
S01 E76
Only the Shadow Knows
Season 2
S02 E01
Moth Frolic Fest
S02 E02
Dune Patrol
S02 E03
Stop and Hear the Cicadas
S02 E04
S02 E05
Lights Out for Sea Turtles
S02 E06
Nature Art
S02 E07
Houston's Outdoor Adventure
S02 E08
Hotel Hal
S02 E09
Let's Talk Turkey Vulture
S02 E10
Prescription: Nature
S02 E11
Enter the Dragonfly
S02 E12
Water Woes
S02 E13
Garden Impossible
S02 E14
Agents of the Great Outdoors
S02 E15
Bunyan Trouble
S02 E16
Foggy Feat
S02 E17
Rights or Wrongs
S02 E18
Amazing Animals
S02 E19
Backyard Bigfoot
S02 E20
Imperfect Produce
S02 E21
S02 E22
Northern Lights Sights
S02 E23
A Prickly Problem
S02 E24
A Shedtime Story
S02 E25
The Big Bath Brouhaha
S02 E26
Fossil Hunt
S02 E27
Daisy's Wildflower Round-Up
S02 E28
A Party for Squeeks!
S02 E29
Are You My Egg?
S02 E30
SOS (Save Our Salad)
S02 E31
Snow Way to Keep Warm
S02 E32
So You Think You Know Nature
S02 E33
The Deal With Eels
S02 E34
Skip It!
S02 E35
Wild Batts
S02 E36
No Bird Left Behind
S02 E37
Soil Turmoil
S02 E38
Wisteria Hysteria
S02 E39
Nature Cat's Nature Stories
S02 E40
Pattern Problema
Season 3
S03 E01
Animal Rescue Crew
S03 E02
Nature of Dreams
S03 E03
Freezin' in the Summer Season
S03 E04
Total Eclipse of the Sun
S03 E05
Onward and Song-ward
S03 E06
Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?
S03 E07
Secrets of the Old Prairie
S03 E08
A Sticky Sweet Tree Treat
S03 E09
Amber Rocks
S03 E10
The Big Stink
S03 E11
Magical Mushroom Mystery Tour
S03 E12
A Midsummer Day's Dream
S03 E13
Great Salt Lake
S03 E14
The Praying Mantis Hunters
S03 E15
Tally Ho, A Volcano!
S03 E16
No Rest for the Squeeky
S03 E17
Niagara Falls
S03 E18
Nature Plant
S03 E19
The Grand Mystery of the Grand Canyon
S03 E20
Strongest Show on Earth
S03 E21
Under Pressure
S03 E22
Rainy Day
S03 E23
Sweet Symbiosis
S03 E24
Strawberry Fields Forever
S03 E25
More than A Monkey Wrench
S03 E26
Trail Blazers
S03 E27
Hal the Duck
S03 E28
The Crow-lympics
S03 E29
What A Pearl
S03 E30
Wild Bee Motel
Episode 1
Ocean Commotion
Episode 2
The Return of Bad Dog Bart
Episode 3
Nature Cat: A Nature Carol
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English only please. Home rules.
Story: 1  Visuals: 1  Sound: 3  Character: 3  Enjoyment: 4

This was okay, but the original series is better. I'm comparing this with the original series.

Story isn't the original series' story

So PBS replaced James and Emma with some random people? That is BAD. I don't like that. THEY ARE IRREPLACEABLE! Plus, you can't see the people's faces. Only the animal faces are shown. That isn't right. The original series had a better story.

Flash animation is bad

The original series was cel animated, but this is flash animated. I hate it.

New voice actors

Original series had better voice read more

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