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Comics Explained

Comics Explained

2013 - Now  •  Thursdays 12:00 AM on YouTube  •  30 days  •  2896 episodes
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Host Rob Jefferson breaks Marvel Comics down for people who never read them but want to get into them.

As he progresses through his analysis, Jefferson ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Franklin Richard’s - Marvel’s God Mutant Aired on 12/01/2022
Franklin Richard’s - Marvel’s God Mutant
Season 2022: Episode 231
Season 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Marvel Comics: Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde
S2013 E02
Marvel Comics: The Philosophy of Good and Evil
S2013 E03
Marvel Comics: Alternate Realities Explained
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Superman vs The Hulk Thoughts
S2014 E02
Marvel Comics: Mutant Power Classes Explained
S2014 E03
Marvel Comics: Bolivar Trask Explained
S2014 E04
Marvel Comics: Graviton Explained
S2014 E05
Marvel Comics: Magneto Explained
S2014 E06
Marvel Comics: Spider-Man Explained
S2014 E07
Marvel Comics: Cable Explained
S2014 E08
Marvel Comics: The X-Men Explained
S2014 E09
Marvel Comics: Venom Explained
S2014 E10
Marvel Comics: Captain America Explained
S2014 E11
Marvel Comics: Carnage Explained
S2014 E12
Marvel Comics: The Juggernaut Explained
S2014 E13
Marvel Comics: Electro Explained
S2014 E14
Marvel Comics: Leech Explained
S2014 E15
Marvel Films: The Avengers Review
S2014 E16
Marvel Films: The Sinister Six Explained
S2014 E17
Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hulk Explained
S2014 E18
Marvel Comics: Marvel Zombies Explained
S2014 E19
Marvel Comics: En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse Explained
S2014 E20
Marvel Comics: The Cosmic Entities Explained
S2014 E21
Update: February 17, 2014
S2014 E22
Marvel Comics: Guardians of The Galaxy Explained
S2014 E23
Marvel Comics: Adam Warlock Explained
S2014 E24
Marvel Comics/Films - Where to start?
S2014 E25
Update: March 9, 2014
S2014 E26
I am back
S2014 E27
Marvel Comics - The Scarlet Witch Explained
S2014 E28
S2014 E29
Marvel Comics - The Winter Soldier Explained
S2014 E30
Marvel Comics - Days of Future Past Explained
S2014 E31
500 Subscribers!
S2014 E32
Subscriber's Choice
S2014 E33
Marvel Comics: Ultron Explained
S2014 E34
Film Review Friday: Captain America The Winter Soldier
S2014 E35
My apologies guys and gals
S2014 E36
Marvel Request Mondays: Richard Rider and The Nova Corps
S2014 E37
Infinity War: Thanos Explained
S2014 E38
Marvel Comics: Doctor Stephen Strange Explained
S2014 E39
Update: April 20, 2014
S2014 E40
Marvel Request Monday: The Inhumans
S2014 E41
Channel Advertisement
S2014 E42
Marvel Comics: Nick Fury Explained
S2014 E43
Marvel Request Monday: Black Panther
S2014 E44
Update: May 7, 2014
S2014 E45
S2014 E46
Marvel Comics: Agent Carter Explained
S2014 E47
Two Weeks from today
S2014 E48
X Men: Days of Future Past: Give me your questions
S2014 E49
Days of Future Past Q&A - Part 1
S2014 E50
Days of Future Past Q&A - Part 2
S2014 E51
Days of Future Past Q&A - Part 3
S2014 E52
Days of Future Past Q&A - Part 4/Final
S2014 E53
Civil War Leadup: New Warriors in 3 Minutes
S2014 E54
Civil War Leadup: She Hulk in 3 minutes
S2014 E55
Civil War Leadup: Spider-Man in 3 Minutes
S2014 E56
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Episode 0
S2014 E57
Civil War Leadup: Road To Civil War
S2014 E58
S2014 E59
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Episode 1
S2014 E60
Thursday's Civil War Part 2 Preview
S2014 E61
Marvel Civil War - 002 - Fallout
S2014 E62
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 2
S2014 E63
I need your feedback!
S2014 E64
Civil War Tie-Ins Update - Subscriber Videos - Dave's Channel
S2014 E65
Marvel Civil War - 003 - Picking Sides
S2014 E66
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 3
S2014 E67
Marvel Civil War - 004 - Captain America
S2014 E68
Marvel Civil War - 005 - First Battle
S2014 E69
10,000 Subscribers - Retrospection
S2014 E70
Civil War Issue 3 - Break - Video Games
S2014 E71
Shorty Awards? - Comix Reviews - Bioshock Infinite
S2014 E72
Next Thursday
S2014 E73
Civil War Continues Tomorrow
S2014 E74
Marvel Civil War - 006 - Enter Ragnarok
S2014 E75
Marvel Civil War - 007 - The Green Goblin
S2014 E76
S2014 E77
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 4 w/TVLittleHouse
S2014 E78
Marvel Civil War - 008 - Ben Grimm
S2014 E79
Update: Tie In videos all week
S2014 E80
Marvel Civil War - 009 - Ms Marvel
S2014 E81
Marvel Civil War - 010 - Heroes for Hire
S2014 E82
Pronunciation - Benny's GoTG Month - After Civil War
S2014 E83
Marvel Civil War - 011 - Cable and Deadpool
S2014 E84
New Setup - TWP Podcast Live - Post Civil War Requests
S2014 E85
Marvel Civil War - 012 - Spider-Man Rebels
S2014 E86
Marvel Civil War - 013 - Sleeper Cell
S2014 E87
Marvel Civil War - 014 - The Big Picture
S2014 E88
The Tyrion Lannister Security System [GoT Spoilers]
S2014 E89
The Weekly Pull Livestream at 1pm EST
S2014 E90
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 5
S2014 E91
Rob's Opportunity
S2014 E92
Marvel Civil War - 018 - Conclusion
S2014 E93
Marvel Civil War - 017 - Final Conflict
S2014 E94
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 6
S2014 E95
Marvel Comics: Franklin Richards Explained Lead Up
S2014 E96
Marvel Comics: Franklin Richards Explained
S2014 E97
Marvel Comics: Ronan The Accuser Explained
S2014 E98
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 7
S2014 E99
[Spoilers] Guardians of The Galaxy Review!
S2014 E100
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 8
S2014 E101
Break - Video Question - Dog Adoption
S2014 E102
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 9 - Guardians of The Galaxy; Inhum...
S2014 E103
Rob is a sissy (Silent Hills PT)
S2014 E104
Marvel Comics: The Sentry
S2014 E105
Ice Bucket Challenge
S2014 E106
S2014 E107
Infinity War: The One Above All Explained
S2014 E108
The Weekly Pull Live - Axis, Future's End, Inhumans Film and more!
S2014 E109
Infinity War: The Living Tribunal Explained
S2014 E110
Infinity War: Silver Surfer Explained
S2014 E111
3am Series: The Time Traveler
S2014 E112
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 10 - General Marvel Discussion
S2014 E113
Infinity War: Quasar/Wendell Vaughn Explained
S2014 E114
You all are awesome!
S2014 E115
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 11 - Original Sin, The Rock, Dr. S...
S2014 E116
Original Sin - 001 - Who Is The Watcher?
S2014 E117
Original Sin - 002 - Who Shot The Watcher?
S2014 E118
Original Sin - 003 - Who Holds The Eye?
S2014 E119
Original Sin - 004 - Answers At All Costs!
S2014 E120
Original Sin - 004 - Silk
S2014 E121
3am Series w/Dave: Young Rob and Past mistakes
S2014 E122
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 12 - Death of Wolverine, The Punis...
S2014 E123
Original Sin - 005 - Hulk vs Iron Man
S2014 E124
Contest - Twitter - Shopping
S2014 E125
Original Sin - 006 - Trust No One!
S2014 E126
Original Sin - 007 - What Is The Unseen?
S2014 E127
Original Sin - 008 - Who Pulled The Trigger?
S2014 E128
Original Sin - 009 - The Last Battleground
S2014 E129
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 13 - Agents of Shield, Gotham, Tho...
S2014 E130
Original Sin - 010 - Nick Fury
S2014 E131
ComicCon - 50k - Contest Ending
S2014 E132
The Infinity Gauntlet - 1 of 8 - God
S2014 E133
The Infinity Gauntlet - 2 of 8 - From Bad To Worse
S2014 E134
Vlog Channel - We made it to 50K!!!!
S2014 E135
The Infinity Gauntlet - 3 of 8 - Preparations For War
S2014 E136
The Weekly Pull Podcast Live - Episode 14 - Variant Comics!
S2014 E137
The Infinity Gauntlet - 4 of 8 - All Out War!
S2014 E138
CPU update - Twitter - Comic Con!!
S2014 E139
The Weekly Pull: NYCC 2014 AfterMovie
S2014 E140
The Infinity Gauntlet - 5 of 8 - Astral Conflagration Part 1
S2014 E141
The Infinity Gauntlet - 6 of 8 - Astral Conflagration Part 2
S2014 E142
The Infinity Gauntlet - 7 of 8 - The Final Battle Part 1
S2014 E143
Top 5 Earthbound Characters
S2014 E144
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E145
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E146
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E147
Age of Ultron - 001 - Save Spider-Man
S2014 E148
Age of Ultron - 002 - Black Widow
S2014 E149
Age of Ultron - 003 - The Plan
S2014 E150
Age of Ultron - 004 - The Savage Land
S2014 E151
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E152
Age of Ultron - 005 - Nick Fury
S2014 E153
Age of Ultron - 006 - Get Ultron
S2014 E154
Age of Ultron - 007 - Brave New World
S2014 E155
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E156
The Weekly Pull - Episode 15 w/ComicDrake!
S2014 E157
Age of Ultron - 008 - The Defenders
S2014 E158
Age of Ultron - 009 - Wolverine vs Wolverine
S2014 E159
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E160
Comics Explained: Livestream Q&A!
S2014 E161
Age of Ultron - 010 - Aftermath
S2014 E162
Comics Explained: Carol Danvers - Part 1
S2014 E163
Secret Wars: Battleworld Revealed!
S2014 E164
Comics Explained: All New Captain Marvel - Part 2
S2014 E165
The Weekly Pull - Episode 16 - 2015 Event, Big Hero 6, Axis and more!
S2014 E166
Late Night Weekly Pull w/Stephan Franck
S2014 E167
Big Update!!!
S2014 E168
Road to Age of Apocalypse - Your suggestions!
S2014 E169
Comics Explained: The X-Men [Remastered]
S2014 E170
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E171
Comics Explained: X-Factor Explained
S2014 E172
Comics Explained: Excalibur Explained
S2014 E173
S2014 E174
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Episode 17 - Lady Thor, Superior Iron Man, Axis...
S2014 E175
Comics Explained: Generation X
S2014 E176
Marvel Comics: The New Mutants Explained
S2014 E177
Comics Explained: The Morlocks
S2014 E178
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Episode 18 - Live Q&A
S2014 E179
Marvel Comics: The Four Horsemen
S2014 E180
January 1st
S2014 E181
Comics Explained: Mister Sinister
S2014 E182
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe - 001 - The Third Voice
S2014 E183
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E184
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe - 002 - Kill Everyone
S2014 E185
Comics Explained: The Kree
S2014 E186
Marvel Civil War - 015 - Wolverine
S2014 E187
Marvel Civil War - 016 - Preparations for War
S2014 E188
The Weekly Pull Live - Episode 19 - Best Marvel Events!
S2014 E189
Marvel Comics: Who Is Jessica Jones?
S2014 E190
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E191
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe - 003 - Wolverine
S2014 E192
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe - 004 - Conclusion
S2014 E193
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E194
Agents of Shield Season 2 Mid Season Finale w/TWP
S2014 E195
Infinity War Part 1: Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath
S2014 E196
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E197
Comics Explained: Disassembled - 1 of 4 - Death of Scott Lang
S2014 E198
Comics Explained: Death of Wolverine - 001 - The Contract
S2014 E199
Comics Explained: Disassembled - 2 of 4 - Fallout
S2014 E200
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E201
Comics Explained: Death of Wolverine - 002 - Madripoor
S2014 E202
Comics Explained Announcement
S2014 E203
Comics Explained: Disassembled - 3 of 4 - The Death of Hawkeye
S2014 E204
Comics Explained: Santa and The Infinity Gauntlet
S2014 E205
Comics Explained: Ant-Man Origins [Scott Lang]
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Comics Explained: Death of Wolverine - 003 - Revelation
S2015 E02
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E03
Comics Explained: Disassembled - 4 of 4 - The Scarlet Witch
S2015 E04
Comics Explained: Death of Wolverine - 004 - Death of Wolverine
S2015 E05
Comics Explained: The Illuminati
S2015 E06
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E07
Secret Wars 2015: Incursions - 001 - Everything Dies
S2015 E08
Secret Wars 2015: Incursions - 002 - Alternate Realities
S2015 E09
The Weekly Pull Episode 20 - We're back!
S2015 E10
Marvel Civil War - 001 - Stamford
S2015 E11
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E12
Deadpool Killustrated - 1 of 2 - Kill Everyone
S2015 E13
Deadpool Killustrated - 2 of 2 - Superheroes Can Die
S2015 E14
Marvel Movie Timeline - Pre 20th Century
S2015 E15
House of M - 1 of 4 - Scarlet Witch Must Die
S2015 E16
House of M - 2 of 4 - Brave New World
S2015 E17
The Weekly Pull Episode 21 - Secret Wars Announcement!
S2015 E18
Comics Explained: Marvel 2015 Announcement
S2015 E19
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E20
House of M - 3 of 4 - Get Magneto!
S2015 E21
House of M - 4 of 4 - No More Mutants
S2015 E22
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E23
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E24
The Killing Joke - 1 of 2 - Barbara Gordon
S2015 E25
The Killing Joke - 2 of 2 - Batman
S2015 E26
Spiderverse - 001 - The Gathering
S2015 E27
The Weekly Pull Podcast Episode 22 w/Nerdsync Productions
S2015 E28
Spiderverse - 002 - Superior Force
S2015 E29
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E30
Spiderverse - 003 - No More Safe Zone
S2015 E31
Infinity War: Galactus Explained
S2015 E32
Marvel Comics: The Vision
S2015 E33
Marvel Shorts: Doctor Doom Enters A Room
S2015 E34
Marvel Comics: Thor Odinson
S2015 E35
The Weekly Pull Podcast Episode 23 w/ComicBookCast!
S2015 E36
Marvel Comics: Lady Thor
S2015 E37
150k Subscriber Giveaway + Q&A
S2015 E38
Where To Start: Daredevil
S2015 E39
Comics Explained Announcement
S2015 E40
Batman Rebirth War of Jokes & Riddles Prelude (Batman Zero Year)
S2015 E41
Marvel Movie Timeline - 1930s
S2015 E42
Marvel Request Monday: Mistress Death, Deadpool and Thanos
S2015 E43
Spider-Man & The MCU
S2015 E44
DC Comics: Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm Origins
S2015 E45
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Variant Comics
S2015 E46
Spiderverse - 005 - Final Battle
S2015 E47
DC Comics: Gorilla Grodd Origins
S2015 E48
Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Prelude
S2015 E49
WeeklyPull Website - Back to our roots
S2015 E50
Marvel Comics: The Beyonder/Beyonders Explained
S2015 E51
DC Comics: Batman Origins
S2015 E52
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/ItsSuprEffective
S2015 E53
Marvel Comics: All New Star Wars Explained
S2015 E54
Marvel Comics: Deadpool [Herald of Galactus]
S2015 E55
Marvel Comics: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Explained
S2015 E56
DC Comics: Booster Gold w/ComicDrake
S2015 E57
Comics and Coffee - Age of Apocalypse, Infinity War and so on
S2015 E58
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: Confirmed Stories
S2015 E59
S2015 E60
Agent Carter: The Mandarin!
S2015 E61
Youtube 100,000 Subscriber Button!!
S2015 E62
The Definitive Superman - Coming Soon
S2015 E63
Comics and Coffee - Secret Wars 2015
S2015 E64
Marvel Comics: Daisy Johnson/Quake Explained
S2015 E65
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Spiderverse and TWP Origins
S2015 E66
Agents of Shield: Who did Raina become?
S2015 E67
DC Comics: Dick Grayson/Nightwing Explained
S2015 E68
Infinity War: Celestials Explained
S2015 E69
Comics and Coffee [Afternoon Edition]
S2015 E70
Media vs Comics: Iron Man
S2015 E71
DC Comics: Jason Todd/Red Hood Explained
S2015 E72
DC Comics: Jason Todd/Red Hood Explained
S2015 E73
Best Bulges in Marvel Comics
S2015 E74
Marvel Comics: Thor [Herald of Galactus]
S2015 E75
DC Comics: Tim Drake/Red Robin Explained
S2015 E76
Comics and Coffee [Take a half day edition]
S2015 E77
Marvel What If: Jane Foster Thor
S2015 E78
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: Molecule Man/Owen Reece
S2015 E79
DC Comics: Damian Wayne Explained
S2015 E80
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Faust & Comicbookcast - Secret Wars & Convergen...
S2015 E81
DC Comics New 52 Batman: Court of Owls - 1 of 2
S2015 E82
DC Comics New 52 Batman: Court of Owls - Conclusion
S2015 E83
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: Doctor Doom Explained
S2015 E84
Deadpool Kills Deadpool: Dogpool
S2015 E85
Deadpool Kills Deadpool: Kidpool w/Lightsabers
S2015 E86
Comics & Coffee [2 hours of sleep edition]
S2015 E87
Comics & Coffee [Round 2]
S2015 E88
Marvel Unlimited Explained
S2015 E89
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Post Secret Wars!
S2015 E90
Deadpool Kills Deadpool: Lady Deadpool
S2015 E91
Deadpool Kills Deadpool: Zombie Deadpool/Headpool
S2015 E92
Comics & Coffee [I have coffee this time]
S2015 E93
Comics & Coffee [I have coffee this time]
S2015 E94
Where To Start: Secret Wars 2015
S2015 E95
Secret Wars 2015: Travel Into The Future
S2015 E96
April Fools Day Video Preview
S2015 E97
DC Comics: The Joker Explained
S2015 E98
[1080p] Deadpool Kills Deadpool 1 of 2 - Pandapool
S2015 E99
[1080p] Deadpool Kills Deadpool - Conclusion
S2015 E100
DC Comics: Convergence #0 Explained
S2015 E101
Comics & Coffee [Birthday Edition]
S2015 E102
Marvel Characters with Lantern Rings
S2015 E103
Marvel Movie Timeline - 1940's
S2015 E104
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/MrSundayMovies
S2015 E105
Media vs Comics: Captain America
S2015 E106
Daredevil & Batman: Eye For An Eye
S2015 E107
DC Convergence Week 1: Pre-Flashpoint Gotham
S2015 E108
[Spoilers] Daredevil Netflix: 6 easter eggs you missed
S2015 E109
[Spoilers] Media vs Comics: The Kingpin
S2015 E110
In 7 Minutes: Daredevil Explained
S2015 E111
Marvel Comics: Daredevil Explained
S2015 E112
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Variant Comics
S2015 E113
Marvel Comics: Infinity Gems Explained
S2015 E114
[Reaction Video] Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2
S2015 E115
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: Hyperion
S2015 E116
Draw My Life - Rob Jefferson
S2015 E117
Comics & Coffee + 200k Subscriber Giveaway
S2015 E118
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: Captain Universe
S2015 E119
DC Convergence Week 2: Pre Zero Hour Metropolis
S2015 E120
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: History of Earth 616
S2015 E121
Secret Wars 2015 Lead Up: Nightmask and Starbrand
S2015 E122
Marvel Movies: History of Black Widow
S2015 E123
Marvel Movies: Who made the Infinity Stones?
S2015 E124
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Live Q&A]
S2015 E125
Marvel Comics: Thor Ragnarok Explained
S2015 E126
Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing [Age of Ultron]
S2015 E127
Marvel Movies: History of Nick Fury
S2015 E128
Secret Wars 2015: Time Runs Out - 001 - Multiversal Avengers
S2015 E129
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Sammie Reads
S2015 E130
[Avengers 2 Spoilers] Top 6 heroes that lifted Thor's hammer
S2015 E131
[Spoilers] Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Review
S2015 E132
Secret Wars 2015: Time Runs Out - 002 - Avengers vs Avengers
S2015 E133
How Does Thor's Hammer Work?
S2015 E134
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Live Q&A]
S2015 E135
Marvel Movies: Where are the last 2 infinity stones?
S2015 E136
Secret Wars 2015: Time Runs Out - 003 - Your questions answered
S2015 E137
Marvel Movies: History of Captain America
S2015 E138
Top 6 Most Powerful Avengers
S2015 E139
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Comic Uno
S2015 E140
Secret Wars 2015: Part 1 - The End of Everything
S2015 E141
DC Comics: The Presence/God Explained
S2015 E142
What if Captain America Punched You?
S2015 E143
Comics & Coffee [I know it's not Sunday]
S2015 E144
Marvel Comics: Who is Gambit?
S2015 E145
DC Comics: Guardians of the Universe Origins
S2015 E146
Top 5 Thanos Moments
S2015 E147
Agents of Shield Finale: Your questions answered
S2015 E148
Lady Thor Identity Revealed
S2015 E149
Darkseid & The New Gods Explained
S2015 E150
Marvel Film Rights - Spider Man
S2015 E151
Secret Wars 2015: Part 2 - Battleworld
S2015 E152
The Weekly Pull Podcast [Convergence & Secret Wars]
S2015 E153
Green Lantern Superman
S2015 E154
Crossbones & The Death of Captain America
S2015 E155
Top 5 Non-Powered Marvel Heroes
S2015 E156
Superman is Losing His Powers!
S2015 E157
What is the Suicide Squad?
S2015 E158
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Joel
S2015 E159
Marvel Movies: History of Scott Lang/Ant Man
S2015 E160
Secret Wars Week One Review
S2015 E161
Supergirl Pilot Review!
S2015 E162
Marvel Comics - Bishop
S2015 E163
Comics and Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E164
Age of Apocalypse - Part 1 - Brave New World
S2015 E165
Going out of town
S2015 E166
Top 5 Deadpool Moments
S2015 E167
Mad Max Fury Road - Origin of Nux
S2015 E168
The Weekly Pull Podcast w/Sammie Reads
S2015 E169
Comics & Coffee [Welcome Back Edition!]
S2015 E170
Top 5 Lantern Corps Members
S2015 E171
The Weekly Pull Podcast 1 Year Episode
S2015 E172
Age of Apocalypse - Part 2 - Map of the New World
S2015 E173
Secret Wars 2015: Part 3 - Spider-Man
S2015 E174
Comics and Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E175
Top 5 Marvel vs DC Battles - Your suggestions
S2015 E176
Top 5 Marvel vs. DC Battles
S2015 E177
Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe
S2015 E178
Rob Explains Announcement
S2015 E179
The Weekly Pull Podcast - The Punisher, Darkseid Wars & Secret Wars
S2015 E180
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E181
Age of Apocalypse - Part 3 - Deadpool
S2015 E182
Top 5 Most Powerful Items in Marvel Comics
S2015 E183
The Weekly Play [E3 Expo Podcast]
S2015 E184
Comics and Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E185
Old Man Logan & The Fall of Wolverine
S2015 E186
Top 5 Times Batman Killed People
S2015 E187
Age of Apocalypse - Part 4 - Nate Grey
S2015 E188
300k Subscriber Q&A + Giveaway!
S2015 E189
Marvel Comics: Miles Morales
S2015 E190
Why Does Everyone Hate Spider-Man One More Day?
S2015 E191
Top 5 Batman Facts You Didn't Know
S2015 E192
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Leaked Marvel Titles after Secret Wars
S2015 E193
The Incredible Hulk: Last Man on Earth
S2015 E194
The Death of the Silver Surfer
S2015 E195
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A Session]
S2015 E196
Top 5 Things You Didn't Know about Marvel Movies
S2015 E197
The Weekly Pull Podcast - The Best of the Worst!
S2015 E198
Secret Wars 2015: Part 4 - Doctor Strange
S2015 E199
Wolverine Kills the Marvel Universe
S2015 E200
Why Did Ant Man Hit His Wife?
S2015 E201
History of Batman vs. Superman
S2015 E202
Why Do People Love Deadpool?
S2015 E203
Late Comics and Coffee? [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E204
New 52 Suicide Squad: The Story of Harley Quinn
S2015 E205
Ant Man Review [Spoiler Free][Re-Upload]
S2015 E206
Marvel Comics: Apocalypse Explained
S2015 E207
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E208
Top 5 Marvel Comics Alternate Realities
S2015 E209
Age of Apocalypse - Part 5 - Conclusion
S2015 E210
Galactus: The Herald of Franklin Richards
S2015 E211
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A Session]
S2015 E212
The Story of the Red Lantern Corps
S2015 E213
Top 5 DC Alternate Universes
S2015 E214
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Ant Man!
S2015 E215
Marvel Cosmic Entities - Eternity
S2015 E216
DC Comics: The Story of Kingdom Come
S2015 E217
Fantastic Four: What is the Negative Zone?
S2015 E218
Top 5 2015 Secret Wars Tie Ins
S2015 E219
Deadpool Lifts Thor's Hammer?
S2015 E220
2015 Fantastic Four Review
S2015 E221
Deadpool vs. Wolverine
S2015 E222
Marvel Civil War: Death of Captain America
S2015 E223
Top 5 Reasons the Fantastic 4 Reboot Sucked
S2015 E224
How Do Green Lantern Rings Work?
S2015 E225
Rune King Thor & The Odin Force
S2015 E226
Secret Wars 2015: Part 5 - Answers!
S2015 E227
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E228
The Flash Rebirth: New 52 Flash/Barry Allen Origin
S2015 E229
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E230
DC Comics: What is DC You?
S2015 E231
DC New 52 - The Origin of Superman
S2015 E232
The Weekly Pull Podcast
S2015 E233
Marvel Comics: Storm Explained
S2015 E234
All Super Saiyan Forms (Except DBGT)
S2015 E235
The Story of Spawn
S2015 E236
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E237
DC Comics New 52 Batman: Night of the Owls
S2015 E238
Top 5 Favorite Dragonball Z Moments
S2015 E239
The Weekly Pull Multistream
S2015 E240
The Walking Dead: Comics vs. The Show - Atlanta
S2015 E241
Anime Saturday: The Importance of Frieza
S2015 E242
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E243
DC Comics New 52 Batman: Death in the Family
S2015 E244
Jessica Jones: Who is the Purple Man?
S2015 E245
[Top 5 Tuesday] Worst Comic Book Movies
S2015 E246
The Weekly Pull Podcast on Twitch & Youtube
S2015 E247
Secret Wars 2015: Maestro Hulk & Future Imperfect
S2015 E248
Comics Explained on Geek & Sundry?
S2015 E249
Batman Endgame - 001 - Batman vs. The Justice League
S2015 E250
Secret Wars 2015: Spider-Man Renew Your Vows
S2015 E251
Top 5 Injustice Year One Moments
S2015 E252
Justice League Darkseid War: The Anti-Monitor
S2015 E253
Omega Level Mutants: Matthew Malloy
S2015 E254
The Walking Dead: Comics vs The Show - The Prison
S2015 E255
DC Comics: Who is Booster Gold?
S2015 E256
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E257
Batman Endgame - 002 - Batman vs Superman
S2015 E258
Omega Level Mutants: Vulcan
S2015 E259
The Definitive Superman - 001 - The Dawn of Superman
S2015 E260
The Definitive Superman - 002 - Silver Age Overview
S2015 E261
Batman Endgame - 003 - Death of Bruce Wayne
S2015 E262
Omega Level Mutants: Mad Jim Jaspers
S2015 E263
The Flash: Who is Jay Garrick?
S2015 E264
Surprise Q&A Session!
S2015 E265
The Definitive Superman - 003 - Powers of Superman
S2015 E266
Marvel Comics: Spider Gwen
S2015 E267
All New All Different Marvel Preview: Secret Wars & Spider-Man
S2015 E268
All New All Different Marvel Preview: Deadpool & Avengers titles
S2015 E269
Top 5 Versions of The Flash
S2015 E270
All New All Different Marvel Preview: Wolverine, X-Men & Inhumans
S2015 E271
The Weekly Pull: All New All Different Marvel!
S2015 E272
All New All Different Marvel: Where to start
S2015 E273
All New All Different Multiverse
S2015 E274
All New All Different Amazing Spider-Man Explanied
S2015 E275
The Secret Origins of Tony Stark
S2015 E276
ANAD Marvel Preview [Invincible Ironman]
S2015 E277
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Comic Con and Marvel!
S2015 E278
DC Comics: The Justice League Explained
S2015 E279
Marvel Comics: The Avengers Explained
S2015 E280
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Episode 51!
S2015 E281
DC Comics: Green Lantern Explained
S2015 E282
Secret Wars 2015: Part 6 - The Infinity Gauntlet
S2015 E283
Supergirl/Kara Zor-El Explained
S2015 E284
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E285
The Marvel Zombies destroy the Earth
S2015 E286
The Marvel Zombies Kill Galactus
S2015 E287
Jesus Hates Zombies
S2015 E288
Origin of the Marvel Zombies outbreak
S2015 E289
Batman & Superman vs The Undead
S2015 E290
Marvels First Black Superhero: Part 1
S2015 E291
Valiant Comics Explained
S2015 E292
Comics & Coffee? Comics and Coffee! [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E293
DC's Injustice: Joker's Last Laugh
S2015 E294
Rhode Island Comic Con panel!
S2015 E295
Marvels First Black Superhero: Part 2
S2015 E296
Who's Better: Batman or Black Panther?
S2015 E297
Origin of Marvel's Mutants
S2015 E298
The Flash Rebirth: New 52 Wally West Explained
S2015 E299
Secret Wars 2015: Part 7 - Revolution
S2015 E300
The Weekly Pull Preshow Highlights: Deadpool, Ke$ha & Whiskey
S2015 E301
The Weekly Pull Podcast!
S2015 E302
The Weekly Pull at Rhode Island
S2015 E303
Marvel's First Black Superhero: Part 3
S2015 E304
Justice League Darkseid War: Part 1 - Anti-Monitor
S2015 E305
Comics and Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E306
Marvel Comics: Luke Cage Explained
S2015 E307
The Weekly Pull Podcast on Youtube because Benny didn't give us the twitc...
S2015 E308
Deadpool vs Thanos: Part 1 - Death of Deadpool
S2015 E309
Deadpool vs Thanos: Part 2 - Guardians of The Galaxy
S2015 E310
Deadpool vs Thanos: Part 3 - Deadpool Goes To Hell
S2015 E311
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E312
Deadpool vs Thanos: Part 4 - God-Pool
S2015 E313
Marvels First Black Superhero: Part 4
S2015 E314
Marvels First Black Superhero: Conclusion
S2015 E315
The Weekly Pull Podcast!
S2015 E316
Rob Reviews: The Civil War Teaser Trailer
S2015 E317
Marvel Civil War PSA - Registration
S2015 E318
Comics & Coffee [Weekly Q&A]
S2015 E319
Justice League Darkseid War: Part 2 - Gods and Men
S2015 E320
Justice League Darkseid War: Part 3 - Batman The New God
S2015 E321
The Weekly Pull Plays Trivia!
S2015 E322
Justice League Darkseid War: Part 4 - The God of Steel
S2015 E323
Justice League Darkseid War: Act 1 Conclusion - God of Laughter
S2015 E324
Marvel Request Monday: The Punisher Explained
S2015 E325
The Weekly Pull Podcast: Jessica Jones, Star Wars, Marvel & DC Comics
S2015 E326
The Flash Rebirth: Pre New 52 Wally West Explained
S2015 E327
Secret Wars 2015: Part 8 - Thanos vs Doom
S2015 E328
Marvel Comics: Apocalypse vs Thanos
S2015 E329
Star Wars: Kanan The Last Padawan Explained
S2015 E330
The Weekly Pull Podcast: Star Wars + Announcements!
S2015 E331
Darkseid War: Batman The God of Knowledge
S2015 E332
Comic Battles: Batman vs Spider Man
S2015 E333
S2015 E334
ComicsExplained + Comicstorian = Awesomeness
S2015 E335
Marvel Comics: Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel Explained
S2015 E336
The Death and Return of Superman: Doomsday Explained
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Scott Snyder's Wytches Explained
S2016 E02
History of The Infinity Gems & Gauntlet
S2016 E03
The Weekly Pull Podcast: Best of 2015
S2016 E04
The Death and Return of Superman: Superman vs Doomsday
S2016 E05
The Popularity of One Punch Man Explained
S2016 E06
Iron Man Armors Explained [Marks 1-10]
S2016 E07
Secret Wars 2015: Part 9 - All New Marvel
S2016 E08
The Complete Life & Death of Superman
S2016 E09
One Punch Man vs Thanos
S2016 E10
Iron Man Armors Explained [Marks 11-20] + Hulkbuster
S2016 E11
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Punisher TV Show, Justice League film & More!
S2016 E12
Justice League Darkseid War Act 2: The New Gods
S2016 E13
Iron Man Armors Explained [Marks 21-40] + Thor Buster, Phoenix Buster & E...
S2016 E14
The Weekly Pull Podcast - Suicide Squad, DC Rebirth & More!
S2016 E15
A History of DC Reboots
S2016 E16
One Punch Man vs Dragonball Z: Vegeta
S2016 E17
Iron Man Armors Explained [Marks 40-Superior Iron Man]
S2016 E18
The Weekly Pull Podcast - DC Rebirth Updates & Cancelled Titles
S2016 E19
Marvel Comics - Colossus Explained
S2016 E20
Deadpool Becomes Iron Man
S2016 E21
Marvel Comics: Deadpool/Weapon X Project Explained
S2016 E22
Marvel Comics - Deadpool, Ajax and Death Explained
S2016 E23
Deadpool Gets The Infinity Gauntlet
S2016 E24
The Weekly Pull Podcast: In 1080p?
S2016 E25
Deadpool's First Appearance Explained
S2016 E26
Deadpool Movie - 27 Things You Missed [Rob Explains Crossover]
S2016 E27
[Interactive Video] True or False: Deadpool
S2016 E28
Marvel Comics: Cable's Origin Explained
S2016 E29
Omega Level Mutants: Iceman
S2016 E30
The Weekly Pull Podcast - My Little Pony
S2016 E31
Marvel Comics: Colossus becomes Juggernaut Explained
S2016 E32
Omega Level Mutants: Santa Claus
S2016 E33
Starting Saturday
S2016 E34
DC Comics Multiversity: Nazi Superman
S2016 E35
Omega Level Mutants: X-Man Nate Grey
S2016 E36
Marvel's Worst Mutants: Bailey Hoskins [Worst X-Man Ever]
S2016 E37
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Explained
S2016 E38
Let's talk youtube
S2016 E39
Let's talk Spider Man and the Civil War Movie
S2016 E40
DC Comics: Superboy Prime Explained
S2016 E41
Marvel Comics: Elektra/Daredevil Explained
S2016 E42
Omega Level Mutants: Hope Summers
S2016 E43
Punisher vs The Marvel Universe - Part 1 - The End of The World
S2016 E44
Punisher vs The Marvel Universe - Part 2 - The Return of Deadpool
S2016 E45
Updates: Chicago - Channel promotion and stuff
S2016 E46
Punisher vs The Marvel Universe - Part 3 - Spiderman's Story
S2016 E47
Punisher vs The Marvel Universe - Part 4 - Conclusion
S2016 E48
History of Batman's Utility Belt featuring Caped-Joel
S2016 E49
History of The Batsuit featuring Caped-Joel
S2016 E50
History of The Batarang featuring Caped-Joel
S2016 E51
Marvel Power Hierarchy - Part 1 - Multiversal Beings
S2016 E52
Marvel Comics: Nightcrawler Explained
S2016 E53
DC Comics: Batman Beyond Explained
S2016 E54
A New Hulk (ANAD Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 1: Cho Time!)
S2016 E55
Valiant Comics: X-O Manowar Explained
S2016 E56
Marvel Power Hierarchy - Part 2 - Cosmic Abstracts
S2016 E57
Marvel's Civil War: Iron Man Movie Armors [Marks 1-10]
S2016 E58
Marvel's Civil War: Iron Man Movie Armors [Marks 11-45]
S2016 E59
Marvel's Civil War: Captain America's Shield Explained
S2016 E60
Marvel's Civil War: Spider Man's Costumes
S2016 E61
Marvel's Civil War: Spider-Man's Kill Count
S2016 E62
Marvel Power Hierarchy - Part 3 - Dr. Strange, Phoenix and others
S2016 E63
Spider-Man's Biggest Battles
S2016 E64
Marvel Comics: Hawkeye Explained
S2016 E65
Marvel's Full Civil War Event
S2016 E66
[Spoiler Free] Captain America 3 Civil War Review
S2016 E67
Marvel Comics: Black Panther/Wakanda Explained
S2016 E68
Marvel Comics: Black Panther's Fighting Style Explained
S2016 E69
Marvel Comics: Vibranium & Adamantium Explained
S2016 E70
Marvel Power Hierarchy - Part 4 - Spider-Man, Hulk and others
S2016 E71
Marvel Comics Civil War 2: All New Captain Marvel Explained
S2016 E72
Rob Plays - Valiant Summit - DC Rebirth
S2016 E73
Marvel Comics: Uru Metal/Thor's Hammer Explained
S2016 E74
Let's Talk Youtube's Content ID
S2016 E75
Marvel Knights: The Sentry
S2016 E76
The Rundown: Deadpool becomes an X-Man
S2016 E77
Marvel Comics: The Four Horseman of Apocalypse Explained
S2016 E78
DC Comics: DC Rebirth (The Rundown)
S2016 E79
Marvel Comics: Apocalypse's Powers Explained
S2016 E80
X-Men: Apocalypse Post Credit Scene Explained (The Rundown)
S2016 E81
Valiant Comics: Harbinger Explained
S2016 E82
DC Rebirth: The Anti-Life Equation & Darkseid War Explained
S2016 E83
Marvel Comics: She-Hulk Explained
S2016 E84
DC Rebirth: Green Arrow Rebirth #1
S2016 E85
Marvel Comics: Psylocke Explained
S2016 E86
All New All Different Galactus (ANAD Ultimates Vol 1: Start With The Impo...
S2016 E87
DC Rebirth: Batman Rebirth #1
S2016 E88
The Weekly Pull Podcast at 6pm EST
S2016 E89
All New All Different Living Tribunal & One Above All
S2016 E90
DC Rebirth: Green Lanterns Rebirth #1
S2016 E91
Civil War 2: All New All Different Thanos
S2016 E92
Marvel Comics: Jean Grey Explained (Phoenix & Dark Phoenix)
S2016 E93
Marvel Comics Civil War 2 Lead Up: All New Celestials
S2016 E94
DC Comics: Wonder Woman Explained
S2016 E95
Marvel Comics: Rogue Explained
S2016 E96
Everything Wrong With Comics: All New All Different Marvel
S2016 E97
Marvel Comics: The Cosmic Cube Explained
S2016 E98
Everything Wrong With Comics: Event Fatigue
S2016 E99
Riri Williams The New Iron Man (Everything Right With Comics)
S2016 E100
DC Comics: Superman One Million Explained
S2016 E101
Marvel Comics: All New All Different Ultimates Explained
S2016 E102
Marvel's Most Powerful Objects: Ultimate Nullifier
S2016 E103
Marvel Comics: The Defenders Explained
S2016 E104
Marvel Comics: Iron Fist/Danny Rand Explained
S2016 E105
Marvel Comics: Gladiator/World Breaker Hulk Explained
S2016 E106
The Joker's Origins and Insanity
S2016 E107
The Joker's Gadgets and Utility Belt
S2016 E108
The 3 Joker's Theories: Tim Boie
S2016 E109
DC Comics: New 52 Amanda Waller Explained
S2016 E110
Suicide Squad was amazing!!!
S2016 E111
DC Rebirth: Suicide Squad Rebirth #1
S2016 E112
Marvels Most Powerful Artifact: The Heart of the Universe
S2016 E113
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 1 - In The Beginning
S2016 E114
I wrote a book!
S2016 E115
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 2 - Asgard & Early Earth
S2016 E116
S2016 E117
The Fantastic Four Vol 1: The Council of Reeds
S2016 E118
Omega Level Mutants: Kid Omega
S2016 E119
The Fantastic Four Vol 2: The Mad Celestials
S2016 E120
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 3 - An Age of Empires
S2016 E121
A History of The DC Universe - Part 1 - Old & New Gods
S2016 E122
Punisher Becomes Captain America (Marvel What If?)
S2016 E123
The Fantastic Four Vol 3: Future Franklin Richards
S2016 E124
Comic Concepts: Cyclops Powers/Visor Explained
S2016 E125
DC Rebirth: Nightwing Rebirth #1
S2016 E126
The Fantastic Four Vol 4: Old Man Logan
S2016 E127
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 4 - Infinity Gems, Phoenix Force ...
S2016 E128
Thor vs Apocalypse (The Rundown)
S2016 E129
The Fantastic Four Vol 5: Galactus is afraid of Franklin?
S2016 E130
Omega Level Mutants: Stryfe (Cable's Clone)
S2016 E131
How To Kill The X-Men (Cyclops, Iceman, Cable, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Bishop...
S2016 E132
The Fantastic Four Vol 6: Enter Doctor Doom
S2016 E133
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 5 - The Ancient One, The Panther ...
S2016 E134
Marvel Comics: Magneto Explained
S2016 E135
The Fantastic Four Vol 7: The Death of Johnny Storm
S2016 E136
King Thor vs Galactus (The Rundown)
S2016 E137
Omega Level Mutants: Mister M
S2016 E138
DC Comics: The Teen Titans Explained
S2016 E139
How To Kill The X-Men (Wolverine, Archangel, Quicksilver, Forge, Polaris,...
S2016 E140
The Fantastic Four Vol 8: Spiderman Joins The Fantastic Four
S2016 E141
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 6 - Wolverine, Thanos, Captain Am...
S2016 E142
Marvel Comics: X-23/All New All Different Wolverine Explained
S2016 E143
Magneto rips wolverine's adamantium out (The Rundown)
S2016 E144
Legion's Powers Explained (Jemail, Jack, Cyndi, X, Susan, Time Sync, Chai...
S2016 E145
The Fantastic Four Vol 9: The Return of Galactus
S2016 E146
The Fantastic Four Conclusion: The Power of Franklin Richards
S2016 E147
How to kill the X-Men (Nightcrawler, Sabertooth, Mystique, Thunderbird, S...
S2016 E148
DC Comics: Static Shock Explained
S2016 E149
Hickman's Ultimate Thor - 001 - Ragnarok
S2016 E150
Marvel Comics: Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider Explained
S2016 E151
The Fantastic Four Meet God (The Rundown)
S2016 E152
Omega Level Weapons: The Power Cosmic
S2016 E153
Batman Betrays The Justice League (JLA Tower of Babel Part 1)
S2016 E154
Batman Betrays The Justice League (JLA Tower of Babel Part 2)
S2016 E155
Marvel Comics: Powers Of The Ghost Rider
S2016 E156
Marvel Comics: Moon Knight Explained
S2016 E157
Everything Right With Comics: DC Rebirth
S2016 E158
Superman Rebirth Vol 1: Son of Superman Part 1
S2016 E159
Superman Rebirth Vol 1: Son of Superman Part 2
S2016 E160
My Book - Comics & Coffee - New York Comic Con
S2016 E161
Comics & Coffee!
S2016 E162
How To Un-Alive Wolverine & Deadpool (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E163
Batman Rebirth Vol 1: I Am Gotham Part 1
S2016 E164
Batman Rebirth Vol 1: I Am Gotham Part 2
S2016 E165
A History of The Marvel Universe - Conclusion - The End of An Era
S2016 E166
All New All Different Luke Cage (Power Man & Iron Fist Part 1)
S2016 E167
Batman Rebirth Vol 1: I Am Gotham Part 3
S2016 E168
All New All Different Luke Cage (Power Man & Iron Fist Part 2)
S2016 E169
Batman Rebirth Vol 1: I Am Gotham Conclusion
S2016 E170
Luke Cage Fights Doctor Doom (The Rundown)
S2016 E171
Batman Rebirth - Death of Gotham (I Am Gotham Finale)
S2016 E172
DC Versus Marvel Crossover - 001 - How It Starts
S2016 E173
DC Versus Marvel Crossover - 002 - Wonder Woman Lifts Thor's Hammer
S2016 E174
DC Versus Marvel Crossover - 003 - Superman vs Hulk
S2016 E175
DC Versus Marvel Crossover - 004 - Conclusion
S2016 E176
Surprise Q&A Session
S2016 E177
The Flash - Flashpoint - 001 - Whatever happened to Bruce Wayne?
S2016 E178
Fixing All New All Different Marvel: Spider-Man
S2016 E179
The Flash - Flashpoint - 002 - How it Starts
S2016 E180
DC vs Marvel: The Flash Versus The Silver Surfer
S2016 E181
The Flash - Flashpoint - 003 - Whatever happened to Green Lantern
S2016 E182
How To Un-Alive Franklin Richards (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E183
The Flash - Flashpoint - 004 - How It Ends
S2016 E184
Doctor Doom's Origin - Part 1 - Cursed At Birth
S2016 E185
Doctor Doom's Origin - Part 2 - Meeting Reed Richards
S2016 E186
Doctor Doom's Origin - Part 3 - Exile
S2016 E187
Doctor Doom's Origin - Part 4 - All Those Devils
S2016 E188
Doctor Doom's Origin - Part 5 - Becoming Doctor Doom
S2016 E189
Doctor Doom's Origin - Part 5 - Becoming Doctor Doom
S2016 E190
Action Comics Rebirth Vol 2: Superman Meets Clark Kent?
S2016 E191
Green Lanterns Rebirth Vol 1: Red Lanterns Invade Earth
S2016 E192
Rise of The Clones (ANAD Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3: Before Dead No More)
S2016 E193
Detective Comics Rebirth Vol 1: Death of Tim Drake/Robin
S2016 E194
Tony Stark's New Origin (ANAD International Iron Man Vol 1)
S2016 E195
The Flash Rebirth Vol 1: Flash vs Godspeed
S2016 E196
X-23 vs Old Man Logan (Civil War 2 Tie In: All New Wolverine Vol 2: Desti...
S2016 E197
Justice League Rebirth Vol 1: The Extinction Machines
S2016 E198
The Return Of Odinson (The Mighty Thor Vol 1: Thunder In Her Veins)
S2016 E199
Batman Rebirth Crossover: Night of The Monster Men
S2016 E200
Anakin Skywalker's Secret Training (Star Wars: Obi Wan & Anakin Vol 1)
S2016 E201
Darth Vader's Secret Plan (Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol 1)
S2016 E202
How To Un-Alive Batman (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E203
Marvel vs DC: World Breaker Hulk vs Doomsday
S2016 E204
DC Rebirth: Aquaman Rebirth #1
S2016 E205
Harley Quinn Rebirth Vol 1: Harley Quinn vs Zombies
S2016 E206
Why We Love Comics
S2016 E207
The Vision's New Family of Killers (ANAD Vision Vol 1: Little More Than A...
S2016 E208
The Death of Galactus! (Galactus: the Devourer)
S2016 E209
Old Man Logan vs The Hulk, Steve Rogers and Hawkeye (ANAD Old Man Logan V...
S2016 E210
Comic Book Concepts: Speedforce Lightning Colors
S2016 E211
The Untold Origin of Thor's Hammer
S2016 E212
Why is Thor Unworthy!? (Fan Theory)
S2016 E213
Comics & Coffee [Monthly Q&A]
S2016 E214
Wolverine Kills All The Supervillains (Marvel What If Vol 2 #111)
S2016 E215
Negan Kills... (The Walking Dead Vol 17: Something To Fear)
S2016 E216
Superman Rebirth Vol 2: Superboy's Powers Emerge
S2016 E217
I Can't Be Superman (Superman Earth One Vol 1: First Steps)
S2016 E218
Justice League Rebirth Vol 2: Batman vs Superman
S2016 E219
DC Rebirth: Flash Rebirth #1
S2016 E220
Superman Lifts Thor’s Hammer (JLA/Avengers: Marvel vs DC Crossover)
S2016 E221
Doctor Doom Becomes Doctor Strange (Marvel What If Vol 2 #53)
S2016 E222
The Flash Rebirth One Shot: New 52 Wally West Meets Pre-New 52 Wally West
S2016 E223
Steve Rogers: A Hydra Agent?! (ANAD Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol 1: ...
S2016 E224
Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth Vol 1: Death of Hal Jordan
S2016 E225
Wolverine/Spider-Gwen Team Up (ANAD X-23 Annual #1)
S2016 E226
X-23 Meets Doctor Strange (All New Wolverine Vol 1: The Four Sisters)
S2016 E227
Action Comics Rebirth Vol 3: Superman Meets Superwoman
S2016 E228
Secret Wars 2015: Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies
S2016 E229
Here's what happens to Jesus! (The Walking Dead Vol 18: What Comes After)
S2016 E230
Taken To Hell (Spawn: The Undead)
S2016 E231
Doctor Strange & Thor Team Up (Marvel MAX Thor: Vikings)
S2016 E232
How To Un-Alive Doctor Strange (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E233
DC Rebirth: The Titans Rebirth #1
S2016 E234
Way of The Weird (All New All Different Doctor Strange Vol 1: Way of The ...
S2016 E235
Marvel vs DC: Classic Doctor Strange vs Doctor Manhattan
S2016 E236
How To Un-Alive 16 Million Mutants (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E237
The Powers of Doctor Strange Explained
S2016 E238
Green Lanterns Rebirth Vol 2: Origin of The Phantom Ring
S2016 E239
Doctor Strange After Credits Scene Explained
S2016 E240
The Origin of Dormammu (Doctor Strange Villain)
S2016 E241
Sorcerer Extreme! (Doctor Strange/Punisher vs Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man...
S2016 E242
Negan's Revenge (The Walking Dead Vol. 19: March To War)
S2016 E243
DC Rebirth: Red Hood & The Outlaws Rebirth #1
S2016 E244
Why the Doctor Strange Movie Changes Everything (Doctor Strange Review)
S2016 E245
Teen Titans vs The Avengers (Marvel vs DC)
S2016 E246
Loki Runs For President (All New All Different Marvel: Vote Loki)
S2016 E247
The Wrath of Old Man Logan (ANAD Old Man Logan Vol 2: Bordertown)
S2016 E248
Nightwing Rebirth Vol 1: Better Than Batman
S2016 E249
Reality Warping Simplified (Marvel Comics)
S2016 E250
Galactus Creates A New Herald (Civil War 2 Tie In/ANAD Ultimates Vol 2: O...
S2016 E251
DC Rebirth: Crisis On Infinite Earths
S2016 E252
Rick vs Negan (The Walking Dead Vol 20: All Out War Part 1)
S2016 E253
Nightwing Rebirth Vol 2: Nightwing's Secret Origin
S2016 E254
The Silver Surfer Returns (All New All Different Silver Surfer Vol 1: New...
S2016 E255
The Hulk Kills All The Superheroes and becomes Galactus' New Herald (Worl...
S2016 E256
The Origin of Bane/Batman Villain (DC Rebirth Origins)
S2016 E257
Ghost Rider vs Spawn (Marvel vs Image)
S2016 E258
How The Super Villains Took Over The World (ANAD Old Man Logan One Shot)
S2016 E259
Superman Rebirth Vol 3: Damian Wayne Meets Superman's Son
S2016 E260
Origin of The Incredible Hulk's First Son (Skaar, Son of The Hulk Vol 1)
S2016 E261
Hulk vs Thor (Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 2: The Hulk In the Mirror)
S2016 E262
Red Hulk lifts Thor's hammer (Hulk Vol 1: Red Hulk)
S2016 E263
Batman & The Justice League Become Green Lanterns (DC Elseworlds: In Dark...
S2016 E264
Here's What Happens To Negan In The Comics! (The Walking Dead Vol 21: All...
S2016 E265
Nightwing Rebirth One Shot: Pre New-52 Superman Meets Nightwing
S2016 E266
Doctor Doom Gets The Infinity Gauntlet and Destroys The Marvel Universe (...
S2016 E267
Spider-Man vs Hyperion/Marvel's Superman (Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1:...
S2016 E268
Superman Becomes a Herald of Galactus (Superman/Fantastic Four: Infinite ...
S2016 E269
The Return Of Frank Castle (All New All Different Punisher Vol 1: On The ...
S2016 E270
The Incredible Hulk's Son vs Galactus (Skaar, Son of The Hulk Vol 2: Sins...
S2016 E271
How To Un-Alive White Lanterns (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E272
The Death of Cyclops (ANAD X-Men Prelude: Death Of X)
S2016 E273
The Origin of Negan (The Walking Dead: Negan's Origin Vol 1)
S2016 E274
DC Rebirth: Teen Titans Rebirth #1
S2016 E275
The Sentry/Marvel's Superman Kills The Marvel Universe (Marvel What If #2...
S2016 E276
Hulk vs Silver Surfer (Planet Hulk Vol 1: Exile)
S2016 E277
World War Hulk Prelude (Planet Hulk Vol 2: Armageddon)
S2016 E278
DC Rebirth: Supergirl Rebirth #1
S2016 E279
Worldbreaker Hulk vs Iron Man's Hulkbuster (World War Hulk Vol 1: Homecom...
S2016 E280
Batman With Prep-time vs The Juggernaut (Marvel vs DC)
S2016 E281
Worldbreaker Hulk vs All The X-Men! (World War Hulk Vol 2: X-Men)
S2016 E282
Green Arrow Rebirth Vol 1: Death of Green Arrow
S2016 E283
Worldbreaker Hulk Vs The Fantastic Four & Avengers! (World War Hulk Vol 3...
S2016 E284
Top 5 Most Powerful Non-Cosmic Beings in Marvel Comics
S2016 E285
Worldbreaker Hulk vs The Sentry! (World War Hulk Vol 4: Conclusion)
S2016 E286
Superman Becomes Batman (Superman: Speeding Bullets)
S2016 E287
Worse Than Negan?! (The Walking Dead Vol 22: The Whisperers/A New Beginni...
S2016 E288
Wonder Woman Rebirth Vol 2: The Untold Truth of Wonder Woman
S2016 E289
The Secret Story Of Darth Maul's Survival (Star Wars: Son of Dathomir)
S2016 E290
Spider-Man's Aunt May Becomes A Herald of Galactus (Marvel Team Up #137: ...
S2016 E291
Super Saiyan God Goku Blue vs Superman One-Million
S2016 E292
Green Arrow Rebirth One Shot:Origin of Green Arrow's Sister
S2016 E293
Origin Of The Incredible Hulk's Daughter (The Incredible Hulk: Raging Thu...
S2016 E294
Richer Than Tony Stark (ANAD Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1: Worldwide)
S2016 E295
X-Men vs X-Men (Civil War 2: X-Men)
S2016 E296
A New Omega Level Mutant? (ANAD Old Man Logan Vol 3: The Last Ronin)
S2016 E297
S2016 E298
Is Carl Grimes the new Negan? (The Walking Dead Volume 23: Whispers Into ...
S2016 E299
Han Solo & Chewbacca vs Zombies (Star Wars Tales #17)
S2016 E300
The Incredible Hulk Rips Wolverine In Half (Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk Vo...
S2016 E301
Wolverine's Adamantium vs Thor's Hammer (Wolverine vs Thor Odinson Vol 1)
S2016 E302
How Darth Vader Learned Luke Was His Son (Star Wars Vol 1: Skywalker Stri...
S2016 E303
How To Un-Alive The Incredible Hulk (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2016 E304
Franklin Richards vs White Lantern Kyle Rayner (Marvel vs DC)
S2016 E305
The Flash Rebirth Vol 2: Faster Than The Flash?!
S2016 E306
Thanos Literally Destroys The Marvel Universe (Marvel: The End)
S2016 E307
Avengers World (Avengers/New Avengers Vol 1: Avengers World)
S2016 E308
Secret, Impulse & Superboy (Young Justice Secret Origins: Vol 1)
S2016 E309
Spider-Man vs Red Hulk (The Incredible Hulk #600: Fall of The Hulks Prelu...
S2016 E310
The Return of Grey Hulk/Joe Fix It (Red Hulk Vol 2: Red/Green)
S2016 E311
The Hulk Fights His Son (Skaar: Son Of Hulk Vol 3: Sins of The Father)
S2016 E312
Son of Hulk vs Hulk, Wolverine, Wolverine's Son & Juggernaut (Incredible ...
S2016 E313
The Origin of Carnage (Spider-Man & Venom vs Carnage)
S2016 E314
Red She-Hulk (Hulk Vol 3: Uncanny X-Force)
S2016 E315
The Origin Of The Red Hulk (Fall Of The Hulks Alpha)
S2016 E316
The Death of... (Fall of The Hulks Gamma)
S2016 E317
Skaar, Son of Hulk Joins The Avengers (Fall Of Hulks Vol 2: The Best Laid...
S2016 E318
Deadpool, The Avengers & X-Men Become Hulks! (Fall Of The Hulks Conclusio...
S2016 E319
Superman Rebirth Vol 4: Super-Monster
S2016 E320
Cosmic Hulk (Fall of The Hulks Vol 1: Cosmic Hulk)
S2016 E321
The Death Of... (The Walking Dead Vol 24: Life and Death
S2016 E322
Wolverine Kills His Son (Marvel What If Vol 9: Wolverine/The Father)
S2016 E323
DC Comics: The Flash/Barry Allen Explained [Remastered]
S2016 E324
Red Hulk vs Thor Hulk (World War Hulks Vol 1: Who Is Red Hulk?)
S2016 E325
Justice League Rebirth Vol 3: Outbreak
S2016 E326
Spider-Man Kills Captain America? (ANAD Civil War 2 Part 1)
S2016 E327
The "Death" of Iron Man (ANAD Civil War 2 Conclusion)
S2016 E328
The Return of Worldbreaker Hulk (World War Hulks Vol 2: Rage)
S2016 E329
Origin of Ultimate Mutants & Ultimate Hulk (Marvel Ultimate Universe Orig...
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Titans Rebirth Vol 1: Dr. Manhattan?
S2017 E02
Skaar Son of Hulk vs Worldbreaker Hulk (World War Hulks Vol 3: Conclusion...
S2017 E03
Batman Rebirth Vol 2: Batman Invades Bane's Prison
S2017 E04
How Wolverine Got His Metal Skeleton (Marvel Presents: Weapon X Vol 1)
S2017 E05
Origin of Hiro Kala/The Hulk's Second Son (Son of Hulk Vol 1: Dark Son Ri...
S2017 E06
Boy of Steel (Geoff Johns' DC Rebirth Superman: Secret Origin Vol 1)
S2017 E07
The Resurrection of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern (Green Lantern: Rebirth)
S2017 E08
The Resurrection of The Incredible Hulk (ANAD Uncanny Avengers Vol 3: Civ...
S2017 E09
The Worst Case Scenario (Marvel's Secret Invasion Event)
S2017 E10
Deadpool Hulk Kills Every Superhero (Hulked Out Heroes Vol 1)
S2017 E11
Superman Red Son Rebirth Vol 1: How Superman Took Over The World
S2017 E12
Mutants vs Inhumans: Which Is More Powerful? (Comicbook Concepts)
S2017 E13
The Death of Thanos (Marvel's Annihilation Event)
S2017 E14
Green Lanterns Rebirth Vol 2: The Most Powerful Lantern In The Universe?
S2017 E15
Hiro Kala/Hulk's Second Son Destroys A Universe (Realm of Kings: Son of H...
S2017 E16
Jane Foster Must Die (The Mighty Thor Vol 2: Lords of Midgard)
S2017 E17
To Kill A King (ANAD Black Panther Volume 1: A Nation Under Our Feet Book...
S2017 E18
Batman Fights The Hulk (Marvel/DC Crossover #2)
S2017 E19
Red Hood & The Outlaws Rebirth Vol 1: Red Hood vs Batman
S2017 E20
The Vision Kidnaps A Kid (ANAD Avengers Civil War 2 One Shot: Vision)
S2017 E21
Black Panther's Hulk Buster Armor?! (Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 3: Civil Wa...
S2017 E22
Superman Red Son Rebirth Vol 2: Superman Kills Batman
S2017 E23
Superman Red Son Rebirth Vol 3: Evil Superman vs 500 Green Lanterns
S2017 E24
Detective Comics Rebirth Vol 2: Batman Beats Up His Victims
S2017 E25
How Did DC Comics Injustice Start? (Injustice Year One: Prelude)
S2017 E26
The Hulk's Sons Fight Each Other (The Incredible Hulks Vol 1: Skaar vs Hi...
S2017 E27
Where is Richard Rider? (ANAD Nova Vol 1: Resurrection)
S2017 E28
The Return of Richard Rider (ANAD Nova Vol 2 Civil War II)
S2017 E29
Professor X Betrays The X-Men/The Onslaught Saga (The Rundown)
S2017 E30
How Professor X Betrayed The X-Men (Origin of Onslaught)
S2017 E31
Is Diversity Killing Comics? (Response To Comicstorian)
S2017 E32
The False Captain America (ANAD Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 1: Not My ...
S2017 E33
Captain America vs Captain America (ANAD Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 2...
S2017 E34
Deathstroke Rebirth Vol 1: Deathstroke vs Batman, Superman & Damian Wayne
S2017 E35
Rick Grimes Becoming Negan? (The Walking Dead Vol 25: No Turning Back)
S2017 E36
The Strongest Hulk ever?! (The Incredible Hulks Vol 2: Heart Of The Monst...
S2017 E37
Captain America Betrays His Partner (Marvel NOW 2.0 Sam Wilson Vol 3: #Ta...
S2017 E38
Justice League vs Suicide Squad Prelude: The World's Deadliest Villain Re...
S2017 E39
How To Un-Alive The Flash/Barry Allen (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E40
Darkseid vs Galactus The Hunger (DC vs Marvel: The Hunger)
S2017 E41
He's Not Marvel's Batman (All New All Different Moon Knight Vol 1: Lunati...
S2017 E42
Justice League vs Suicide Squad Prelude: Origin of the First Suicide Squa...
S2017 E43
Justice League/Suicide Squad Rebirth Crossover: Justice League vs The Sui...
S2017 E44
Black Widow vs Ironman? (All New All Different Black Widow Vol 1: SHIELD'...
S2017 E45
How It Starts (The Walking Dead Vol 1: Days Gone Bye)
S2017 E46
Superman's World Order (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year One Volume 1)
S2017 E47
Titans Rebirth One Shot: Superman Races The Flash
S2017 E48
Evil Captain America's New Origin (ANAD Captain America Steve Rogers Vol ...
S2017 E49
A New Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1: Big Time)
S2017 E50
Superman & Lex Luthor Team Up (Action Comics Rebirth: Men of Steel)
S2017 E51
How To Un-Alive Colossus (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E52
Deadpool Becomes Venom (Marvel What If?)
S2017 E53
Who Is X-O Manowar? (X-O Manowar Vol 1: By The Sword)
S2017 E54
Return of The Joker Prelude (Harley Quinn Rebirth: Life's A Beach)
S2017 E55
Nightwing Gets His Own "Gotham" (Nightwing Rebirth: Bludhaven)
S2017 E56
Lex Luthor's Justice League (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year One Volume 2)
S2017 E57
Superman vs Alfred/Batman's Butler (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year One Con...
S2017 E58
How Evil Is Hydra Captain America? (Marvel NOW 2.0 Captain America Steve ...
S2017 E59
The Return of Negan/Whisperer War Prelude (The Walking Dead Vol 26: Call ...
S2017 E60
The Origin Of Anti-Venom/Eddie Brock (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2: New W...
S2017 E61
DC Comics: Multiversity
S2017 E62
Enter Ninjak (X-O Manowar Vol 2: Enter Ninjak)
S2017 E63
Detective Comics Rebirth: Batwoman Begins
S2017 E64
How Powerful Is Legion? (X-Men: The Age Of X)
S2017 E65
The Legion TV Show Explained/Theory
S2017 E66
How Sinestro Corrupts Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Two Volume ...
S2017 E67
All Out War! (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Two Conclusion)
S2017 E68
Anti-Venom/Punisher Team Up (Anti-Venom: New Ways To Live)
S2017 E69
Discovering The Prison (The Walking Dead Vol 2: Miles Behind Us)
S2017 E70
Justice League of America Rebirth One Shot: Killer Frost
S2017 E71
Spider-Man Loses His Spider-Sense (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3: Matters ...
S2017 E72
Spider-Man/Anti-Venom Team Up (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4: The Return o...
S2017 E73
All of Moon Knight's Personalities (ANAD Moon Knight Vol 2: Reincarnation...
S2017 E74
X-O Manowar: Prelude to Planet Death
S2017 E75
How To Un-Alive Green Arrow (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E76
The X-Men vs Legion (X-Men Legacy: Lost Legions)
S2017 E77
Aquaman Rebirth Vol 1: The Drowning
S2017 E78
Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman Team Up (Trinity Rebirth: Better Together...
S2017 E79
The Resurrection of... (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Three Volume 1)
S2017 E80
The Justice League Civil War (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Three Conclus...
S2017 E81
Wolverine/Logan vs All The X-Men (Old Man Logan)
S2017 E82
The Return of Daredevil (All New All Different Daredevil: Vol 1: Back In ...
S2017 E83
THE WHISPERER WAR!! (The Walking Dead Vol 27: The Whisperer War)
S2017 E84
The Origin of Spider-Island (The Amazing Spider-Man: Infested)
S2017 E85
DC Rebirth: Superwoman Rebirth #1
S2017 E86
A One Man Army (X-O Manowar Vol 3: Planet Death)
S2017 E87
Batman: War On Crime (The World's Greatest Superheroes)
S2017 E88
How To Un-Alive The Juggernaut (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E89
Superman Loses His Powers? (Superman Rebirth: Multiplicity)
S2017 E90
How does Wolverine's Healing Factor Work?
S2017 E91
Superman vs Wonder Woman (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Four Volume 1)
S2017 E92
New Super-Man Rebirth Vol 1: Justice League of China
S2017 E93
The Origin of Marvel Studios (Geek Culture Icons)
S2017 E94
Old Man Logan vs Marvel Zombies, Sabretooth & A Thor (Secret Wars 2015)
S2017 E95
X-Men/Avengers: House of M Part 1
S2017 E96
X-Men/Avengers: House of M Conclusion
S2017 E97
The Avengers & X-Men Get Spider-Man's Powers (Spider-Island Part 1: Spide...
S2017 E98
8 Million Spider-Men (Spider-Island Conclusion)
S2017 E99
Logan/Wolverine Film Theory: Where Are All The Mutants!?
S2017 E100
Whatever Happened To Hulk Jr? (ANAD Old Man Logan Vol 4: Return To The Wa...
S2017 E101
How To Un-Alive X-23/Wolverine's Daughter (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E102
Origin of Wolverine & X-23's Adamantium
S2017 E103
Return of Superboy Prime? (Action Comics Rebirth: Mild Mannered)
S2017 E104
Every type of Adamantium
S2017 E105
Batman vs His Son (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Four Conclusion)
S2017 E106
The Origin of X-23/Laura Kinney (X-23: Innocence Lost)
S2017 E107
The Last of The Mutants!? (X-Men House of M Aftermath: Decimation)
S2017 E108
How Many Ways Can Wolverine Die? (Wolverine: Killing Made Simple)
S2017 E109
Superboy Fights A Cow (Superman Rebirth: Dark Harvest)
S2017 E110
Wolverine: Origins & Endings
S2017 E111
Origin of Volthoom/The First Lantern (Green Lanterns Rebirth: Last Will o...
S2017 E112
900,000 Subscriber Giveaways!!
S2017 E113
How To Un-Alive Lobo/DC's Wolverine (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E114
Deadlier Than Superman?! (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Four Annual)
S2017 E115
Batman Gets Turned Into A Baby (The Rundown)
S2017 E116
Samurai Jack Season 5 Prelude (Samurai Jack: Threads of Time Part 1)
S2017 E117
Superior Spider-Man Prelude (Spider-Island Epilogue)
S2017 E118
The Origin of Iron Fist/Danny Rand (The Immortal Iron Fist One Shot: Orig...
S2017 E119
The Last Iron Fist Story (The Immortal Iron Fist Vol 1: The Last Iron Fis...
S2017 E120
The Inhumans vs The X-Men (Marvel Now 2.0: Inhumans vs X-Men)
S2017 E121
The Return of X-O Manowar (X-O Manowar Vol 4: Homecoming)
S2017 E122
How To Un-Alive DC's Zombie Hulk/Solomon Grundy (How To Un-Alive Superher...
S2017 E123
The Rogues Return (The Flash Rebirth: Rogues Reloaded)
S2017 E124
Wonder Woman Rebirth Vol 1: Wonder Woman's New Origin
S2017 E125
The Return of Doomsday?! (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 1)
S2017 E126
How Damian Wayne Became Nightwing (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five Vol...
S2017 E127
Stronger Than Adamantium (All New Wolverine Vol 3: Enemy Of The State II)
S2017 E128
Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern Becomes God (Green Lantern Legacy/The Power of ...
S2017 E129
The Origin of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan (Green Lantern: Secret Origin Vol ...
S2017 E130
The Seven Capital Cities Of Heaven (The Immortal Iron Fist Conclusion)
S2017 E131
To Kill A King (X-O Manowar/Unity: Volume 1)
S2017 E132
Captain Carrot/Superman Rabbit Origin
S2017 E133
How Batman Would Un-Alive Humanity
S2017 E134
Return of Yellow Lantern Scarecrow (Green Lanterns Rebirth: Darkest Night...
S2017 E135
The Shadow King's Origin & Powers
S2017 E136
The Death of... (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 3)
S2017 E137
DC Rebirth: Justice League of America Rebirth #1
S2017 E138
A message for new YouTubers
S2017 E139
Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Sinestro's First Fight (Green Lantern Secret...
S2017 E140
The End of Spider-Man?! (Superior Spider-Man: Dying Wish)
S2017 E141
How Thor Became Unworthy (The Unworthy Thor)
S2017 E142
How To Un-Alive Marvel's God/The One Above All (How To Un-Alive Superhero...
S2017 E143
X-Men ResurrXion Prelude (Marvel NOW 2.0: X-Men Prime One Shot)
S2017 E144
Batman vs The Justice League (Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 4...
S2017 E145
The Justice League vs The Justice League?! (Injustice Gods Among Us: Conc...
S2017 E146
The Titans vs The Justice League (Titans Rebirth Annual: Legacy)
S2017 E147
Who's The Best Green Lantern? (Green Lantern Vol 1: No Fear)
S2017 E148
Countdown To Infinite Crisis
S2017 E149
Superman/Action Comics Rebirth: Superman Reborn
S2017 E150
Answering late night questions with you guys!
S2017 E151
Spider-Man Gets The Infinity Gauntlet?!
S2017 E152
How To Un-Alive Ghost Rider (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E153
The Origin Of Superboy Prime
S2017 E154
Batman vs Bane (Batman Rebirth: I Am Bane)
S2017 E155
Injustice 2 Origins: Brainiac
S2017 E156
Batman Betrays The Justice League (Infinite Crisis: Project OMAC)
S2017 E157
Superboy Prime vs Everyone! (Infinite Crisis Vol 1: Gods & Men)
S2017 E158
The Superior Spider-Man: Suicide Run
S2017 E159
That Thor Ragnarok teaser tho!!!
S2017 E160
Doctor Doom Becomes Iron Man (Infamous Iron Man Vol 1: Better Than Tony S...
S2017 E161
Armor Hunters Prelude (X-O Manowar Vol 5: Prelude To Armor Hunters)
S2017 E162
How To Un-Alive The Flash Wally West (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E163
Superman Rebirth: Superman Lois And Clark Vol 1
S2017 E164
The Return of The Joker Beyond (Batman Beyond Rebirth: Escaping The Grave...
S2017 E165
Injustice 2 Origins: Atrocitus/Red Lantern Corps
S2017 E166
Hydra Captain America's New Origin (Captain America Steve Rogers One Shot...
S2017 E167
Superboy Prime vs 2 Supermen & 30 Green Lanterns (Infinite Crisis Conclus...
S2017 E168
Superior Spider-Man's First Murder (Superior Spider-Man Vol 1: My Own Wor...
S2017 E169
The "Death" of Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Superior Spider-Man Vol 2: A Trou...
S2017 E170
Rick and Morty Cheat The Stock Market
S2017 E171
How To Un-Alive Aquaman (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E172
The Return of Eddie Brock/Venom (Marvel Now 2.0 Venom Vol 1: We're Back!)
S2017 E173
Superman Rebirth: Superman Lois & Clark Conclusion
S2017 E174
Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan
S2017 E175
Injustice 2 Origins: Reverse Flash
S2017 E176
Riri Williams: The New Iron Man (Marvel NOW 2.0 Invincible Iron Man Vol 1...
S2017 E177
DC's Section Eight (Tasteless & Terrible Superheroes)
S2017 E178
Batman Gets A Green Lantern Ring (Revenge Of The Green Lanterns Prelude)
S2017 E179
Resurrection of The Green Lantern Corps (Green Lantern Corps Vol 1: Recha...
S2017 E180
Late night Q&A + Talking Marvel's "Rebirth"
S2017 E181
The Return of The Green Goblin (Superior Spider-Man Vol 3: No Escape)
S2017 E182
Superior Spider-Man vs Spider-Man 2099!! (Superior Spider-Man Vol 4: Nece...
S2017 E183
The Alien/Xenomorph Homeworld (Alien Book 1: Outbreak)
S2017 E184
How To Un-Alive Galactus (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E185
Marvel Comics: Hydra Explained
S2017 E186
Batman/Flash Rebirth The Button Tie In (The Flash Rebirth: Sins of The Fa...
S2017 E187
Marvel's Secret Empire Prelude (Secret Empire #0: Prologue)
S2017 E188
Injustice 2 Origins: Firestorm
S2017 E189
Before Watchmen: Rorschach
S2017 E190
Saturday Night Q&A + GoTG2!!!
S2017 E191
Iron Man Joins The Guardians Of The Galaxy (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 1...
S2017 E192
Angela: Sister of Thor & Loki (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: Angela)
S2017 E193
Venom Joins The Guardian of The Galaxy (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3: Gu...
S2017 E194
The Aliens/Xenomorphs Overrun The Earth (Aliens Book 2: Nightmare Asylum)
S2017 E195
Groot Becomes Venom (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 4: Planet Symbiote)
S2017 E196
How To Un-Alive The Guardians Of The Galaxy (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E197
The Flash vs Savitar (The Flash New 52: Out Of Time)
S2017 E198
The Final Days Of The Guardians (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5: Through T...
S2017 E199
A New Star-Lord (All New All Different Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 1: Emp...
S2017 E200
Groot vs The Incredible Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual #5)
S2017 E201
Guardians of The Galaxy 2 live Review and Q&A (No Spoilers)
S2017 E202
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers!!
S2017 E203
Guardians No More (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: Civil War II)
S2017 E204
Return of Cyborg Superman (Revenge Of The Green Lanterns)
S2017 E205
Nightwing vs Deathwing (Nightwing Rebirth: Nightwing Must Die)
S2017 E206
The Origin of Captain America's Son (Captain America Vol 1: Castaway In D...
S2017 E207
Superior Spider-Man vs Agent Venom (Superior Spider-Man Vol 5: Superior V...
S2017 E208
The Return of Peter Parker (Superior Spider-Man Conclusion: Goblin Nation...
S2017 E209
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Corps Rebirth Vol 2: The Power of The White Lant...
S2017 E210
Better Than Hydra Captain America? (Captain America Vol 2: Escape From Di...
S2017 E211
Super Soldier No More Prelude (Captain America Vol 3: Loose Nuke)
S2017 E212
Superman Reborn Aftermath: Superman's New Origin
S2017 E213
Captain America Loses The Super Soldier Serum (Captain America Vol 4: The...
S2017 E214
What If Hulk Became A Red Lantern? (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E215
Return of Reverse Flash (Batman/Flash Rebirth The Button Part 1)
S2017 E216
Who Killed Reverse Flash? (Batman/Flash Rebirth The Button Part 2)
S2017 E217
Here's why Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern is so powerful!
S2017 E218
The Court of Owls (New 52 Batman Vol 1: The Court Of Owls)
S2017 E219
The Extremis Armor (Iron Man: Extremis)
S2017 E220
Every type of Alien/Xenonorph (Movies, Comics & Games)
S2017 E221
X-O Manowar/Unity: Armor Hunters
S2017 E222
The Death of... (Marvel NOW 2.0 Avengers Vol 1: Kang War)
S2017 E223
The Secret Origin of Old Man Logan Prelude (ANAD Old Man Logan Vol 5: Pas...
S2017 E224
How To Un-Alive Red Lantern Hulk (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E225
Rebirth Batman Meets Flashpoint Batman (Batman/Flash Rebirth The Button P...
S2017 E226
Dr. Manhattan Kills... (Batman/Flash Rebirth The Button Conclusion)
S2017 E227
Batman Joins The Sinestro Corps?! (Green Lantern Vol 3: Wanted Hal Jordan...
S2017 E228
Bruce Wayne's Brother? (New 52 Batman Vol 2: The Night Of Owls)
S2017 E229
The Return of The Joker (New 52 Batman Vol 3: Death of The Family)
S2017 E230
The Return of The Phoenix Force (Avengers vs X-Men Vol 1: Hope Summers)
S2017 E231
1 Million Subscribers!!!!!
S2017 E232
The Phoenix Five (Avengers vs X-Men Vol 2: The Power of Gods)
S2017 E233
Super Sons Rebirth Vol 1: Super Sons vs Batman & Superman?!
S2017 E234
The Return of Galactus: World Eater (Marvel Now 2.0 Ultimates 2 Vol 1: Tr...
S2017 E235
The Most Powerful Alien/Xenomorph (Aliens Vol 3: Female War)
S2017 E236
What if Batman Became Venom? (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E237
Batman and Joker's Final Battle (New 52 Batman Vol 4: Endgame)
S2017 E238
Superman Revenge Squad (Action Comics Rebirth:The New World)
S2017 E239
The Death of The Marvel Universe Gods (Thor God of Thunder Vol 1: God But...
S2017 E240
Wonder Woman Versus Batman (Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia)
S2017 E241
The Origin of Gorr: The Godbutcher (Thor God of Thunder: Origins)
S2017 E242
Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League (Justice League of America: Leagu...
S2017 E243
Thor Wields Two Hammers (Thor God Of Thunder Vol 2: God Bomb)
S2017 E244
What If Wonder Woman Became Thor? (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E245
Infinity War: The New Marvel Cosmic Hierarchy
S2017 E246
Batman Rebirth One Shot: The Brave & The Mold
S2017 E247
Gorr Was Wrong (Thor God Of Thunder One Shot: Once Upon A Time In Midgard...
S2017 E248
Thor's Secret War (Thor God of Thunder Vol 3: The Accursed)
S2017 E249
Superman & Wonder Woman vs General Zod (New 52 Superman/Wonder Woman Vol ...
S2017 E250
A New League of Shadows (Detective Comics: League of Shadows)
S2017 E251
Galactus Becomes The World Butcher (Thor God Of Thunder Vol 4: Last Days ...
S2017 E252
Chronological X-Men After House of M + Q&A
S2017 E253
Batman's Son Creates New Teen Titans (Teen Titans Rebirth: Damian Knows B...
S2017 E254
Thanos Is Actually A Human (Marvel Now 2.0: Thanos Vol 1: Thanos Returns)
S2017 E255
S2017 E256
Lazarus Contract Prelude (Titans Rebirth: Made In Manhattan)
S2017 E257
Black Panther Destroys All Vibranium (Black Panther: Doomwar)
S2017 E258
Titans/Teen Titans Rebirth Crossover: Deathstroke Gets Flash Powers
S2017 E259
The Incredible Hulk Fights Bruce Banner?! (The Incredible Hulk Vol 1: Hul...
S2017 E260
Batman's Suicide Squad (Injustice 2 Vol 1)
S2017 E261
DC Bombshells Batwoman (DC Bombshells Origins)
S2017 E262
The Incredible Hulk vs Wolverine & The Thing (The Incredible Hulk Vol 2: ...
S2017 E263
Invincible: The Teenage Superhero (Invincible: Family Matters)
S2017 E264
How To Un-Alive Red Lantern Darth Vader (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E265
Perfect Hulk vs Doctor Doom (The Incredible Hulk: Conclusion)
S2017 E266
Kyle Rayner vs Hal Jordan The Green Lantern (Ion: The Torch Bearer)
S2017 E267
Origin of The Star Sapphire Corps (Mystery of The Star Sapphires)
S2017 E268
Origin of Spider-Man Clone Ben Reilly (Spider-Man The Clone Saga: Ben Rei...
S2017 E269
Old Man Logan's Origin Revealed (All New All Different Old Man Logan: Ori...
S2017 E270
Dark Nights Metal One Shot: Dark Days/The Forge
S2017 E271
The Death of Aunt May (Spider-Man The Clone Saga: Kaine)
S2017 E272
Thor & Unworthy Thor fight the Phoenix Force (The Mighty Thor Vol 3: Asga...
S2017 E273
Action Comics Rebirth: Superman vs Doomsday
S2017 E274
Is The Fake Batman Red Hood!? (Injustice 2 Vol 2: Daughter of Harley Quin...
S2017 E275
Spider-Man Quits Being Spider-Man (Spider-Man The Clone Saga: The Trial O...
S2017 E276
Let's talk about Marvel Legacy
S2017 E277
Don't Mess With Old Man Logan! (X-Men Gold: Back To Basics)
S2017 E278
Kyle Rayner Becomes The Ultimate Evil (Sinestro Corps War Prelude)
S2017 E279
Omega Level Mutants: Gabriel Shepherd
S2017 E280
Batman Rebirth One Shot: Batman Proposes To Catwoman
S2017 E281
The Return of The Green Goblin (Spider-Man Clone Saga: Conclusion)
S2017 E282
Deathstroke Rebirth One Shot: Deathstroke's Dark Titans
S2017 E283
The Return of Reverse Flash (The Button Aftermath)
S2017 E284
Omega Level Threats: Cosmic Spider-Man
S2017 E285
Hydra Captain America Lifts Thor's Hammer (Marvel's Secret Empire Interlu...
S2017 E286
Invasion of The Sinestro Corps (Sinestro Corps War: Book One)
S2017 E287
The Origin of Spider-Man's Daughter (Marvel Now 2.0 Spider-Man Renew Your...
S2017 E288
X-Men: The 198 (House of M Aftermath)
S2017 E289
Marvel Comics: The Vulture Explained
S2017 E290
The Origin of Miles Morales Spider-Man (Ultimate Spider-Man)
S2017 E291
The Infinity War Movie Will Change Everything
S2017 E292
Spider-Man Re-Married? (The Amazing Spider-Man: Superior Spider-Man After...
S2017 E293
How To Kill Spider-Man (How To Kill Superheroes)
S2017 E294
Spider-Man Fights Iron Man (ANAD Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2: Power Play)
S2017 E295
Does Marvel Actually Own Spider-Man? (Spider-Man Rights Explained)
S2017 E296
The Sinestro Corps War: Superboy Prime One Shot
S2017 E297
Death & Rebirth of Colossus (Astonishing X-Men Vol 1)
S2017 E298
Marvel Legacy: Bruce Banner Hulk Explained
S2017 E299
The Hydra Avengers (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 1)
S2017 E300
Beyond Omega Level: Marquis of Death
S2017 E301
How To Un-Alive Molecule Man/The Beyonder (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2017 E302
All New Wolverine Becomes Venom! (The Edge Of Venomverse: Wolverine)
S2017 E303
Fantastic Four Confirmed For Avengers Infinity War?
S2017 E304
Injustice 2: The Rise Of Supergirl (Injustice 2 Vol 3: When You Wake Up)
S2017 E305
Rise of The Black Lantern Corps (Sinestro Corps War Conclusion)
S2017 E306
Infinity War & Thanos' Black Order Explained (Comic Book Concepts)
S2017 E307
Suicide Squad Rebirth Vol 1: General Zod Returns
S2017 E308
Origin of Bruce Banner's Guilt Hulk (Marvel Legacy)
S2017 E309
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Protege The God Killer
S2017 E310
Dark Nights Metal One Shot: Dark Days/The Casting
S2017 E311
The Punisher Kills 500 Soldiers (PunisherMAX: Born)
S2017 E312
The Origin of Surtur/Odin's Killer (Thor Ragnarok)
S2017 E313
Origin of Infernal Hulk (Marvel Legacy)
S2017 E314
Batman Rebirth War of Jokes and Riddles Prelude: Joker's Origin
S2017 E315
Hulk vs Sabretooth (Hulkverine/Batch H Prelude)
S2017 E316
Suicide Squad Rebirth Vol 2: Harley Quinn Goes Sane
S2017 E317
Green Lantern Blackest Night Prelude #1 (Sinestro Corps War Aftermath)
S2017 E318
Classic Captain America Returns?! (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 2)
S2017 E319
Infinity War Explained while eating hot sauce
S2017 E320
Sins of The Star Sapphires (Green Lantern Blackest Night Prelude #2)
S2017 E321
Origin of The Maestro Hulk (Exiles World Tour: Future Imperfect)
S2017 E322
Batman Rebirth War of Jokes and Riddles Prelude: Riddler's Origin
S2017 E323
The Flash Rebirth Vol 4: The Flash Becomes Reverse Flash
S2017 E324
DC Rebirth: Where Are The Watchmen?
S2017 E325
The Return Of Ultron!? (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 3)
S2017 E326
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Gambit
S2017 E327
Deadpool vs Batman (Comicsexplained)
S2017 E328
The Hulk's Wife Conquers Earth! (Planet Hulk What If)
S2017 E329
Deadpool 2: Who Is Cable?
S2017 E330
The Return Of Cyborg Superman (Suicide Squad Rebirth: Earthlings On Fire)
S2017 E331
Action Comics Rebirth Vol 6: Superman Goes Blind
S2017 E332
Cable vs The Avengers, The X-Men & Red Hulk (Avengers: X-Sanction)
S2017 E333
Action Comics Rebirth Vol 6: Mr. Oz is Superman!?
S2017 E334
The Resurrection of The Hulk (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 4)
S2017 E335
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: God Emperor Joker
S2017 E336
Rage of The Red Lantern Prelude
S2017 E337
Origin Of Hulk 2099 (2099 Unlimited #1)
S2017 E338
DC's Magneto (Green Lanterns Rebirth: Polarity)
S2017 E339
DC Rebirth: Where Is Shazam!?
S2017 E340
Ghost Rider Becomes Venom! (Edge Of Venomverse #3)
S2017 E341
Better Than The Defenders (PunisherMAX #1)
S2017 E342
The Death of The Avengers? (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 5)
S2017 E343
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Shazam The Wizard
S2017 E344
Origin of The Red Lanterns (Rage of The Red Lanterns)
S2017 E345
The Hulk Lifts Thor's Hammer! (Indestructible Hulk: Gods & Monsters)
S2017 E346
Nightwing Rebirth One Shot: Nightwing & Classic Flash Team Up
S2017 E347
Marvel Movies Phase 4: Adam Warlock/Infinity Watch!!
S2017 E348
Avengers vs X-Men Aftermath: Iron Man Leaves Earth (Iron Man Vol 1: Belie...
S2017 E349
Dr Manhattan Destroys The White Lanterns (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Corps:...
S2017 E350
Miles Morales Spider-Man vs Hydra Captain America (Marvel's Secret Empire...
S2017 E351
Iron Man: The Godkiller Armor (The Secret Origin of Tony Stark Book 1)
S2017 E352
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: The Chaos King
S2017 E353
Origin of The Orange Lantern (Green Lantern: Agent Orange)
S2017 E354
Classic Hulk vs Totally Awesome Hulk! (Marvel Generations: Incredible Hul...
S2017 E355
Origin of Arno Stark: Iron Man's Smarter Brother (The Secret Origin of To...
S2017 E356
Detective Comics Rebirth Vol 5: Dark Nights Metal Tie-In
S2017 E357
Marvel's Lantern Rings! (Iron Man Vol 4: Iron Metropolitan)
S2017 E358
Is Superman A Speedster Like The Flash?
S2017 E359
The Fall of Hydra Begins (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 7)
S2017 E360
Superior Iron Man Prelude (Iron Man Vol 5: Rings of The Mandarin)
S2017 E361
Top 5 Things You Didn't Know About Superman FT. Fancy Teeth
S2017 E362
Miles Morales' Identity Revealed! (Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Vol 2)
S2017 E363
Origin of The Black Lantern (Green Lantern: Blackest Night Origins)
S2017 E364
Old Man Logan Becomes Venom (Edge Of Venomverse #4)
S2017 E365
Death of The Comedian? (The Watchmen Part 1)
S2017 E366
Iron Man vs Doc Green Hulk (Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk)
S2017 E367
Captain America Becomes A God! (Marvel's Secret Empire Part 8)
S2017 E368
The Return Of Classic Captain America! (Marvel's Secret Empire Finale)
S2017 E369
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Cosmic Armor Superman
S2017 E370
Origin Of The Indigo Lanterns (Green Lantern: Blackest Night Origins)
S2017 E371
The Mighty Thor vs Unworthy Thor! (Marvel Generations: Thor)
S2017 E372
Deadpool Becomes Venom Again! (Edge Of Venomverse #5)
S2017 E373
Green Lanterns Rebirth Vol 5: Return of The First Lantern
S2017 E374
The Origin of Asgard
S2017 E375
Iron Man's New Endosym Armor (Superior Iron Man Vol 1: Infamous)
S2017 E376
Damian Wayne Fights Superman's Son (Super Sons: Battle In The Batcave)
S2017 E377
The Death Of Harley Quinn?! (Injustice 2 Vol 3)
S2017 E378
The Unstoppable Colossus vs World War Hulk
S2017 E379
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Hyperion
S2017 E380
Rise of The Black Lanterns (Green Lantern: Blackest Night Part 1)
S2017 E381
Marvel's Superman Kills The Marvel Universe (Exiles: King Hyperion)
S2017 E382
Aftermath To Secret Empire (Secret Empire Omega)
S2017 E383
Green Lanterns Rebirth One Shot: Origin of The First Lantern Ring
S2017 E384
Superior Iron Man vs All Iron Man Armors (Superior Iron Man Conclusion)
S2017 E385
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Corps Vol 4: The Sinestro Corps Civil War!
S2017 E386
The Origin of Ultimate Thor (Ultimate Comics: Thor)
S2017 E387
Wolverine vs Cyclops/The X-Men Civil War (X-Men: Schism)
S2017 E388
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Batman With Prep Time/Plot Armor
S2017 E389
Batman vs The Black Lanterns (Green Lantern Blackest Night: Batman)
S2017 E390
Sabretooth Breaks Wolverine's Claws (Wolverine vs Sabertooth Vol 1)
S2017 E391
Dark Nights Metal Origins: Red Death #1
S2017 E392
Supergirl Wrecks Superman (Supergirl Rebirth: Reign of The Cyborg Superme...
S2017 E393
X-23 & Wolverine vs Sabretooth (Marvel Generations: The Best)
S2017 E394
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Martian Manhunter
S2017 E395
Iron Man: Director of SHIELD/Civil War Aftermath (Invincible Iron Man Vol...
S2017 E396
Black Lantern Superman! (Green Lantern Blackest Night: Superman)
S2017 E397
Can Flash Fly Like Superman?
S2017 E398
Wolverine Takes Sabretooth's Adamantium!
S2017 E399
Marvel’s Superman vs The Hulk (Ultimates2 Vol 2: Eternity War)
S2017 E400
Superman Rebirth Vol 6: Yellow Lantern Superman!
S2017 E401
The Return of Classic Marvel & The Infinity Stones (Marvel Legacy One-Sho...
S2017 E402
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Rick Sanchez
S2017 E403
Superboy Prime Becomes A Red Lantern! (Blackest Night: Superboy Prime)
S2017 E404
Everyone Becomes Thor! (Secret Wars: Thors)
S2017 E405
Dark Nights Metal Origins: Dawnbreaker #1
S2017 E406
The Origin of War Thor! (Mighty Thor Vol 4: The War Thor)
S2017 E407
The Flash Outruns Death! (Final Crisis Part 1)
S2017 E408
Marvel Comics: The New Mutants Explained
S2017 E409
Surprise Q&A Session
S2017 E410
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Storm
S2017 E411
The Flash Becomes A Blue Lantern! (Green Lantern Blackest Night: The Flas...
S2017 E412
Everyone Becomes Venom! (Marvel Comics: Venomverse)
S2017 E413
Marvel Legacy: Iron Man/Tony Stark Explained
S2017 E414
Batman Rebirth Vol 4: The War of Jokes & Riddles
S2017 E415
Livestream Q&A
S2017 E416
Thor: Ragnarok Who Will Die?
S2017 E417
Action Comics Rebirth Vol 7: The Return of Darkseid!?
S2017 E418
The Death Of Batman! (Final Crisis Conclusion)
S2017 E419
Infamous Iron Man vs a God! (Infamous Iron Man Vol 2: Absolution of Doom)
S2017 E420
Dark Nights Metal: The Dark Multiverse Explained
S2017 E421
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Yellow Lantern Superman
S2017 E422
Dark Nights Metal Origins: The Drowned #1
S2017 E423
The Sinestro Corps vs The Black Lanterns (Green Lantern Blackest Night Vo...
S2017 E424
Thor Ragnarok: Surtur Explained
S2017 E425
Dark Nights Metal Origins: The Murder Machine #1
S2017 E426
Red Lanterns vs Black Lanterns (Green Lantern Blackest Night Vol 3: Wrath...
S2017 E427
Thor Ragnarok: Grandmaster Explained
S2017 E428
Dark Nights Metal Part 1: Rise Of The Dark Multiverse!
S2017 E429
All The Lantern Corps Unite (Blackest Night Vol 4: Unite The Lanterns)
S2017 E430
Thor Ragnarok: Valkyrie Explained
S2017 E431
Beyond Omega Level: The Rob Corps
S2017 E432
Batman Becomes A Black Lantern! (Green Lantern Blackest Night Vol 6: Batm...
S2017 E433
Rise of The White Lanterns! (Green Lantern Blackest Night Vol 6: The New ...
S2017 E434
The White Lantern Justice League! (Blackest Night Conclusion)
S2017 E435
Thor's Godblast Shatters His Hammer!? (Thor vs The Celestials)
S2017 E436
Dark Nights Metal Part 2: The Dawn of Barbatos!
S2017 E437
Dark Nights Metal Origins: The Devastator #1
S2017 E438
Surtur Returns/Odin Dies (Thor Ragnarok Prelude)
S2017 E439
Thor Ragnarok: How Thor Dies In The Comics (Marvel Full Story)
S2017 E440
How Hela Destroyed Thor's hammer & Thor Ragnarok End Credits Explained
S2017 E441
Dark Nights Metal: Batman Becomes Evil Shazam!?
S2017 E442
Dark Nights Metal Origins: The Merciless #1
S2017 E443
Gambit Versus Nightwing: Who Wins?
S2017 E444
X-Men & Fantastic Four Join The MCU!?
S2017 E445
Justice League: Steppenwolf Explained
S2017 E446
Dark Nights Metal Tie In: Batman Lost
S2017 E447
Jiren vs The Marvel Universe!
S2017 E448
Omega/Beyond Omega Level: Thor
S2017 E449
The Return of The Evil Justice League! (JLA: Earth 2)
S2017 E450
Action Comics Rebirth Vol 8: Origin of Mr. Oz
S2017 E451
Old Man Logan vs Maestro Hulk! (ANAD Old Man Logan Vol 6: Days of Anger)
S2017 E452
Justice League vs Darkseid! (New 52 Justice League Vol 1: Origins)
S2017 E453
Space Punisher vs Space Punisher Hulk! (Space Punisher Vol 1)
S2017 E454
Dark Nights Metal Origins: The Batman Who Laughs #1
S2017 E455
DC Comics: Apokolips/Home of Darkseid Explained
S2017 E456
Ultra Instinct Goku vs Herald of Galactus Hulk
S2017 E457
Origins & Powers of Steppenwolf
S2017 E458
Dark Nights Metal: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1
S2017 E459
Darth Maul's Secret War on The Jedi (Star Wars: Darth Maul Book 1)
S2017 E460
Doomsday Clock: Who Can beat Dr Manhattan?
S2017 E461
Origin of Darwin: The Immortal X-Man (X-Men Deadly Genesis Prelude)
S2017 E462
Green Lantern vs The Xenomorphs! (Green Lantern/Aliens Crossover Comic)
S2017 E463
The Batman Who Laughs vs Deadpool!
S2017 E464
Marvel's Sentry Movie
S2017 E465
Batman Who Laughs: Where Is Alfred!?
S2017 E466
The Return of The Watchmen! (DC Rebirth: Doomsday Clock #1)
S2017 E467
Juggernaut Kills All The X-Men and Dooms Humanity! (Marvel What If: Jugge...
S2017 E468
The Infinity Gauntlet Destroyed by Captain America (Avengers/New Avengers...
S2017 E469
Infinity War Trailer
S2017 E470
Dark Nights Metal Part 3: Superman vs Doomsday Batman
S2017 E471
Where Is The Soul Stone?! (Infinity War Speculation)
S2017 E472
A Batman Anime?! (Batman Ninja)
S2017 E473
Marvel's Moon Knight Netflix Series?
S2017 E474
The MCU X-Men: Phase One
S2017 E475
Galactus Destroys Earth! (Avengers/New Avengers Vol 3: World Eater)
S2017 E476
Dr Manhattan Created The DC Universe!? (DC Rebirth Theory)
S2017 E477
X-Men & Fantastic Four/Disney Fox Deal Confirmed? (Update)
S2017 E478
Batman In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?! (Would Disney Own Gotham?)
S2017 E479
Dark Nights Metal: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2
S2017 E480
Origins & Powers: Yuga Khan/Darkseid's Father
S2017 E481
The MCU X-Men: Phase Two
S2017 E482
(Marvel Legacy) The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1: Fall of Parker
S2017 E483
The Secret of The Comedian! (The Watchmen Part 2)
S2017 E484
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Corps Vol 5: Dark Nights Metal Tie In/Fall of Th...
S2017 E485
The Phoenix Returns (Uncanny X-Men Vol 1: End of The Greys)
S2017 E486
The MCU Fantastic Four: Phase One
S2017 E487
The Origin of The Jedi! (Star Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi)
S2017 E488
Juggernaut Becomes The Flash (What If Series)
S2017 E489
Action Comics Rebirth One Shot: The Oz Effect Aftermath
S2017 E490
Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War: Full Story
S2017 E491
God Level Thanos Returns! (Thanos Vol 2: The God Quarry)
S2017 E492
The New Mutants vs God (New X-Men Vol 1: Childhood's End)
S2017 E493
Dark Nights Metal: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3
S2017 E494
Hulk Becomes Doomsday! (What If Series)
S2017 E495
MCU Deadpool Phase 1
S2017 E496
Dark Nights Metal Part 4: Origin of Barbatos
S2017 E497
Detective Comics Rebirth Vol 7: A Lonely Place Of Living
S2017 E498
Super Sons of Tomorrow: Superman’s Son Destroys The World?
S2017 E499
Green Lantern Blackest Night: Full Story
S2017 E500
Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth Vol 7: Hal Jordan vs Superman!
S2017 E501
Wolverine vs Captain America (Wolverine Origins Vol 1: Born In Blood)
S2017 E502
Dark Nights Metal: Batman vs The Justice League (The Return of Bruce Wayn...
S2017 E503
Does X-Men The Animated Series Hold Up?
S2017 E504
Rorschach Meets... (DC Rebirth: Doomsday Clock #2)
S2017 E505
The Return Of The Ultimate Universe!? (Spider-Men II)
S2017 E506
The First White Lantern (Green Lantern: Brightest Day Part 1)
Season 2018
S2018 E01
DC Rebirth: Bart Allen/Future Flash Explained
S2018 E02
Dark Nights Metal Tie In: Hawkman Found
S2018 E03
Infinity War: Adam Warlock Explained
S2018 E04
Doomsday Clock: The New Rorschach & The Supermen Theory
S2018 E05
Wolverine vs Omega Red (Wolverine Origins Vol 2: Savior)
S2018 E06
Batman Rebirth Vol 5: Rules of Engagement
S2018 E07
Aquaman Rebirth One-Shot: Prelude To The Unstoppabble!
S2018 E08
Infinity War: Thanos vs Iron Man
S2018 E09
Super Sons of Tomorrow: Connor Kent Meets Superman
S2018 E10
Wolverine vs His Son! (Wolverine Origins Vol 3: Swift & Terrible)
S2018 E11
The Flash Rebirth Vol 5: Negative
S2018 E12
How To Un-Alive Doctor Manhattan (How To Un-Alive Superheroes)
S2018 E13
Batman Lets A Guy Burn To Death! (The Rundown)
S2018 E14
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Corps Rebirth Vol 5: Twilight of The Guardians!
S2018 E15
Origin & Powers: Polaris/Magneto's Daughter
S2018 E16
Infinity War: Thanos War Book 1
S2018 E17
An open letter to youtube
S2018 E18
The Origin of Dr Manhattan (Watchmen Part 3)
S2018 E19
Comicsexplained Patreon
S2018 E20
Origin of Vulcan (X-Men Deadly Genesis)
S2018 E21
Beyond Omega Level: Galacta The Daughter Of Galactus
S2018 E22
Super Sons of Tomorrow Epilogue: Superboy A Teen Titan?!
S2018 E23
Marvel Legacy: Venom Inc/War of The Symbiotes
S2018 E24
Lobo gets a Red Lantern Ring! (Green Lantern Brightest Day Part 2)
S2018 E25
The New DC Cinematic Universe: Phase One
S2018 E26
Black Panther Becomes King Of The Dead
S2018 E27
Infinity War: Gamora Explained
S2018 E28
The Origin of Rorschach (Watchmen Part 4)
S2018 E29
Red Hood & The Outlaws Rebirth Vol 2: DC's Hulk Returns
S2018 E30
Hunt For The Joker (DC Rebirth: Doomsday Clock #3)
S2018 E31
Marvel Legacy Old Man Logan Vol 7: Logan vs The Hand!
S2018 E32
Nightwing The New Orer: Nightwing Depower Every Metahuman
S2018 E33
War of The X-Men! (New X-Men Vol 2: Crusade)
S2018 E34
Marvel Comics: Wakanda Explained
S2018 E35
Origin Of The Lantern Entities (Green Lantern Brightest Day Part 3)
S2018 E36
Detective Comics Rebirth Vol 8: Fall Of The Batmen
S2018 E37
Infinity War: The First Death Of Thanos! (Thanos War Book 2)
S2018 E38
The Most Insane Origin in Comics (The Rundown)
S2018 E39
Aquaman Rebirth Vol 2: The Unstoppable
S2018 E40
Dark Nights Metal Vol 5: The Return Of Martian Manhunter!
S2018 E41
The MCU X-Men And Fantastic Four: Phase Four
S2018 E42
Black Panther vs The Batman-Family
S2018 E43
Infinity War: Iron Man's New Armor
S2018 E44
Return of The Infinity Stones (GoTG Marvel Legacy Vol 1: The Return Of Ad...
S2018 E45
Green Arrow Rebirth Vol 2: Island Of Scars
S2018 E46
YouTube: 1 million Subscriber Plaque unboxing!
S2018 E47
Infinity Countdown One Shot: Adam Warlock
S2018 E48
Black Panther's Suit Explained
S2018 E49
Brightest Day Vol 4: Rise Of The Blue Lantern Entity
S2018 E50
Gambit Becomes Death! (The X-Men: Blood of Apocalypse Prelude)
S2018 E51
The Flash Outruns The Universe!
S2018 E52
Infinity War: Thanos War Book 2
S2018 E53
Red Death Becomes Reverse Flash!? (Dark Nights Metal: Wild Hunt)
S2018 E54
Marvel Comics: Erik Killmonger Explained
S2018 E55
How To Un-Alive Black Panther
S2018 E56
The Flash Becomes God Flash (Green Lantern Brightest Day Part 4)
S2018 E57
All Humans Gain Super Powers (Earth X Vol 1)
S2018 E58
The Flash Rebirth: Flash War Prelude
S2018 E59
DC Comics: Justice Society Of America Explained
S2018 E60
Ultron Gets an Infinity Stone! (Infinity Countdown Prime #1)
S2018 E61
The Marvel 2018 Reboot: Cosmic Entities
S2018 E62
Green Lantern vs God Flash! (Green Lantern Brightest Day Part 5)
S2018 E63
Apocalypse vs The World (X-Men: Blood of Apocalypse)
S2018 E64
Megatron Conquers Earth (Transformers: All Hail Megatron Book 1)
S2018 E65
A New Venom/The Hulk (Earth X Vol 2)
S2018 E66
Why Do People Like Batman More Than Superman?
S2018 E67
Origin of Cosmic Ghost Rider!
S2018 E68
The Marvel 2018 Reboot: New Origins!
S2018 E69
A New Thor/Wolverine (Earth X Vol 3)
S2018 E70
Justice League Rebirth: Batman Quits The League
S2018 E71
White Phoenix Returns? (Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey)
S2018 E72
The Greatest Batman Story Ever Told! (Batman Rebirth: Superfriends)
S2018 E73
The New Avengers: Who Is Sentry?
S2018 E74
Rage Of The Red Lantern God! (Green Lantern Brightest Day Conclusion)
S2018 E75
A New Omega Level Mutant (X-Men Messiah Complex One Shot)
S2018 E76
Earth X Hulk Origin (Earth X Vol 4)
S2018 E77
The Joker Becomes A Better Batman!? (Batman: White Knight #01)
S2018 E78
Should the MCU recast Iron Man?
S2018 E79
The Black Order Of Thanos! (Infinity: Part One)
S2018 E80
Green Lantern Brightest Day: Full Story
S2018 E81
Flash Rebirth Vol 6: The Return Of Godspeed
S2018 E82
Thanos' Black Order Invades Wakanda (Infinity: New Avengers)
S2018 E83
The Return of The Celestials! (Earth X Vol 5)
S2018 E84
The Son Of Thanos (Infinity: Part Two)
S2018 E85
Thanos Versus The World! (Infinity: Conclusion)
S2018 E86
The Origin of The Joker (Batman: White Knight Part 2)
S2018 E87
Superman Rebirth Vol 7: The Last Days
S2018 E88
Green Lantern Rebirth: Full Story
S2018 E89
War of The X-Men (X-Men: Messiah Complex Part Two)
S2018 E90
The Return Of A God! (Earth X Vol 6)
S2018 E91
The End Of All Things! (Dark Nights Metal: Conclusion)
S2018 E92
Infinity War Post Credits Scene!?
S2018 E93
The Origin Of DC's Hulk! (New Age of Heroes/Damage: Vol 1)
S2018 E94
The Death Of... (Batman: White Knight Part 3)
S2018 E95
The Avengers vs Thanos' Black Order (Infinity: Full Story)
S2018 E96
Galactus vs The Celestials! (Earth X Finale)
S2018 E97
The Origin of Lady Joker! (Batman: White Knight Part 4)
S2018 E98
The Death Of The Mighty Thor (The Mighty Thor Legacy Vol 1)
S2018 E99
Fantastic Four Reboot Confirmed!? (Infinity War Speculation)
S2018 E100
Wolverine's MCU Origin
S2018 E101
Batman Dark Nights Metal: Full Story
S2018 E102
Infinity War Thanos Quest: Full Story
S2018 E103
Batman vs Nightwing! (Batman: White Knight Part 5)
S2018 E104
Infinity War: Thor's New Hammer
S2018 E105
How to Un-Alive Superheroes: Thanos
S2018 E106
Action Comics 1000: Why Superman died
S2018 E107
The Infinity Gauntlet - 8 of 8 - Conclusion
S2018 E108
Batman vs The Joker! (Batman: The White Knight Part 6)
S2018 E109
Everyone on Earth gets superpowers (Marvel\'s Earth X: Full Story)
S2018 E110
New 52 Batman: Full Story
S2018 E111
Infinity War: The Infinity Gauntlet (Item) Explained
S2018 E112
The Return Of Cable! (X-Men: Messiah Complex Part 3)
S2018 E113
Infinity War Part 2: The Earth's Superheroes Destroyed!?
S2018 E114
Origin Of The New Rorschach! (Doomsday Clock Part 4)
S2018 E115
Infinity War Part 3: Death of Galactus
S2018 E116
Batman and The Joker Team Up (Batman: White Knight Part 7)
S2018 E117
Avengers Infinity War Theory (Silver Surfer)
S2018 E118
Infinity War Part 4: Thanos vs The Avengers
S2018 E119
Avengers Infinity War Spoilers & Review
S2018 E120
Infinity War Conclusion: Thanos Saves The Marvel Universe?!
S2018 E121
Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet: Full Story
S2018 E122
How Will Avengers 4 End/Carol Danvers In The MCU
S2018 E123
Marvel's 3 Most Powerful Artifacts
S2018 E124
Return of Classic Wolverine! (Marvel Legacy: The Hunt For Wolverine One S...
S2018 E125
A Celebration Of Superman! (Action Comics #1000)
S2018 E126
Avengers 4: World Breaker Hulk!
S2018 E127
Deadpool 2: The Powers Of Copycat
S2018 E128
The Death And Return Of Batman: Full Story
S2018 E129
The Bat-Family Civil War Begins (Detective Comics Rebirth One Shot)
S2018 E130
Avengers 4: Iron Man's Godkiller Armor?
S2018 E131
Bizarro vs The Bat-Family (Red Hood & Outlaws Rebirth Vol 3)
S2018 E132
Old Man Logan vs Old Man Sabretooth (Weapon X: Happy Birthday Logan)
S2018 E133
Avengers 4: Black Panther's Iron Man Armor
S2018 E134
Batman: The White Knight Conclusion
S2018 E135
Avengers 4 Ttile: I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!
S2018 E136
Wally West Remembers Everything! (The Flash Rebirth: Road To Flash War On...
S2018 E137
Avengers 4: Iron Man's Thanos Buster Armor
S2018 E138
The Return Of X-Force! (X-men: Messiah Complex Part 4)
S2018 E139
Avengers 4 & Phase 4: Excalibur
S2018 E140
The Origin Of Sideways: DC's Spider-Man! (DC New Age of Heroes)
S2018 E141
Infinity War/Avengers 4: The Living Tribunal
S2018 E142
Marvel Comics: Cable (comics) Explained
S2018 E143
Avengers 4: Maestro Hulk & Professor Hulk
S2018 E144
X-Force Explained (Marvel Comics)
S2018 E145
The DC Rebirth Crisis Begins! (Justice League No Justice #1)
S2018 E146
Avengers 4/Phase 4: Iron Man Rebuilds Asgard
S2018 E147
X-Men: Messiah Complex Conclusion!
S2018 E148
Justice League Rebirth: Justice Lost
S2018 E149
The Worst Thing Thanos Has Ever Done (Thanos Legacy Annual #1)
S2018 E150
Deadpool 3/X-Force: Cable's Daughter Will Decimate All!
S2018 E151
The Flash War Begins! (DC Rebirth: Flash War Part 1)
S2018 E152
The Return of... (Justice League: No Justice Part 2)
S2018 E153
Avengers 4: Can Iron Man Make Infinity Stones?
S2018 E154
The Strongest Hulk Vs The Marvel Universe! (Planet Hulk/World War Hulk: F...
S2018 E155
The Greatest Flash Story Ever Told! (Original Flash Rebirth)
S2018 E156
Everything Goes Wrong In The Marvel Universe! (Marvel Ruins)
S2018 E157
The Origin Of Spawn (Spawn Origins Vol 1)
S2018 E158
The Joker Has Arrived! (DC Rebirth: Doomsday Clock Part 5)
S2018 E159
Franklin Richards Full Power (Hickman's Fantastic Four: Full Story)
S2018 E160
Avengers 4/Ant-Man & Wasp: Captain Universe
S2018 E161
Batman’s Parents…Return? (Batman Rebirth: The Gift)
S2018 E162
Dr. Doom becomes Galactus & eats the universe (Marvel 2 in One: Fate of T...
S2018 E163
MCU Phase 4: Blue Marvel/Adam Brashear
S2018 E164
The Death Of The Justice League! (Justice League: No Justice Part 3)
S2018 E165
Magneto Lifts Thor’s Hammer (Marvel Ultimatum Part 1)
S2018 E166
Thor God Of Thunder: God Butcher Full Story
S2018 E167
The New Justice League Teams! (Justice League: No Justice Finale)
S2018 E168
The Death Of... (Marvel Ultimatum Part 2)
S2018 E169
Batman Rebirth: Full Story
S2018 E170
Dr. Strange Becomes God/Fights God of Death
S2018 E171
Ultron Kills The Marvel Universe! (Age Of Ultron: Full Story)
S2018 E172
Wally West vs Barry Allen (Flash War Part 2)
S2018 E173
The Death Of Thor! (Ultimatum Part 3)
S2018 E174
The Joker Copyrights Fish!? (The Rundown)
S2018 E175
Wolverine in the MCU!!!! Fox/Disney Deal approved!!!!
S2018 E176
Batman's Bachelor Party! (Batman Rebirth: Nightwing Vs Hush)
S2018 E177
Death of The Marvel Multiverse (Secret Wars 2015)
S2018 E178
Hyperion in the MCU? (MCU Phase 4)
S2018 E179
Magneto vs The Marvel Universe! (Ultimatum Part 4)
S2018 E180
The Rage of Damage/DC's Hulk (Damage Vol 2)
S2018 E181
Shazam: The Power of Hope (Worlds Greatest Superheroes)
S2018 E182
The Death Of Spider-Man: Full Story
S2018 E183
Jokerized Hulk/Hulk Who Laughs
S2018 E184
The Death Of Everyone!? (Marvel's Ultimatum: Conclusion)
S2018 E185
Barry Allen & Wally West vs The Justice League! (The Flash: Flash War Par...
S2018 E186
Captain America Conquors The World (Secret Empire: Full Story)
S2018 E187
Batman And Catwoman Get Married! (Batman #50)
S2018 E188
Zodd Decimates The Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern Rebirth: Zodd...
S2018 E189
Cosmic Ghost Rider Returns/Punches Baby Thanos
S2018 E190
The Search For Tony Stark! (Invincible Iron Man: Hunt For Tony Stark Part...
S2018 E191
Superior Spider-Man: Full Story
S2018 E192
The Return of Impulse! (DC Rebirth: Flash War Finale)
S2018 E193
The Return of Iron Man Tony Stark! (Invincible Iron Man: Hunt For Tony St...
S2018 E194
What If Wolverine Became A Red Lantern?
S2018 E195
DC Rebirth The Flash Rebirth: Full Story
S2018 E196
Avengers 4: Your Loki Theory
S2018 E197
S2018 E198
Punisher Becomes War Machine/Nukes a country (Punisher Legacy Vol 1)
S2018 E199
The Comedian vs All of DC's Villains! (Doomsday Clock Part 6)
S2018 E200
Disney's Plan For The X-Men!
S2018 E201
Captain America Loses His Powers: Full Story
S2018 E202
The New Origin Of Classic Wally West! (The Flash: Heroes In Crisis Prelud...
S2018 E203
The End Begins! (Infinity Wars Prime)
S2018 E204
Rise Of The Ultra Violet Lantern Corps! (Justice League Vol 1: Totality)
S2018 E205
The Marvel Universe: A History (Full Story)
S2018 E206
DC Comic's Fantastic Four! (The Terrifics Vol 1: Meet The Terrifics)
S2018 E207
The Return Of The Fantastic Four!!
S2018 E208
The Walking Dead: Full Story
S2018 E209
Thor Becomes Unworthy of His Hammer (Original Sin: Full Story)
S2018 E210
Iron Man Rebuilds Asgard (Fear Itself: Book One)
S2018 E211
Juggernaut & Hulk Get Thor’s Powers! (Fear Itself: Book Two)
S2018 E212
Will Hal Jordan Become Parallax?! (Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps...
S2018 E213
A Hero Dies, and the World Burns! (Fear Itself: Book Three)
S2018 E214
Iron Man Gets Drunk, Yells At Odin! (Fear Itself: Book Four)
S2018 E215
Last Charge Of The Green Lanterns! (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp...
S2018 E216
Comicsexplained House Tour!!
S2018 E217
Unstoppable Colossus vs Unstoppable Juggernaut! (Fear Itself: Uncanny X-M...
S2018 E218
The Death & Rebirth of the Green Lanterns! (Hal Jordan And The Green Lant...
S2018 E219
Picks Up Thor's Hammer! (Fear Itself: Finale)
S2018 E220
The End Of Aquaman! (Aquaman Rebirth: Crown Of Atlantis)
S2018 E221
Everyone Gets Iron Man Armors! (The Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda...
S2018 E222
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 7 - The Origin Of Mutants
S2018 E223
Everyone Gets Thor's Hammer (Fear Itself: Full Story)
S2018 E224
Iron Man's Godkiller Mk.2/Ghost Rider Becomes God (Avengers Vol 1: Final ...
S2018 E225
Red Hood Saves The World! (Red Hood & The Outlaws: Squadgoals)
S2018 E226
Spider-Man's Most Ridiculously Overpowered Moments w/Comicpop!
S2018 E227
The White Lantern Returns!? (Justice League Vol 2 - The Totality Conclusi...
S2018 E228
A History Of The Marvel Universe - Part 8 - Origin of the Skrulls
S2018 E229
Batman vs Deathstroke! (Deathstroke Rebirth: Deathstroke vs Batman)
S2018 E230
Origin Of Ghost Rider One Million (Avengers One Shot)
S2018 E231
The Joker Becomes A Hero: Full Story
S2018 E232
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Mad Jim Jaspers
S2018 E233
Captain Marvel Trailer: Powers & Everything you want to know!
S2018 E234
Condiment King Returns! (DC Rebirth: Batman Ghosts of The Past)
S2018 E235
The Full Power Of Franklin Richards Defeated!? (Marvel Fresh Start: Fanta...
S2018 E236
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Rune King Thor
S2018 E237
Red Hood vs Batman! (Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol 4: Good Night Gotham)
S2018 E238
Loki Gets Thor's Hammer & The Infinity Stones!? (Infinity Wars Part 1)
S2018 E239
Red Hood And Arsenal Reunite (Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2)
S2018 E240
Scarlet Witch Eliminates All Mutants (X-Men: Decimation Full Story)
S2018 E241
ComicsExplained Interviews Tom Hardy & Riz Ahmed on Venom
S2018 E242
The Return Of Doctor Manhattan! (Doomsday Clock Part 7)
S2018 E243
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: God King Doom
S2018 E244
The Dying Starts (DC Comics: Heroes In Crisis Part 1)
S2018 E245
Gamora Kills Everyone (Infinity Wars Part 2)
S2018 E246
The Fight Club Sequel! (Fight Club 2)
S2018 E247
Avengers 4: Will Captain America Die!
S2018 E248
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Godbutcher!
S2018 E249
The Justice League vs Reality Warping (Justice League Dark Vol 1)
S2018 E250
Wolverine With Telepathy & Doop-pool (Infinity Wars Part 3)
S2018 E251
Aquaman Kills The DC Universe
S2018 E252
The Return Of Savage Hulk! (The Immortal Hulk Vol 1: Or is he Both?!)
S2018 E253
Green Arrow vs Superman (Heroes In Crisis: Green Arrow)
S2018 E254
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Worldbreaker Hulk
S2018 E255
Joker Breaks The 4th Wall (Comic Facts You Didn't Know)
S2018 E256
Cyborg Wolverine (The Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost)
S2018 E257
The Bat-Demon! (Batman Damned: Book 1)
S2018 E258
Marvel Comics: Bullseye Explained
S2018 E259
The Flash: A Complete History - Part 1 - The Rise of Superheroes
S2018 E260
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Franklin Richards
S2018 E261
The Flash Becomes A Hulk!? (The Flash Rebirth: Strength Force)
S2018 E262
The Hulk Punches Reality! (Comic Facts You Didn't Know)
S2018 E263
Thor Wields 1,000 Hammers! (Thor: God Of Thunder Reborn)
S2018 E264
The Flash: A Complete History - Part 2 - Jay Garrick
S2018 E265
Daredevil vs Elektra (All New All Different Daredevil Volume 2: Supersoni...
S2018 E266
The Juggernaut's True Power! (X-Men Black: Juggernaut)
S2018 E267
A More Powerful Galactus! (Marvel's The Ultimates: Full Story)
S2018 E268
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Classic Gambit/New Sun
S2018 E269
Magneto's True Power! (X-Men Black: Magneto)
S2018 E270
Batman's Dark Secret! (Heroes In Crisis Part 2)
S2018 E271
The Sentry Punches The Moon In Half! (The Sentry Fresh Start)
S2018 E272
Flash Faster Than Thought (The Flash Rebirth: Faster Than Thought)
S2018 E273
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Onslaught
S2018 E274
Batman Has Jury Duty (Batman Universe: Cold Days)
S2018 E275
Gamora Lifts Thor's Hammer (Infinity Wars Part 4)
S2018 E276
The Return Of The Hall Of Justice! (Justice League Universe: Good Morning...
S2018 E277
Spider-Punk And Punk Hulk! (Edge Of Spider-Geddon: Spider-Punk)
S2018 E278
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Sabretooth
S2018 E279
Aquaman Becomes A Vigilante! (Aquaman Rebirth: Underworld)
S2018 E280
RIP Stan Lee
S2018 E281
The X-Men's Most Dangerous Villain! (X-Men Red Vol 1: The Hate Machine)
S2018 E282
The Death Of The Inhumans! (Death Of The Inhumans Mini-Series)
S2018 E283
Nightwing Dies and Batman Kills A Guy (Batman Universe: Beasts of Burden)
S2018 E284
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Starbrand
S2018 E285
Cosmic Ghost Rider & Baby Thanos' Start A Bar Fight (Cosmic Ghost Rider: ...
S2018 E286
Aquaman Rebels Against Atlantis! (Aquaman: The Crown Comes Down)
S2018 E287
God's War On The X-Men (God Loves Man Kills Part One)
S2018 E288
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Void
S2018 E289
The X-Men Torture People (The X-Men: God Loves Man Kills Part 2)
S2018 E290
Comic vs Movie Powers: Scarlet Witch
S2018 E291
The X-Men, Avengers vs The World! (X-Men Red Vol 2: The Hate Machine Part...
S2018 E292
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Marquis Of Death
S2018 E293
DC Comics: Shazam Explained
S2018 E294
Xavier Kills The X-Men (X-Men: God Loves Man Kills Conclusion)
S2018 E295
The Return Of Shazam! (Shazam Universe #1)
S2018 E296
Doctor Manhattan Makes His Move! (Doomsday Clock Part 8)
S2018 E297
S2018 E298
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The One Above All
S2018 E299
The Hulk Gets an Infinity Stone! (Infinity Wars Part 5)
S2018 E300
The Fall Of Atlantis! (Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth Part Two)
S2018 E301
The Sentry Becomes A God! (The Sentry Vol 2)
S2018 E302
The Batman Who Laughs Returns! (Batman Who Laughs Mini-Series: Part One)
S2018 E303
Why Is Spider-Man So Popular?
S2018 E304
Iron Man's Gundam Armor? (Tony Stark- Iron Man #1)
S2018 E305
The X-Men: God Loves Man Kills (Full Story)
S2018 E306
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Nimrod
S2018 E307
Wally West's Killer Is Revealed! (Heroes In Crisis Part 3)
S2018 E308
Infinity Wars Conclusion (Infinity Wars: Conclusion)
S2018 E309
A History of The Marvel Universe - Part 9 - Origin of Wolverine
S2018 E310
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Legion
S2018 E311
PS4 Spider-Man vs Superior Spider-Man (Spider-Geddon #00)
S2018 E312
Infinity Wars: Full Story
S2018 E313
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Darwin
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Superior Iron Man With The Infinity Gaunt...
S2019 E02
Iron Man Gets Nuked! (Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates Vol 1)
S2019 E03
Batman Becomes A Demon! (Batman Damned Book Two)
S2019 E04
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Black Priest Doctor Strange
S2019 E05
The Hulk Protocol! (Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates Vol 2)
S2019 E06
S2019 E07
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Protege
S2019 E08
Batman Who Laughs vs Jokerized Batman! (The Batman Who Laughs Mini Series...
S2019 E09
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: House Of M Scarlet Witch
S2019 E10
The Return Of The Mutant God! (Uncanny X-Men: X-Men Disassembled Part 1)
S2019 E11
The New Shazam Kid! (Shazam Rebirth Part 2)
S2019 E12
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Franklin Richard's Son
S2019 E13
X-Man Nate Grey vs Legion! (Uncanny X-Men: X-Men Disassembled Part 2)
S2019 E14
DC's Hulk vs Superman & Batman! (Damage: Vol 3)
S2019 E15
Here is What Loki Is Doing (Avengers 4)
S2019 E16
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Batman?
S2019 E17
The Return Of Young Justice! (DC Universe: Young Justice #1)
S2019 E18
Marvel Comics: Wolverine Explained
S2019 E19
Captain Marvel's New Origin (The Life Of Captain Marvel)
S2019 E20
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Skaar, Son Of The Hulk
S2019 E21
Batman vs Punisher Batman! (The Batman Who Laughs Mini Series: Part 3)
S2019 E22
X-Man Wipes Out The X-Men!? (Uncanny X-Men: X-Men Disassembled Conclusion...
S2019 E23
Superman's Son Meets Lobo! (Superman Universe: Return of Superboy)
S2019 E24
Avengers Endgame: Here's What Captain Marvel Has Been Doing
S2019 E25
Pickle Rick Comic Series! (Pickle Rick #1)
S2019 E26
Thor Becomes King Of Hel! (Thor Reborn: Vol 1)
S2019 E27
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Phoenix Force/The White Phoenix
S2019 E28
Batman's Worst Fear Revealed! (DC Comics: Heroes In Crisis Part 4)
S2019 E29
Thor: Prelude To The War Of Realms (Full Story)
S2019 E30
The God Butcher Symbiote! (Venom Vol 1)
S2019 E31
Superman's Son Breaks The Universe! (Superman Universe: Son of Steel Unle...
S2019 E32
Immortal Hulk vs Worldbreaker Hulk (The Immortal Hulk Vol 2: The Green Do...
S2019 E33
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Apocalypse
S2019 E34
Rogue Steals Captain Marvel's Powers! (The Avengers Annual #10)
S2019 E35
Batman vs The Flash! (Batman/The Flash: The Price)
S2019 E36
The Return of Cyclops! (Uncanny X-Men Annual #1)
S2019 E37
Doctor Manhattan vs Everyone! (DC Comics: Doomsday Clock Part 9)
S2019 E38
Avengers 4 & Wolverine
S2019 E39
Too Powerful For The MCU: Monica Rambeau/Spectrum
S2019 E40
Namor Crushes Thor's Hammer! (Avengers Vol 2: World Tour)
S2019 E41
The Return Of Darkseid (Justice League Odyssey Vol 1: The Ghost Sector)
S2019 E42
The Secret Of Wally West! (Heroes In Crisis: Part 5)
S2019 E43
The New Avengers Endgame trailer!! No one gets saved!!!
S2019 E44
The World Hates Captain America (Captain America Vol 1: Winter In America...
S2019 E45
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Goblin Force
S2019 E46
Batman The Animated Series: A History
S2019 E47
The Origin Of Punisher Batman! (The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight - ...
S2019 E48
Eddie Brock Becomes Agent Venom! (Venom Vol 2: Oversight)
S2019 E49
Avengers Endgame: It Gets Worse
S2019 E50
The Origin Of King Kid (DC Universe: Shazam Part 3)
S2019 E51
The Son Of Venom!? (Venom Vol 3: The Abyss)
S2019 E52
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Hyperion
S2019 E53
Immortal Hulk vs Red Hell Hulk & The Devil! (The Immortal Hulk Vol 3: Hul...
S2019 E54
The Truth Of Sanctuary (Heroes In Crisis Part 6)
S2019 E55
Cosmic Ghost Rider Pees On Thanos’ Corpse (Thanos Legacy 001)
S2019 E56
The X-Men vs The X-Men!? (The Phoenix Saga: Book One)
S2019 E57
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Blue Marvel
S2019 E58
Avengers Endgame: Here’s What Happens To Iron Man
S2019 E59
The Son of The Joker (Detective Comics #1000)
S2019 E60
Star Brand Wrecks Thor, Hulk & Hyperion (Avengers/New Avengers Vol 4: The...
S2019 E61
The Last Stand On Earth! (Marvel Comics: War Of The Realms Part 1)
S2019 E62
The Last Will Of Wally West (Heroes In Crisis Part 7)
S2019 E63
The Power Of The Phoenix (The Phoenix Saga: Book Two)
S2019 E64
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Gladiator
S2019 E65
The Death Of Batman?! (The Batman Who Laughs Part 4)
S2019 E66
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Unstoppable Colossus
S2019 E67
Avengers Endgame: Galactus
S2019 E68
Superboy vs The Crime Syndicate (Superman Universe: Unity Saga Part 3)
S2019 E69
Avengers Endgame: Professor Hulk Explained
S2019 E70
Answers (Superman Universe: Unity Saga Part 4)
S2019 E71
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Oblivion
S2019 E72
Wolverine vs Gods (Thor: War of Realms Part 2)
S2019 E73
Avengers Endgame: Worse Than Thanos
S2019 E74
The Killer Confesses (Heroes In Crisis Part 8)
S2019 E75
Avengers Endgame: Everyone Missed This
S2019 E76
MCU Phase 4: [Spoiler] Will Debut
S2019 E77
Avengers Endgame: The Biggest Plot Hole
S2019 E78
History of The Multiverse (Justice League Universe: Escape From Hawkworld...
S2019 E79
Avengers Endgame: The X-Men & Fantastic Four
S2019 E80
DC Zombies (DCeased Part One)
S2019 E81
MCU Phase 5: Avengers vs X-Men
S2019 E82
Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer: Multiversal Avengers
S2019 E83
Lex Luthor vs The Joker (Justice League/Legion of Doom: The Joker)
S2019 E84
Spider-Man Far From Home - Earth 616
S2019 E85
The Secret Avengers Reform (The War Of The Realms Part 3)
S2019 E86
Batman Joins Batman Who Laughs (Batman Who Laughs Part 5)
S2019 E87
Spider-Man Far From Home: Venom
S2019 E88
The Flash's New Origin (Flash Year One: Part One)
S2019 E89
Cyclops & Wolverine Reform The X-Men (Uncanny X-Men Vol 2: This Is Foreve...
S2019 E90
Marvel Rebooting The Uncanny X-Men?!
S2019 E91
Superman's son vs General Zod: Superman Unity Saga: Part 5
S2019 E92
This changes everything
S2019 E93
GoTG 3 & The High Evolutionary | The MCU Explained
S2019 E94
Batman's Worst Nightmares (Batman Universe: Knightmares Part 1)
S2019 E95
Galactus Meets Dormammu! (Doctor Strange: Herald Supreme Part 1)
S2019 E96
Everything Dr Manhattan Changed (Doomsday Clock Part 10)
S2019 E97
Origin of The Phoenix | The MCU Explained
S2019 E98
The Phoenix Versus Galactus (Excalibur #61)
S2019 E99
The End of Wally West (Heroes In Crisis Conclusion)
S2019 E100
Rise of The Dark Phoenix! (Uncanny X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 1)
S2019 E101
DCeased Part 2: Zombie Joker
S2019 E102
Dark Phoenix Saga Conclusion: The Death Of The Phoenix
S2019 E103
MCU Villains: Doctor Doom
S2019 E104
Heroes In Crisis: Full Story
S2019 E105
Why I Wont See X-Men Dark Phoenix
S2019 E106
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Molecule Man
S2019 E107
War of The Realms Part 4: Odin's Iron Man Armor
S2019 E108
Batman Last Knight On Earth: Batman Goes Crazy
S2019 E109
S2019 E110
Fantastic Four: Dr. Doom Fights Galactus
S2019 E111
The Batman Who Laughs Part 6: Batman Becomes The Batman Who Laughs
S2019 E112
MCU Villains: Galactus
S2019 E113
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: The Purple Man
S2019 E114
War Of The Realms: Venom Becomes A God
S2019 E115
Batman Last Knight On Earth: The Joker
S2019 E116
Superior Spider-Man: The Return Of Superior Spider-Man
S2019 E117
Justice League: Batman Becomes A God
S2019 E118
Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man/Deadpool Movie (ComicsExplained Interviews T...
S2019 E119
Interviewing Samuel L Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal & John Watts
S2019 E120
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Ghost Rider Meets Johnny Blaze
S2019 E121
Justice League: Brainiac Joins The Legion Of Doom
S2019 E122
Doctor Strange: Galactus Fights Dormammu
S2019 E123
Spider Man Far From Home Will Change Everything
S2019 E124
Batman Damned: The Truth Is Revealed
S2019 E125
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Cosmic Spider-Man
S2019 E126
MCU Phase 4: Keanu Reeves Is God
S2019 E127
Flash Year One: Stronger Than Reverse Flash
S2019 E128
MCU Villains: Moon Knight
S2019 E129
Spider-Man Far From Home Introduces...
S2019 E130
The War Of The Realms: Four Thors vs The Thor Butcher
S2019 E131
MCU Fan-Casting: Wolverine
S2019 E132
DCeased Part 3: The End Of All Heroes
S2019 E133
The Immortal Hulk: The Hulk Meets God
S2019 E134
MCU Fan-Casting: Charles Xavier
S2019 E135
Batman: Batman Fights Flashpoint Batman
S2019 E136
Setting up the office and my audio sucks!
S2019 E137
MCU Heroes: The Sentry
S2019 E138
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Jason Wyngarde
S2019 E139
Marvel Comics: Blade vs Wolverine
S2019 E140
I want to meet you!!!
S2019 E141
War Of The Realms Conclusion: Thor Becomes The New Odin
S2019 E142
How To Un-Alive: Black Hand/Black Lantern Corps
S2019 E143
S2019 E144
MCU Phase 4: The Eternals Explained
S2019 E145
City Of Bane Part One: No More Batman
S2019 E146
House of X Part 1: New Omega Level Mutants
S2019 E147
Why I left the weekly pull podcast
S2019 E148
Batman Curse Of The White Knight Part One: The Joker's New Plan
S2019 E149
Mutant Classifications & Powers: Explained
S2019 E150
Galactus Kills All The Superheroes
S2019 E151
Justice League: Return of DC's God Killer
S2019 E152
The Flash Year One: Conclusion
S2019 E153
Powers of X Part 1: The Man-Machine/Mutant War
S2019 E154
Shazam Part 4: Into The Wildlands
S2019 E155
Avengers Endgame: Scarlet Witch Could Have Beat Thanos
S2019 E156
LEGO SDCC 2019 Exclusives Unboxing & Build
S2019 E157
New Origin of Venom/Wolverine Venom
S2019 E158
Marvel Comics: Carnage Explained
S2019 E159
Shazam Part 5: The Wrath Of Black Adam
S2019 E160
Carnage Becomes God: Absolute Carnage Part 1
S2019 E161
Superman Unity Saga: The Truth Of Superman's Father
S2019 E162
City Of Bane Part Two: Why Batman is A Crappy Superhero
S2019 E163
X-Men House Of X Part 2: The Mutant That Can Live Forever
S2019 E164
Let’s talk about House of X and Moira McTaggart
S2019 E165
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Zom
S2019 E166
Marvel Comics: All Symbiotes Explained
S2019 E167
Marvel Comics: Cyclops Explained
S2019 E168
Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange Destroys and Remakes The Universe
S2019 E169
X-Men Powers of X Part 2: How Humanity Destroyed The Mutants
S2019 E170
Absolute Carnage Part 2: The Carnage/Venom War
S2019 E171
Thor God Of Thunder & War Of Realms: Full Story
S2019 E172
DCeased Part 4: The New Batman
S2019 E173
X-Men Powers of X Part 3: Nimrod Vs Apocalypse
S2019 E174
City Of Bane Part 3: The Death Of...
S2019 E175
Lets Talk About the Sony/Disney Spider-Man Deal
S2019 E176
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Knull The Symbiote God
S2019 E177
Galactus vs Dormammu vs Doctor Strange: Herald Supreme - Full Story
S2019 E178
The Batman Who Laughs: Full Story
S2019 E179
The X-Men: Omega Level Mutant Power Hierarchy
S2019 E180
X-Men House of X Part 3: The New Origin Of Nimrod
S2019 E181
Batman/Superman: The Shazam Who Laughs
S2019 E182
The Mighty Thor: Odin vs Galactus
S2019 E183
Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Michael Korvac
S2019 E184
Superman - Unity Saga: Conclusion Part One
S2019 E185
Doomsday Clock Part 11: The End Of All Things
S2019 E186
X-Men House Of X Part 4: The Wrath Of Wolverine
S2019 E187
Beyond Omega Level: The Beyonders
S2019 E188
Quick Q&A Session
S2019 E189
Absolute Carnage Part 3: Venom & Spider-Man vs 100 Symbiotes!
S2019 E190
Marvel Mutant Powers: Telepathy Explained
S2019 E191
X-Men Powers of X Part 4: Return of Mister Sinister
S2019 E192
Beyond Omega Level: Apocalypse
S2019 E193
Absolute Carnage Part 4: Venom's Last Stand
S2019 E194
The Boys Vol 1: The Name of The Game
S2019 E195
X-Men House Of X Part 5: This Changes Everythin
S2019 E196
MCU Making Magneto & Xavier Black (Debunked)
S2019 E197
Beyond Omega Level: Chaos War Hercules
S2019 E198
Absolute Carnage Part 5: The Most Powerful Venom Ever!!!
S2019 E199
Chaos War Part 1: Origin of The Chaos King
S2019 E200
The Boys Vol 2: Cherry
S2019 E201
DC Year of The Villain: Sinestro Becomes A God
S2019 E202
Batman/Superman: The Shazam Who Laughs vs Batman & Superman
S2019 E203
X-Men Powers of X Part 5: How The Mutants Conquer The World
S2019 E204
Chaos War Part 2: Chaos King Kills Every God In The Multiverse
S2019 E205
Justice League Doom War Part 1: The Return Of...
S2019 E206
Marvel's New Most Powerful Mutant
S2019 E207
Marvel Comics: Mutant History Explained
S2019 E208
Beyond Omega Level: The Spectre
S2019 E209
Marvel 2099 on Disney+
S2019 E210
Tony Stark - Iron Man: Iron Man's Godbuster Armor
S2019 E211
Spider-Man Staying Will Save The MCU
S2019 E212
The Boys Vol 3: Get Some
S2019 E213
X-Men House Of X Conclusion
S2019 E214
The Immortal Hulk Vol 5: The One Below All's Full Power
S2019 E215
Joker Film Review
S2019 E216
New Podcast Setup + Q&A Session
S2019 E217
Beyond Omega Level: Lucifer Morningstar
S2019 E218
DCeased Part 5: All Hope Is Lost
S2019 E219
Absolute Carnage/Immortal Hulk: Knull The Symbiote God & The One Below Al...
S2019 E220
The Boys Vol 4: The Glorious Five Year Plan
S2019 E221
X-Men Powers Of X Conclusion: The Fate of All Mutants
S2019 E222
Chaos War Conclusion: Hercules Becomes the God Of Gods
S2019 E223
Beyond Omega Level: The Living Tribunal
S2019 E224
Thanos Created Mutants In The MCU
S2019 E225
Thor Vol 1: Thor Reborn
S2019 E226
The Boys Vol 5: Good For The Soul
S2019 E227
Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall
S2019 E228
The X-Men: Dawn Of X Part 1
S2019 E229
House & Powers Of X: Full Story
S2019 E230
The Watchmen Episode 1 Review
S2019 E231
Valiant Comics: Bloodshot Explained
S2019 E232
Venom Hulk vs Carnage: Absolute Carnage Part 4
S2019 E233
The Boys Vol 6: The Origin Of Superheroes
S2019 E234
Batman/Superman Part 3: The Superman Who Laughs
S2019 E235
Thor Vol 2: Loki Becomes A Woman
S2019 E236
Marvel Comics: Gambit Explained
S2019 E237
Immortal Hulk Vol 6: Immortal Hulk Becomes Cosmic Hulk
S2019 E238
Chaos King Kills All The Marvel Gods: Chaos War (Full Story)
S2019 E239
MCU Phase 5: Everyone Is Wrong About Galactus
S2019 E240
Beyond Omega Level: Magneto
S2019 E241
The Omega Level Mutant Team: Dawn of X Marauders Part 1
S2019 E242
The Blue Marvel vs King Hyperion (Marvel's Age of Heroes #3)
S2019 E243
The Boys Vol 7: We Gotta Go Now
S2019 E244
DCeased Conclusion: The End Of The World
S2019 E245
Marvel Zombies Resurrection: Marvel Zombies Return
S2019 E246
Tales From The Dark Multiverse: The Death Of Superman