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American Rifleman TV

American Rifleman TV

2011 - 2015  •  Outdoor Channel  •  15 seasons  •  105 episodes
1 vote
News, Sport
American Rifleman is the on-screen version of the National Rifle Association's American Rifleman magazine, "the world's oldest and largest firearm authority." American Rifleman is the pre-eminent source for accurate, compelling, authoritative information on all aspects of firearms, the shooting sports ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Ruger Manufacturing Pt. 2 Aired on 09/02/2015
Ruger Manufacturing Pt. 2
Season 15: Episode 20
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Series ended
105 episodes total
Season 10 11 12 13 14 15
Season 10
S10 E01
Beretta M9 - 25 Years
S10 E02
Hornady Innovation
S10 E03
Top Hunting Rifles Pt. 1
S10 E04
Top Hunting Rifles Pt. 2
S10 E05
Charter Arms Factory
S10 E06
Stag Arms
S10 E07
Colt Manufacturing
S10 E08
Hunting Heritage of L.L. Bean
S10 E09
Outdoor Discovery Shotgun School
S10 E10
Bill Jordan Speaks
S10 E11
Crimson Trace
S10 E12
Remington 870 Shotgun
S10 E13
SureFire Factory
Season 11
S11 E01
Boy Scouts of America holds an annual sporting clays
S11 E02
Taurus US Production Plant
S11 E03
Taurus’ Judge revolver
S11 E04
Petersen Gallery - National Firearms Museum Pt 1
S11 E05
Petersen Gallery - National Firearms Museum Pt 2
S11 E06
Winchester .22 LR Production
S11 E07
Thompson submachine gun
S11 E08
Amateur Trapshooting Association’s Grand American
S11 E09
Amateur Trapshooting Association’s Grand American Pt2
S11 E10
Dr. Sidney Phillips, Jr WWII Marine Veteran
S11 E11
The Civilian Marksmanship Program M1 Garand
S11 E12
The Gatling Gun Pt 1
S11 E13
The Gatling Gun Pt 2
Season 12
S12 E01
Smith & Wesson Governor
S12 E02
Inside ArmaLite
S12 E03
Making the S&W Millitary Police
S12 E04
Monolithic: The Modern Technique of The Pistol
S12 E05
Les Baer Custom
S12 E06
Lewis Machine & Tool
S12 E07
M14: John Garand's Last Legacy
S12 E08
What is Gunsite?
S12 E09
Hornady Critical Duty
S12 E10
Theodore Roosevelt & His Guns, Part I
S12 E11
Theodore Roosevelt & His Guns, Part II
S12 E12
Hornady's .17 Hornet
S12 E13
Making The SIG Sauer P224 Pistol
S12 E14
M16: 50 Years, Pt. 1
S12 E15
M16: 50 Years, Pt. 2
S12 E16
Single-Action Self-Defense at Gunsite
S12 E17
Handgun Hunting the Gunsite Way
Season 13
S13 E01
Pocket Pistol Secrets from Gunsite
S13 E02
Making Ruger .22 Pistols
S13 E03
Wounded Warriors at Gunsite
S13 E04
A Veteran of D-Day
S13 E05
History of the Gun, Part I
S13 E06
History of the Gun, Part II
S13 E07
History of the Gun, Part III
S13 E08
History of the Gun, Part IV
S13 E09
History of the Gun, Part V
S13 E10
History of the Gun, Part VI
S13 E11
Making Mossberg Rifles
S13 E12
Crimson Trace Evolution
S13 E13
Making Nosler Rifles
S13 E14
Leupold--Made Right, Made Here
S13 E15
The Guns of Operation Market Garden
S13 E16
Testing Defensive Ammunition
S13 E17
Making DPMS Rifles
S13 E18
Where Do Shotshells Come From?
S13 E19
Mirror Image: Stag Arms
S13 E20
Federal Defense Ammunition
S13 E21
SIG Sauer Today
S13 E22
U.S. WWII Bolt-Actions
Season 14
S14 E01
NRA National Defense Match
S14 E02
Don't Fear The Night, Part I
S14 E03
Don't Fear The Night, Part II
S14 E04
Melvin Forbes & His Rifles
S14 E05
Lost Brigade Project
S14 E06
NRA National Sporting Arms Museum: The Grand Tour
S14 E07
NRA National Sporting Arms Museum: “Top Guns”
S14 E08
Going Big And Going Quiet: J.D. Jones
S14 E09
1914: The Guns Of August, Part I
S14 E10
1914: The Guns Of August, Part II
S14 E11
Long Range Precision 1
S14 E12
Long Range Precision 2
S14 E13
Guns & ATVs 1
S14 E14
Guns & ATVs 2
S14 E15
Bianchi Cup Part 1
S14 E16
Bianchi Cup Part 2
S14 E17
Handguns of 1914 Part 1
S14 E18
Handguns of 1914 Part 2
S14 E19
Handguns of 1914 Part 3
S14 E20
Handguns of 1914 Part 4
Season 15
S15 E01
Guns Of The Battle Of The Bulge – Part 1
S15 E02
Guns Of The Battle Of The Bulge – Part 2
S15 E03
Guns Of The Battle Of The Bulge – Part 3
S15 E04
Guns Of The Battle Of The Bulge – Part 4
S15 E05
Trijicon NRA World Shoot Pt.1
S15 E06
Trijicon NRA World Shoot Pt.2
S15 E07
Building A Crimson Trace Laser
S15 E08
Luxembourg Military Museum
S15 E09
FN’s First 125 Years
S15 E10
FN Today
S15 E11
Nighthawk Custom 1911S
S15 E12
Crimson Trace and watches Railmaster
S15 E13
FN Systems
S15 E14
Men & Guns of Vietnam Pt1
S15 E15
Men & Guns of Vietnam Pt2
S15 E16
Men & Guns of Vietnam Pt3
S15 E17
50 Years of Winchester AA Shotshells
S15 E18
How to Shoot a Shotgun
S15 E19
Ruger Manufacturing Pt. 1
S15 E20
Ruger Manufacturing Pt. 2
Episode 1
Ferguson Rifle
Episode 2
Smith & Wesson Museum
Episode 3
Episode 4
Smith & Wesson's performance center
Episode 5
Scar Heavy
Episode 6
Customizing Your AR-15
Episode 7
Phil Five - The National Firearms Museum
Episode 8
Episode 9
Every Marine a Rifleman Pt. 1
Episode 10
Every Marine a Rifleman Pt. 2
Episode 11
Carolina Side By Sides
Episode 12
Parker vs. Smith
Episode 13
Taurus USA
Episode 14
Samco Global
Episode 15
Eugene Stoner: A Legend In Arms
Episode 16
Knight; Shining Armament
Episode 17
Thompson: An American Legend
Episode 18
Bianchi Cup - National Action Pistol Championship
Episode 19
Bianchi Cup - The Gear
Episode 20
Midway USA
Episode 21
Sighting In Your Rifle
Episode 22
Behind the Vault Door
Episode 23
Crimson Trace
Episode 24
Camp Perry: 100 Years
Episode 25
Inaugural Springfield Match
Episode 26
Nosler Going Ballistic
Episode 27
Top Cops: The 2007 NPSC
Episode 28
Barnes Bullets - Pushing the Envelope
Episode 29
Wilson Combat
Episode 30
The Greatest - John M. Browning
Episode 31
M1 Grand Match
Episode 32
Ft. Benning 3-Gun Match
Episode 33
Army Marksmanship Unit
Episode 34
Mossberg Tactical
Episode 35
Savior: The Model 110
Episode 36
Ruger's Investment Casting
Episode 37
3-Gun Tips
Episode 38
FN 3-Gun Competition
Episode 39
Building the Ruger 10/22
Episode 40
Top Ten Infantry Rifles, Part 1
Episode 41
Top Ten Infantry Rifles, Part 2
Episode 42
Thompson Center
Episode 43
Small Arms Firing School
Episode 44
NRA Revolver Match
Episode 45
NRA Pistol Match
Episode 46
DPMS Tri-Gun: Heavy Metal
Episode 47
Federal Premium
Episode 48
Showman Shooter, Part 1
Episode 49
Showman Shooter, Part 2
Episode 50
North-South Skirmish Asssociation Part 1
Episode 51
North-South Skirmish Association Part 2
Episode 52
Guns West, Part 1
Episode 53
Guns West, Part 2
Episode 54
Guns West, Part 3
Episode 55
Knob Creek, Part 1
Episode 56
Knob Creek, Part 2
Episode 57
Top 10 Handguns, Part 1
Episode 58
Top 10 Handguns, Part 2
Episode 59
SIG Sauer: U.S. Made Firearms
Episode 60
Kentucky Longrifles
Episode 61
HAVA, Part 1
Episode 62
HAVA, Part 2
Episode 63
NSSA Repeater Match
Episode 64
Making the M-16 A2
Episode 65
Making the M240 & M249
Episode 66
Making the Beretta M9 Pistol
Episode 67
Making the Model 70
Episode 68
FN Pistols
Episode 69
Beretta M9 - 25 Years
Episode 70
Hornady Innovation
Episode 71
Top 10 Hunting Rifles, Part 1
Episode 72
Top 10 Hunting Rifles, Part 2
Episode 73
Charter Arms
Episode 74
Stag Arms
Episode 75
M4 Colt
Episode 76
LL Bean - Hunting Heritage
Episode 77
LL Bean - Shotgun School
Episode 78
Bill Jordan Speaks
Episode 79
Episode 80
Remington 870 Shotgun
Episode 81
Remington's M1911 R1
Episode 82
Remington's Custom Shop
Episode 83
Lure of the Double Rifle
Episode 84
Double Rifle School
Episode 85
Big Bore & Bolt Action
Episode 86
The History of Colt
Episode 87
Movie Guns Part 1
Episode 88
Movie Guns Part 2
Episode 89
National Combat History Archive
Episode 90
I Like Guns - Interview Steve Lee
Episode 91
Para USA
Episode 92
Remington's History
Episode 93
ATA Thompson Match
Episode 94
Winchester Rimfire
Episode 95
The Grand American
Episode 96
The Amateur Trap Association
Episode 97
Marine Sid Phillips
Episode 98
Inside the CMP
Episode 99
Dr. Gatling's Gun Part 1
Episode 100
Dr. Gatling's Gun Part 2
Episode 101
Boy Scout Clays
Episode 102
Taurus Made in the USA
Episode 103
Taurus Judge Family
Episode 104
The Peterson gallery Part 1
Episode 105
The Peterson gallery Part 2
Episode 106
Making the Gatling Gun
Episode 107
All Pro: Dave Butz
Episode 108
M1911 Trails
Episode 109
M1911 Combat
Episode 110
M1911 Commercial
Episode 111
Springfield Custom Shop
Episode 112
Springfield Armory, Part 1
Episode 113
Springfield Armory Pt 2
Episode 114
Springfield Armory Pt. 3
Episode 115
John C. Garand Part 1
Episode 116
John C. Garand Pt 2
Episode 117
Army Paratrooper Don Burgett Pt 1
Episode 118
Army Paratrooper Don Burgett Pt 2
Episode 119
Boy Scouts and Shooting
Episode 120
Sig Sauer Academy: Defensive 3Gun
Episode 121
Making the Weatherby Mark V
Episode 122
Shotgun Defense
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