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The Mighty Hercules

The Mighty Hercules

1963 - 1963  •  Syndication  •  30 minutes  •  128 episodes
2 votes
308 votes
# 41504
Animation, Children
The Mighty Hercules was an animated series that ran from 1963-1966. It has played in re-runs on early morning television ever since, and is a cherished memory from many of our childhoods.

The ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Hercules Comes to Earth Aired on 08/07/1963
Hercules Comes to Earth
Season 1: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
128 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Hercules Comes to Earth
S01 E02
Hercules vs. the Hydra
S01 E03
Hercules and the Stolen Ring
S01 E04
Hercules and the Magic Arrows
S01 E05
Daedalus Kidnaps Helena
S01 E06
Theft of the Magic Seal
S01 E07
Double Trouble
S01 E08
Hercules Rescues Timon
S01 E09
The Chair of Forgetfulness
S01 E10
The Strength Potion
S01 E11
Hercules vs. the Hideous Bird Beast
S01 E12
Pegasus Kidnapped
S01 E13
The Invisible Potion
S01 E14
Medusa's Sceptre
S01 E15
Search for the Golden Apples
S01 E16
The Thieving Bird Hoard
S01 E17
Daedalus Becomes a Giant
S01 E18
The Stolen Treasure
S01 E19
The Cure
S01 E20
The Thunderbolt Disc
S01 E21
Sun Diamond of Helios
S01 E22
Hercules Lends a Hand
S01 E23
The Defiant Mask of Vulcan
S01 E24
The Golden Goblet
S01 E25
The Lexas Lagoon
S01 E26
Guarding of the Olympic Torch
S01 E27
Helena Cries Wolf
S01 E28
Hercules Saves the Villagers
S01 E29
Hercules and the Magic Arrows
S01 E30
Hercules Battles the Krudes Beast
S01 E31
The Cave of Death
S01 E32
Medusa's Sceptre
S01 E33
The Bewitch Birds
S01 E34
The Enchanted Pool
S01 E35
The Endless Chasm
S01 E36
Hercules Protects Helena And Newton
S01 E37
Hercules Helps King Neptune
S01 E38
The Return of the Mask
S01 E39
Hercules Saves Helena
S01 E40
The Magnetic Stone
S01 E41
The Magic Rod
S01 E42
The Minotaur
S01 E43
Hercules and the Eternal Sleep
S01 E44
The Clutching Clay Pool
S01 E45
Princess Rhea
S01 E46
The Valley Of Whirlwinds
S01 E47
The Wild Boar
S01 E48
The Magic Belt of Hercules
S01 E49
The Errand of Mercy
S01 E50
The Nemean Lion
S01 E51
The Magician
S01 E52
Dorian's Wreath
S01 E53
The Unicorns
S01 E54
S01 E55
The Witch and the Magic Ring
S01 E56
Diomedes' Evil Plot
S01 E57
Hercules' Unwanted Powers
S01 E58
The Enchanted Wolf
S01 E59
Hercules and His Two Rivals
S01 E60
Hercules Saves the King
S01 E61
The Thracian Army
S01 E62
The Gems of Venus
S01 E63
The Golden Torch
S01 E64
Hercules vs. Teron the Evil Spirit
S01 E65
Hercules Saves the Kingdom
S01 E66
Kidnapped by Wilamene
S01 E67
The Chameleon Creature
S01 E68
Earthquake Valley
S01 E69
Newton the Centaur
S01 E70
Helena Kidnapped -- Hercules to the Rescue
S01 E71
Hercules and his Friends
S01 E72
The Magic Sword
S01 E73
Timon's Grandfather and Hercules
S01 E74
Hercules Loses His Memory
S01 E75
The Hall of Justice
S01 E76
The Cave of Callisto
S01 E77
The Powerless Hercules
S01 E78
Omar, the Sultan's Champion
S01 E79
Sandals of Electra
S01 E80
The Sea Witch
S01 E81
The Giant
S01 E82
Helena's Beauty
S01 E83
The Island of the Miros Monster
S01 E84
Hercules and the Fireball
S01 E85
Hercules Outwits the Magician
S01 E86
The Evil Weapon
S01 E87
The Giant Ruby
S01 E88
The Owl Man
S01 E89
The Chameleon Man
S01 E90
Hercules Foils the Mask of Vulcan
S01 E91
The Exploding Diamond
S01 E92
Hercules and the Sea Witch
S01 E93
The Magic Lamp
S01 E94
The Owl-Man of Parnassus
S01 E95
The Eruption of Mount Sirius
S01 E96
The Deadly Gift
S01 E97
The Thesian Thunderhorn
S01 E98
The Dreaded Beast of Charon
S01 E99
Hercules, Newton, and the Evil Magician
S01 E100
The Fiery Abyss
S01 E101
The Giant Dragonfly
S01 E102
Tewt's Magic Wand Trouble
S01 E103
The Wings of Mercury
S01 E104
The Sea Beast
S01 E105
Prometheus in Dire Danger
S01 E106
The Crafty Chameleon
S01 E107
Kingdom Under the Glass Dome
S01 E108
The Fantus Beast
S01 E109
The Lyssidian Locusts
S01 E110
Hercules Saves Caledon
S01 E111
Helena's Jinx
S01 E112
The Sinister Statue
S01 E113
Friend or Foe of Centaur
S01 E114
The Young Olympians
S01 E115
The Feast of Calydon
S01 E116
The Lava Flow
S01 E117
The Dreaded Draught
S01 E118
Underwater Battle
S01 E119
The Sidian Illusion Stone
S01 E120
Timon to the Aid of Hercules
S01 E121
The Fiery Pits of Pyros
S01 E122
The Clovis Creature
S01 E123
The Valley of Storms
S01 E124
The Centaur on Mischief Day
S01 E125
The Throne of Calydon
S01 E126
Battle of the Magic Rings
S01 E127
Diomedes and His Warriors
S01 E128
King for a Day
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Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho -
Watched when I was in Kindergarten. With only 128 episodes, I certainly didn't see it all. Low production value.

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