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2001 - 2010  •  NBC  •  75 hours  •  182 episodes
489 votes
246259 votes
# 641
Scrubs focuses on the lives of several people working at Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital. It features fast-paced dialogue, slapstick, and surreal vignettes presented mostly as the daydreams of the central character, Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian.
  Previously Aired Episode
Our Thanks Aired on 03/17/2010
Our Thanks
Season 9: Episode 13
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
182 episodes total
Scrubs | Scrubs Season 1 iTunes Promo
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Season 1
S01 E01
My First Day
S01 E02
My Mentor
S01 E03
My Best Friend's Mistake
S01 E04
My Old Lady
S01 E05
My Two Dads
S01 E06
My Bad
S01 E07
My Super Ego
S01 E08
My Fifteen Minutes
S01 E09
My Day Off
S01 E10
My Nickname
S01 E11
My Own Personal Jesus
S01 E12
My Blind Date
S01 E13
My Balancing Act
S01 E14
My Drug Buddy
S01 E15
My Bed Banter & Beyond
S01 E16
My Heavy Meddle
S01 E17
My Student
S01 E18
My Tuscaloosa Heart
S01 E19
My Old Man
S01 E20
My Way or the Highway
S01 E21
My Sacrificial Clam
S01 E22
My Occurrence
S01 E23
My Hero
S01 E24
My Last Day
Season 2
S02 E01
My Overkill
S02 E02
My Nightingale
S02 E03
My Case Study
S02 E04
My Big Mouth
S02 E05
My New Coat
S02 E06
My Big Brother
S02 E07
My First Step
S02 E08
My Fruit Cups
S02 E09
My Lucky Day
S02 E10
My Monster
S02 E11
My Sex Buddy
S02 E12
My New Old Friend
S02 E13
My Philosophy
S02 E14
My Brother, My Keeper
S02 E15
His Story
S02 E16
My Karma
S02 E17
My Own Private Practice Guy
S02 E18
My T.C.W.
S02 E19
My Kingdom
S02 E20
My Interpretation
S02 E21
My Drama Queen
S02 E22
My Dream Job
Season 3
S03 E01
My Own American Girl
S03 E02
My Journey
S03 E03
My White Whale
S03 E04
My Lucky Night
S03 E05
My Brother, Where Art Thou?
S03 E06
My Advice to You
S03 E07
My Fifteen Seconds
S03 E08
My Friend the Doctor
S03 E09
My Dirty Secret
S03 E10
My Rule of Thumb
S03 E11
My Clean Break
S03 E12
My Catalyst
S03 E13
My Porcelain God
S03 E14
My Screw Up
S03 E15
My Tormented Mentor
S03 E16
My Butterfly
S03 E17
My Moment of Un-Truth
S03 E18
His Story II
S03 E19
My Choosiest Choice of All
S03 E20
My Fault
S03 E21
My Self-Examination
S03 E22
My Best Friend's Wedding
Season 4
S04 E01
My Old Friend's New Friend
S04 E02
My Office
S04 E03
My New Game
S04 E04
My First Kill
S04 E05
Her Story
S04 E06
My Cake
S04 E07
My Common Enemy
S04 E08
My Last Chance
S04 E09
My Malpractical Decision
S04 E10
My Female Trouble
S04 E11
My Unicorn
S04 E12
My Best Moment
S04 E13
My Ocardial Infarction
S04 E14
My Lucky Charm
S04 E15
My Hypocritical Oath
S04 E16
My Quarantine
S04 E17
My Life in Four Cameras
S04 E18
My Roommates
S04 E19
My Best Laid Plans
S04 E20
My Boss' Free Haircut
S04 E21
My Lips Are Sealed
S04 E22
My Big Move
S04 E23
My Faith in Humanity
S04 E24
My Drive-By
S04 E25
My Changing Ways
Season 5
S05 E01
My Intern's Eyes
S05 E02
My Rite of Passage
S05 E03
My Day at the Races
S05 E04
My Jiggly Ball
S05 E05
My New God
S05 E06
My Missed Perception
S05 E07
My Way Home
S05 E08
My Big Bird
S05 E09
My Half-Acre
S05 E10
Her Story II
S05 E11
My Buddy's Booty
S05 E12
My Cabbage
S05 E13
My Five Stages
S05 E14
My Own Personal Hell
S05 E15
My Extra Mile
S05 E16
My Bright Idea
S05 E17
My Chopped Liver
S05 E18
My New Suit
S05 E19
His Story III
S05 E20
My Lunch
S05 E21
My Fallen Idol
S05 E22
My Déjà Vu, My Déjà Vu
S05 E23
My Urologist
S05 E24
My Transition
Season 6
S06 E01
My Mirror Image
S06 E02
My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby
S06 E03
My Coffee
S06 E04
My House
S06 E05
My Friend with Money
S06 E06
My Musical
S06 E07
His Story IV
S06 E08
My Road to Nowhere
S06 E09
My Perspective
S06 E10
My Therapeutic Month
S06 E11
My Night to Remember
S06 E12
My Fishbowl
S06 E13
My Scrubs
S06 E14
My No Good Reason
S06 E15
My Long Goodbye
S06 E16
My Words of Wisdom
S06 E17
Their Story
S06 E18
My Turf War
S06 E19
My Cold Shower
S06 E20
My Conventional Wisdom
S06 E21
My Rabbit
S06 E22
My Point of No Return
Season 7
S07 E01
My Own Worst Enemy
S07 E02
My Hard Labor
S07 E03
My Inconvenient Truth
S07 E04
My Identity Crisis
S07 E05
My Growing Pains
S07 E06
My Number One Doctor
S07 E07
My Bad Too
S07 E08
My Manhood
S07 E09
My Dumb Luck
S07 E10
My Waste of Time
S07 E11
My Princess
Season 8
S08 E01
My Jerks
S08 E02
My Last Words
S08 E03
My Saving Grace
S08 E04
My Happy Place
S08 E05
My ABC's
S08 E06
My Cookie Pants
S08 E07
My New Role
S08 E08
My Lawyer's in Love
S08 E09
My Absence
S08 E10
My Comedy Show
S08 E11
My Nah Nah Nah
S08 E12
Their Story II
S08 E13
My Full Moon
S08 E14
My Soul on Fire (1)
S08 E15
My Soul on Fire (2)
S08 E16
My Cuz
S08 E17
My Chief Concern
S08 E18
My Finale
S08 E19
My Finale (2)
Season 9
S09 E01
Our First Day of School
S09 E02
Our Drunk Friend
S09 E03
Our Role Models
S09 E04
Our Histories
S09 E05
Our Mysteries
S09 E06
Our New Girl-Bro
S09 E07
Our White Coats
S09 E08
Our Couples
S09 E09
Our Stuff Gets Real
S09 E10
Our True Lies
S09 E11
Our Dear Leaders
S09 E12
Our Driving Issues
S09 E13
Our Thanks
Episode 1
Webisode 1 - Our Intern Class
Episode 2
Webisode 2 - Our Meeting with J.D.
Episode 3
Webisode 3 - Our Meeting in the Broom Closet
Episode 4
Webisode 4 - Screw You with Ted and the Gooch
Episode 5
Webisode 5 - The Late Night with Jimmy Show
Episode 6
Webisode 6 - Our Meeting with the Brain Trust
Episode 7
Webisode 7 - Outakes from Legal Custodians
Episode 8
Webisode 8 - Our Bedside Manner
Episode 9
Webisode 9 - Our Meeting With Turk and the Todd
Episode 10
Webisode 10 - Our Final Advice
Episode 11
Webisode 11 - Our Meeting With Carla
Episode 12
Webisode 12 - Legal Custodians Episode
Episode 13
Scrubs Funniest Moments
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Member’s ratings:
Jishnu TP Jishnu TP 10
Wow , This is one of the best series i ever watched
Mostafa S. Rady Mostafa S. Rady 10
last season is trash
pantonaki pantonaki 9
All 8 seasons were amazing!! (If you are a scrubs fan, you know there were only 8 and not 9 seasons) ^_^

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