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Gumby Adventures

Gumby Adventures

1987 - 1988   •  Syndicated  •   17 hours
2 votes
328 votes
# 7760
Decades after the original shorts were created, Art Clokey started this updated take on Gumby. Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, and Goo get a farm and their own band. Gumby gets a little sister and a grandmother. More and more of the important characters actually look like humans. The Blockheads appear more ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Music Ball / Shrink-a-Dink / Hatching Out Aired on 01/02/1988
The Music Ball / Shrink-a-Dink / Hatching Out
Season 1: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
140 episodes total
Season 1988
Season 1
S01 E01
The Music Ball / Shrink-a-Dink / Hatching Out
S01 E02
Mirror-Aculous Recovery / As the Worm Turns / Wild Girls
S01 E03
Lost Treasure / The Beetle and the Caterpillar / A Smashing Hit
S01 E04
Gumbot / Guitar Magic / Gumbitty Doo Dah
S01 E05
A Miner Affair / All Cooped Up / Gumby's Circus
S01 E06
The Elephant and the Dragon / Denali's House / Ostrich Feathers
S01 E07
Birthday Party in the Middle Ages / The Big City / Of Note
S01 E08
Humbug / Fun Day / Denali Blues
S01 E09
The Fliver 500 / Minga Sitting / A Real Seal
S01 E10
Melon Felons / Merry-Go-Pumpkin / Time Kapp-Sule
S01 E11
The Search / Educational TV / Band Contest
S01 E12
The Big Squirt / Little Lost Girl / Command Performance
S01 E13
Witch Way / Children for Sale / Sleepytime Robbers
S01 E14
Strange Circus Animals / A Gumby Day / A Cottage for Granny
S01 E15
The Wind Bag / Lotta Hot Air / Wild Horse
S01 E16
The Plant / Naughty Boy / Young Granny
S01 E17
Balloonacy / Picnic / Gumbastic
S01 E18
Funtasia / Rip Van Prickle / Great Mastadon Robbery
S01 E19
Wild Train Ride / Arctic Antics / Runaway Camel
S01 E20
The Abominable Doughman / The Astrobots / Blocks in the Head
S01 E21
Geese Grief / Fox Hunt / Goo's Pies
S01 E22
Moving Experience / Gumby's Close Encounters / Flying Carpet
S01 E23
Minga's Folly / High as a Kite / Proxy Gumby
S01 E24
Goo and the Queen (Part One) / Prickle's Baby Brudder / Goo and the Queen...
S01 E25
Little Denali Lost / Clay Play / Gone Clayzy
S01 E26
The Knight Mare / Lost in Chinatown / Joker's Wild
S01 E27
My-O-Maya / Gumball Gumby / Pokey a la Mode
S01 E28
The Forbidden Mine (Part One) / Robot Farm / The Forbidden Mine (Part Two...
S01 E29
Space Oddity (Part One) / To Bee or Not to Bee / Space Oddity (Part Two)
S01 E30
Skateboard Ralley / Goo's Music Video / Best in the Block
S01 E31
The Birthday Present / Just Train Crazy / Wickiups and Bulrushes
S01 E32
Kangaroo Express / Kid Brother Kids / For the Graduate
S01 E33
Clayfully Yours / Gumby Music Video / Time Out
S01 E34
Dolly for Minga / Lost Arrow / Clay Trix
S01 E35
Chatterbox/The Funny Bathtub
S01 E36
Chicken Feed
Season 1988
S1988 E01
Mirror-Aculous Recovery
S1988 E02
As the Worm Turns
S1988 E03
Lost Treasure
S1988 E04
The Beetle and the Caterpillar
S1988 E05
S1988 E06
Guitar Magic
S1988 E07
A Miner Affair
S1988 E08
All Cooped Up
S1988 E09
Wild Girls
S1988 E10
A Smashing Hit
S1988 E11
The Music Ball
S1988 E12
The Elephant and the Dragon
S1988 E13
Birthday Party in the Middle Ages
S1988 E14
Strange Circus Animals
S1988 E15
The Fliver 500
S1988 E16
A Gumby Day
S1988 E17
The Search
S1988 E18
Gumby's Circus
S1988 E19
Melon Felons
S1988 E20
S1988 E21
The Big City
S1988 E22
A Cottage For Granny
S1988 E23
The Big Squirt
S1988 E24
Witch Way
S1988 E25
The Astrobots
S1988 E26
Educational TV
S1988 E27
Denali's House
S1988 E28
S1988 E29
A Dolly for Minga
S1988 E30
The Wind Bag
S1988 E31
Little Lost Girl
S1988 E32
Children for Sale
S1988 E33
A Lotta Hot Air
S1988 E34
The Wild Horse
S1988 E35
Of Note
S1988 E36
Fun Day
S1988 E37
The Plant
S1988 E38
S1988 E39
Minga Sitting
S1988 E40
A Real Seal
S1988 E41
Naughty Boy
S1988 E42
Hatching Out
S1988 E43
Time Kapp-Sule
S1988 E44
Band Contest
S1988 E45
Geese Grief
S1988 E46
Fox Hunt
S1988 E47
The Lost Arrow
S1988 E48
Command Performance
S1988 E49
Sleepy Time Robbers
S1988 E50
S1988 E51
S1988 E52
Wild Train Ride
S1988 E53
S1988 E54
Rip Van Prickle
S1988 E55
Great Mastadon Robbery
S1988 E56
Young Granny
S1988 E57
The Abominable Dough Man
S1988 E58
Ostrich Feathers
S1988 E59
Blocks in the Head
S1988 E60
Gumby's Close Encounters
S1988 E61
Arctic Antics
S1988 E62
Runaway Camel
S1988 E63
Flying Carpet
S1988 E64
Gumbitty Doo Dah
S1988 E65
Gumby Music Video
S1988 E66
Lost in Chinatown
S1988 E67
Joker's Wild
S1988 E68
Minga's Folly
S1988 E69
High as a Kite
S1988 E70
Denali Blues
S1988 E71
S1988 E72
Little Denali Lost
S1988 E73
Goo and the Queen (Part One)
S1988 E74
Goo and the Queen (Part Two)
S1988 E75
Moving Experience
S1988 E76
Prickle's Baby Brudder
S1988 E77
S1988 E78
Goo's Music Video
S1988 E79
Clayfully Yours
S1988 E80
Proxy Gumby
S1988 E81
Goo's Pies
S1988 E82
Robot Farm
S1988 E83
The Forbidden Mine (Part One)
S1988 E84
The Forbidden Mine (Part Two)
S1988 E85
Clay Play
S1988 E86
The Knight Mare
S1988 E87
Skateboard Rally
S1988 E88
Space Oddity (Part One)
S1988 E89
Space Oddity (Part Two)
S1988 E90
Best in the Block
S1988 E91
The Lost Birthday Present
S1988 E92
To Bee or Not to Bee
S1988 E93
Just Train Crazy
S1988 E94
Wickiups and Bulrushes
S1988 E95
Pokey à la Mode
S1988 E96
Kangaroo Express
S1988 E97
Kid Brother Kids
S1988 E98
Time Out
S1988 E99
For the Graduate
S1988 E100
Gone Clayzy
S1988 E101
Gumball Gumby
S1988 E102
Clay Trix
S1988 E103
Chatter Box
S1988 E104
The Funny Bathtub
Episodes 1
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Keten Keten 6
Charming show with good messages for kids and lots of imagination.

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