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Wisecrack Edition

Wisecrack Edition

2015 - Now  •  Sunday 10:00 AM on YouTube  •   79 hours
2 votes
Talk Show
Dive into the DEEPER MEANING of your favorite games, movies, TV shows, albums, and more!
  Previously Aired Episode
How The Meaning of Fight Club Changed - Book vs. Film Aired on 12/11/2020
How The Meaning of Fight Club Changed - Book vs. Film
Season 2020: Episode 86
Season 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Season 2015
S2015 E01
The Philosophy of BioShock
S2015 E02
The Hidden Meaning of GTA
S2015 E03
The Genius of Michael Jackson’s Thriller
S2015 E04
The Philosophy of Halo
S2015 E05
The Philosophy of Fallout
S2015 E06
The Philosophy of Rick and Morty
S2015 E07
The Psychology of Final Fantasy (VI thru XIII)
Season 2016
S2016 E01
The Brilliant Deception of Inception
S2016 E02
The Philosophy of The Walking Dead
S2016 E03
The Philosophy of House of Cards
S2016 E04
The Philosophy of Final Fantasy
S2016 E05
The Philosophy of Dark Souls
S2016 E06
Inside Out - Is Joy the VILLAIN?
S2016 E07
The Philosophy of South Park
S2016 E08
Game of Thrones: Lessons from The Sopranos!?
S2016 E09
The Philosophy of Deadpool
S2016 E10
The Philosophy of Bill Murray
S2016 E11
The Philosophy of Marvel's Daredevil
S2016 E12
The Philosophy of Star Trek
S2016 E13
The Philosophy of The Joker
S2016 E14
South Park on RELIGION
S2016 E15
The Philosophy of Kanye West
S2016 E16
Is Zootopia RACIST!?
S2016 E17
The Inspirations of MR. ROBOT
S2016 E18
The Philosophy of Shia LaBeouf
S2016 E19
The Philosophy of BOJACK HORSEMAN
S2016 E20
The Philosophy of THE PURGE (with Rick & Morty!)
S2016 E21
RICK & MORTY's Must-Know References!
S2016 E22
Darth Vader's Biggest Fears – Star Wars Explained
S2016 E23
The Philosophy of FALLOUT 4
S2016 E24
The Philosophy of FALLOUT 4
S2016 E25
SOUTH PARK's Must-Know References!
S2016 E26
The Philosophy of Get Schwifty (Rick and Morty)
Season 2017
S2017 E01
SOUTH PARK's Must-Know References
S2017 E02
The Philosophy of Get Schwifty (Rick and Morty)
S2017 E03
The Walking Dead: The Philosophy of Negan
S2017 E04
The Philosophy of Westworld
S2017 E05
Suicide Squad: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E06
The Philosophy of Attack on Titan
S2017 E07
Battlefield 1: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E08
The Dark Knight Rises: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E09
The Philosophy of Westworld: Music as Storytelling
S2017 E10
Rick and Morty: The Philosophy of Szechuan Sauce
S2017 E11
The Philosophy of GHOST IN THE SHELL (with Naruto)
S2017 E12
SOUTH PARK - The Philosophy of Margaritaville!
S2017 E13
'It's Always Sunny' The Perfect Anti-Sitcom
S2017 E14
The Philosophy of GET OUT
S2017 E15
How RICK & MORTY Tells A Story (The Ricks Must Be Crazy)
S2017 E16
The Philosophy of ONE PUNCH MAN
S2017 E17
Batman v Superman: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E18
The Philosophy of LOGAN
S2017 E19
The Matrix Reloaded: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E20
The Walking Dead: Why Do We Love the Zombie Apocalypse?
S2017 E21
Assassin's Creed: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E22
The Philosophy of Spider-Man
S2017 E23
The Philosophy of Black Mirror
S2017 E24
Game of Thrones: The Philosophy of Daenerys Targaryen
S2017 E25
The Philosophy of Christopher Nolan (Part 1)
S2017 E26
The Philosophy of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
S2017 E27
What South Park Teaches Us About Economics
S2017 E28
What Key & Peele Teach Us About Comedy
S2017 E29
The Philosophy of Death Note – What Is Justice?
S2017 E30
Finding Dory: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E31
The Philosophy of Dragon Ball
S2017 E32
Quick Take: Can Game of Thrones Still Surprise Us?
S2017 E33
Netflix's Death Note: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E34
South Park – Season 20: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E35
The Philosophy of Christopher Nolan (Part 2) – feat. Batman Dark Knight...
S2017 E36
Quick Take: Blade Runner – Must-Know Philosophy Before 2049
S2017 E37
The Matrix Revolutions: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E38
The Philosophy of Mr. Robot
S2017 E39
Quick Take: Blade Runner 2049 – Do Memories Make Us Human?
S2017 E40
Quick Take: BoJack Horseman Season 4 – What is BoJack Searching For?
S2017 E41
The Philosophy of Saw
S2017 E42
Netflix's Stranger Things: A Theory On Nostalgia
S2017 E43
Quick Take: Destiny 2 on Religion – Rise of Evil
S2017 E44
The Philosophy of Berserk (Anime)
S2017 E45
Quick Take: Thor Ragnarok – The Smartest Marvel Movie Ever?
S2017 E46
The Emoji Movie: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E47
Quick Take: My Hero Academia – Why Heroes Matter
S2017 E48
The Lion King: Is Simba the VILLAIN?
S2017 E49
How Adventure Time Tells A Story
S2017 E50
The Philosophy of Fight Club
S2017 E51
Man of Steel (Superman): What Went Wrong?
S2017 E52
The Philosophy of Archer
S2017 E53
Quick Take: Star Wars, The Last Jedi – Themes Explained
S2017 E54
Deadpool: How to Advertise in 2017
S2017 E55
Quick Take: Pixar's Coco – Philosophy of Death
S2017 E56
The Emoji Movie: What Went Wrong?
S2017 E57
How South Park Gets Trump Right - Wisecrack Quick Take
S2017 E58
My Hero Academia: Why Heroes Matter - Wisecrack Quick Take
S2017 E59
The Lion King: Is Simba the VILLAIN?
S2017 E60
How Adventure Time Tells A Story
S2017 E61
South Park on 2017 - Wisecrack Quick Take
S2017 E62
The Philosophy of Fight Club
S2017 E63
Man of Steel (Superman): What Went Wrong?
S2017 E64
The Philosophy of Archer
S2017 E65
Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Themes Explained – Wisecrack Quick Take
S2017 E66
Deadpool: How to Advetrise in 2017
S2017 E67
Pixar\'s Coco: Philosophy of Death - Wisecrack Quick Take
Season 2018
S2018 E01
The Philosophy of Wonder Woman
S2018 E02
Quick Take: Black Mirror – What's the Point?
S2018 E03
Bright: What Went Wrong?
S2018 E04
Gaze Into the Abyss - Nihilism in Rick and Morty & Bojack Horseman
S2018 E05
The Political Philosophy of Captain America: Civil War
S2018 E06
The (Accidental) Philosophy of The Boss Baby
S2018 E07
How Monty Python Shaped Modern Comedy (feat. Rick and Morty & Deadpool)
S2018 E08
The Philosophy of Christopher Nolan (Part 3) feat. Interstellar & Dunkirk
S2018 E09
Quick Take: Is Black Panther's Killmonger the Best Villain Since the Joke...
S2018 E10
The Philosophy of Jigsaw
S2018 E11
The Loneliest Anime – The Philosophy of Neon Genesis Evangelion
S2018 E12
Too Many Cooks vs. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Decoding the Disturbing
S2018 E13
Most Philosophical Game Ever? – The Philosophy of NieR: Automata
S2018 E14
The Philosophy of Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered: The Cure for Freedom...
S2018 E15
The Philosophy of Deus Ex: Does Paranoia Have Its PURPOSE?
S2018 E16
Bee Movie But It's About Capitalism (Seriously.)
S2018 E17
Metal Gear: How Kojima vs. Konami Shaped the Games
S2018 E18
The SCIENCE of ONE PUNCH MAN - What Psychology Can Teach Us About Saitama
S2018 E19
Watchmen vs. One Punch Man: How To Destroy A Hero (Satire vs. Parody)
S2018 E20
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - What Went Wrong?
S2018 E21
Quick Take: How Avengers – Infinity War’s Philosophy Predicts Avenger...
S2018 E22
The Cloverfield Paradox: What Went Wrong?
S2018 E23
The Author Who Tried to END The World (Watchmen / Alan Moore)
S2018 E24
Quick Take: Is DEADPOOL 2 a Two-Hour "LOGAN" Joke?
S2018 E25
Would THE PURGE Be Good for You? (The Science of Purging)
S2018 E26
Why Hopelessness Is Hilarious (Rick & Morty, Archer, Gary and his Demons)
S2018 E27
Why Our Heroes Are Different Now (God of War, The Last Jedi, Logan)
S2018 E28
The Big Bang Theory: What Went Wrong?
S2018 E29
Star Wars’ SOLO: When Easter-Eggs Go Wrong
S2018 E30
Quick Take: The Philosophy of Incredibles 2 – Why Screenslaver is RIGHT
S2018 E31
The Philosophy of Miyazaki
S2018 E32
The Science and Philosophy of Psycho-Pass
S2018 E33
The Philosophy of Bo Burnham
S2018 E34
Why Thanos Changed
S2018 E35
How We Will Become GOD – The Philosophy of Grant Morrison
S2018 E36
Would You Rather Be a RICK or a JERRY? – The Psychology of Rick and Mor...
S2018 E37
Violence & Metaphysics: The Philosophy of Devilman Crybaby
S2018 E38
A Surreal Trip – The Philosophy of Atlanta
S2018 E39
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – What Went Wrong?
S2018 E40
How To Prank The Establishment
S2018 E41
Why Fortnite Makes Billions
S2018 E42
Quick Take: The Wisecrack Guide to The Purge TV Series
S2018 E43
The Philosophy of Pokémon GO
S2018 E44
The Philosophy of The Good Place
S2018 E45
The Philosophy of Cowboy Bebop
S2018 E46
How To BEAT the System (And Lose) – feat. The Matrix, Fight Club, Offic...
S2018 E47
The Philosophy of VR
S2018 E48
Understanding Disney's Star Wars Crisis
S2018 E49
Quick Take: What BoJack Horseman Teaches Us About Loneliness
S2018 E50
The Satire of Red Dead Redemption
S2018 E51
Quick Take: South Park on Giving Up
S2018 E52
Kanye and The End of Reality
S2018 E53
Netflix's MANIAC: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2018 E54
Quick Take: The Haunting of Hill House – The Ghosts No One Is Talking A...
S2018 E55
Quick Take: Why Marvel's DAREDEVIL is Giving Up on GOD
S2018 E56
Quick Take: Why South Park Apologized
S2018 E57
Why Our Villains Are Different Now (Thanos, The Joker, Killmonger)
S2018 E58
The Philosophy of Nathan For You: Why Nathan Thinks Your Business Will Fa...
S2018 E59
The Philosophy of The Incredibles
S2018 E60
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – What Went Wrong?
S2018 E61
Attack On Titan: The SECRET of the Founding Titan
S2018 E62
Goblin Slayer: Why ONLY Goblins Matter
S2018 E63
Justice League: What Went Wrong? (vs. Thanos & Infinity War)
S2018 E64
Why South Park Can't Beat Amazon
S2018 E65
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: How NOT To Suck After 13 Seasons
S2018 E66
The Philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien: Why Things Keep Getting Worse
S2018 E67
The Philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien: Why Things Keep Getting Worse – Wisec...
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Netflix's CASTLEVANIA: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E02
DONNIE DARKO: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E03
NICOLAS CAGE's Acting: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E04
Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – Do You REALLY Have Choice?
S2019 E05
Why THE JOKER’s Mysterious Origins MATTER
S2019 E06
The Philosophy of True Detective
S2019 E07
The Accidental Fascism of You've Got Mail: What This 90's Rom-Com Is Real...
S2019 E08
Django Unchained: How to DESTROY An Ideology
S2019 E09
Starship Troopers: How to Make Fascism SEXY
S2019 E10
The Philosophy of Mob Psycho 100
S2019 E11
How HORROR Movies Changed
S2019 E12
Why FYRE Was Never Real
S2019 E13
Prometheus and Alien: Covenant – Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E14
The Problem With Game Theory – The Philosophy of Billions
S2019 E15
Is BANKSY Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E16
How Memes Transformed Hollywood
S2019 E17
Netflix's BIG MOUTH: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E18
Why BAD Films Are Better Than You Think (feat. The Room, Sharknado, Troll...
S2019 E19
Quick Take: 'US’ and The American Dream – What It Means
S2019 E20
Flat Earth: What Makes REAL Science?
S2019 E21
Game of Thrones: How to SOLVE The End
S2019 E22
IDIOCRACY: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E23
Harry Potter & The Plague of Twitter: Why JK Rowling Should Leave Harry A...
S2019 E24
How Humanity Ends (Akira, Videodrome, Tetsuo: The Iron Man) – Wisecrack...
S2019 E25
Why We Worship A**HOLE Characters (Rick & Morty, Breaking Bad, The Punish...
S2019 E26
Why Hitler is Everywhere
S2019 E27
Why Our Eyes Are SHUT (Eyes Wide Shut)
S2019 E28
How Conspiracies Changed (Flat Earth, Anti-Vaxxers)
S2019 E29
INTERSTELLAR: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E30
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - What Went Wrong?
S2019 E31
How Fraudsters Become Heroes (ft. Fyre Fest, Theranos, Martin Shkreli)
S2019 E32
Will Wall-E Come True? (vs. Star Trek)
S2019 E33
The Philosophy of The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide
S2019 E34
Game of Thrones Finale: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E35
Avengers Endgame: How History Defines The Avengers – Wisecrack Edition
S2019 E36
Inglorious Basterds: What Tarantino Got Wrong
S2019 E37
Scott Pilgrim: How Video Games Tell Stories
S2019 E38
JOHN WICK's Secret Layer of Comedy
S2019 E39
Zac Efron As Ted Bundy: What Went Wrong?
S2019 E40
The Office: How Nonsense Conquered the Workplace
S2019 E41
One Punch Man: What Went Wrong?
S2019 E42
Why Motherhood Is So Terrifying in HORROR (The Babadook, Hereditary)
S2019 E43
Black Mirror: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E44
How Anime Deals With History (My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Gundam W...
S2019 E45
How Remakes Go WRONG – feat. Disney's The Lion King and Aladdin
S2019 E46
BioShock 2: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E47
How Platforms OWN You (Disney+, Netflix, Uber)
S2019 E48
The SHREK Movies: Are They Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E49
Why Everything is META (feat. South Park & Deadpool)
S2019 E50
American Psycho: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E51
Is Comedy DEAD? (feat. Marvel, Jordan Peele, Men In Black)
S2019 E52
FIGHT CLUB: Why We Can’t Agree On Its Meaning
S2019 E53
ZOMBIELAND: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E54
OFFICE SPACE: The Philosophy of Doing Nothing
S2019 E55
Why Outrage Rules YouTube & The Internet
S2019 E56
The (Possible) Philosophy of THOR: Love and Thunder
S2019 E57
Documentaries vs. Reality TV: How They Shape Truth
S2019 E58
Quick Take: JOKER and The Quest for Recognition
S2019 E59
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME: A New Philosophy for Marvel – Wisecrack Edit...
S2019 E60
Quick Take : South Park on Freedom
S2019 E61
Shutter Island: Is It Deep or Dumb? (Leonardo DiCaprio)
S2019 E62
Quick Take: South Park vs. LeBron James and Fake Meat (Season 23 Episode...
S2019 E63
MINDFULNESS: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E64
S2019 E65
MIDSOMMAR: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E66
S2019 E67
SMASH MOUTH: Are They Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E68
TOY STORY 4: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2019 E69
Quick Take: RICK & MORTY on ONLINE DATING (Season 4)
S2019 E70
The Philosophy of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN
S2019 E71
Mob Psycho 100: Why Superheroes Don't Matter
S2019 E72
OK BOOMER: A History of Boomer Hating
S2019 E73
S2019 E74
The Philosophy of THE BOYS
S2019 E75
The Surprising Origins of Sci-Fi
S2019 E76
How to Portray The Joker
S2019 E77
The Philosophy of Silent Hill 2
Season 2020
S2020 E01
LEGION: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E02
The Weird History of Adult Animation
S2020 E03
The Dark Side of Baby Yoda
S2020 E04
Why Parasite & Joker Owned The Oscars
S2020 E05
Star Wars and The Witcher: Are Critics Useless?
S2020 E06
The Oscars Were a Mistake
S2020 E07
How to Ruin a Party: The Philosophy of Curb Your Enthusiasm
S2020 E08
Star Wars: An Apology
S2020 E09
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: The END of Tarantino?
S2020 E10
Big Data Was A Mistake
S2020 E11
Mean Girls and The Secret to Happiness
S2020 E12
Philosophy of JOKER: References
S2020 E13
Persona 5: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E14
Parasite: Perfecting Class Critique
S2020 E15
Nothing Ever Ends: The Philosophy of Watchmen (HBO)
S2020 E16
The Matrix: Why We Can't Unplug
S2020 E17
How Pandemics Change Society
S2020 E18
Joe Exotic: The Cult of Tiger King
S2020 E19
The Meaning of Death: BoJack Horseman vs. The Good Place
S2020 E20
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – What Went Wrong?
S2020 E21
Eternal Sunshine: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E22
The Truth About Unbiased News
S2020 E23
The DC Extended Universe (DCEU): What Went Wrong?
S2020 E24
HER - Why You Suck at Dating
S2020 E25
S2020 E26
THE LIGHTHOUSE: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E27
WATCHMEN (Movie): Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E28
COMEDY NEWS: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E29
How Crises Define History
S2020 E30
IT CHAPTER TWO: What Went Wrong?
S2020 E31
How a Pandemic Ends
S2020 E32
V FOR VENDETTA (Movie): Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E33
The Biggest Troll in Movie History?
S2020 E34
MAD MAX: How To Reclaim Your Humanity (ft. Babe)
S2020 E35
SNOWPIERCER: Can We Build a Better World?
S2020 E36
THE PLATFORM (El hoyo): Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E37
STAR WARS: The Tragedy of Episode 3
S2020 E38
S2020 E39
REALITY TV: An Idiot's Guide to Dating
S2020 E40
The Secret Genius of Dwight K. Schrute (The Office)
S2020 E41
THE OFFICE vs. SPACE FORCE: What Went Wrong?
S2020 E42
Why Our Ads Are Different Now
S2020 E43
The Safety Illusion
S2020 E44
How Adam Sandler Got Good
S2020 E45
The Myth of Genius
S2020 E46
The Truth About Bill Gates
S2020 E47
Anti-Maskers: What Went Wrong?
S2020 E48
GONE GIRL: Marriage is Creepy
S2020 E49
Predictions: What Went Wrong?
S2020 E50
How Ads Got "Woke"
S2020 E51
Parks & Rec: Is Democracy Doomed?
S2020 E52
Hereditary: How Your Family Ruined You
S2020 E53
Is the Man Behind Starship Troopers and Total Recall Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E54
Eric Andre: Humanity is Gross
S2020 E55
SpongeBob: How Children Changed
S2020 E56
Who is the Law? Robocop vs. Judge Dredd
S2020 E57
How Privacy Changed
S2020 E58
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Is It Deep or Dumb?
S2020 E59
Dark: Can You Control Your Future?
S2020 E60
Is Hamilton Bad?
S2020 E61
The Last Airbender Movie: What Went Wrong?
S2020 E62
How Blumhouse Cracked Horror (By Being Cheap)
S2020 E63
Archer: How TV Ruins You
S2020 E64
Influencers: How Democracy Created a Monster
S2020 E65
Terminator: Why The Apocalypse is Already Here
S2020 E66
How Adult Swim Weirdos Changed TV Forever
S2020 E67
Avatar: The Real Cost of War
S2020 E68
Why are Smart People So Dumb?
S2020 E69
The Last of Us 2: Is Empathy Bad?
S2020 E70
Rugrats: How Boomers Scarred a Generation
S2020 E71
Marvel: How to Construct a Deeper Universe
S2020 E72
Marvel: The Villain Who Should Replace Thanos
S2020 E73
How to Ruin A TV Show
S2020 E74
How Presidential Campaigns Change
S2020 E75
Homer Simpson: What Went Wrong
S2020 E76
How Comedy Got Depressed
S2020 E77
Next Episode
S2020 E78
How Disney Ruined Culture
S2020 E79
A Philosopher Reacts to the NXIVM Cult
S2020 E80
Archer: What Went Wrong?
S2020 E81
Borat Subsequent Movie Film: The Twisted Fairy-Tale You Never Saw Coming
S2020 E82
Community: Can TV Make Us Smarter?
S2020 E83
The Office: The Sinister Message of Michael Scott
S2020 E84
Why Courage Haunts Your Dreams
S2020 E85
The Boys: The Truth About Social Justice
S2020 E86
How The Meaning of Fight Club Changed - Book vs. Film
Episode 1
Are Video Games RUINING Gaming? (COD, Far Cry, BioShock & More)
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