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1991 - 1997   •  FOX  •   81 hours
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195 votes
# 5223
This investigative show takes a look into dramatic stories of the paranormal. Sightings reporters investigate claims of strange and unexplained phenomena -- everything from UFOs to ESP. If it's spooky, weird, or just plain haunted, you can peer behind the dark curtain of the unknown right here.
  Previously Aired Episode
Incident at Cherry Creek, Power of Chi, In the News, Spirit Photography,  Profilers, Omen in the Sky Update Aired on 09/11/1997
Incident at Cherry Creek, Power of Chi, In the News, Spirit Photography, Profilers, Omen in the Sky Update
Season 5: Episode 20
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
114 episodes total
Sightings | 1992 FOX "Sightings" commercials
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
The UFO Report
S01 E02
S01 E03
Near Death Experience
S01 E04
Psychic Experience
S01 E05
Psychic Healing
S01 E06
Mysteries of the Earth
S01 E07
UFO Contact
S01 E08
S01 E09
Vampires, Visions of Death, Bermuda Triangle
S01 E10
Vision of Murder, Men in Black, Awakening
S01 E11
Curses, Past Lives, Ghosts
S01 E12
Hauntings, UFOs: Physical Evidence, Superstitions
S01 E13
Evidence From Beyond, Gateway to Oblivion, Soul Exchange
S01 E14
Back From the Dead, Hauntings, Millboro
S01 E15
Psychic Experiences
S01 E16
Psychic experiences
S01 E17
The UFO Report
S01 E18
Psychic experiences
S01 E19
Psychic experiences
S01 E20
Near Death Experience
Season 2
S02 E01
Alcatraz, Mass Sightings, UFO Update
S02 E02
Werewolf, Paranormal Photography, Ghost Update
S02 E03
Encounter in Space, Marfa Lights, Ghost Update
S02 E04
Lizzie Borden, Deliverance, SETI Update
S02 E05
The Uninvited, Haunted Family, The Curse of Christopher Columbus
S02 E06
Aliens Among Us, Top Secret UFO, Ghost investigation
S02 E07
Halloween Special: Scotland's House of Horror, Vampires, Witchcraft
S02 E08
Epidemic of Evil, Garden Grove Ghost
S02 E09
Crop Circles, Royal Curse, Lake Champlain Monster
S02 E10
Russian UFO Investigation, Ghost of Whitechapel, Iceman Update
S02 E11
Deadly Abduction, Lake Champlain Monster, Royal Curse Update
S02 E12
Hell's Gate, Angels, Astrology Update
S02 E13
Astrological Predictions, Close Encounters, Spy House Investigation
S02 E14
Voodoo, Russian Psychics, Black Hole Update
S02 E15
Ghost Writer
S02 E16
Searching the Skies, Ouija, Phobos II Update
S02 E17
Cults, Super Humans, Mind Control, Ghost Writer Update
S02 E18
Scranton UFO Mystery, Ghost Molester, Fire in the Sky
S02 E19
Mass Abductions, Seizure Alert Dogs, Prophecies
S02 E20
Countdown to Doomsday, Russian Top Gun, Ghost Molester Update
S02 E21
UFO Cover up, Missing Link, Wisconsin UFOs
S02 E22
Psychic Detectives Special: Murder in Paradise, Psychic Detective, Who Ki...
S02 E23
Ghosts Special: Manressa Castle, Viewer Phone Calls, Anatomy of a Haunti...
S02 E24
UFO Special: UFO Hot Spots, Hoaxing, Cattle Mutilation, Space Growth
Season 3
S03 E01
Heartland Ghost, Gulf Breeze Encounters, A Sculptor's Gift, Black Holes
S03 E02
Heartland Ghost Update, Shared Memory Abduction, Watching the Skies, Scho...
S03 E03
Patterns of Denial, Pet Interpreter, Ice Circles, A Vision of Murder, Tr...
S03 E04
Sasquatch, A Gift From the Light, Intuition, Abduction Horror or Hype, Fu...
S03 E05
Tunguska, Embracing the Light, Human Candles, Crop Circles, Whaley House,...
S03 E06
Psychic Eye, Prediction Update, Dragon Project, Making of a Hoax, Power o...
S03 E07
Ghost of Berry Pomeroy Castle, It came From Outer Space, Ghost Hunt, Sant...
S03 E08
UFO Confrontation Iran, Death in the Desert, Heartland Ghost Investigatio...
S03 E09
Heartland Ghost Investigation, Nessie, Height 611, To Swim With Dolphins
S03 E10
UFO Confrontation Mansfield, Bodega Bay Ghost, Prophecy of Hope, Dream Mu...
S03 E11
Apocalypse Now, A Mother's Love, Montreal Mass Sighting, Baby Jane Doe, I...
S03 E12
Ghost of Brookdale Lodge, Gulf Breeze Update, Spontaneous Recall, Murder ...
S03 E13
Avebury Mystery Lights, Alien Evolution, A Sculptor's Gift Update, Miner'...
S03 E14
Disinformation, Russian Psychics, Crop Circle Update, Trail of Death, Gui...
S03 E15
Time Warp, Healing Mind, New Mexico UFO Mystery, Murder in Nags Head, Sev...
S03 E16
Heartland Aftermath, Curses, Sprites and Blue Jets, Gaia's Revenge, Outba...
S03 E17
UFOs Over FDR, Heartland Aftermath, Multiple Mystery, Never Forget, Hyper...
S03 E18
UFO Confrontation Kentucky, SHC Update, The Final Gift, Psychic Evidence,...
S03 E19
Mexico Mass Sightings, Twinless Twins, Conspiracy of Silence, Cloning, A...
S03 E20
Idaho UFO Flap, Coma Healer, Perfect Harmony, Search for Danny, Haunted K...
S03 E21
Top Secret Projects, Roswell Revisited, K-911, A Call for Help, Lady in W...
S03 E22
Allagash Abduction, Future Shock, Baleroy Ghost, Touched by Angels, UFO ...
S03 E23
My Past Life, Heartland Ghost, Clear Intent, Snake Church, Transformed by...
S03 E24
UFO Contact: The Holyland, Saved by Angels, Bigfoot Update, Ghosts of Get...
S03 E25
What's Inside Hangar 18, Monticello Murder, Waiting Room of the Soul, Mic...
S03 E26
Saucers are Real, Psychic Trauma, Walk Ins, Obeah, Mexico Update, Heal Th...
Season 4
S04 E01
Intruder on the Range, What Happened to Debbie?, In the News, The Roswell...
S04 E02
Psychic Cop, Ica Mystery Stones, In the News, The Shag Harbour Incident, ...
S04 E03
Poor Souls, UFO Encounter: Shikmona, In the News, The Burning Within, UFO...
S04 E04
Black Forest Haunting, The Mars Complex, In the News, Restless Warrior, U...
S04 E05
Generational Abduction, Blind Sight, In the News, Amazing Grace, Haunted ...
S04 E06
Silent Intruder, Psychic Constable, In the News, Dream Vision, Stalked by...
S04 E07
Spirit of Oregon, Tesla's Death Ray, In the News, Consumed by Vampires, A...
S04 E08
UFO Encounter at 30,000 Feet, One Missing Link, In the News, Miracle on I...
S04 E09
Contact in Colorado, Boomtown Ghost, In the News, Miracle at Betania: Par...
S04 E10
Shag Harbour Investigation, Angel of Fire, In The News, The Curse of H-3,...
S04 E11
Return to Black Forest, Coming from the Light, In the News, Shag Harbour ...
S04 E12
Attack on Washington, Spiritual Exorcist, In the News, Wandering Souls, W...
S04 E13
Contact at Socorro, Shaman Healer, In the News, Reclaiming the Farm, Clos...
S04 E14
Without a Trace, In the News, Vision Quest, The Doomsday Machine, UFO Inv...
S04 E15
Abducted, In the News, South Bend Mystery, Renovation Haunting, Star is B...
S04 E16
Echoes From the Battlefield, Psychic Espionage, In the News, Crash of '62...
S04 E17
A Search for the Truth, Murder on the Interstate, In the News, Voices fro...
S04 E18
Murder for Hire, Healing the Causes of Violence, In the News, Boomtown Re...
S04 E19
Trapped in Time, Miracle Child, In the News, Messengers of Destiny, Sacre...
S04 E20
Edwards Encounter, My Two Lives, In the News, Paranormal Politics, Spirit...
S04 E21
Messages from Beyond, Cluster UFO, In the News, Psychic Warrior, N.D.E. U...
S04 E22
Her Name Was Cathy, The New Area 51, In the News, The Great Gadsden, Mast...
S04 E23
Gallows Ghost, Re-Wiring the Brain, In the News, Incident at Exeter, Heal...
S04 E24
Ruwa Re-Examined, Healing Hands, In the News, Fire from Heaven, Simulated...
Season 5
S05 E01
Hunt House Haunting, Solar Obliteration, In the News, The Message, Love T...
S05 E02
Deliberate Deception, A Psychic's vision, In the News, Mexico City UFO Fl...
S05 E03
Purging the Spirits, In the News, My Brother's Keeper, The Brazilian E.T....
S05 E04
The Iron Woman, The Way of the Explorer, In the News, A Time to Remember,...
S05 E05
Mantell Re-Examined, Hands of Remembrance, In the News, Olivas Haunting,...
S05 E06
Silent Vulcans, The Conversion of Nick Pope, In the News, The Haunted Jer...
S05 E07
Autopsy: Exposing a Fake, Red Lion Haunting, In the News, Shadow of Evil...
S05 E08
The Watchers, Life Before Life, In the News, Ghosts of Chillingham Castle...
S05 E09
The Majestic 12 Documents, Sao Paolo Haunting, In the News, Vanished, T...
S05 E10
House of Plenty, In the News, 1947, Healing Harps, U.F.Os: Holy Land Upda...
S05 E11
UFO Encounter: Argentina, Cancer Alert Dogs, In the News, House of Plenty...
S05 E12
The Heartland Ghost, Echo Missile Encounter, In the News, Crop Circle Vid...
S05 E13
Restless Spirits, In the News, Foo Fighters, Unexpected Visitors, Millen...
S05 E14
Case closed, Angel of Death, In the News, Restless Spirits, The Call of S...
S05 E15
Encounter Over England, The Way of the Explorer, In the News, School Sp...
S05 E16
Ohio's Area 51, Anyone Can See the Light, In the News, Chicago's Most Hau...
S05 E17
The Oak Ridge Mystery, Sacred Healing, In the News, Exposing Project Blue...
S05 E18
Black Swan Haunting, In the News, Klinger Encounter, Spirits in the Gar...
S05 E19
To Catch a Killer, Unearthing Atlantis, In the News, White Lady of Avenel...
S05 E20
Incident at Cherry Creek, Power of Chi, In the News, Spirit Photography, ...
Episode 1
The UFO Report VHS Release
Episode 2
The Ghost Report VHS Release
Episode 3
The Psychic Experience VHS Release
Episode 4
UFOs: The 100 Year Cover Up
Episode 5
Secrets of Alien Abduction
Episode 6
Bioperfection: Building the new Human Race
Episode 7
The Living Dead: Speaking from the Grave
Episode 8
Fire in the Brain: Unleashing the Hidden Powers of the Mind
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Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho
Presumed completed. I watched regularly when it aired on TV, but I didn't keep track of episodes.

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