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At the Movies

At the Movies

1982 - 1986  •  86 hours  •  173 episodes
1 vote
915 votes
# 39771
Talk Show
The show that made Siskel and Ebert famous. These two Chicago-based movie critics sit around and review movies, giving either "Thumbs up" or "Thumbs down." Noted for the good-natured insults traded by the two reviewers (usually concerning Ebert's weight and Siskel's receding hairline).
  Previously Aired Episode
Nothing in Common Aired on 07/26/1986
Nothing in Common
Season 4: Episode 48
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
173 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
The Long Good Friday/Class of 1984/Lola/Pink Floyd: The Wall
S01 E02
Tempest/Yes, Giorgio
S01 E03
My Favorite Year/The Chosen
S01 E04
Jekyll and Hyde Together Again/Split Image/Looking to Get Out Again/Tex
S01 E05
First Blood/Monsignor
S01 E06
Jinxed/The Personals
S01 E07
The Missionary/Halloween III: Season of the Witch/It Came from Hollywood
S01 E08
Movies We'd Book If We Owned a Movie Theater
S01 E09
Creepshow, the Executioner's Song, Brimstone & Treacle
S01 E11
Q/The Last Unicorn/Love Child/Not A Love Story
S01 E12
Tootsie/The Verdict/Sophies Choice/Airplane II
S01 E13
Trail of the Pink Panther/The Dark Crystal/Kiss Me Goodbye/Godspell
S01 E16
The Best Films of 1982
S01 E17
Stinkers of 1982
S01 E18
Winners That Were Losers
S01 E19
S01 E24
Dueling Critics
S01 E35
The Secret of 'Star Wars'
S01 E36
Blue Thunder/Return of the Jedi/Breathless/La Traviata
S01 E37
Spacehunter/Tough Enough/Wargames/Harlequin
S01 E38
XTRO/Octopussy/Hollywood Outtakes/La Truite/Angelo My Love
S01 E39
The Man with Two Brains/Superman III/Trading Places/Psycho II
S01 E40
Twilight Zone: The Movie/The Survivors/The Grey Fox/The Ruling Class
S01 E41
S01 E42
Stroker Ace/Eddie Macon's Run/They Don't Wear Black Tie/Mr. Hulot's Holid...
S01 E43
National Lampoon's Vacation/Class/Staying Alive/Krull/A Star Is Born
S01 E44
Special Show: Devine Madness/Tattoo/Four Friends/Prince of the City/Verno...
S01 E46
The Star Chamber/Zelig/Jaws 3D/Risky Business
S01 E50
Teenage Sex Movies
S01 E51
The Bold New Sexuality in Movies
S01 E52
Pryor to Murphy
Season 2
S02 E01
Eddie and the Cruisers/Strange Invaders/Daniel/Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawre...
S02 E02
Special Show: Dial H for Hitchcock
S02 E03
Never Cry Wolf/Rumble Fish/Heat and Dust/Educating Rita
S02 E04
The Big Chill/Brainstorm
S02 E05
Deal of the Century/Richard Pryor Here and Now/Testament/The Dead Zone/Th...
S02 E06
James Bond Special
S02 E07
Top 10 Video Cassettes in the Country
S02 E08
Nate and Hayes/A Night in Heaven/The Big Score/Terms of Endearment/Danton
S02 E09
Yentl/Scarface/Mickey's Christmas Carol/Amityville 3-D
S02 E10
Christine/Silkwood/Sudden Impact/Thriller
S02 E11
To Be or Not to Be
S02 E13
D.C. Cab/Two of a Kind/The Man Who Loved Women/The Keep
S02 E15
The Best of 1983
S02 E16
The Stinkers of 1983
S02 E17
Heart Like a Wheel/The Buddy System/La Balance/Carmen/Lonely Hearts
S02 E18
Broadway Danny Rose/Reckless/The Dresser/Reuben Reuben
S02 E19
Top 10 Video Cassettes in the Country
S02 E20
The Secret of Dirty Harry
S02 E21
The Lonely Guy/Unfaithfully Yours/Android/Blame It on Rio/Entre Nous
S02 E22
Lassiter/Footloose/Against All Odds/The Complete Beatles/Weekend Pass
S02 E23
Angel/Harry & Son/Splash!/Liquid Sky/And the Ship Sails On
S02 E24
Police Academy/Children of the Corn/This Is Spinal Tap/Love Letters
S02 E25
Romancing the Stone/Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes/Rac...
S02 E26
Hard to Hold/Tank/Moscow on the Hudson/Mike's Murder
S02 E27
Where the Boys Are/Iceman/Champions/Kirov
S02 E28
Slapstick of Another Kind/Up the Creek/Stranger's Kiss/The Stone Boy
S02 E29
Swing Shift/Privates on Parade/Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter/Can She...
S02 E30
Sixteen Candles/The Bounty/Alphabet City
S02 E31
Breakin'/Firestarter/Hardbodies/Sugar Cane Alley
S02 E32
Special Show: The Magic of Spielberg
S02 E33
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/The Natural
S02 E34
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom/The Natural
S02 E35
Gremlins/Star Trek III: The Search for Spock/Streets of Fire/Once Upon a ...
S02 E36
They're Playing with Fire/Beat Street/Ghostbusters/Les Compares
S02 E37
The Karate Kid/Rhinestone/The Pope Of Greenwich Village
S02 E38
Conan the Destroyer/Top Secret!/Under the Volcano
S02 E39
Cannonball Run II/The Muppets Take Manhattan/Bachelor Party/Last Night at...
S02 E40
Special Show: The Doctors Are In
S02 E41
The Neverending Story/The Last Starfighter/Electric Dreams/That Sinking F...
S02 E43
The Philadelphia Experiment/Purple Rain/Careful He Might Hear You/After t...
S02 E44
Movies That Changed the Movies
S02 E46
Dune/Starman/Mass Appeal/Runaway
S02 E49
Tightrope/Revenge of the Nerds/The Woman in Red/Red Dawn
S02 E50
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle/Dreamscape/The Adventures of the Buckaroo Ban...
S02 E52
All of Me/Amadeus/Places in the Heart/Until September
Season 3
S03 E01
Body Rock/Irreconcilable Differences/A Soldier's Story/Love Streams
S03 E02
Teachers/Country/The Brother from Another Planet/Old Enough
S03 E03
The Wild Life/Garbo Talks/The Bear/Windy City
S03 E04
The Razor's Edge
S03 E05
Give My Regards to Broad Street/The Thief of Heart/The Little Drummer Gir...
S03 E06
The Secret of Bill Murray
S03 E07
Oh God, You Devil/American Dreamer/Body Double/Crimes of Passion
S03 E08
Just the Way You Are/The Terminator
S03 E09
Stop Making Sense/Falling in Love/Paris Texas
S03 E10
Secret Honor/Carmen/Supergirl/Eureka/The Times of Harvey Milk
S03 E11
Beverly Hills Cop/City Heat
S03 E12
Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo/The Cotton Club/The River/The Flamingo Kid
S03 E13
Johnny Dangerously/Micki + Maude/Birdy/A Passage to India
S03 E14
Johnny Dangerously/Micki + Maude/Birdy/A Passage to India
S03 E15
The Best of 1984
S03 E16
The Stinkers of 1984
S03 E18
The Falcon and the Snowman/That’s Dancing/A Sunday in the Country
S03 E19
Science Fiction Films
S03 E20
Witness/1984/Mrs Soffel/Songwriter
S03 E21
The Breakfast Club/Mischief
S03 E22
Vision Quest/Turk 182/Blood Simple/Mischief
S03 E23
The Beach Boys: An American Band/Maria's Lover/The Purple Rose of Cairo/T...
S03 E24
Into the Night/Lost in America/Lust in the Dust/Marvin and Tige
S03 E25
The Aviator/Mask/Sylvester
S03 E26
Baby... Secret of the Lost Legend/Fear City
S03 E27
The Slugger’s Wife/Desperately Seeking Susan/The Last Dragon
S03 E28
Heartbreakers/The Hit/Alamo Bay/A Private Function
S03 E29
King David/Lady Hawke/Fraternity Vacation
S03 E30
Special Show: Sequels - Part 2
S03 E31
Cat's Eye/Stick/Streetwise
S03 E32
Special Show: Flex, Sex and Pecs
S03 E33
Code of Silence
S03 E34
Back in the Saddle: The New Western
S03 E35
Pumping Iron II: The Women/Rambo: First Blood, Part II/Brewster's Million...
S03 E36
Special Show: This Time We Win
S03 E37
Fletch/A View to a Kill/Perfect/Goodbye, New York
S03 E38
Secret Admirer/The Goonies/Prizzi's Honor/Movers and Shakers
S03 E39
D.A.R.Y.L./Cocoon/Return to Oz
S03 E40
Day of the Dead/St. Elmo's Fire/Pale Rider/A Flash of Green
S03 E41
Special Show: The Jack of All Films
S03 E42
Red Sonja/Back to the Future/Silverado/Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
S03 E43
The Heavenly Kid/The Man with One Red Shoe/Explorers/The Black Cauldron
S03 E44
Fright Night/Real Genius/Weird Science/The Coca-Cola Kid
S03 E45
Fright Night/Real Genius/Weird Science/The Coca-Cola Kid
S03 E46
Red Sonja/Back to the Future/Silverado/Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
S03 E47
The Heavenly Kid/The Man with One Red Shoe/Explorers/The Black Cauldron
S03 E48
Fright Night/Real Genius/Weird Science/The Coca-Cola Kid
S03 E50
Worst Movies of the Summer - 1985
S03 E51
Compromising Positions/Agnes of God/After Hours/Year of the Dragon
S03 E52
Godzilla 1985/Creator/Wetherby/Key Exchange
Season 4
S04 E01
Crossover Dreams/Maxie/Plenty/Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
S04 E02
Jagged Edge/Marie/Sweet Dreams
S04 E03
Better Off Dead/The Journey of Natty Gann/Commando
S04 E04
Special Show: At the Cassette Store
S04 E05
Silver Bullet/Twice in a Lifetime/Remo Williams/Dim Sum
S04 E06
Eleni/To Live and Die in L.A.
S04 E07
The Holcroft Covenant/Bring on the Night/Target
S04 E08
Flesh+Blood/White Nights/Shoah/Death Wish 3
S04 E09
Fever Pitch/One Magic Christmas/Santa Claus: The Movie/Starchaser: The Le...
S04 E10
Young Sherlock Holmes/Fool for Love/Rocky IV/The Official Story
S04 E11
Runaway Train/The Jewel of the Nile/A Chorus Line/28 Up
S04 E12
Enemy Mine/The Color Purple/Out of Africa/Spies Like Us
S04 E13
The Trip to Bountiful/Ran/Clue/Dreamchild
S04 E14
Special Show: The Best of 1985
S04 E15
Special Show: The Worst of 1985
S04 E16
Brazil/Revolution/Murphy's Romance
S04 E17
Special Show: Is Hollywood Selling War to Kids?
S04 E18
Special Show: The Best of 1985
S04 E19
Special Show: The Worst of 1985
S04 E20
Power/Down and Out in Beverly Hills/Hannah and Her Sisters/The Best of Ti...
S04 E21
Special Show: At the Cassette Store, Part 2
S04 E22
The Clan of the Cave Bear/The Delta Force/Wild Cats/FX
S04 E23
Special Show: What Makes Woody Run?
S04 E24
The Hitcher/9½ Weeks/Pretty In Pink/Trouble In Mind
S04 E25
Salvador/Smooth Talk/Crossroads/Turtle Diary
S04 E26
Highlander/Gung Ho/Just Between Friends/A Room With A View
S04 E27
Ginger and Fred/The Money Pit
S04 E28
Special Show: Hollywood's Hidden Stars
S04 E29
Stripper/Critters/Violets Are Blue/Police Academy 3
S04 E30
Legend/At Close Range/Wise Guys/Louie Bluie
S04 E31
Eight Million Ways to Die/Off Beat
S04 E32
Special Show: At the Cassette Store, Part 3
S04 E33
Last Resort/Short Circuit/Jo Jo Dancer Your Life Is Calling/Broken Rainbo...
S04 E34
Top Gun
S04 E35
Eight Million Ways to Die/Off Beat
S04 E36
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off/Back To School/The Manhattan Project
S04 E37
Mona Lisa
S04 E38
Top Gun
S04 E40
Running Scared/The Karate Kid II/Legal Eagles/American Anthem
S04 E41
Psycho III/About Last Night/Ruthless People/Big Trouble in Little China
S04 E42
Club Paradise/Desert Bloom/Under the Cherry Moon/The Great Mouse Detectiv...
S04 E43
Vamp/Pirates/Aliens/A Great Wall
S04 E44
Out of Bounds/Belizaire the Cajun/Heartburn/Hard Choices
S04 E45
Nothing in Common
S04 E46
Club Paradise/Desert Bloom/Under the Cherry Moon/The Great Mouse Detectiv...
S04 E47
Out of Bounds/Belizaire the Cajun/Heartburn/Hard Choices
S04 E48
Nothing in Common
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