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The King of Random

The King of Random

2010 - 2015  •  YouTube
1 vote
“The King of Random” make weekly videos dedicated to exploring life though all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects.

If you’re ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry Aired on 01/13/2015
How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry
Season 2015: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
93 episodes total
Season 2012 2013 2014 2015
Season 2012
S2012 E01
How to Make Slime (Ninja Turtle Ooze)
S2012 E02
Scavenging Microwave Ovens
S2012 E03
Lethal Electric Arcs (MOT Jacobs ladder)
S2012 E04
The Metal Melter
S2012 E05
Make a Mousetrap Gun That Shoots!
S2012 E06
Homemade Rocket Fuel (R-Candy)
S2012 E07
The Candy Cannon (Shoots Candy 100 feet!)
S2012 E08
How To Make a 3 Penny Battery
S2012 E09
Make a Fire By Rubbing Sticks
S2012 E10
How To Make Water Explode!
S2012 E11
Homemade Signal Flares
S2012 E12
How to get 2000ºF Solar Power
S2012 E13
Burning Stuff With 2000ºF Solar Power!!
S2012 E14
How To Make Slow Burning Fuses
S2012 E15
Slam Rod Fire Starter - Ignition By Air!!
S2012 E16
Urine Ignition!
S2012 E17
How to Make The Metal Melter
S2012 E18
Rockin' Paper Plate Speaker
S2012 E19
HHO Generator - Water to Fuel Converter (aka Explosive Gas by Electrolysi...
S2012 E20
Start a Fire With a Water Bottle
S2012 E21
DIY Emergency Fire Starter (Char Cloth)
S2012 E22
Disposable Lighter Pyrotechnics
S2012 E23
Make a Spot Welder for Cheap!!
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Make a Solar Cooking Frame for Cheap (Fresnel Lens Frame)
S2013 E02
Paper Rockets That Fly 300 Feet
S2013 E03
Powerful Handheld Rocket Rifle (AK-47 style)
S2013 E04
Make an Emergency Phone Charger - MacGyver Style!
S2013 E05
Water Weapons - (New - Water Balloon Shotgun!)
S2013 E06
How to Make a Gravity Puzzle (Brain Game)
S2013 E07
How to Make Dry Ice - With a Fire Extinguisher!
S2013 E08
Make An Emergency Candle Out Of Butter!
S2013 E09
$5 Makeshift Home Theater - Easy Laptop Mod!
S2013 E10
Homemade Stick Welder - From Microwave Parts!
S2013 E11
Making an ARC Welder - Part 1 of 2
S2013 E12
Making an ARC Welder - Part 2 of 2
S2013 E13
The Scariac (Poor Mans Variable Power Controller)
S2013 E14
How To Make a One-Way Check Valve - For Cheap!!
S2013 E15
The Electric Deck of Cards
S2013 E16
Instant Ice - Waterbending In Real Life!
S2013 E17
Self Freezing Coca-Cola (The trick that works on any soda!)
S2013 E18
Instant Ice - Tips, Tricks, and Things to Watch Out For!
S2013 E19
Making Sparklers - (Improvised Hand-Held Fireworks)
S2013 E20
10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!
S2013 E21
How To Make A PVC Pump!
S2013 E22
How To Make Butter At Home - Easy Experiment!
S2013 E23
The 'Matchsticks & Money' Party Trick
S2013 E24
5 Awesome Tricks & Pranks With Dry Ice!
S2013 E25
Fight Club Soap! (Bacon * Drain Cleaner * Soap)
S2013 E26
How To Make A Super Secret Safe - For Less Than $3
S2013 E27
5 Ways to Start a Fire, Using Water
S2013 E28
How To Make Carbonated Ice Cream,
S2013 E29
6 'Digital Life' Hacks, for Your Passwords!
S2013 E30
Diapers Help Your Plants Grow!
S2013 E31
7 'Super Cool' Demonstrations with Liquid Nitrogen
S2013 E32
How to Make an Edible Apple Swan!
S2013 E33
Home-brew Bottle Rockets - (From Household Materials)
S2013 E34
10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!
S2013 E35
Soda Bottle Blaster! - 'Soda Ninja Swipe'
S2013 E36
Organ Donation
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Mini Matchstick Gun - The Clothespin Pocket Pistol
S2014 E02
Make a Flush Mount Router Station!
S2014 E03
Paper Napkin Rose - Instant Flower Valentine
S2014 E04
How To Build a Website in Under 6 Minutes
S2014 E05
How to make Chains from Soda Can Tabs
S2014 E06
How To Make Magic Mud - From a Potato!
S2014 E07
6 Mischievous Tricks & Pranks - for April Fools'
S2014 E08
New TKOR Super-Station - Personal Tour!
S2014 E09
Simple Picture Frame
S2014 E10
How to make a Batarang like 'The Dark Knight'
S2014 E11
Homemade Fire-starters for Backyard BBQ's
S2014 E12
Assassin's Micro Crossbow
S2014 E13
How to Make a Bottle-Cap Party Whistle!
S2014 E14
10 Amazing & Life-Changing Life Hacks!
S2014 E15
How To Make The Bitty-Q - (A Drink-Can BBQ)
S2014 E16
10 Insane Tricks, for Summer Parties!
S2014 E17
How to Make a S'mores Roaster!
S2014 E18
How to Make a Soda Cap Container!
S2014 E19
Make a 'Matchless' Survival Fire Kit
S2014 E20
How to Make an Icy Air Blaster
S2014 E21
How to Make Ninja Squishy Balls!
S2014 E22
5 Clever Life Hacks You Should Know
S2014 E23
Rocket Buzz - To Infinity, or Beyond?
S2014 E24
6 Internet Tricks You Should Be Using
S2014 E25
5 Phenomenal Science Stunts, Done with Dry Ice
S2014 E26
How To Make Sugar Rockets
S2014 E27
5 Crazy Science Stunts You Can't Try At School
S2014 E28
Solar Electrical Experiments
S2014 E29
5 Experiments You Can Try At Home (Part 1)
S2014 E30
Redneck Rocketry
S2014 E31
Electronics Projects, with LittleBits
S2014 E32
How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit
S2014 E33
Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry
Season 2015
S2015 E01
How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry
Episode 1
Ninja Gym - 2010
Episode 2
DIY Electromagnetic Flashlight
Episode 3
10,000 Fans! Fire Piston Giveaway!
Episode 4
Ninja Gym 2012! (Training gym for free running / parkour - beginner throu...
Episode 5
QC#1 - Hot Water & Dry-Ice In a Plant Pot (Just for Fun)
Episode 6
Contest & 10 Prizes! (Subscriber Appreciation for 50K!)
Episode 7
QC#2 - Steam Vacuum Experiment (Impressive Suction)
Episode 8
100K Subscribers!
Episode 9
Official Channel Trailer - The King of Random
Episode 10
QC#3 - Floating Paperclips
Episode 11
100K Contest - 5 Things To Do with a Water Bottle
Episode 12
7 Things to do with a Water Bottle - YouTube Celebrity Friends Edition!!
Episode 13
QC#4 - Matchstick Balancing Trick
Episode 14
QC#5 - Screaming Shivering Quarters
Episode 15
QC#6 - Electric Fire bolt
Episode 16
QC#7 - Liquid Nitrogen Balloon Babies
Episode 17
QC#8 - Instant Ice
Episode 18
QC#9 - Heavy Bag (Air Pressure Experiment)
Episode 19
QC#10 - Shaking Butter Like A Boss
Episode 20
QC#11 - Monster Dry Ice Bubble
Episode 21
QC#12 - Touch Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)
Episode 22
QC#13 - Instant Slushy! (The 3 Second Slurpee)
Episode 23
QC#14 - Levitating Glass Illusion
Episode 24
Solar Scorcher Fireworks
Episode 25
QC#15 - Water Bottle Fire Lighter
Episode 26
QC#16 - Rewind Dry Ice
Episode 27
QC#17 - Alcohol Fireball
Episode 28
QC#18 - Sodium Metal Exploding
Episode 29
QC#20 - Solar Scrambled Eggs!
Episode 30
QC#21 - 'Hot Potato'
Episode 31
Halloween Blast-O-Lantern (Exploding Pumpkin Face)
Episode 32
QC#22 - Pop-Can Lock Picking
Episode 33
9 Ways To Fold Fancy Holiday Napkins!
Episode 34
Fancy Napkin #9 - The 'Bishop's Hat'
Episode 35
Fancy Napkin #8 - 'Bird of Paradise'
Episode 36
Fancy Napkin #7 - The 'Rose'
Episode 37
Fancy Napkin #6 - The 'Basket'
Episode 38
Fancy Napkin #5 - The 'Elf Shoe'
Episode 39
Fancy Napkin #4 - The 'Pyramid'
Episode 40
Fancy Napkin #3 - Simple 'Silverware Pouch'
Episode 41
Fancy Holiday Napkin #2 - The 'Candle'
Episode 42
Fancy Napkin #1 - The 'Crown'
Episode 43
Pyrotechnic Pie - Mega Dangerous Thanksgiving Dessert!
Episode 44
QC#23 - Liquid Oxygen Experiment
Episode 45
Human Torch vs Incredible Hulk in Super Slow Motion
Episode 46
Playing With Gravity In a Tuxedo!
Episode 47
Imploding Can Crusher - TB#1
Episode 48
QC#24 - Magic Mud
Episode 49
'Killing' Time - Daylight Saving Awareness in Slow Mo - TB#2
Episode 50
Exploding Snowman - Winter is 'Officially' Over! - TB#3
Episode 51
QC#26 - Slimy Toilet Prank
Episode 52
QC#25 - 'Mad Science' Leidenfrost Experiment
Episode 53
TB#4 - Electrical Sparks in Slow Motion
Episode 54
Easter Shooter
Episode 55
QC#27 - Adult Diaper 'Super Soil'
Episode 56
QC#28 - Superhero Shuriken
Episode 57
QC#31 - Solar Explosive Soda
Episode 58
QC#29 - Micro X-bow 'Catching Fire'
Episode 59
QC#35 - Bottle Cap Party Whistle
Episode 60
QC#36 - Easy Kiwi Life-Hack
Episode 61
QC#37 - The Tie Saver (a Lifehack for Fathers Day)
Episode 62
I'm doing a Reddit AMA RIGHT NOW
Episode 63
QC#41 - Itty-Bitty BBQ
Episode 64
QC#40 - Dragon Smoke
Episode 65
QC#42 - S'mores Roaster
Episode 66
Subscribe to 'The King of Random'
Episode 67
QC#39 - Soda Cap Containers
Episode 68
MB#1 - Worlds Largest Gummy Bear
Episode 69
QC#38 - Matchless Fire Starter
Episode 70
QC#44 - Nitrogen Rocket
Episode 71
Giant Orc. Fast Car.
Episode 72
QC#43 - Baby Ninja Turtle Eggs
Episode 73
MB#2 - Rubber Band Shotgun
Episode 74
Ice Bucket Challenge - Dry Ice Version
Episode 75
QC#48 - Super Tramp
Episode 76
QC#47 - Trash Sack Life Hack
Episode 77
QC#49 - BooHoo Super Glue
Episode 78
QC#30 - Leak-Free Cold Packs
Episode 79
QC#46 - Buzz Blaster
Episode 80
MB#3 - Magnetic Thinking Putty
Episode 81
QC#34 - Dry Ice-Pop
Episode 82
QC#50 - Cryogenic Napalm
Episode 83
QC#45 - Melting Dry Ice (Do Not Attempt!)
Episode 84
MB#4 - Kinetic Sand
Episode 85
QC#33 - Grilling Magnesium (Science Experiment)
Episode 86
QC#51 - Soul Sucking
Episode 87
QC#52 - Sugar Blaster
Episode 88
QC#32 - Tuna Torch
Episode 89
QC#53 - Duct Tape Rocket
Episode 90
QC#54 - Matchbox Rockets
Episode 91
MB#5 - Worlds Largest Gummy Worm
Episode 92
MB#6 - Silver Magnetic Thinking Putty
Episode 93
QC#55 - Earth Friendly Fuel
Episode 94
MB#7 - 100 watt Solar Panels
Episode 95
MB#8 - Marshmallow Shooter (Bow & Mallow)
Episode 96
MB#9 - NetCam HD+ and WEMO Smart Electronics
Episode 97
QC#56 - Gum Wrapper Fire Starter
Episode 98
QC#58 - Pop Can Foundry
Episode 99
QC#57 - Making the 'Flower Pot' Foundry
Episode 100
QC#59 - Star Wars Gummies
Episode 101
MB#10 - Plasma Ball (3 Prizes)
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