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Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor

2016 - 2020  •  Disney Channel  •  34 hours  •  3 seasons  •  82 episodes
13 votes
1606 votes
# 10848
Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Animation, Children, Adventure, Family, Musical
Elena of Avalor tells the story of a brave teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as a crown princess until she’s old enough to be queen.
  Previously Aired Episode
Coronation Day Part 3 Aired on 08/23/2020
Coronation Day Part 3
Season 3: Episode 31
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
82 episodes total
Elena of Avalor | Trailer | Elena of Avalor | Disney Channel
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
First Day of Rule
S01 E02
Model Sister
S01 E03
All Heated Up
S01 E04
Island of Youth
S01 E05
S01 E06
Prince Too Charming
S01 E07
Finders Leapers
S01 E08
Royal Retreat
S01 E09
A Day to Remember
S01 E10
The Scepter of Light
S01 E11
S01 E12
S01 E13
Flight of the Jaquins
S01 E14
Crystal in the Rough
S01 E15
The Princess Knight
S01 E16
Captain Turner Returns
S01 E17
King of the Carnaval
S01 E18
My Fair Naomi
S01 E19
Spirit Monkey Business
S01 E20
S01 E21
Realm of the Jaquins
S01 E22
The Gecko's Tale
S01 E23
Party of a Lifetime
S01 E24
S01 E25
Masks of Magic
S01 E26
Masks of Magic
Season 2
S02 E01
The Jewel of Maru
S02 E02
Royal Rivalry
S02 E03
The Curse of El Guapo
S02 E04
Three Jaquins and a Princess
S02 E05
A Spy in the Palace
S02 E06
Science Unfair
S02 E07
Rise of the Sorceress
S02 E08
S02 E09
The Scepter of Night
S02 E10
The Race for the Realm
S02 E11
A Tale of Two Scepters
S02 E12
Class Act
S02 E13
All Kingdoms Fair
S02 E14
A Lava Story
S02 E15
Song of the Sirenas
S02 E16
The Tides of Change
S02 E17
The Return of El Capitán
S02 E18
Finding Zuzo
S02 E19
Snow Place Like Home
S02 E20
Two Left Fins
S02 E21
Movin' On Up
S02 E22
Not Without My Magic
S02 E23
Luna's Big Leap
S02 E24
Naomi Knows Best
S02 E25
Naomi Knows Best
Season 3
S03 E01
Sister of Invention
S03 E02
To Save a Sunbird
S03 E03
S03 E04
The Incredible Shrinking Royals
S03 E05
Norberg Peace Prize
S03 E06
The Magic Within
S03 E07
Flower of Light
S03 E08
Captain Mateo
S03 E09
Sugar Rush
S03 E10
The Family Treasure
S03 E11
S03 E12
Changing of the Guard
S03 E13
King Skylar
S03 E14
Spirit of a Wizard
S03 E15
Team Isa
S03 E16
The Last Laugh
S03 E17
Festival of Lights
S03 E18
The Birthday Cruise
S03 E19
Giant Steps
S03 E20
Shooting Stars
S03 E21
Crash Course
S03 E22
Sweetheart's Day
S03 E23
The Lightning Warrior
S03 E24
Dia de las Madres
S03 E25
Heart of a Jaguar
S03 E26
Elena's Day Off
S03 E27
To Queen or Not to Queen
S03 E28
Coronation Day
S03 E29
Coronation Day Part 1
S03 E30
Coronation Day Part 2
S03 E31
Coronation Day Part 3
Episode 1
My Time music video
Episode 2
Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Episode 3
Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Episode 4
Adventures in Vallestrella: Flight of the Butterfrog
Episode 5
Adventures in Vallestrella: Human Nature
Episode 6
Adventures in Vallestrella: Sleeping Sunbird
Episode 7
Adventures in Vallestrella: Fast Food
Episode 8
Adventures in Vallestrella: Peabunny Boogie
Episode 9
Scepter Training with Zuzo: Royal Treasury Escape Room
Episode 10
Scepter Training with Zuzo: The Heist
Episode 11
Scepter Training with Zuzo: Nothing But Blaze
Episode 12
Scepter Training with Zuzo: Stowaway
Episode 13
Scepter Training with Zuzo: Don't Be Our Guest
Episode 14
The Secret Life of Sirenas: Off to the Race
Episode 15
The Secret Life of Sirenas: Feeling Clammy
Episode 16
The Secret Life of Sirenas: Walk This Way
Episode 17
The Secret Life of Sirenas: Marisa and the Mirror
Episode 18
The Secret Life of Sirenas: One-Octopus Band
Episode 19
Discovering the Magic Within: When the Royal Family's Away
Episode 20
Discovering the Magic Within: Spring Cleaning
Episode 21
Discovering the Magic Within: Not So Basic Training
Episode 22
Discovering the Magic Within: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Episode 23
Discovering the Magic Within: Modern Royal Family
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