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Rusty Rivets

Rusty Rivets

2016 - Now  •  Friday 07:30 PM on Nick Jr.  •   62 hours
1 vote
176 votes
# 38870
Animation, Children
A boy named Rusty uses his knowledge of engineering to repurpose machine parts and create gadgets. He leads a team of rescue robots—Ray, Whirly, Crush, Jack, Botasaur, and Bytes—with the help of his friend Ruby.
  Previously Aired Episode
Rusty vs. the Dino Invasion Aired on 05/08/2020
Rusty vs. the Dino Invasion
Season 3: Episode 49
Rusty Rivets | Rusty Rivets | Nick Jr. | Adventure in the Making | Series Premiere Trailer
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Rusty's Rex Rescue
S01 E02
Rusty's Park N' Fly
S01 E03
Rusty Digs In
S01 E04
Rusty's Brave Cave Save
S01 E05
Rusty Dives In
S01 E06
Rusty's Big Top Trouble
S01 E07
Rusty Marks the Spot
S01 E08
Rusty's Bits on the Fritz
S01 E09
Rusty's Bit in the Woods
S01 E10
Rusty's Stuffy Toughy
S01 E11
Rusty Goes Bananas
S01 E12
Rusty's Night Lights
S01 E13
Rusty's Ski Trip Blip
S01 E14
Rusty and the Camp Bandit
S01 E15
Ruby Rocks
S01 E16
Rusty's Balloon Blast
S01 E17
Rusty's Nest Friend Forever
S01 E18
Rusty's Flingbot
S01 E19
Rusty's Penguin Problem
S01 E20
Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle
S01 E21
Rusty's Space Bit
S01 E22
Rusty and the Sneezing Fish
S01 E23
Rusty's Water Works
S01 E24
Rusty's Rubbish Race
S01 E25
Rusty In Liam Land
S01 E26
Rusty the Vacuum Kid
S01 E27
Rusty and Captain Scoops
S01 E28
Rusty's Creature Catcher
S01 E29
Rusty Learns to Skate
S01 E30
Rusty's Rustic Adventure
S01 E31
Rusty's Mechanical Animal
S01 E32
Rusty's Spaceship
S01 E33
Rusty and the Bit Police
S01 E34
Rusty's Jam at the Dam
S01 E35
Rusty's Botafort
S01 E36
Rusty's Bull Dozer
S01 E37
Rusty's Alien Invasion
S01 E38
Rusty's Running Car
S01 E39
Rusty Feels Peachy
S01 E40
Rusty's Monkey Mayhem
S01 E41
Rusty's Pet Project
S01 E42
Rusty Gets Stuck
S01 E43
Rusty's Mysterious Mystery
S01 E44
Rusty's Yard-Cade Game
S01 E45
Rusty's Spooky Adventure
S01 E46
Rusty Loses the Bits
S01 E47
Rusty's Dancing Suit
S01 E48
Rusty Bee Good
S01 E49
Rusty's Plant Predicament
S01 E50
Rusty's Beach Day Delay
S01 E51
Rusty's Kitty Catastrophe
S01 E52
Robo Rusty
S01 E53
Rusty\'s Messy Mishap
S01 E54
Rusty\'s Rustic Adventure
Season 2
S02 E01
Ruby's Comet Adventure
S02 E02
Rusty's Messy Mishap
S02 E03
Rusty's Mobile Rivet Lab
S02 E04
Rusty's Piggy Bank Heist
S02 E05
Rusty's Whale of a Problem
S02 E06
Rusty's Monkey Business
S02 E07
Rusty's Snow Problem
S02 E08
Frankie's Botasaur
S02 E09
Rusty's Mega Stacker
S02 E10
The Fix it 500
S02 E11
Ice Ice Rusty
S02 E12
Rusty vs. the Robo Squirrel
S02 E13
Rusty's Day of the Drones
S02 E14
Rusty and the Pirates of Sparkton Hills
S02 E15
Rusty and the Mouse Problem
S02 E16
Rusty and the Birthday Surprise
S02 E17
Rusty's Ninja Fish Rescue
S02 E18
Rusty's Relaxing Recliner
S02 E19
Rusty and the Stinky Situation
S02 E20
Rusty's Runaway Sled
S02 E21
Rusty's Sky Pie Delivery
S02 E22
Rusty's Show Must Go On
S02 E23
Rusty and the S'mores Snatcher
S02 E24
Rusty's Sick Fix
S02 E25
Rusty's Journey to the Center of Sparkton Hills
S02 E26
Rusty's Walk on the Small Side
S02 E27
Liam Gets Birdnapped
S02 E28
Super Rusty vs. Super Villain Bot
S02 E29
Rusty in Space
S02 E30
Rusty's Dino Coaster
S02 E31
Rusty's Teacher Appreciation Day
S02 E32
Rusty and the Heroic Helpers
S02 E33
Rusty's Monkey Rescue
S02 E34
A Pet for Liam
S02 E35
Rusty's Dome Trouble
S02 E36
Rusty Saves Christmas
S02 E37
Rusty and the Temple of Boom
S02 E38
Rusty's Bubble Trouble
S02 E39
Rusty's Runaway Sub
S02 E40
Rusty's Roller Rescue
S02 E41
Knight Time for Rusty
S02 E42
Rusty's Elephant Escape
S02 E43
Rusty and the Flying Skunk
S02 E44
Rusty and the Floating School
S02 E45
Rusty vs. Mega Frankford
S02 E46
Rusty's Arctic Adventure
S02 E47
Super Liam
S02 E48
Secret Agent Rusty
S02 E49
Moon Walkin' Rusty
Season 3
S03 E01
Rusty's Tiny Adventure
S03 E02
Rusty's Warm Winter Games
S03 E03
Rusty's Dino Island
S03 E04
Rusty's Raptor Race
S03 E05
Rusty's Triceratops
S03 E06
Frankie's Super Shoes
S03 E07
Rusty's Rapid Ralph Return
S03 E08
Rusty and the Search for Ozzy
S03 E09
Rusty's Dactyl Dilemma
S03 E10
Detective Rusty
S03 E11
Rusty's Chilling Rescue
S03 E12
Rusty's Treasure Island
S03 E13
Rusty's Raptor-Sitting
S03 E14
Liam's Caterpillar Calamity
S03 E15
Rusty's Birthday Round-Up
S03 E16
Rusty's Meteor Madness
S03 E17
Rusty's Dino for a Day
S03 E18
Liam's Large Adventure
S03 E19
Rusty's Hike Hijinks
S03 E20
Ozzy Gets Trapped
S03 E21
Rusty's Island Mystery
S03 E22
Rusty and the Elephant Express
S03 E23
Rusty and Ruby on the Fritz
S03 E24
Rusty's Stegobot
S03 E25
Rusty's Hide-and-Ghost-Seek
S03 E26
Halloween Hero
S03 E27
Rusty's Franken Monster Truck
S03 E28
Rusty's Adventures in Blobbositting
S03 E29
Rusty's Raptor Crossing
S03 E30
Rusty's Dinosaur Snow Day
S03 E31
Rusty's Floating Adventure
S03 E32
Rusty's Hoppy Day
S03 E33
Ozzy's Snooze Cruise
S03 E34
Rusty's Diamond Drama
S03 E35
Rusty and the Flying Pirate Monkeys
S03 E36
Rusty's Delivery Day
S03 E37
Rusty's Founder's Day Frenzy
S03 E38
Rusty's Giga-Bytes
S03 E39
Rusty's Triceratops Trouble
S03 E40
Rusty's Pendant Problem
S03 E41
Rusty's Baseball Bot
S03 E42
Rusty's Giant Toy Trouble
S03 E43
Frankie's Fritz Bits
S03 E44
Rusty's Ice Cream Day Disaster
S03 E45
Rusty's Giraffe Journey
S03 E46
Rusty's Construction Chaos
S03 E47
Whole Lava Trouble
S03 E48
Rusty's Missing Mom Adventure
S03 E49
Rusty vs. the Dino Invasion
Episode 1
Rusty and the Nuts to Bolts
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