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The Loretta Young Show

The Loretta Young Show

1953 - 1971  •  NBC  •  107 hours  •  8 seasons  •  257 episodes
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272 votes
# 10439
A drama anthology series hosted by actress Loretta Young. In addition to hosting the seres, she played the lead in various episodes.
  Previously Aired Episode
Not in Our Stars Aired on 06/04/1961
Not in Our Stars
Season 8: Episode 31
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
257 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Trial Run
S01 E02
The Mirror
S01 E03
Prisoner at One O'Clock
S01 E04
Girl on a Flagpole
S01 E05
Turn Off the Card
S01 E06
S01 E07
The One That Got Away
S01 E08
Kid Stuff
S01 E09
The Bronte Story
S01 E10
Thanksgiving in Beaver Run
S01 E11
This Is A Love Story
S01 E12
Laughing Boy
S01 E13
The Faith of Chata
S01 E14
The Night My Father Came Home
S01 E15
Hotel Irritant
S01 E16
S01 E17
Lady Killer
S01 E18
Secret Answer
S01 E19
Big Little Lie
S01 E20
The Hollywood Story
S01 E21
A Family Out of Us
S01 E22
Act of Faith
S01 E23
The New York Story
S01 E24
Nobody's Boy
S01 E25
The Count of Ten
S01 E26
The Clara Schumann Story
S01 E27
Son, This is Your Father
S01 E28
The First Man to Ask Her
S01 E29
Man's Estate
S01 E30
Forest Ranger
S01 E31
The Enchanted Schoolteacher
S01 E32
The Judgement
S01 E33
Oh, My Aching Heart
S01 E34
Dear Midge
S01 E35
Something Always Happens
S01 E36
Lady in War Paint
Season 2
S02 E01
Guest in the Night
S02 E02
Dr. Juliet
S02 E03
Double Trouble
S02 E04
The Lamp
S02 E05
You're Driving Me Crazy
S02 E06
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
S02 E07
For Father Darling
S02 E08
On Your Honor, Your Honor
S02 E09
The Girl Scout Story
S02 E10
No Help Wanted
S02 E11
Its a Man's Game
S02 E12
Something About Love
S02 E13
Our Sacred Honor
S02 E14
Big Jim
S02 E15
Evil For Evil
S02 E16
Time and Yuletide
S02 E17
Three Minutes To Late
S02 E18
The Girl Who Knew
S02 E19
The Flood
S02 E20
S02 E21
The Refinement of 'Ab'
S02 E22
600 Seconds
S02 E23
The Case of Mrs Bannister
S02 E24
S02 E25
Option On a Wife
S02 E26
Tales of A Cayuse
S02 E27
Case Book
S02 E28
Dateline: Korea
S02 E29
Inga II
S02 E30
Mink Coat
S02 E31
Let Columbus Discover You
S02 E32
He Always Comes Home
S02 E33
Feeling No Pain
S02 E34
The Little Teacher
S02 E35
I Remember the Rani
Season 3
S03 E01
Fear Me Not
S03 E02
Week-End in Winnetka
S03 E03
S03 E04
My Uncle O'Moore
S03 E05
S03 E06
Moment of Decision
S03 E07
The Waiting Game
S03 E08
The Last Spring
S03 E09
S03 E10
S03 E11
Tropical Secretary
S03 E12
The Bracelet
S03 E13
Across the Plaza
S03 E14
A Pattern of Deceit
S03 E15
Man in the Ring
S03 E16
A Shadow Between
S03 E17
Christmas Stopover
S03 E18
A Ticket for May
S03 E19
Inga III
S03 E20
The Challenge
S03 E21
Song of Rome
S03 E22
The Secret
S03 E23
The Pearl
S03 E24
Tightwad Millionaire
S03 E25
S03 E26
Father Happe
S03 E27
His Inheritance
S03 E28
The Wise One
S03 E29
But for God's Grace
S03 E30
Hapless Holiday
S03 E31
Code 258
S03 E32
The Cardinal's Secret
Season 4
S04 E01
Double Partners
S04 E02
The Question
S04 E03
S04 E04
Little League
S04 E05
Incident in Kawi
S04 E06
Now a Brief Word
S04 E07
The Years Between
S04 E08
New Slant
S04 E09
Goodbye, Goodbye
S04 E10
The Great Divide
S04 E11
Take Care of My Child
S04 E12
The End of the Week
S04 E13
Inga IV
S04 E14
Rhubarb in Apartment B-7
S04 E15
Somebody Else's Dream
S04 E16
Three and Two, Please
S04 E17
Imperfect Balance
S04 E18
Queen Nefertiti
S04 E19
My Favorite Monster
S04 E20
Miss Ashley's Demon
S04 E21
The Bad Apple
S04 E22
S04 E23
Wedding Day
S04 E24
S04 E25
S04 E26
The Room Next Door
S04 E27
So Bright a Light
S04 E28
Rummage Sale
S04 E29
S04 E30
The Man on Top
S04 E31
The Countess
S04 E32
A Mind of Their Own
S04 E33
Royal Partners (1)
S04 E34
Royal Partners (2)
Season 5
S05 E01
A Dollar's Worth
S05 E02
The Defense
S05 E03
Innocent Conspiracy
S05 E04
Understanding Heart
S05 E05
The Little Witness
S05 E06
S05 E07
Friends at a Distance
S05 E08
Man In a Hurry
S05 E09
Power Play
S05 E10
The Demon and Mrs. Devon
S05 E11
The Mail Van Murder
S05 E12
The Hidden One
S05 E13
Faraway Island
S05 E14
My Two Hands
S05 E15
Dear Milkman
S05 E16
The Bargain
S05 E17
A Greater Strength
S05 E18
S05 E19
The Oriental Mind
S05 E20
S05 E21
Time of Decision
S05 E22
Air Stewardess
S05 E23
To Open a Door
S05 E24
Thanks to You
S05 E25
Dangerous Verdict
S05 E26
Second Rate Citizen
S05 E27
South American Uncle
S05 E28
A Strange Adventure
S05 E29
Day of Rest
Season 6
S06 E01
The Near Unknown
S06 E02
For Better or Worse
S06 E03
In the Good Old Summertime
S06 E04
A Visit to Sao Paolo
S06 E05
Out of Control
S06 E06
The 20-Cent Tip
S06 E07
I Want to Get Married
S06 E08
The Woman Between
S06 E09
The Last Witness
S06 E10
The Happy Widow
S06 E11
Strange Money
S06 E12
Most Honorable Day
S06 E13
Operation Snowball
S06 E14
The Break-Off
S06 E15
Sister Ann
S06 E16
This Is the Moment
S06 E17
Incident in India
S06 E18
Seed From the East
S06 E19
The Black Lace Valentine
S06 E20
Marriage Crisis
S06 E21
The Portrait
S06 E22
810 Franklin Street
S06 E23
The Prettiest Girl in Town
S06 E24
The Tenderizer
S06 E25
Each Man's Island
S06 E26
Mr. Wilson's Wife (1)
S06 E27
Mr. Wilson's Wife (2)
S06 E28
Strictly Personal
S06 E29
The Accused
S06 E30
Trouble in Fenton Valley
Season 7
S07 E01
The Road
S07 E02
One Beautiful Moment
S07 E03
The Strangers That Came to Town
S07 E04
Mask of Evidence
S07 E05
Circles of Panic
S07 E06
The Red Dress
S07 E07
A New Step
S07 E08
Ten Men and a Girl
S07 E09
The Lady in the Fish Bowl
S07 E10
Vengeance is Thine
S07 E11
The Penthouse
S07 E12
Alien Love
S07 E13
Shower of Ashes
S07 E14
The Grenade
S07 E15
Little Monster, Tall Tails
S07 E16
Off-Duty Affair
S07 E17
Mrs. Minton
S07 E18
The Hired Hand
S07 E19
Slight Delay
S07 E20
Second Spring
S07 E21
Crisis in 114
S07 E22
The Trouble With Laury's Men
S07 E23
The Trial
S07 E24
Plain, Unmarked Envelope
S07 E25
The Best Season
S07 E26
The Unwanted
S07 E27
Faith, Hope and Mr. Flaherty
S07 E28
The Eternal Vow (1)
S07 E29
The Eternal Vow (2)
S07 E30
The Misfit
Season 8
S08 E01
The Long Night
S08 E02
At the Edge of the Desert
S08 E03
Fair Exchange
S08 E04
S08 E05
S08 E06
Love Between the Acts
S08 E07
The Glass Cage
S08 E08
The Seducer
S08 E09
No Margin for Error
S08 E10
Unconditional Surrender
S08 E11
The Night the Doorbell Rang
S08 E12
These Few Years
S08 E13
My Own Master
S08 E14
Enter at Your Own Risk
S08 E15
This Subtle Danger
S08 E16
The Lie
S08 E17
Quiet Desperation
S08 E18
The Golden Cord
S08 E19
Double Edge
S08 E20
The Choice
S08 E21
When Queens Ride By
S08 E22
The Preliminaries
S08 E23
S08 E24
Doesn't Everybody?
S08 E25
The Man Who Couldn't Smile
S08 E26
Emergency in 114
S08 E27
13 Donner Street
S08 E28
Those at the Top
S08 E29
The Wedding
S08 E30
The Forbidden Guests
S08 E31
Not in Our Stars
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