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Fan Service

Fan Service

2016 - Now  •  11:00 PM on Rooster Teeth  •  111 hours  •  1 season  •  89 episodes
0 vote
Talk Show, News
Gray Haddock, Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, Yssa Badiola, and their friends discuss the latest news, trailers, and episodes from the world of anime.
  Previously Aired Episode
Most Surprising Anime of 2020 Aired on 01/23/2020
Most Surprising Anime of 2020
Season 2020: Episode 4
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Season 1
S01 E01
Fan Service Is Back!
S01 E02
Look At Us Like Strawberries
S01 E03
S01 E04
The Reverse, Reverse, Reverse Harem
S01 E05
Sometimes People Have to Die
S01 E06
You Don't Win An Award
S01 E07
The A-Team
S01 E08
Back From Japan
S01 E09
All These Brotherhoods
S01 E10
Something Wrong with my Vablina
S01 E11
See You in 20XX
S01 E12
Kanpai: I'm So F*cked Right Now
S01 E13
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Fan Service Is Back! - #01
S2016 E02
Look At Us Like Strawberries - #02
S2016 E03
Stan-ime - #03
S2016 E04
The Reverse, Reverse, Reverse Harem - #04
S2016 E05
Sometimes People Have to Die - #05
S2016 E06
You Don't Win An Award - #06
S2016 E07
The A-Team - #07
S2016 E08
Back From Japan - #08
S2016 E09
All These Brotherhoods - #09
S2016 E10
Something Wrong with my Vablina - #10
S2016 E11
See You in 20XX - #11
S2016 E12
Kanpai: I'm So F*cked Right Now - #12
Season 2017
S2017 E01
#StillNotCancelled - #13
S2017 E02
You's A Good Girl, But You's A Stupid B*tch Too - #14
S2017 E03
The Secrets of the Wind Blood #15
S2017 E04
The Juicy Dabbing Maid - #16
S2017 E05
That's So Bones - #17
S2017 E06
That's Not Anime! - #18
S2017 E07
Virgin Killers - #19
S2017 E08
The Bamboo Butthole! - #20
S2017 E09
All the Cute Boys and Girls - #21
S2017 E10
Art Imitates Life - #22
S2017 E11
Fast & Furious Is My Favorite Anime! - #23
S2017 E12
Welcome to the Bone Zone - #24
S2017 E13
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Fan Service - #25
S2017 E14
You’re Not You When You’re Hungry - #26
S2017 E15
Kitties & Tiddies - #27
S2017 E16
The Whole Finger Goes in the Mouth - #28
S2017 E17
Fingering the Goodness - #29
S2017 E18
Dude Service - #30
S2017 E19
Hard Boys For Life - #31
S2017 E20
Boys Sword Fighting - #32
S2017 E21
RTX Austin 2017 - #33
S2017 E22
Icy Hot - #34
S2017 E23
RTX Austin 2016 - Fan Service #35
S2017 E24
Conan's Anime Legs - #36
S2017 E25
Who's Your Daddy - #37
S2017 E26
Bring Me Back to Love - #38
S2017 E27
Ripped 14 Year Olds - #39
S2017 E28
Light Novel or Crazy Ramblings - #40
S2017 E29
Bazinga - #41
S2017 E30
This Show Has Changed You - #42
S2017 E31
The Boy Is There - #43
S2017 E32
You Gotta Pay Attention, It's JoJo - #44
S2017 E33
Home Shopping Network Knife Disaster - #45
S2017 E34
I Can't Believe I'm Putting These Thicc Girls Through College! - #46
S2017 E35
That Movie F***ed Me Up - #47
S2017 E36
2018: The Penetration Renaissance
S2017 E37
You're Gonna Carry That Weight - #49
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Fan Service Brotherhood
S2018 E02
We Can (Nut) Be Cancelled
S2018 E03
Attack on Titan and Knuckles
S2018 E04
Just Go With the Flow
S2018 E05
The Most Shonen Shonen to ever Shonen
S2018 E06
Sexy Chicken Nugget
S2018 E07
I'm About to Be
S2018 E08
Little Girls Pay My Bills
S2018 E09
Everyone's Fine, Everyone's Alive
S2018 E10
A Real, Metaphorical Giraffe
S2018 E11
Ragin' Bits
S2018 E12
The D**king Happens Twelve Episodes In
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Death and Rebirth
S2019 E02
Is Demon Slayer the Best Shonen Ever?
S2019 E03
The Best Show of the Fall 2019 Season!
S2019 E04
Steven Universe is my FAVORITE Anime!
S2019 E05
Happy Birthday Service!
S2019 E06
Is One Piece Too Long!?!?
S2019 E07
Have Pokemon Evolutions Gone TOO FAR!?!?
S2019 E08
The New Big Three!?!?!
S2019 E09
Fiona's Favorite Anime!!!
S2019 E10
How to Make an Anime!
S2019 E11
Re:ZERO Sub VS Dub
Season 2020
S2020 E01
The Fan Service Anime Awards!!!
S2020 E02
2020's Hottest Anime
S2020 E03
Our First Bad Anime
S2020 E04
Most Surprising Anime of 2020
Episode 1
Fanservice ONLINE
Episode 2
Episode 3
What Is Kawaii?
Episode 4
This Is My Life
Episode 5
Fanservice ONLINE - #0.1
Episode 6
Foodgasm - #0.2
Episode 7
What Is Kawaii? - #0.3
Episode 8
This Is My Life - #0.999
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