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Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures

Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures

2017 - 2021  •  Disney Junior  •  3 seasons  •  174 episodes
6 votes
617 votes
# 15779
Animation, Children, Adventure
Hot Rod Diggity Dog! Mickey Mouse, and his pals Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald transforms vehicles and go on humorous high-spirited races around the globe as well as hometown capers in Hot Dog Hills. When Minnie and Daisy are not busy racing, they run their own successful business as the Happy ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Clarabelle's Banana Splitz! Aired on 10/01/2021
Clarabelle's Banana Splitz!
Season 3: Episode 72
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
174 episodes total
Mickey Mouse: Mixed-Up Adventures | Mickey and the Roadster Racers | Theme Song | Disney Junior UK
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Mickey's Wild Tire!
S01 E02
Sittin' Kitty
S01 E03
Goofy Gas!
S01 E04
Little Big Ape
S01 E05
Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon!
S01 E06
Roaming Around Rome
S01 E07
Agent Double-O-Goof
S01 E08
S01 E09
Mickey's Perfecto Day!
S01 E10
Running of the Roadsters!
S01 E11
It's Wiki Wiki Time!
S01 E12
Happy Hula Helpers!
S01 E13
Ye Olde Royal Heist
S01 E14
Tea Time Trouble!
S01 E15
S01 E16
Happy Birthday Helpers!
S01 E17
Guru Goofy
S01 E18
Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!
S01 E19
Going Upppppppppp!
S01 E20
Gone Fishin'!
S01 E21
Goof Luck Charm
S01 E22
Teed Off!
S01 E23
The Impossible Race
S01 E24
The Happiest Helpers Cruise!
S01 E25
Smarty Goof
S01 E26
Adventures in Buddysitting!
S01 E27
Daredevil Goofy!
S01 E28
The Big Broadcast
S01 E29
Stop That Heist!
S01 E30
Lights! Camera! Help!
S01 E31
Mouse Vs. Machine!
S01 E32
Grandpa Beagle's Day Out
S01 E33
Donald's Garage
S01 E34
Artful Helpers
S01 E35
Ready, Get Pet... Go Pluto!
S01 E36
Figaro's New Friend!
S01 E37
Garage Alone
S01 E38
Camp Happy Helpers
S01 E39
The Haunted Hot Rod
S01 E40
Pete's Ghostly Gala
S01 E41
Billy Beagle's Tip-Top Garage
S01 E42
Diner Dog Rescue
S01 E43
Pit Stop and Go
S01 E44
Alarm on the Farm
S01 E45
Happy Hot Diggity Dog Holiday
S01 E46
Happy Holiday Helpers
S01 E47
Hot Dog Daze Afternoon
S01 E48
Super Sweet Helpers
S01 E49
The Grand Food Truck Rally
S01 E50
Cuckoo La-La
S01 E51
Rockin' Roadsters!
S01 E52
Safari, So Goody
Season 2
S02 E01
The Biggest Heist Ever
S02 E02
Thrillin' Hilda!
S02 E03
Stop Lazlo!
S02 E04
The Hot Diggity Dog Show
S02 E05
Donald's Stinky Day
S02 E06
The Hiking Honeybees
S02 E07
Racing Rivals
S02 E08
The Hapless Helpers
S02 E09
The Goofy Race!
S02 E10
Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks!
S02 E11
The Roadsterettes!
S02 E12
Oh Happy Day!
S02 E13
Phantom of the Café
S02 E14
Cuckoo in Paris
S02 E15
S02 E16
Super-Charged: Mickey's Monster Rally
S02 E17
Super-Charged: Pop Star Helpers
S02 E18
The Chip 'N Dale 500
S02 E19
Mickey's Ukulele Jam
S02 E20
Grandpa vs. Grandpa
S02 E21
Goof Mansion
S02 E22
A Doozy Night of Mystery
S02 E23
Daisy's Photo Finish!
S02 E24
Super-Charged: Daisy's Grande Goal
S02 E25
Pluto and the Pup
S02 E26
Trouble at Floochi's!
S02 E27
Goofy's Drive-In
S02 E28
The Iron Mouse
S02 E29
Mickey's Big Surprise
S02 E30
Meet the Beagles!
S02 E31
Snow-Go With the Flow
S02 E32
Happy Helpers on Ice!
S02 E33
Ski Trippin'!
S02 E34
My Fair Pete
S02 E35
Super-Charged: The Big Cheesy
S02 E36
S02 E37
You Quack Me Up
S02 E38
Tree House Trouble
S02 E39
Mickey's Spring Grand Prix
S02 E40
My Little Daisy
S02 E41
Mickey's Fun-tastical Field Day
S02 E42
Clarabelle on the Mooo-ve!
S02 E43
Super Charged: Donald's Roadster Round-Up
S02 E44
The Daisy Dance!
S02 E45
Super-Charged: Two Close Friends
S02 E46
Mr. Bigby's Big Night
S02 E47
Goof Quest
S02 E48
Llama Drama
S02 E49
Hi, Jinx!
S02 E50
Pete's Junkyard Helpers
Season 3
S03 E01
Mickey's Mixed-Up Motor Lab
S03 E02
Wishy Washy Helpers
S03 E03
One Unicorny Day!
S03 E04
The Happy Horse Helpers!
S03 E05
Animal Antics
S03 E06
Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!
S03 E07
Mickey's Monstrous Truck
S03 E08
Minnie's Vacation Home!
S03 E09
Mixed-Up for a Day!
S03 E10
Princess Clarabelle!
S03 E11
A Gollywood Wedding!
S03 E12
No Dilly Dally in New Delhi!
S03 E13
Mickey's Thanksgiving Family Fun Race!
S03 E14
Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!
S03 E15
Caution: Kids at Work!
S03 E16
The Snoozy Doozy Pet and Breakfast!
S03 E17
Where's Mickey?
S03 E18
Cuckoo in Hot Dog Hills!
S03 E19
Campy Camper Day!
S03 E20
Founder's Day Flounder!
S03 E21
S03 E22
Teahouse Helpers
S03 E23
Papa Pluto
S03 E24
Happy Valentine Helpers
S03 E25
Petey O'Pete
S03 E26
Daisy Does It!
S03 E27
Mickey's New Mouse House
S03 E28
Millie and Melody's Sleepover!
S03 E29
Old McMickey Had a Farm
S03 E30
Happy Lab Helpers
S03 E31
Hard Hat Diggity Dog!
S03 E32
Hair-Raising Helpers!
S03 E33
Donald's Fast Food 500
S03 E34
S03 E35
Hanami Hijinks!
S03 E36
Happy Harajuku Helpers!
S03 E37
Mickey's Roommate
S03 E38
Minnie's Bow-tel!
S03 E39
Mickey's Sporty Day
S03 E40
Go, Chili Dogs!
S03 E41
Goofy's Hot Dog Harvest
S03 E42
Puppy Birthday to You!
S03 E43
Holiday in Hot Dog Hills
S03 E44
Happy Kitty Helpers
S03 E45
Enough Stuff
S03 E46
The Hippity Hop Horse Show!
S03 E47
The Mystery of Hot Dog Lake!
S03 E48
Phantom Wing
S03 E49
Magic Tricked!
S03 E50
Art From the Heart!
S03 E51
Duck, Duck Geese!
S03 E52
S03 E53
Wheelchair Pals
S03 E54
Super-Duper-Stitious Day!
S03 E55
Goofy and Pete's Wild Ride
S03 E56
The Happiest Day of All!
S03 E57
All Aboard the Hot Diggity Dog Express!
S03 E58
Flea-bee Jeebies!
S03 E59
There Goes Our Fun!
S03 E60
Don't Wake the Baby!
S03 E61
Donald's Dilemma
S03 E62
The Royal-ympics!
S03 E63
Dale's New Pal
S03 E64
The Cuckoo Turnstyler!
S03 E65
It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Hot Dog Hills!
S03 E66
Happy Friend-iversary!
S03 E67
Crooner Mickey
S03 E68
Once Upon a Lemonade Stand
S03 E69
Holi, By Golly
S03 E70
The Pink City
S03 E71
The Spooky Spook House!
S03 E72
Clarabelle's Banana Splitz!
Episode 1
Minnie's Country Race
Episode 2
Episode 2
Episode 3
Computer Game
Episode 4
Creepy Creeps
Episode 5
Bow Be Mine
Episode 6
Minnie Specials
Episode 7
Minnie Specials Brand New Meet and Greets
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