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Behind The Meme

Behind The Meme

2016 - 2017   •  YouTube
1 vote
Comedy, Documentary, Special Interest
Behind The Meme takes a look at the Origin and History of today's popular internet memes and trends. If you feel out of the loop with a joke that everybody else seems to get or see a new trend everybody is doing and wonder when, where, and why it started, this is your channel. Most our videos are videos ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The meaning and origin of "dicks out for harambe" #dicksoutforharambe Aired on 08/13/2016
The meaning and origin of "dicks out for harambe" #dicksoutforharambe
Season 1: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
145 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
The meaning and origin of "dicks out for harambe" #dicksoutforharambe
S01 E02
Who Created Troll Face? The Origin Of A Meme Trollface
S01 E03
Where Is MLG Frog From? - Origin Of The Get Out Frog Meme
S01 E04
Harambe Tribute Song Gangstaaaa Rap Version #dicksoutforharambe
S01 E05
What Is Dat Boi? The Origin And Meaning Of The Frog Meme Explained
S01 E06
Who Is Pepe The Frog? The Creation And Origin Of A Classic Meme
S01 E07
Meaning of meme (1k Sub Special)
S01 E08
What is doge? The history and origin of the dog meme explained
S01 E09
What is a triggered meme? The meaning and definition of triggered memes
S01 E10
What is fapping? The meaning of the no fap september challenge
S01 E11
What is sanic? gotta go fast? The creation and origin of the sonic meme ...
S01 E12
What is SJW? SJW Meaning and definition explained
S01 E13
What is the meaning of lenny face? The origin of the le lenny face meme
S01 E14
What is a dank meme? The meaning and definition of dank memes explained
S01 E15
What is spoderman? The history of the spiderman meme explained
S01 E16
'You got beaned' memes - To meme or not to meme?
S01 E17
What is succ? The origin and meaning of succ memes explained
S01 E18
Who is Kappa? The origin, history and meaning of the Twitch kappa face me...
S01 E19
What happens if you drink bleach? The origin and meaning of the bleach me...
S01 E20
Door hinge memes - To meme or not to meme?
S01 E21
I'm Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop meme meaning and origin explai...
S01 E22
What is the SpongeGar meme? The origin and meaning of the caveman spongeb...
S01 E23
What is Rule 34? The origin and meaning of Rule 34 of the internet explai...
S01 E24
Taylor Swift is a satanist clone - Conspiracy Theory Review
S01 E25
Pepe Hate
S01 E26
What are to be continued memes? The history and origin of the JoJo's Biza...
S01 E27
What is the dab? The history and meaning of the popular dance and memes
S01 E28
What is the meaning of ppap? The history of the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen M...
S01 E29
What is the Arthur's fist meme? The meaning and origin of the Arthur meme...
S01 E30
2016 creepy clown sightings EXPLAINED #ifiseeaclown
S01 E31
The Bad Luck Brian Meme - The history and origin of the classic internet ...
S01 E32
What are Nutshack edits? The Nutshack theme song meme explained
S01 E33
What is the fitnessgram pacer test? The origin and history of the pacer t...
S01 E34
Bottle Flipping
S01 E35
S01 E36
Kazoo Kid
S01 E37
Ken Bone
S01 E38
S01 E39
Ayy lmao
S01 E40
Wow guy
S01 E41
7 Grand Dad
S01 E42
Windows XP
S01 E43
The End of Vine
S01 E44
You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood
S01 E45
Spooky Scary Skeletons
S01 E46
Vaporwave and Aesthetic
S01 E47
Robbie Rotten and We Are Number One
S01 E48
2016 Election
S01 E49
S01 E50
Hugh Mungus
S01 E51
Mannequin Challenge
S01 E52
Anthony Fantano
S01 E53
Wake Me Up Inside
S01 E54
Joe Biden
S01 E55
The Bee Movie
S01 E56
Big Smoke\'s Order
S01 E57
Ear Rape
S01 E58
The BackPack Challenge
S01 E59
Mission Failed
S01 E60
Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs
S01 E61
Word Replacement Remixes
S01 E62
5 Gun
S01 E63
Gabe The Dog
S01 E64
Hey what\'s up guys it\'s Scarce Here
S01 E65
The Angry Minecraft Kid
S01 E66
S01 E67
Running in the 90\'s
S01 E68
S01 E69
Biggie Cheese
S01 E70
Choccy Milk
S01 E71
Om Telolet Om
S01 E72
S01 E73
S01 E74
S01 E75
Jason Bourne
S01 E76
The Dancing Baby
S01 E77
Get In The Bag Nebby
S01 E78
Best memes 2016
Season 2
S02 E01
The 1000 Degree Knife
S02 E02
Let It Grow
S02 E03
Roblox Death Sound
S02 E34
Who created emojis? A look at the history, origin and meaning of emoji
S02 E35
What is the italian hand gesture meme? The meaning and origin of the how ...
S02 E36
Why is Cory In The House an anime? The history and origin of the best ani...
S02 E37
Dear America - Cash Me Outside Girl Gets A TV SHOW?!?! WTF?!
S02 E38
What is thomas the dank engine? The origin of the AMAZING thomas the tr...
S02 E39
Dear Pepsi - The Youtube Boycott And Kendall Jenner Ad Controversy
S02 E40
What is the Mulan szechaun sauce? The Mcdonald's / Rick And Morty Sauce
S02 E41
What is the meaning of 420? The history and origin of the 4:20 term and m...
S02 E42
What is ain't got rhythm? This history and origin of the Phineas And Ferb...
S02 E43
Where Are The Videos? Channel and Life Update
S02 E44
S02 E45
S02 E46
Episode 46
S02 E47
S02 E48
S02 E49
Episode 49
S02 E50
S02 E51
S02 E52
S02 E53
S02 E54
S02 E55
S02 E56
S02 E57
S02 E58
S02 E59
S02 E60
S02 E61
S02 E62
S02 E63
S02 E64
S02 E65
S02 E66
S02 E67
Nyan Cat
S02 E68
I GOT DOXXED!!! My response to the hate and future of the channel!
S02 E69
The history of the hashtag - The story and origin of # on social media
S02 E70
Who is this man?! The origins of Hide The Pain Harold
S02 E71
What is Kilroy was here? A look at the surprising origin of the interesti...
S02 E72
Pumped Up Kicks Meme - A look at the history and origin
S02 E73
Hello Darkness My Old Fried - A look at the sound of silence memes
S02 E74
The Distracted Boyfriend Meme - The history and origin of the distracted ...
S02 E75
Who is Sahar Tabar? The shocking Angelina Jolie look alike - Weird Intern...
S02 E76
What is the #invisibleboxchallenge? The origin of the invisible box jump ...
S02 E77
What is \'I Will Survive\'? A Look At The Shocking Zootopia Comic Memes
S02 E78
A look into the STRANGE of world of Charles Manson art and artifacts - We...
S02 E79
The memes of h3h3productions - The origin of popular h3h3 memes an trends
S02 E80
Top 10 most popular and searched for memes on Google 2017 - The year in r...
S02 E81
Who created the term LOL? A look into the origin and history of laughing ...
Season 3
S03 E01
What is remove kebab? A look at Serbia strong song edits and memes
S03 E02
What is the Tide POD challenge? A look into the history and origin of the...
S03 E03
Doland Trump\'s First Year As President - The Good, The Bad And The MEMES
S03 E04
What is up with the Nintendo Cardboard Memes? A look at Nintendo LABO Mem...
S03 E05
What is Uganda Knuckles?
S03 E06
Karma Is A B Challenge
S03 E07
You so precious when you smile
S03 E08
Connect 4 box cover
S03 E09
Gym Kardashian
S03 E10
Green M&M and Bambi PS2 Game
S03 E11
Wakanda isn\'t real ... or is it? Black Panther\'s real life village
S03 E12
What Cleopatra May Have Looked Like
S03 E13
McDonald\'s Rick And Morty Szechaun Sauce Review And Taste Test KINDA
S03 E14
Evil And Savage Patrick Star Meme
S03 E15
What is hatfishing?
S03 E16
Gru\'s Plan
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