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Backwardz Compatible

Backwardz Compatible

2014 - Now  •  Rooster Teeth  •  6 days  •  160 episodes
1 vote
A couple of idiots trying to fight, scream, run, dodge, and fail their way through their favorite video games.
  Previously Aired Episode
Everything's Wong Aired on 02/28/2019
Everything's Wong
Season 2019: Episode 17
Season 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Alien Isolation Part 1
S2014 E02
Alien Isolation Part 2
S2014 E03
Alien Pt.3
S2014 E04
Alien Pt.4
S2014 E05
Alien Pt.5
S2014 E06
Alien Pt.6
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Alien Isolation Pt. 7
S2015 E02
Alien Isolation Pt. 8
S2015 E03
Alien Isolation Pt. 9
S2015 E04
Alien Isolation Pt. 10
S2015 E05
Alien Isolation Pt. 11
S2015 E06
Alien Isolation Pt. 12
S2015 E07
Alien Isolation Pt. 7
S2015 E08
Alien Isolation Pt. 8
S2015 E09
Alien Isolation Pt. 9
S2015 E10
Alien Isolation Pt. 10
S2015 E11
Alien Isolation Pt. 11
S2015 E12
Alien Isolation Pt. 12
S2015 E13
Alien Isolation Pt. 13
S2015 E14
Alien Isolation DLC
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Fatal Frame #1
S2016 E02
Fatal Frame #2 - Ankle Biters
S2016 E03
Fatal Frame #3 - Demon Tag
S2016 E04
Fatal Frame #4 - Big Sexy
S2016 E05
Fatal Frame #5 - Drunk Miles
S2016 E06
Fatal Frame #6 - New Digs
S2016 E07
Fatal Frame #7 - The Calamity
S2016 E08
Fatal Frame #8 - From the top rope!
S2016 E09
Fatal Frame #9 - It Froze
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Resident Evil 7: Episode 0
S2017 E02
RE7 #1: Welcome to the Family
S2017 E03
RE7 #2: Daddy Ain't Happy
S2017 E04
RE7 #3: Poor Deputy
S2017 E05
RE7 #4 - Mama's Babies
S2017 E06
RE7 #5 - The Spider Lady
S2017 E07
RE7 #6 - Happy Birthday!
S2017 E08
RE7 #7 - Brawl in the Bayou
S2017 E09
RE7 #8 - I'm on a boat and it's 107 proof
S2017 E10
RE7 #9 - What Are? What is?
S2017 E11
RE7 #10 - E-001
S2017 E12
Sonic Adventure 2, #1 - Gotta Go Fast!
S2017 E13
Sonic Adventure 2, #2 - Parenting 101
S2017 E14
Sonic Adventure 2, #3 - #Eyebrows4Cheng
S2017 E15
Sonic Adventure 2, #4 - Rage So Hard
S2017 E16
Sonic Adventure 2, #5 - The Dark Side
S2017 E17
Sonic Adventure 2, #6 - Who are all these people?
S2017 E18
Sonic Adventure 2, #7 - No One Between Us
S2017 E19
Sonic Adventure 2, #8 - Word Association
S2017 E20
Sonic Adventure 2, #9 - All the Upgrades
S2017 E21
Sonic Adventure 2, #10 - Last Story
S2017 E22
One Off: Battlesloths 2025
S2017 E23
DMC3, #1 - A Crazy Party
S2017 E24
DMC3, #2 - A Soul of Steel
S2017 E25
DMC3, #3 - Role Play
S2017 E26
DMC3, #4 - Attic Metal
S2017 E27
Dream Daddy
S2017 E28
DMC3, #5 - Dante Daddy
S2017 E29
DMC3, #6 - The Dick That Fucks The World
S2017 E30
DMC3, #7 - Bedroom Eyes
S2017 E31
DMC3, #8 - Demonic Chess
S2017 E32
DMC3, #9 - Boss Rush
S2017 E33
DMC3, #10 - Two Brothers
S2017 E34
DreadOut #1 - Definitely Not Fatal Frame
S2017 E35
DreadOut #2 - Get Schwifty
S2017 E36
DreadOut #3 - Lenny G
S2017 E37
DreadOut #4 - Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
S2017 E38
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion
S2017 E39
Bendy and the Ink Machine
S2017 E40
Alien Isolation: Last Survivor
S2017 E41
Layers of Fear
S2017 E42
Layers of Fear #2
S2017 E43
Layers of Fear - Inheritance DLC
S2017 E44
Shovel Knight
S2017 E45
Shovel Knight #2 - Fairy of Shovelry
S2017 E46
Shovel Knight #3 - The Cream of the Crop
S2017 E47
Shovel Knight #4 - This Armor was a Mistake
S2017 E48
Shovel Knight #5 - Gold Boi
S2017 E49
RE7 - Not a Hero
S2017 E50
RE7 - I.C.P.
Season 2018
S2018 E01
RE7 - End of Zoe
S2018 E02
S2018 E03
Doki Doki Literature Club
S2018 E04
Embrace the Sploosh
S2018 E05
No Longer Okie Doki
S2018 E06
The Cream of the Crop
S2018 E07
Just Monika
S2018 E08
Fatal Frame II
S2018 E09
Doc Brown
S2018 E10
Garbage Food
S2018 E11
S2018 E12
Madame LaLaurie
S2018 E13
Like a Bitch...
S2018 E14
S2018 E15
Stretch Those Cheeks
S2018 E16
Joe Rybicki
S2018 E17
Smash That Record Button!
S2018 E18
S2018 E19
BzC with Special Guests: Drawfee
S2018 E20
God of War
S2018 E21
S2018 E22
S2018 E23
S2018 E24
Bad Dad
S2018 E25
The Nut Kicker
S2018 E26
Bad Kitty
S2018 E27
The Witch's Pearl
S2018 E28
Bad Dad Breakfast Bash
S2018 E29
Buried Past
S2018 E30
Nelly Hates Helheim
S2018 E31
The Black Rune
S2018 E32
So Much Angst
S2018 E33
On a Boat (ft. Kratos)
S2018 E34
Catch Ya on the Flip Side
S2018 E35
Mother's Ashes
S2018 E36
Vermintide 2
S2018 E37
Eatin' Ass
S2018 E38
Red Dead Revolver
S2018 E39
Jet Lagged as Fuck
S2018 E40
Outlast 2
S2018 E41
The Evil Within 2
S2018 E42
S2018 E43
Little Nightmares
S2018 E44
Until Dawn
S2018 E45
S2018 E46
Hitting Those QTE's
S2018 E47
Vintage Kyle
S2018 E48
Bear Trap Out of Nowhere
S2018 E49
Red vs. TED!
S2018 E50
How Big is this House?!
S2018 E51
It's Not Thanksgiving Yet
S2018 E52
Technical Difficultiez
S2018 E53
Now it's Thanksgiving
S2018 E54
S2018 E55
A Showdown Finale
S2018 E56
Release the Winnebago!
S2018 E57
Playing with the Monkey
S2018 E58
Dead Space
S2018 E59
Super Smash Bro. Ultimate
S2018 E60
Fish Out of Water
S2018 E61
The Smash Brothers
S2018 E62
X's and O's
S2018 E63
Stay Thirsty
S2018 E64
Hold Your Breath
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Big Baby Bitch
S2019 E02
A Robot Penis
S2019 E03
Big Chungi
S2019 E04
Default Names
S2019 E05
Little Nightmares FINALE!
S2019 E06
Magical Cancer
S2019 E07
Mortal Kombat 11
S2019 E08
S2019 E09
Resident Evil 2
S2019 E10
Make Us Whole
S2019 E11
Eh Yo Marv!
S2019 E12
Apex Legends
S2019 E13
S2019 E14
Messing with VR
S2019 E15
X Gon' Give It To Ya
S2019 E16
Blade and Sorcery
S2019 E17
Everything's Wong
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