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Worth It

Worth It

2016 - Now  •  Sunday 11:00 AM on YouTube  •  19 hours  •  76 episodes
1 vote
287 votes
# 4201
Comedy, Reality, Food
Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
  Previously Aired Episode
$4 Dessert Vs. $235 Dessert Aired on 12/11/2021
$4 Dessert Vs. $235 Dessert
Season 10: Episode 3
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Season 1
S01 E01
$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi
S01 E02
$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger
S01 E03
$5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza
S01 E04
$11 Steak Vs. $306 Steak
S01 E05
$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta
S01 E06
$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog
S01 E07
$8 Salmon Vs. $56 Salmon
S01 E08
$24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ
S01 E09
$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake
Season 2
S02 E01
$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut
S02 E02
$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet
S02 E03
$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco
S02 E04
$1 Ice Cream Vs. $1,000 Ice Cream
S02 E05
$2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza • New York City
S02 E06
$4 Cheesecake Vs. $70 Cheesecake
S02 E07
$7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu
S02 E08
$6 Cocktail Vs. $208 Cocktail
S02 E09
$2 Egg Vs. $95 Egg
S02 E10
$13 BBQ Ribs Vs. $256 BBQ Ribs • Korea
Season 3
S03 E01
$3 Mac 'N' Cheese Vs. $195 Mac 'N' Cheese
S03 E02
$7 BBQ Ribs Vs. $68 BBQ Ribs
S03 E03
$3 Seafood Vs. $213 Seafood • Australia
S03 E04
$18 Wine Vs. $1,000 Wine • Australia
S03 E05
$16 Steak Vs. $150 Steak • Australia
S03 E06
$17 Fried Chicken Vs. $500 Fried Chicken
S03 E07
$19 Brunch Vs. $113 Brunch
S03 E08
$3 Ramen Vs. $79 Ramen • Japan
S03 E09
$1 Coffee Vs. $914 Coffee • Japan
S03 E10
$7 Cake Vs. $208 Cake • Japan
S03 E11
$10 Game Day Food Vs. $456 Game Day Food • Super Bowl 2018
Season 4
S04 E01
$2 Bacon Vs. $100 Bacon
S04 E02
$1 Bagel Vs. $1,000 Bagel
S04 E03
$10 Vegan Vs. $135 Vegan
S04 E04
$9 Fish Vs. $140 Fish
S04 E05
$5 Pie Vs. $250 Pie
S04 E06
$7 Pho Vs. $68 Pho
S04 E07
$12 Pork Vs. $715 Pork
S04 E08
$8 Toast Vs. $20 Toast
S04 E09
$15 Spaghetti Vs. $143 Spaghetti
S04 E10
$3 Fries Vs. $100 Fries
S04 E11
$10 Cheesesteak Vs. $120 Cheesesteak
S04 E12
$2 Peking Duck Vs. $340 Peking Duck
Season 5
S05 E01
$29 Vs. $180 Family-Style Meats
S05 E02
$2 Curry Vs. $75 Curry
S05 E03
$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie
S05 E04
$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan
S05 E05
$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan
S05 E06
$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich
S05 E07
$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1
S05 E08
$192 Desserts • Holiday Special Part 2
S05 E09
$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3
Season 6
S06 E01
$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito
S06 E02
$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos
S06 E03
$13 Korean Soup Vs. $88 Korean Soup
S06 E04
$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad
S06 E05
$13 Lasagna Vs. $60 Lasagna
S06 E06
$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger
Season 7
S07 E01
$0.50 Dumpling Vs. $29 Dumplings • Taiwan
S07 E02
$3.50 Soup Vs. $29 Soup • Taiwan
S07 E03
$3 Chicken Vs. $62 Chicken • Taiwan
S07 E04
$7 Double Cheeseburger Vs. $25 Double Cheeseburger
S07 E05
$10 Noodles Vs. $94 Noodles
S07 E06
$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich Vs. $20 Fried Chicken Sandwich
S07 E07
$3 Takeout Vs. $129 Takeout
Season 8
S08 E01
$4 Pancake Vs. $88 Pancake
S08 E02
$4 Rice Vs. $52 Rice
S08 E03
$4 Breakfast Sandwich Vs. $30 Breakfast Sandwich
S08 E04
$5 Carrot Vs. $20 Carrot
S08 E05
$4 Quesadilla Vs. $20 Quesadilla
S08 E06
$128 Hot Pot Vs. $798 Meat Board
Season 9
S09 E01
$7 Picnic Vs. $323 Picnic
S09 E02
$1 Savory Pie Vs. $55 Savory Pie
S09 E03
$18 Oil Vs. $60 Oil
Season 10
S10 E01
$6 Sauce Vs. $185 Sauce
S10 E02
$20 Whole Chicken Vs. $78 Whole Chicken
S10 E03
$4 Dessert Vs. $235 Dessert
Episode 1
$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers
Episode 2
$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo
Episode 3
$50 Hotel Vs. $35,000 Hotel
Episode 4
$568K House Vs. $10 Million House
Episode 5
$39 Massage Vs. $490 Massage
Episode 6
$22 Date Vs. $1,160 Date
Episode 7
$22 Adrenaline Date Vs. $1,160 Adrenaline Date
Episode 8
$25,000 Car Vs. $503,000 Car
Episode 9
$0.50 Dumpling Vs. $29 Dumplings • Taiwan
Episode 10
Is Any Food NOT Worth It? • Worth It Q&A + Season 5 Announcement
Episode 11
Who Sponsors Worth It? • Worth It Q&A #2
Episode 12
Worth It Reacts To Their First Episode Together
Episode 13
Steven And Andrew React To The 10 Most Expensive 'Worth It' Foods
Episode 14
Andrew Reacts To Steven's Favorite 'Worth It' Episode
Episode 15
Steven Reacts To Andrew’s Favorite 'Worth It' Episode
Episode 16
Steven And Andrew React To Rie’s Favorite ‘Worth It’ Episode
Episode 17
Steven And Andrew React To The 5 Cheapest ‘Worth It’ Foods
Episode 18
Steven And Andrew React To Adam’s Favorite ‘Worth It’ Episode
Episode 19
Steven And Andrew React To Their First Fried Chicken Episode
Episode 20
I Tried Re-Creating This Vinegar Pie From Worth It
Episode 21
I Made This Fancy Ranch and Nuggets From Worth It
Episode 22
I Tried Re-Creating This Chocolate Salami From Worth It
Episode 23
I Made This Lychee Grape Smoothie From Worth It
Episode 24
I Tried Making This Fresh Soy Milk I Had In Taiwan
Episode 25
I Made This Cold Fried Chicken From Worth It
Episode 26
$1 Marathon
Episode 27
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