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2015 - 2017  •  Colors TV  •  9 days  •  333 episodes
4 votes
1703 votes
# 25909
Drama, Fantasy
Naagin (English: Female Serpent) is an Indian supernatural drama television series, which premiered on 1 November 2015 on Colors TV.

The first season ended ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Ek aakhri jung! Aired on 02/06/2021
Ek aakhri jung!
Season 5: Episode 52
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
333 episodes total
Naagin | Naagin 5 | नागिन 5 | Who Will Win This Battle Of Love? | Promo
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
A mysterious woman haunts Ritik
S01 E02
The Naagin begins with her revenge plan
S01 E03
Sesha's truth revealed?
S01 E04
Shivanya re-enters the house
S01 E05
Viren's attempts to get intimate with Shivanya
S01 E06
The truth about Hrithik's horoscope
S01 E07
Conflict at the Wedding ceremony
S01 E08
A Marriage Made in Heaven
S01 E09
An unexpected blessing for Shivanya
S01 E10
Naagin Unleashed
S01 E11
Sesha to kill Suri
S01 E12
Naagin's Vengance
S01 E13
Naagin ploys killers against each other
S01 E14
Naagin's close escape
S01 E15
Will Shivanya attend the Mahakali puja?
S01 E16
Ritik is poisoned
S01 E17
Shivanya fights Mahakali
S01 E18
Naagin enters the Haveli
S01 E19
Dewvdi's Secret
S01 E20
Sesha and Shivanya win yet again
S01 E21
Raheja family starts to suspect Shivanya
S01 E22
Sesha plans to kill Sailesh Mathur
S01 E23
Kabir kills Tanvi
S01 E24
Kabir tries to kill Shivanya
S01 E25
Shivanya and Sesha kill Kabir
S01 E26
S01 E27
Shivanya is stabbed
S01 E28
Shivanya's journey through the dark forest
S01 E29
Guruma looses all her powers
S01 E30
Shivanya returns home
S01 E31
Shivanya gets her powers back
S01 E32
Ritik witnesses the killing of Shailesh
S01 E33
Shivanya invokes the naagmani
S01 E34
Yamini Tries to Steal Naagmani
S01 E35
Sangram Singh escapes from the cave
S01 E36
Ritik has the Naagmani
S01 E37
Shivanya saves Ritik's life
S01 E38
The mystery of the Naagmani
S01 E39
The mysterious powers of Mayuri
S01 E40
The duel between Sesha and Mayuri
S01 E41
Mahishmati race to destroy human race
S01 E42
Finding the fifth murderer
S01 E43
The Aghoris capture Shivanya
S01 E44
Ritik the saviour
S01 E45
Yamini plots yet again
S01 E46
Dangerous omens
S01 E47
Yamini's truth is revealed
S01 E48
Sesha cohorts with Yamini
S01 E49
Shivanya is trapped
S01 E50
Shivanya confronts Sesha
S01 E51
Yamini's killing spree
S01 E52
Shivanya bring Ritik back to life
S01 E53
Yamini loses her mind
S01 E54
The Forbidden Union
S01 E55
Sangram gets shot
S01 E56
Kabir returns to kill Naagin
S01 E57
Shivanya comes face to face with Kabir
S01 E58
Viren gets shot
S01 E59
Shivanya seeks Sesha's help
S01 E60
Shivanya and Sesha kill Kabir
S01 E61
The wrath of Kali Maa
S01 E62
The battle for the Naagmani reaches fever pitch
Season 2
S02 E01
The saga continues
S02 E02
Will Shivangi and Ruchika cross paths?
S02 E03
Shivangi confesses her love for Rocky
S02 E04
Shivangi's life in danger!
S02 E05
Shocker: Yamini stabs Shivanya!
S02 E06
Shivangi's wedding turns into a nightmare!
S02 E07
Shivangi vows to avenge Shivanya's killers!
S02 E08
Will Shivangi transform into a 'Naagin'?
S02 E09
Shivangi attempts suicide!
S02 E10
And they're married
S02 E11
Shivangi all set to avenge her mother's killers!
S02 E12
Shivangi gets her first victim!
S02 E13
Shivangi and the 'Naag' join forces
S02 E14
Yamini decides to expose Shivangi's identity!
S02 E15
Shivangi has the venom to kill Avantika
S02 E16
Mahishmatis get a 'kawach'
S02 E17
Rudra is killed by the Mahishmatis
S02 E18
Shivangi brings Rudra back to life
S02 E19
Shivangi creates a rift between Yamini and Akhilesh
S02 E20
Rift between Shivangi and Rocky
S02 E21
Shivangi's 'Naagin' avatar exposed!
S02 E22
Rudra's double identity is exposed!
S02 E23
Shivangi's plan to save the 'Naagmani'
S02 E24
Shivangi's search for Rudra
S02 E25
The Battle for Naagmani
S02 E26
Shivangi learns Rocky's truth!
S02 E27
Shivangi gets her revenge from Kapalika
S02 E28
Shivangi is in a dilemma
S02 E29
Shivangi is stabbed!
S02 E30
Mahesh discovers Shivangi’s identity
S02 E31
Shivangi unveils Mahesh's real motives!
S02 E32
Shivangi freezes Mahish to death!
S02 E33
Will Shivangi be able to save Rocky?
S02 E34
Shivangi and Ruchika join forces
S02 E35
Shivangi kills Mahish
S02 E36
Shivangi warns Gautami
S02 E37
Shivangi reveals her true self to Yamini
S02 E38
Will Yamini expose Shivangi?
S02 E39
Will Shivangi be able to stop Vikram?
S02 E40
Is Rudra conspiring against Shivangi?
S02 E41
Is Shivangi's identity at stake?
S02 E42
Will Rocky find out Shivangi's secret?
S02 E43
Shivangi reveals her true self to Rocky
S02 E44
Shivangi in a fix
S02 E45
Will Rudra and Shivangi be successful in their mission?
S02 E46
Shivangi is devastated by Rudra's death
S02 E47
Is Shivangi close to unravelling the secret?
S02 E48
Will Shivangi kill Avantika?
S02 E49
Shivangi kills Avantika
S02 E50
Will Shivangi realise that Nidhi is a murderer?
S02 E51
Shivangi kills Sushant
S02 E52
Shivangi kills Nidhi
S02 E53
Shivangi's true identity exposed!
S02 E54
Will Ruchika escape her death again?
S02 E55
Shivangi kills Yamini
S02 E56
Shivangi's powers are back!
S02 E57
Can Shivangi win Rocky back?
S02 E58
Shivangi learns a terrible truth!
S02 E59
Shivangi uncovers a series of disturbing secrets!
S02 E60
Rocky's biggest secret revealed!
S02 E61
Rocky is out for a kill
S02 E62
Arjun and Shraddha help Shivangi
S02 E63
Ruchika is back from the dead
S02 E64
Rocky brings Ruchika home
S02 E65
Rocky and Shivangi back together?
S02 E66
Ruchika executes her plan
S02 E67
Rocky discovers Tanya's secret
S02 E68
Shivangi forms an alliance
S02 E69
Rocky learns the truth about Ruchika and Yamini!
S02 E70
Shivangi and Rocky swear vengeance
S02 E71
Shivangi is out for revenge!
S02 E72
Shivangi and Rocky out to avenge Avni's death!
S02 E73
Ruchika kills Tanya!
S02 E74
Ruchika receives a marriage proposal from Rocky!
S02 E75
A shocking nemesis!
S02 E99
Can Shivangi Win Rocky Back?
Season 3
S03 E01
The revenge saga begins
S03 E02
Vish out to avenge Vikrant's death
S03 E03
Bela receives a grim warning
S03 E04
Bela investigates Vish's disappearance
S03 E05
Vish claims Yuvraj's life
S03 E06
Bela is in for a big shock!
S03 E07
Bela's life is in danger
S03 E08
Bela reveals her true self
S03 E09
Bela's identity at stake
S03 E10
Will Bela get exposed?
S03 E11
Can Bela kill Mahir?
S03 E12
Bela's hit-list revealed!
S03 E13
Bela walks into Anu's trap
S03 E14
Jamini traps Bela
S03 E15
Mahir's decision troubles Bela
S03 E16
Bela plans to expose Jamini
S03 E17
Bela battles Jamini
S03 E18
Bela's feelings take over
S03 E19
Is Bela pregnant?
S03 E20
Bela is handed new tasks
S03 E21
Is Bela going to kill Mahir?
S03 E22
Bela tracks down the Naagmani
S03 E23
Vish's warning rattles Bela
S03 E24
Who is the real Bela?
S03 E25
Stree, a threat for the Naagins?
S03 E26
Mahir's kiss leaves Bela confused!
S03 E27
Vish gets engaged to Shaan!
S03 E28
Shaan's shocking truth!
S03 E29
Bela to be Shahnawaaz's bride?
S03 E30
Bela under Shahnawaaz's spell
S03 E31
Bela's decision shatters Mahir
S03 E32
Bela confesses her love!
S03 E33
Bela's grave mistake
S03 E34
Bela reunited with Vikrant?
S03 E35
Bela: I love Mahir
S03 E36
Vish reveals her identity
S03 E37
Vish eyeing the Naagmani?
S03 E38
Bela reunites with her mother!!
S03 E39
Nagrani warns Bela!
S03 E40
Bela's search for her adversary
S03 E41
Will Bela kill Mahir?
S03 E42
Bela to kill Mahir?
S03 E43
Vikrant to make Mahir's life hell
S03 E44
Bela finds a clue
S03 E45
Vikrant tries to frame Bela
S03 E46
Is Vyom an infiltrator?
S03 E47
Revenge is served, Vikrant!
S03 E48
Has Bela identified her enemy?
S03 E49
The trio plans to defeat Vyom
S03 E50
Vyom plans to expose Bela
S03 E51
Vyom misleads Mahir
S03 E52
Bela's horrific nightmare
S03 E53
Will Juhi become the Naagrani?
S03 E54
Bela forced to give in!
S03 E55
Mahir learns about Bela's conspiracy
S03 E56
Mahir seeks an ex-policeman's help
S03 E57
Bela begs for forgiveness!
S03 E58
Sumitra reveals her identity!
S03 E59
OMG! Yuvraj is alive?
S03 E60
Shocker: Is Vish dead?
S03 E61
Shocker: Vish is pregnant!
S03 E62
Can Bela stop Sumitra?
S03 E63
Mahir wants to marry Vish
S03 E64
Vish and Mahir's wedding
S03 E65
Bela fights for Mahir's love
S03 E66
Will Sumitra kill Bela's mother?
S03 E67
Bela pushed from the hill
S03 E68
Sumitra's evil business!
S03 E69
Bela hits back!
S03 E70
Mahir's life at stake
S03 E71
No turning back for Bela
S03 E72
Sumitra loses the Naagmani
S03 E73
Sumitra falls for Vish's trap
S03 E74
The trio outsmart Sumitra!
S03 E75
Bela sends Mahir to Naaglok
S03 E76
Bela confesses her love for Mahir
S03 E77
Bela returns the Naagmani!
S03 E78
Mysterious figures kidnap Bela!
S03 E79
Bela meets Mahir's lookalike!
S03 E80
Ruhi is back?
S03 E81
The new Naagrani of Naaglok!
S03 E82
Bela challenges Huzoor!
S03 E83
Bela's plan: Mahir's lookalike
S03 E84
Ruhi plans to overpower Bela
S03 E85
Bela to take the ultimate risk
S03 E86
Hukum captures Bela!
S03 E87
Can Bela trust Ritvik?
S03 E88
Hukum takes Vish captive
S03 E89
Bela in trouble!
S03 E90
Vish slits Vikrant's throat
S03 E91
Bela's mission? Protect Vish's child!
S03 E92
Sumitra takes away Vish's child
S03 E93
Vikrant plans to trap Hukum!
S03 E94
Taamsi to perform the ritual?
S03 E95
Taamsi's power unleashed!
S03 E96
OMG! Taamsi holds Mahir hostage!
S03 E97
Taamsi gets the Naagmani!
S03 E98
Bela and Mahir are reborn!
S03 E99
Bela-Mahir meet again!
S03 E100
Bela is back!
S03 E101
Bela at Mahir's engagement!
S03 E102
Oh no! Bela's parents are dead!
S03 E103
Bela learns about Shivangi's fate!
S03 E104
Bela-Shivangi join forces!
S03 E105
Yamini returns to kill Shivangi!
S03 E106
The ultimate war for the Naagmani!
Season 4
S04 E01
Manyata on the run!
S04 E02
Manyata-Nayantara's quest for revenge!
S04 E03
Nayantara lays a wicked trap!
S04 E04
Nayantara plans to expose Dev!
S04 E05
Manyata awaits her vengeance!
S04 E06
A dilemma for Manyata
S04 E07
Manyata struggles for answers!
S04 E08
Manyata gets access to the Sarpkosh!
S04 E09
Nayantara vows to destroy Brinda!
S04 E10
Will Nayantara's plan bear fruit?
S04 E11
Brinda's heartfelt request to Dev!
S04 E12
Brinda turns Icchadhari Naagin!
S04 E13
Brinda to help Manyata!
S04 E14
Nayantara on the run!
S04 E15
Nayantara falls off the cliff!
S04 E16
Brinda seeks an eye for an eye!
S04 E17
Nayantara eyes the Naagin powers!
S04 E18
A deceitful trap for Brinda!
S04 E19
Vishaka deceives Brinda!
S04 E20
Brinda gets a divine vision!
S04 E21
Naagin ka sach aaya bahar!
S04 E22
Vishaka's diabolic plan!
S04 E23
Vishaka to end Dev's life?
S04 E24
Dev defends Brinda's honour!
S04 E25
Brinda to the rescue
S04 E26
Brinda loses Manyata!
S04 E27
Nayantara becomes Shalakha!
S04 E28
Brinda returns to Dev!
S04 E29
Brinda threatens to kill Nayantara!
S04 E30
Shalakha honey-traps Dev!
S04 E31
Vishaka's identity gets exposed!
S04 E32
Brinda's Naagin avatar exposed!
S04 E33
Can Brinda convince Dev?
S04 E34
Shalakha manipulates Dev!
S04 E35
Brinda's mother is murdered!
S04 E36
Brinda swears vengeance!
S04 E37
Can Dev protect his family?
Season 5
S05 E01
Naag Rani's shocking return!
S05 E02
Aakesh to steal the Naagmani!
S05 E03
Nageshwari is punished by Lord Shiva!
S05 E04
Bani faces her mortal foe!
S05 E05
Bani challenges Veer!
S05 E06
Bani strikes back!
S05 E07
Veer shows up at Jay's restaurant!
S05 E08
Veer comes to Bani's rescue!
S05 E09
Jay-Bani reach the temple!
S05 E10
Jay-Bani to hunt the eagles!
S05 E11
Bani wreaks havoc!
S05 E12
Veer-Bani cross swords!
S05 E13
A stranger comes to Jay's rescue!
S05 E14
Icchadhari Morni's vicious plan!
S05 E15
Jay attempts to kill Bani!
S05 E16
Bani concerned about Jay's safety
S05 E17
Will Bani fall into Veer's trap?
S05 E18
Veer to kill Jay?
S05 E19
Aakesh swears vengeance!
S05 E20
Aakesh saves Bani!
S05 E21
Jay lays a trap for Bani!
S05 E22
Bani is perplexed
S05 E23
The end of Shakura?
S05 E24
Jay casts a spell on Bani
S05 E25
Jay's killer plan!
S05 E26
Veer in the trap!
S05 E27
Bani attacks a cheel!
S05 E28
A teary reunion for Veer
S05 E29
Bani's biggest enemy arrives!
S05 E30
Bani faces her enemy!
S05 E31
Bani confronts Jay
S05 E32
Battle of serpents!
S05 E33
Bani tries to convince Veer
S05 E34
Bani is trapped
S05 E35
Bani gets a vision
S05 E36
Bani's ultimate sacrifice!
S05 E37
Bani is heartbroken!
S05 E38
Bani-Veer's romantic date!
S05 E39
Bani fails to find Veer!
S05 E40
Will Bani marry Jay?
S05 E41
Has Veer lost his powers?
S05 E42
Veer gets attacked!
S05 E43
Can Bani save Veer?
S05 E44
A new threat to Bani's life
S05 E45
Bani opposes Farishta
S05 E46
A mysterious package in the house
S05 E47
Jay works on his plan
S05 E48
Jay unleashes his wrath!
S05 E49
Jay ka plan
S05 E50
Bani ka suraksha kawach
S05 E51
Bani ko mili buri khabar
S05 E52
Ek aakhri jung!
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