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The Woody Woodpecker Show

The Woody Woodpecker Show

1940 - 1972   •  ABC (US)  •   82 hours
23 votes
5607 votes
# 4871
Animation, Children
"The Woody Woodpecker Show" was a long-running 30-minute American television series mainly composed of the animated cartoon escapades of Woody Woodpecker and other Walter Lantz characters including Andy Panda, Chilly Willy and Inspector Willoughby. The series was revived and reformatted several times, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Bye, Bye, Blackboard Aired on 09/01/1972
Bye, Bye, Blackboard
Season 1972: Episode 8
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
280 episodes total
Season 1 2 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972
Season 1
S01 E01
Knock Knock
S01 E02
Cracked Nut, AKA Woody Woodpecker
S01 E03
The Screwdriver
S01 E04
Fake Vacation
S01 E05
Medical Winnie Pig
S01 E06
Cable Ace
S01 E07
Temper, Temper
S01 E08
Legend Of Rockabye Point
S01 E09
Crash Course
S01 E10
You Going to Eat That?
S01 E11
Brother Cockroach
S01 E12
Chily and Hungry
S01 E13
Eenie, Meany, Out You Go
S01 E14
Stage Fright
S01 E15
Gone Fishin’
S01 E16
Termites From Mars
S01 E17
Hollywood Matador
S01 E18
Wacky Weed
S01 E19
Chili Con Corny
S01 E20
Real Gone Woody
S01 E21
Andy Panda Goes Fishing
S01 E22
Meatless Tuesday
S01 E23
The Great Who Dood It
S01 E24
Wicket Wacky
S01 E25
Fair Weather Fiends
S01 E26
100 Pygmies and Andy Panda
S01 E27
Get Lost
S01 E28
Arts & Flowers
S01 E29
Mousie Come Home
S01 E30
Slingshot 6 7
S01 E31
Scalp Treatment/Nutty Pine Cabin
S01 E32
The Hypnotic Hick
S01 E33
Pantry Panic
S01 E34
Wild and Woody
S01 E35
Buccaneer Woodpeckern't Be Cured
S01 E36
Southern Fried Hospitality
S01 E37
The Painter and the Pointer
S01 E38
Sleep Happy
S01 E39
Woody Woodpecker Polka
S01 E40
Red Riding Hoodlum
S01 E41
Woody Dines Out
S01 E42
Woody y la termita
S01 E43
La máquina del tiempo
S01 E44
Detective privado Winnie
S01 E45
Obsesión petrolera
S01 E46
El día del padre
S01 E47
Campamento Buzzard
S01 E48
No puede ser Woody
S01 E49
Hora de jugar al golf
S01 E50
Expediente KS
S01 E51
Buscadores de oro
S01 E52
Alubión de espejismos
S01 E53
Reina del Nilo
S01 E54
Fiesta salvaje
S01 E55
S01 E56
Chilly en los juegos Antárticos
S01 E57
Pídeselo al tío
S01 E58
Woody automático
S01 E59
El Zoo de Montezuma
S01 E60
Gallito Woody
Season 2
S02 E01
Alley To Bali
S02 E02
The Loan Stranger
S02 E03
Operation Sawdust
S02 E04
Pistol Packin' Woodpecker
S02 E05
Misguided Missile
S02 E06
Half Empty Saddles
S02 E07
S02 E08
The Unbearable Salesman
S02 E09
Private Eye Pooch
S02 E10
Panhandal Scandal
S02 E11
Woodpecker From Mars
S02 E12
International Woodpecker
S02 E13
Kiddie League
S02 E14
Poop Deck Pirate
S02 E15
Log Jammed
S02 E16
Billion Dollar Boner
S02 E17
Square Shootin' Square
S02 E18
Bunco Busters
S02 E19
Careless Caretaker
S02 E20
Tragic Magic
Season 1940
S1940 E01
Knock Knock
Season 1941
S1941 E01
Cracked Nut (aka Woody Woodpecker)
S1941 E02
The Screwdriver
S1941 E03
Pantry Panic
S1941 E04
$21 a Day (Once a Month)
Season 1942
S1942 E01
The Hollywood Matador
S1942 E02
Ace in the Hole
S1942 E03
The Loan Stranger
Season 1943
S1943 E01
The Screwball
S1943 E02
The Dizzy Acrobat
S1943 E03
Ration Bored
S1943 E04
Episode 4
Season 1944
S1944 E01
The Barber of Seville
S1944 E02
The Beach Nut
S1944 E03
Ski for Two
Season 1945
S1945 E01
Chew-Chew Baby
S1945 E02
Woody Dines Out
S1945 E03
The Dippy Diplomat
S1945 E04
The Loose Nut
Season 1946
S1946 E01
Who's Cookin' Who?
S1946 E02
Bathing Buddies
S1946 E03
The Reckless Driver
S1946 E04
Fair Weather Fiends
Season 1947
S1947 E01
Musical Moments from Chopin
S1947 E02
Smoked Hams
S1947 E03
The Coo-Coo Bird
S1947 E04
Well Oiled
S1947 E05
Solid Ivory
S1947 E06
Woody the Giant Killer
Season 1948
S1948 E01
The Mad Hatter
S1948 E02
Banquet Busters
S1948 E03
Wacky-Bye Baby
S1948 E04
Wet Blanket Policy
S1948 E05
Wild and Woody
Season 1949
S1949 E01
Drooler's Delight
Season 1951
S1951 E01
Puny Express
S1951 E02
Sleep Happy
S1951 E03
Wicket Wacky
S1951 E04
Slingshot 6 7/8
S1951 E05
The Redwood Sap
S1951 E06
The Woody Woodpecker Polka
S1951 E07
Destination Meatball
Season 1952
S1952 E01
Born to Peck
S1952 E02
Stage Hoax
S1952 E03
Woodpecker in the Rough
S1952 E04
Scalp Treatment
S1952 E05
The Great Who-Dood-It
S1952 E06
Termites from Mars
Season 1953
S1953 E01
What's Sweepin'
S1953 E02
Buccaneer Woodpecker
S1953 E03
Operation Sawdust
S1953 E04
Wrestling Wrecks
S1953 E05
Belle Boys
S1953 E06
Hypnotic Hick
S1953 E07
Hot Noon or 12 O'Clock for Sure
Season 1954
S1954 E01
Socko in Morocco
S1954 E02
Alley to Bali
S1954 E03
Under the Counter Spy
S1954 E04
Hot Rod Huckster
S1954 E05
Real Gone Woody
S1954 E06
A Fine Feathered Frenzy
S1954 E07
Convict Concerto
Season 1955
S1955 E01
Helter Shelter
S1955 E02
Witch Crafty
S1955 E03
Private Eye Pooch
S1955 E04
Bedtime Bedlam
S1955 E05
Square Shootin' Square
S1955 E06
Bunco Busters
S1955 E07
The Tree Medic
Season 1956
S1956 E01
After the Ball
S1956 E02
Get Lost
S1956 E03
Chief Charlie Horse
S1956 E04
Woodpecker from Mars
S1956 E05
Calling All Cuckoos
S1956 E06
Niagara Fools
S1956 E07
Arts and Flowers
S1956 E08
Woody Meets Davy Crewcut
Season 1957
S1957 E01
Red Riding Hoodlum
S1957 E02
Box Car Bandit
S1957 E03
The Unbearable Salesman
S1957 E04
International Woodpecker
S1957 E05
To Catch a Woodpecker
S1957 E06
Round Trip to Mars
S1957 E07
Dopey Dick the Pink Whale
S1957 E08
Fodder and Son
S1957 E09
Around the World with Woody
Season 1958
S1958 E01
Misguided Missile
S1958 E02
Watch the Birdie
S1958 E03
Half Empty Saddles
S1958 E04
His Better Elf
S1958 E05
Everglade Raid
S1958 E06
Tree's a Crowd
S1958 E07
Jittery Jester
Season 1959
S1959 E01
Tomcat Combat
S1959 E02
Log Jammed
S1959 E03
Panhandle Scandal
S1959 E04
Woodpecker in the Moon
S1959 E05
The Tee Bird
S1959 E06
Romp in a Swamp
S1959 E07
Kiddie League
Season 1960
S1960 E01
Billion Dollar Boner
S1960 E02
Pistol Packin' Woodpecker
S1960 E03
Heap Big Hepcat
S1960 E04
S1960 E05
How to Stuff a Woodpecker
S1960 E06
Bats in the Belfry
S1960 E07
Ozark Lark
S1960 E08
Southern Fried Hospitality
S1960 E09
Fowled Up Falcon
Season 1961
S1961 E01
Poop Deck Pirate
S1961 E02
The Bird Who Came to Dinner
S1961 E03
Gabby's Diner
S1961 E04
Sufferin' Cats
S1961 E05
S1961 E06
Busman's Holiday
S1961 E07
Phantom of the Horse Opera
S1961 E08
Woody's Kook-Out
Season 1962
S1962 E01
Rock-a-Bye Gator
S1962 E02
Home Sweet Homewrecker
S1962 E03
Room and Bored
S1962 E04
Rocket Racket
S1962 E05
Careless Caretaker
S1962 E06
Tragic Magic
S1962 E07
Voo-Doo Boo-Boo
S1962 E08
Crowin' Pains
S1962 E09
Little Woody Riding Hood
Season 1963
S1963 E01
Greedy Gabby Gator
S1963 E02
Robin Hood Woody
S1963 E03
Stowaway Woody
S1963 E04
The Shutter Bug
S1963 E05
Coy Decoy
S1963 E06
The Tenant's Racket
S1963 E07
Short in the Saddle
S1963 E08
Tepee for Two
S1963 E09
Science Friction
S1963 E10
Calling Dr. Woodpecker
Season 1964
S1964 E01
Dumb Like a Fox
S1964 E02
Saddle Sore Woody
S1964 E03
Woody's Clip Joint
S1964 E04
S1964 E05
Get Lost! Little Doggy
S1964 E06
Freeway Fracas
S1964 E07
Roamin' Roman
Season 1965
S1965 E01
Three Little Woodpeckers
S1965 E02
Woodpecker Wanted
S1965 E03
Birds of a Feather
S1965 E04
Canned Dog Feud
S1965 E05
Janie Get Your Gun
S1965 E06
Sioux Me
S1965 E07
What's Peckin'
Season 1966
S1966 E01
Rough Riding Hood
S1966 E02
Lonesome Ranger
S1966 E03
Woody and the Beanstalk
S1966 E04
Hassle in a Castle
S1966 E05
The Big Bite
S1966 E06
Astronut Woody
S1966 E07
Practical Yolk
S1966 E08
Monster of Ceremonies
Season 1967
S1967 E01
Sissy Sheriff
S1967 E02
Have Gun, Can't Travel
S1967 E03
The Nautical Nut
S1967 E04
Hot Diggity Dog
S1967 E05
Horse Play
S1967 E06
Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker
Season 1968
S1968 E01
Lotsa Luck
S1968 E02
Peck of Trouble
S1968 E03
Fat in the Saddle
S1968 E04
Woody the Freeloader
S1968 E05
Feudin' Fightin'-n-Fussin'
S1968 E06
A Lad in Bagdad
S1968 E07
One Horse Town
Season 1969
S1969 E01
Hook Line and Stinker
S1969 E02
Little Skeeter
S1969 E03
Woody's Knight Mare
S1969 E04
Tumble Weed Greed
S1969 E05
Ship A'hoy Woody
S1969 E06
Prehistoric Super Salesman
S1969 E07
Phoney Pony
Season 1970
S1970 E01
Seal on the Loose
S1970 E02
Wild Bill Hiccup
S1970 E03
Coo Coo Nuts
S1970 E04
Hi-Rise Wise Guys
S1970 E05
Buster's Last Stand
S1970 E06
All Hams on Deck
S1970 E07
Flim Flam Fountain
Season 1971
S1971 E01
Sleepy Time Chimes
S1971 E02
The Reluctant Recruit
S1971 E03
How to Trap a Woodpecker
S1971 E04
Woody's Magic Touch
S1971 E05
Kitty from the City
S1971 E06
The Snoozin' Bruin
S1971 E07
Shanghai Woody
Season 1972
S1972 E01
Indian Corn
S1972 E02
Gold Diggin' Woodpecker
S1972 E03
Pecking Holes in Poles
S1972 E04
Chili Con Corny
S1972 E05
Show Biz Beagle
S1972 E06
For the Love of Pizza
S1972 E07
The Genie with the Light Touch
S1972 E08
Bye, Bye, Blackboard
Episode 1
Woody Woodpecker Classic Cartoon Collection Disc 1
Episode 2
Woody Woodpecker Classic Cartoon Collection Disc 2
Episode 3
Woody Woodpecker Classic Cartoon Collection Disc 3
Episode 4
Woody Woodpecker Classic Cartoon Collection Volume 2 Disc 1
Episode 5
Woody Woodpecker Classic Cartoon Collection Volume 2 Disc 2
Episode 6
Woody Woodpecker Classic Cartoon Collection Volume 2 Disc 3
Episode 7
Helter Shelter (Theatrical Release)
Episode 8
Woody's Clip Joint (Theatrical Release)
Episode 9
Spook-A-Nanny (a.k.a. Halloween Party)
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Keten Keten 5
Holds up well enough to be an ok time waster.
Rhpwetyi Rhpwetyi
Woody Woodpecker

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