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The Gamer From Mars

The Gamer From Mars

2009 - 2017   •  YouTube
0 vote
Comedy, Documentary, Special Interest
I've come from Mars to destroy Earth, but it didn't work out so now I'm just playing videogames.
  Previously Aired Episode
Aqua Adventures Review (Atari 2600) Aired on 11/16/2009
Aqua Adventures Review (Atari 2600)
Season 2009: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
81 episodes total
Season 2009 2017 2018
Season 2009
S2009 E01
Aqua Adventures Review (Atari 2600)
S2009 E02
Rocky and Bullwinkle Review (NES)
S2009 E03
Top 10 Worst Names For Games
S2009 E04
Top 10 Best Atari 2600 Games
S2009 E05
Pacman 2 Review (Genesis)
S2009 E06
Urban Champions Review (NES)
S2009 E07
Nes Dominos
S2009 E08
Nerf N-Strike Review (WII)
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Youtube isn\'t Broken - The Devil\'s Advocate
S2017 E02
The Richest Child on Youtube: Ryan\'s Toys Reviews - Internet Hall of Fam...
S2017 E03
How Youtubers REALLY get on the Trending Page
S2017 E04
The Disturbing Origin of Jeff the Killer - Internet Mysteries (Creepypast...
S2017 E05
5 Subreddits That Were BANNED (Reddit Bans)
S2017 E06
The Missing Jontron Videos - Internet Mysteries (Jon Jafari\'s Lost Episo...
S2017 E07
The 5 Worst Buzzfeed Videos Ever Made
S2017 E08
The Missing Nickelodeon Movie - Internet Mysteries (The Hunt for Cry Baby...
S2017 E09
Talking With TheOdd1sOut - Youtuber Interview - The Podcast from Mars (Pi...
S2017 E10
The \"Blank Room Soup\" Videos - Internet Mysteries (Raymond Persi and Ra...
S2017 E11
The Missing Creator of Bitcoin - Internet Mysteries (The Case of Satoshi ...
S2017 E12
'Hugh Mungus' Is Running for Office (Yes, this is real)
S2017 E13
The 10 Dumbest Yahoo Answers (and Questions) Ever Made
S2017 E14
The Top 5 Anime of All Time
S2017 E15
The Lost Mickey Mouse Film (Mickey Mouse in Vietnam) - Internet Mysteries
S2017 E16
The 10 Worst Buzzfeed Articles of All Time
S2017 E17
The Missing Nintendo Game (The Hunt for Mean Girls DS) - Internet Mysteri...
S2017 E18
What Happened to Jontron? (Jon Jafari's Sudden Hiatus)
S2017 E19
The Fall of Philip DeFranco's SourceFed Nerd (NowThis Nerd Debacle)
S2017 E20
What are 2chan and 8chan? (4chan Discussion)
S2017 E21
Discussing The Youtube Adpocalypse w/ theodd1sout - The Podcast From Mars...
S2017 E22
What Happened to GradeAUnderA?
S2017 E23
The Missing Filthy Frank Videos - Internet Mysteries (Lost Pink Guy Episo...
S2017 E24
What Happened to Scarce? (John Scarce Disappearance)
S2017 E25
What Happened to Filthy Frank?
S2017 E26
The Lost South Park Episodes - Internet Mysteries
S2017 E27
What Happened to Game Theory? (MatPat Changes)
S2017 E28
What Happened to Keemstar? (DramaAlert's Comeback)
S2017 E29
What Happened to Ray William Johnson?
S2017 E30
MatPat Just EXPOSED ME?!?! (What Happened to Game Theory UPDATE)
S2017 E31
The Mystery Perplex City - Internet Mysteries
S2017 E32
Keemstar Just Exposed H3H3Productions?!?! (The Ethan Klein Debacle)
S2017 E33
What Happened to iDubbbz?
S2017 E34
What Happened to Epic Meal Time? - Dead Channels
S2017 E35
What Happened to The Gamer from Mars?
S2017 E36
What Happened to PSY? (Gangnam Style) - Dead Channels
S2017 E37
The Missing Pokémon Musical - Internet Mysteries
S2017 E38
What Happened to RiceGum? (The Content Cop Effect)
S2017 E39
The Problem with Rick and Morty
S2017 E40
What Happened to Tobuscus? - Dead Channels (Toby Turner\'s Downfall)
S2017 E41
What Happened to The Annoying Orange? - Dead Channels
S2017 E42
YouTube Blacklisted Me
S2017 E43
What Happened to Your Favorite Martian? - Dead Channels (Ray William Jons...
S2017 E44
What Happened to FRED? - Dead Channels
S2017 E45
The First Internet Meme - The Tles from the Web (The Dancing Baby, 1996)
S2017 E46
What Happened to LeafyIsHere? - Dead Channels
S2017 E47
What Happened to MaxMoeFoe? - Dead Channels
Season 2018
S2018 E01
What Happened to Boogie2988?
S2018 E02
The Most Offensive Ad of Internet History - Tales from the Web
S2018 E03
How \'Reply Girls\' Change YouTube Forever - Tales from the Web
S2018 E04
What Happenened to Smosh?
S2018 E05
What Happened to Mystery Guitar Man?
S2018 E06
The Worst Reboot of All Time: Ghostbusters 2016 - Tales from the Web
S2018 E07
What Happened to Tyler Oakley? - Dead Channels
S2018 E08
The Death of Filthy Frank
S2018 E09
What Happened to Onision? - Dead Channels
S2018 E10
Remember Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS?
S2018 E11
What Happened to The Nostalgia Critic+ - The Channel Awesome Controversy
S2018 E12
What Happened to Rebecca Black? - Dead Channels
S2018 E13
The Missing Nickelodeon Cartoon - Internet Mysteries (The Clock Man)
S2018 E14
What Happened to Jinx? (and CJ So Cool)
S2018 E15
What Happened to H3H3? (The H3 Podcast Situation)
S2018 E16
Yes, The H3 Podcast Can Make $100,000 an Episode
S2018 E17
What Happened to FPSRussia? - Dead Channels
S2018 E18
What Happened to Nicole Arbour?
S2018 E19
The Missing 9/11 Victim - Internet Mysteries (The Tourist Guy)
S2018 E20
What Happened to Antoine Dodson? - The Bed Intruder
S2018 E21
What Happened to Philip DeFranco?
S2018 E22
The FPSRussia Murder - Internet Mysteries (Who Shot Keith Ratliff?)
S2018 E23
What Happened to Epic Rap Battles of History? - Dead Channels (Nice Peter...
S2018 E24
The Lost Spongebob Cartoon - Internet Mysteries (Spongebob: Re-Hydrated)
S2018 E25
What Happened to Sam Pepper? - Dead Channels
S2018 E26
Remember Heelys?
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