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Junior High

Junior High

1998 - 2004   •  Syndicated  •   7 days
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The plot is unknown at this time.
  Previously Aired Episode
White Houses Aired on 09/19/2004
White Houses
Season 7: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
180 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
Welcome Back-Whose She?
S01 E02
It All Started With A Test
S01 E03
Too Close To Home
S01 E04
The Double Date
S01 E05
The Rift Widens
S01 E06
The Wrong Depiction
S01 E07
Friendless In Seattle
S01 E08
Relegious Overdose
S01 E09
A Matter Of Trust
S01 E10
Odd Man Out
S01 E11
Love Is In The Air-Or Not
S01 E12
This Is How It Is?
S01 E13
Whatsa Matter?
S01 E14
Back 2 'Good'
S01 E15
At The Mall
S01 E16
Internet Choices
S01 E17
Secrets & Lies
S01 E18
S01 E19
Spill Your Guts
S01 E20
Pick A Side-Any Side
S01 E21
Where's The Love?
S01 E22
7th Graders...
Season 2
S02 E01
Welcome Back-Again, Whose She-Again
S02 E02
Whats All This Talk About Love?
S02 E03
Black And Blue
S02 E04
Whats Up?
S02 E05
Anger Management
S02 E06
Counseling For Theresa
S02 E07
Weird Behavior
S02 E08
Halloween Bash
S02 E09
As The School Turns
S02 E10
Thanks For Nothing
S02 E11
Didn't Cut It
S02 E12
Merry Christmas
S02 E13
New Year, New You
S02 E14
Wherever You Go
S02 E15
The Death
S02 E16
Coming Together
S02 E17
The Road Trip
S02 E18
Couldn't Care Less
S02 E19
S02 E20
Valentine's Dance
S02 E21
New Girl In Town
S02 E22
Somethings Going On
S02 E23
S02 E24
S02 E25
S02 E26
And All That Junk
S02 E27
The Trial
S02 E28
Why Have You Gone Bad?
S02 E29
Best Friends?
S02 E30
Finals...In School And Life
S02 E31
...And 8th Graders
S02 E32
8th Graders...
Season 3
S03 E01
Once Again-Whose She?-A Fresh Start
S03 E02
Silver Spoons
S03 E03
Friday The 13th
S03 E04
3's Company Too...
S03 E05
The Parade
S03 E06
The Halloween Bash Take 2
S03 E07
Thanksgiving Misgivings
S03 E08
Where's The Christmas Joy?!
S03 E09
S03 E10
The Aftermash
S03 E11
Aaron's New Fear
S03 E12
To Dream A Dream
S03 E13
Theresa And Her Father
S03 E14
Case Of The Ex
S03 E15
While The Cat's Away...
S03 E16
The Preparation
S03 E17
Back And Better Than Ever
S03 E18
The Mothers Day Show
S03 E19
Aaron's The Friend
S03 E20
Aaron's And Lily?
S03 E21
The Summer Season Begins
S03 E22
Getting Closer
S03 E23
Korky's Goodbye
S03 E24
The Time When I Said Goodbye
Season 4
S04 E01
No Drama A
S04 E02
No Drama B
S04 E03
What's Going On?
S04 E04
Write This Down
S04 E05
Dance With Me Part 1
S04 E06
Dance With Me Part 2
S04 E07
Somebodies Watching Me
S04 E08
Get Down Saturday Night
S04 E09
Thanks A Lot
S04 E10
My Maria
S04 E11
Jingle All The Way...To The Church, The Dates And The Theatre
S04 E12
Opera Of The Bells
S04 E13
O Holy Night
S04 E14
Wherever (Whenever)/Auld Lange Syne
S04 E15
I Really Don't Think So
S04 E16
He Said, She Said
S04 E17
Get Over Yourself
S04 E18
S04 E19
All This Love
S04 E20
We Need A Resolution
S04 E21
You Don't, You Won't
S04 E22
The First One Hundred
S04 E23
Stupid Cupid
S04 E24
Family Portrait
S04 E25
Too Bad
S04 E26
One Hand In My Pocket
S04 E27
Somebodies Somebody (1)
S04 E28
My Baby Loves Me Just The Way That I Am (2)
S04 E29
I Get Weak (3)
S04 E30
S04 E31
Hands Clean
S04 E32
Hop This Way
S04 E33
What About Us?
S04 E34
La Bamba
S04 E35
I'll Show Them
S04 E36
Hot In Here
S04 E37
Season 5
S05 E01
Long Time Gone
S05 E02
That Thing/Like A Virgin
S05 E03
S05 E04
If I Could Go
S05 E05
A Change Will Do You Good
S05 E06
Sitting On The Ritz
S05 E07
I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)
S05 E08
Game of Love
S05 E09
I'm Right Here
S05 E10
Do They Know It's Christmas?
S05 E11
Find Your Own...
S05 E12
Good Intentions
S05 E13
Pretty Baby
S05 E14
Beautiful Mess
S05 E15
S05 E16
Big Yellow Taxi
S05 E17
Radio Romance
S05 E18
People Are People
S05 E19
S05 E20
Swing Swing
S05 E21
S05 E22
What Have You Done For Me Lately?
S05 E23
Thank You, Baby
S05 E24
It's Gonna Be Love
S05 E25
Fast Car
S05 E26
Low (aka SATurday)
S05 E27
Start Me Up
S05 E28
S05 E29
Sweet Child Of Mine
S05 E30
S05 E31
You're A God
S05 E32
More To Me Than You
S05 E33
Where's The Love?
S05 E34
Someday We'll Know
S05 E35
Hootenanny (aka The Fourth)
S05 E36
Forever and For Always
Season 6
S06 E01
I Think I Will (1)
S06 E02
Lights Out (2)
S06 E03
S06 E04
Empty Handed
S06 E05
My Love Is Like Wo
S06 E06
S06 E07
Bad Moon Rising
S06 E08
Like A Prayer
S06 E09
Can We Still Be Friends
S06 E10
Sinking In
S06 E11
S06 E12
2000 Miles
S06 E13
S06 E14
S06 E15
S06 E16
S06 E17
S06 E18
S06 E19
S06 E20
S06 E21
S06 E22
S06 E23
S06 E24
S06 E25
S06 E26
S06 E27
Across The Universe (1)
S06 E28
Across The Universe (2)
Season 7
S07 E01
White Houses
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