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1972 - 1978   •  CBS  •   58 hours
3 votes
3015 votes
# 3694
Maude was one of the most popular shows during the 70s. Not only was it one of the most popular, it was one of the most controversial. The show was real and told it like it is - much like the show that first introduced us to Maude, All in the Family. Maude was outspoken and stong-willed... which lead ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Maude's Big Move (3) (a.k.a.) Washington Aired on 04/22/1978
Maude's Big Move (3) (a.k.a.) Washington
Season 6: Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
141 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season 1
S01 E01
Maude's Problem (a.k.a.) Maude and the Psychiatrist
S01 E02
Doctor, Doctor
S01 E03
Maude Meets Florida
S01 E04
Like Mother, Like Daughter
S01 E05
Maude and the Radical
S01 E06
The Ticket
S01 E07
Love and Marriage
S01 E08
S01 E09
Maude's Dilemma (1)
S01 E10
Maude's Dilemma (2)
S01 E11
Maude's Reunion
S01 E12
The Grass Story
S01 E13
The Slumlord
S01 E14
The Convention
S01 E15
Walter's 50th Birthday
S01 E16
Maude and the Medical Profession
S01 E17
Arthur Moves In
S01 E18
Florida's Problem
S01 E19
Walter's Secret
S01 E20
Maude's Good Deed
S01 E21
The Perfect Marriage
S01 E22
Maude's Night Out
Season 2
S02 E01
Walter's Problem (1) (a.k.a.) Life of the Party (1)
S02 E02
Walter's Problem (2) (a.k.a.) Life of the Party (2)
S02 E03
Walter's Holiday
S02 E04
Maude's Facelift (1)
S02 E05
Maude's Facelift (2)
S02 E06
Florida's Affair
S02 E07
Maude Takes a Job
S02 E08
The Double Standard
S02 E09
Vivian's Problem
S02 E10
Maude's Musical
S02 E11
The Will
S02 E12
Carol's Problem (a.k.a.) The Wedding Gift
S02 E13
Music Hath Charms
S02 E14
The Office Party
S02 E15
The Love Birds
S02 E16
Maude's Guest
S02 E17
The Wallet
S02 E18
Maude's Revolt
S02 E19
The Commuter Station
S02 E20
Florida's Goodbye
S02 E21
The Tax Audit
S02 E22
The Investment
S02 E23
Phillip's Problem
S02 E24
The Runaway
Season 3
S03 E01
Maude Meets the Duke
S03 E02
The Kiss
S03 E03
Walter's Heart Attack
S03 E04
The New Housekeeper
S03 E05
Speed Trap
S03 E06
Lovers in Common
S03 E07
Walter's Dream
S03 E08
A Night to Remember
S03 E09
Last Tango in Tuckahoe
S03 E10
Vivian's Party
S03 E11
Maude the Boss
S03 E12
Maude's New Friend
S03 E13
Walter's Ex
S03 E14
Nostalgia Party
S03 E15
All Psyched Out
S03 E16
The Telethon
S03 E17
And Then There Were None
S03 E18
The Emergence of Vivian
S03 E19
Mrs. Naugatuck in Love
S03 E20
Walter's Pride
S03 E21
Walter Gets Religion
S03 E22
The Cabin
S03 E23
Maude's Mother
Season 4
S04 E01
The Split
S04 E02
Consenting Adults
S04 E03
Rumpus in the Rumpus Room
S04 E04
Maude's Big Decision
S04 E05
The Election
S04 E06
Viv's Dog
S04 E07
For the Love of Bert
S04 E08
The Fling
S04 E09
The Analyst (a.k.a.) Maude Bares Her Soul
S04 E10
Arthur's Medical Convention
S04 E11
Arthur Gets a Partner
S04 E12
Walter's Ethics
S04 E13
Poor Albert
S04 E14
The Christmas Party
S04 E15
The Case of the Broken Punch Bowl
S04 E16
Walter's Stigma
S04 E17
Maude's Mood (1)
S04 E18
Maude's Mood (2)
S04 E19
Tuckahoe Bicentennial
S04 E20
Mrs. Naugatuck's Citizenship
S04 E21
Maude's Nephew
S04 E22
Maude's Rejection
S04 E23
Carol's Promotion
S04 E24
Maude's Ex-Convict
Season 5
S05 E01
Vivian's First Funeral
S05 E02
Maude and Chester
S05 E03
Bert Moves In
S05 E04
Walter's Crisis (1)
S05 E05
Walter's Crisis (2)
S05 E06
Walter's Crisis (3)
S05 E07
The Election
S05 E08
The Game Show
S05 E09
Arthur's Worry
S05 E10
Mrs. Naugatuck's Wedding
S05 E11
Maude's New Friends
S05 E12
The Rip-Off
S05 E13
Walter's Christmas Gift
S05 E14
Captain Hero
S05 E15
Maude's Adult Relationship
S05 E16
Arthur's Crisis
S05 E17
Maude's Desperate Hours
S05 E18
Maude's Reunion
S05 E19
Feminine Fulfillment
S05 E20
Maude's Aunt
S05 E21
Arthur's New Best Friend
S05 E22
Vivian's Surprise
S05 E23
The Household Feud
S05 E24
The New Maid
Season 6
S06 E01
Maude's Guilt Trip
S06 E02
Phillip and Sam
S06 E03
The Flying Saucer
S06 E04
Victoria's Boyfriend
S06 E05
Walter's Temptation
S06 E06
Phillip's Birthday Party
S06 E07
The Doctor's Strike
S06 E08
The Ecologist
S06 E09
The Gay Bar
S06 E10
Businessperson of the Year
S06 E11
Maude's Christmas Surprise
S06 E12
Maude's New Client
S06 E13
The Obscene Phone Call
S06 E14
Musical '78
S06 E15
My Husband, the Hero
S06 E16
Maude's Foster Child
S06 E17
Vivian's Decision
S06 E18
Carol's Dilemma
S06 E19
Arthur's Grandson
S06 E20
Mr. Butterfield's Return
S06 E21
Phillip's Mature Romance
S06 E22
Maude's Big Move (1) (a.k.a.) The Chinese Dinner
S06 E23
Maude's Big Move (2) (a.k.a.) The Wake
S06 E24
Maude's Big Move (3) (a.k.a.) Washington
Episodes 1
Everything But Hemorrhoids - Maude Speaks to America
Episodes 2
And Then There's Maude - Television's First Femenist
Episodes 3
Maude's New Friends (Season 3 Version)
Episodes 4
The Double Standard (Season 1 Version)
Episodes 5
Syndication Sales Presentation
Episodes 6
Memories of Maude
Episodes 7
Cousin Maude's Visit
Episodes 8
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