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2013 - Now  •  YouTube  •   21 hours
1 vote
Comedy, Documentary, Special Interest
I make all sorts of videos, most notably my top lists, but also skits, vlogs, and so on.
  Previously Aired Episode
12 of the Wackiest Kids Shows From 80s Weirdness Aired on 09/28/2019
12 of the Wackiest Kids Shows From 80s Weirdness
Season 2019: Episode 11
Season 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Season 2013
S2013 E01
The Top 10 SCARIEST Creepypastas
Season 2014
S2014 E01
The Top 20 Childhood Conspiracy Theories
S2014 E02
The Top 10 One Direction Rip Offs
S2014 E03
The Top 13 Substances That Defy The Laws of Physics (kinda)
S2014 E04
The Top 15 Serial Killers (feat. That Creepy Reading)
S2014 E05
Top 15 Legend of Zelda Theories
S2014 E06
Top 20 Disturbing Moments in Kids Shows
S2014 E07
Top 10 Experiment Creepypastas
S2014 E08
Top 20 Disney Movie Theories
Season 2015
S2015 E01
20 Mysterious Deaths Involving Conspiracies
S2015 E02
Top 20 Most Bizarre UFO Sightings
S2015 E03
Top 40 Lost or Banned Episodes of Kid Shows
S2015 E04
Top 20 Disturbing Moments in Kid Films
S2015 E05
Top 5 Announced Reboots/Spinoffs (2015)
S2015 E06
Top 30 Creepiest Japanese Urban Legends
S2015 E07
Creepy Videos on the Internet #1
S2015 E08
Top 20 Lost Kids Films
S2015 E09
20 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths
S2015 E10
Creepy Videos On The Internet #2
S2015 E11
Creepy Videos on the Internet #3
S2015 E12
10 Disturbing Deep Web Videos (18+)
S2015 E13
Top 30 Scariest Internet Creepypastas
S2015 E14
Creepy Videos on the Internet #4
S2015 E15
Top 20 Creepiest Mexican Urban Legends
S2015 E16
Top 40 Most Haunted Places in America
S2015 E17
Top 10 CRAZIEST Sleep Phenomena
S2015 E18
Creepy Videos on the Internet #5
S2015 E19
Top 20 Saddest Moments In Kid Shows
S2015 E20
Top 20 Disney Urban Legends Rumoured To Be True
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Creepy Videos on the Internet #6
S2016 E02
Top 40 Lost or Cancelled Video Games
S2016 E03
11 Bizarre and Terrifying Early Versions of Famous Characters
S2016 E04
Top 20 Unintentionally Disturbing Kids' Characters From Around The World
S2016 E05
10 Obscure Spinoffs of Kids Shows
S2016 E06
Top 30 Creepiest Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True
S2016 E07
Top 15 Mario Theories
S2016 E08
10 Bizarre & Creepy Public Access Shows
S2016 E09
10 Updated Pieces of Lost Media
S2016 E10
Top 20 Creepiest Urban Legends From England
S2016 E11
9 Strange and Bizarre Moments in Sesame Street
S2016 E12
12 Appearances of Satan in Kids' Shows
S2016 E13
Top 10 Most Insane & Mysterious Broadcast Interruptions
S2016 E14
9 of the Creepiest Video Game Hacks, Bootlegs, & Mods
S2016 E15
11 Pieces of Unreleased & Lost Music
S2016 E16
Creepy Videos on the Internet #7
S2016 E17
15 Mysterious and Strange Websites
S2016 E18
Creepy Videos on the Internet #8
S2016 E19
11 Lost Audio Clips From Fascinating to Terrifying
S2016 E20
10 Weirdest Moments From The Pages Of Marvel Comics
S2016 E21
7 Disturbing and Bizarre News Stories 8/11/16 - 9/12/16│Creepy Clowns, ...
S2016 E22
11 Insane Knockoffs of Popular Children's' Shows From Around The World
S2016 E23
Creepy Videos on the Internet #9
S2016 E24
13 Horrifying Things That Really Happened On Halloween
S2016 E25
10 Worst Character Redesigns In Kids’ Shows
S2016 E26
10 Japanese Rituals That Might Scare You To Death
S2016 E27
7 Insanely Shitty Superhero Ripoffs
S2016 E28
11 Episodes of Children's’ Shows Affected by 9/11
S2016 E29
10 Appearances of Satan in Adult Cartoons
S2016 E30
15 Lost Disney Cartoons, Episodes, & Shorts That We May Never See Again
S2016 E31
9 Ridiculous Pixar Ripoffs (feat. RebelTaxi)
Season 2017
S2017 E01
9 Craziest Japanese Video Games (Feat. Tats)
S2017 E02
10 Most WTF Characters in Courage the Cowardly Dog
S2017 E03
10 More Insanely Bizarre Early Versions of Famous Characters
S2017 E04
10 Old Movies Too Disturbing For Mainstream Audiences
S2017 E05
8 Insane & Kinda Creepy Kids\' Shows From 70\'s Weirdness
S2017 E06
9 Banned Disney Cartoons, Episodes, & More
S2017 E07
8 Embarrassingly Shitty Star Wars Ripoffs
S2017 E08
10 Updated Pieces of Lost Media II
S2017 E09
Top 10 Unintentionally Disturbing Kids' Characters From Around The World ...
S2017 E10
Top 40 Creepiest Japanese Urban Legends (2017)
S2017 E11
9 Episodes of Kids Shows That Dealt with Serious Issues
S2017 E12
Top 16 Most WTF Product Mascots
S2017 E13
8 Bootleg Superhero Movies
S2017 E14
12 Lost Pieces of Cartoon Network Media
S2017 E15
11 Forgotten Cartoon Characters Removed From Television
S2017 E16
8 Worst Ripoffs of Dreamworks Films (feat. PhantomStrider)
S2017 E17
8 Obscure Pieces of Lost Media
S2017 E18
9 (more) Bizarre and Unsettling Public Access Shows Not Shown on Regular ...
S2017 E19
10 Episodes of Kids Shows That Dealt With Serious Issues II
S2017 E20
Top 10 Best Episodes of Goosebumps
S2017 E21
7 Video Games That Were Affected by 9/11
S2017 E22
8 Bizarre Versions of Famous Children's Fairytales
S2017 E23
8 Unexpectedly Dark Episodes in Cartoons
S2017 E24
7 Forgotten & Underrated Halloween Specials
S2017 E25
10 Strangest Ripoffs of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros.
S2017 E26
10 Completely Shameless Pokémon Knockoffs
S2017 E27
10 Lost/Missing Pilot Episodes From Popular Kids Shows
S2017 E28
Top 10 Best Songs From Kids Shows
S2017 E29
7 Unnecessarily Horrifying Characters in Kid Friendly Games (N64)
S2017 E30
7 Unnecessarily Horrifying Characters in Kid Friendly Games (N64)
Season 2018
S2018 E01
7 Surprisingly Dark Series Finales in Kid-Friendly Shows
S2018 E02
10 Absolute WORST Animated Shows Based off of Video Games
S2018 E03
Top 30 Disturbing Moments in Kids Shows (2018)
S2018 E04
7 Eerily Disturbing Old Cartoons & Animations
S2018 E05
10 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Movies That Changed During Development
S2018 E06
9 Unnecessarily Horrifying Characters in Kid-Friendly Games (GameCube)
S2018 E07
5 Incredibly Shameless Ripoffs of Popular Video Games
S2018 E08
6 Surprisingly Dark Adaptations of Kid-Friendly Media
S2018 E09
10 Incredibly Lame 90's Mascots That Time Tried To Forget
S2018 E10
7 Lost Sesame Street Skits
S2018 E11
10 Disturbing Puppet Shows From Around The World
S2018 E12
Lost Media Update III
S2018 E13
6 Unexpectedly Dark Episodes in Kids Shows II
S2018 E14
Dan Schneider: A Scandal at Nickelodeon
S2018 E15
15 Hilariously Awful Wii Games
S2018 E16
Gloomy Sunday: The Song That Kills
S2018 E17
10 Most Insane Crossovers in Kids Shows (feat. PhantomStrider)
S2018 E18
10 Hoaxes/Rumors in Kids Shows (feat: RebelTaxi & NightMind)
S2018 E19
Top 13 Lost Horror Films
S2018 E20
9 Nickelodeon Shows That Changed During Development
S2018 E21
The Search For Clockman: Nickelodeon's Mysterious Lost Short
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Explaining Ratafak Plachta
S2019 E02
10 Most Mature Kids Shows
S2019 E03
8 Hilariously Awful Nintendo Ripoffs
S2019 E04
John Kricfalusi: An Open Secret
S2019 E05
The Search For A Day With Spongebob Squarepants: The Complete History
S2019 E06
The Horrifying Theory Behind Courage The Cowardly Dog
S2019 E07
Lost Media That Never Existed
S2019 E08
The Unidentifiable
S2019 E09
The Legacy of Spongebob Squarepants ... And How Nickelodeon Is Squeezing ...
S2019 E10
Erratas: The Mysterious Word You Shouldn't Search For
S2019 E11
12 of the Wackiest Kids Shows From 80s Weirdness
Episode 1
100K Subscriber Q&A Special
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