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1983 - Now  •  Tuesday 07:30 PM on Syndication  •  120 days  •  8705 episodes
30 votes
7538 votes
# 894
Game Show
This classic game show features a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. After an 11 year run on NBC daytime, the show resurfaced in a modified format in 1978 and then came back ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Cris Pannullo, Andy Tirrell, Meghan Mello Aired on 12/06/2022
Cris Pannullo, Andy Tirrell, Meghan Mello
Season 2022: Episode 212
  New Episode Air Date
Andy Tirrell, Tammy Groner, Ron Cheung
Season 2022: Episode 213
Jeopardy! | Jeopardy / Crazy
Season 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 1984
S1984 E01
Greg Hopkins, Lois Feinstein, Frank Selevan
S1984 E02
Greg Hopkins, Lynne Crawford, Paul Schaeffer
S1984 E03
Gunther Murley, Nancy Teri, Michael Ellington, Jr.
S1984 E04
Nancy Teri, Larry Silverman, Denise Stewart
S1984 E05
Larry Silverman, Lorrie Farrely, Howard Wilson
S1984 E06
Lorrie Farrely, Perry Adair, Chris Knapp
S1984 E07
Tue, Sep 18, 1984
S1984 E08
Lorrie Farrely, Richard Willing, Don Marsh
S1984 E09
Richard Willing, Lynn Strother, Craig Hendricks
S1984 E10
Lynn Strother, Eric Grove, Clare Delaman
S1984 E11
Eric Grove, Mary Bowers, Dan Fuller
S1984 E12
Mary Bowers, Randy Haplan, Ed Osawa
S1984 E13
Ed Osawa, Deborah Kelly, Ben Camack
S1984 E14
Ed Osawa, Karen Olson, Larry Caplan
S1984 E15
Larry Caplan, Louise Balabanian, Norm Cobb
S1984 E16
Larry Caplan, Don Cameron, Elise Beraru
S1984 E17
Elise Beraru, Bill Collins, Mark Day
S1984 E18
Elise Beraru, Roger Gerhardstein, Margaret Magnus
S1984 E19
Elise Beraru, Perry Buck, Peggy Hesketh
S1984 E20
Elise Beraru, Richard Bolton, Stan Ravinsky
S1984 E21
Joel Davidman, Kevin Conway, Diane McCain
S1984 E22
Diane McCain, Steve Peterson, Andi Manpearl
S1984 E23
Wed, Oct 10, 1984
S1984 E24
Thu, Oct 11, 1984
S1984 E25
Fri, Oct 12, 1984
S1984 E26
Mon, Oct 15, 1984
S1984 E27
Tue, Oct 16, 1984
S1984 E28
Wed, Oct 17, 1984
S1984 E29
Thu, Oct 18, 1984
S1984 E30
Fri, Oct 19, 1984
S1984 E31
Mon, Oct 22, 1984
S1984 E32
Tue, Oct 23, 1984
S1984 E33
Wed, Oct 24, 1984
S1984 E34
Thu, Oct 25, 1984
S1984 E35
Brad Marshall, Diane Stone, Peter Lalos
S1984 E36
Mon, Oct 29, 1984
S1984 E37
Tue, Oct 30, 1984
S1984 E38
Wed, Oct 31, 1984
S1984 E39
Thu, Nov 1, 1984
S1984 E40
Fri, Nov 2, 1984
S1984 E41
Michael Backes, Penny DeMille, Ron Tropsic
S1984 E42
Michael Backes, Cathy Pentecost, Don Branten
S1984 E43
Wed, Nov 7, 1984
S1984 E44
Thu, Nov 8, 1984
S1984 E45
Fri, Nov 9, 1984
S1984 E46
Mon, Nov 12, 1984
S1984 E47
Tue, Nov 13, 1984
S1984 E48
Wed, Nov 14, 1984
S1984 E49
Thu, Nov 15, 1984
S1984 E50
Fri, Nov 16, 1984
S1984 E51
Mon, Nov 19, 1984
S1984 E52
Tue, Nov 20, 1984
S1984 E53
Wed, Nov 21, 1984
S1984 E54
Thu, Nov 22, 1984
S1984 E55
Fri, Nov 23, 1984
S1984 E56
Richard Landon, Leland Kennedy, Sara Maikowski
S1984 E57
Richard Landon, Elaine Baker, Mark Loundy
S1984 E58
Mark Loundy, Alice Strauss, Don Clark
S1984 E59
Mark Loundy, Tom McGinn, Nancy Burns
S1984 E60
Fri, Nov 30, 1984
S1984 E61
Leslie Stucke, Daniel Elias, Nicholas Vallas
S1984 E62
Daniel Elias, Mary Mason, Richard Landon
S1984 E63
Daniel Elias, Denice Fractious, Warren Pistell
S1984 E64
Warren Pistell, Eva Rosenberg, Jay Mann
S1984 E65
Jay Mann, Amy Phillips, Ric Moser
S1984 E66
Ric Moser, Brian Perachet, Linda Rogers
S1984 E67
Ric Moser, Dale Barnes, Hal Akerman
S1984 E68
Ric Moser, Pat Hansen, Ralph Moore
S1984 E69
Ric Moser, Faryl Reingold, Ed Sample
S1984 E70
Chris Hamilton, Melinda Brownfield, Bill Hand
S1984 E71
Mon, Dec 17, 1984
S1984 E72
Tue, Dec 18, 1984
S1984 E73
Wed, Dec 19, 1984
S1984 E74
Thu, Dec 20, 1984
S1984 E75
Fri, Dec 21, 1984
S1984 E76
Mon, Dec 24, 1984
S1984 E77
Jerry Frankel, Fran, Michael
S1984 E78
Jerry Frankel, Maggie Sokolik, Randy Thompson
S1984 E79
Thu, Dec 27, 1984
S1984 E80
Jerry Frankel, Emmett Maguire, Jody Johnston
S1984 E81
Mon, Dec 31, 1984
Season 1985
S1985 E01
Phil Wilson, Liz Caccese, Mike Pick
S1985 E02
Wed, Jan 2, 1985
S1985 E03
Thu, Jan 3, 1985
S1985 E04
Liz Caccese, Pam Linden-Dernham, Bob Mette
S1985 E05
Mon, Jan 7, 1985
S1985 E06
Tue, Jan 8, 1985
S1985 E07
Wed, Jan 9, 1985
S1985 E08
Thu, Jan 10, 1985
S1985 E09
Fri, Jan 11, 1985
S1985 E10
Mon, Jan 14, 1985
S1985 E11
Tue, Jan 15, 1985
S1985 E12
Wed, Jan 16, 1985
S1985 E13
Thu, Jan 17, 1985
S1985 E14
Fri, Jan 18, 1985
S1985 E15
Mon, Jan 21, 1985
S1985 E16
Tue, Jan 22, 1985
S1985 E17
Paul Boymel, Jim Timmermann, Gary Weisbrod
S1985 E18
Paul Boymel, Jim Timmermann, Tink Miller
S1985 E19
Fri, Jan 25, 1985
S1985 E20
Mon, Jan 28, 1985
S1985 E21
Tue, Jan 29, 1985
S1985 E22
Wed, Jan 30, 1985
S1985 E23
Thu, Jan 31, 1985
S1985 E24
Fri, Feb 1, 1985
S1985 E25
Mon, Feb 4, 1985
S1985 E26
Tue, Feb 5, 1985
S1985 E27
Wed, Feb 6, 1985
S1985 E28
Thu, Feb 7, 1985
S1985 E29
Tony Hess, Pat Gaynor, Ted Brown
S1985 E30
Mon, Feb 11, 1985
S1985 E31
Tue, Feb 12, 1985
S1985 E32
Wed, Feb 13, 1985
S1985 E33
Thu, Feb 14, 1985
S1985 E34
Fri, Feb 15, 1985
S1985 E35
Mon, Feb 18, 1985
S1985 E36
Tue, Feb 19, 1985
S1985 E37
Wed, Feb 20, 1985
S1985 E38
Thu, Feb 21, 1985
S1985 E39
Fri, Feb 22, 1985
S1985 E40
Mon, Feb 25, 1985
S1985 E41
Tue, Feb 26, 1985
S1985 E42
Wed, Feb 27, 1985
S1985 E43
Thu, Feb 28, 1985
S1985 E44
Fri, Mar 1, 1985
S1985 E45
Bruce Fauman, Yvonne Buchanan, Bob Boehm
S1985 E46
Bruce Fauman, Avie Hern, Laurel Schwartz
S1985 E47
Wed, Mar 6, 1985
S1985 E48
Thu, Mar 7, 1985
S1985 E49
Fri, Mar 8, 1985
S1985 E50
Mon, Mar 11, 1985
S1985 E51
Tue, Mar 12, 1985
S1985 E52
Wed, Mar 13, 1985
S1985 E53
Thu, Mar 14, 1985
S1985 E54
Fri, Mar 15, 1985
S1985 E55
Mon, Mar 18, 1985
S1985 E56
Tue, Mar 19, 1985
S1985 E57
Paula Tupper, Rich Perloff, Sheree Nelson
S1985 E58
Thu, Mar 21, 1985
S1985 E59
Fri, Mar 22, 1985
S1985 E60
Steve Rogitz, Lonny Gulden, Debbi Holzinger
S1985 E61
Tue, Mar 26, 1985
S1985 E62
Wed, Mar 27, 1985
S1985 E63
Thu, Mar 28, 1985
S1985 E64
Fri, Mar 29, 1985
S1985 E65
Mon, Apr 1, 1985
S1985 E66
Tue, Apr 2, 1985
S1985 E67
Wed, Apr 3, 1985
S1985 E68
Thu, Apr 4, 1985
S1985 E69
Fri, Apr 5, 1985
S1985 E70
Mon, Apr 8, 1985
S1985 E71
Tue, Apr 9, 1985
S1985 E72
Mike Day, Monte Wasch, Mimi Schmidt
S1985 E73
Thu, Apr 11, 1985
S1985 E74
Fri, Apr 12, 1985
S1985 E75
Mon, Apr 15, 1985
S1985 E76
Tue, Apr 16, 1985
S1985 E77
Matt Hubbard, John Pendleton, Marcia Friedman
S1985 E78
Thu, Apr 18, 1985
S1985 E79
Matt Hubbard, Bruce Rhodewalt, Rick Sinclair
S1985 E80
Mon, Apr 22, 1985
S1985 E81
Bruce Rhodewalt, Dorian Ellis, Doug Miller
S1985 E82
Doug Miller, Albert Powell, Marcia Yaross
S1985 E83
Doug Miller, Bruce Schreibfeder, Steven Herbert
S1985 E84
Doug Miller, Joan Kantor, Mark Singer
S1985 E85
Mon, Apr 29, 1985
S1985 E86
Tue, Apr 30, 1985
S1985 E87
Wed, May 1, 1985
S1985 E88
Thu, May 2, 1985
S1985 E89
Fri, May 3, 1985
S1985 E90
Mon, May 6, 1985
S1985 E91
Tue, May 7, 1985
S1985 E92
Wed, May 8, 1985
S1985 E93
Thu, May 9, 1985
S1985 E94
Fri, May 10, 1985
S1985 E95
Mon, May 13, 1985
S1985 E96
Tue, May 14, 1985
S1985 E97
Wed, May 15, 1985
S1985 E98
Thu, May 16, 1985
S1985 E99
Fri, May 17, 1985
S1985 E100
Mon, May 20, 1985
S1985 E101
Tue, May 21, 1985
S1985 E102
Wed, May 22, 1985
S1985 E103
Thu, May 23, 1985
S1985 E104
Fri, May 24, 1985
S1985 E105
Mon, May 27, 1985
S1985 E106
Tue, May 28, 1985
S1985 E107
Wed, May 29, 1985
S1985 E108
Thu, May 30, 1985
S1985 E109
Fri, May 31, 1985
S1985 E110
Mon, Jun 3, 1985
S1985 E111
Tue, Jun 4, 1985
S1985 E112
Wed, Jun 5, 1985
S1985 E113
Thu, Jun 6, 1985
S1985 E114
Fri, Jun 7, 1985
S1985 E115
Alan Lefkowitz, Susan Blum, Steve Bowie (Season 2 begins)
S1985 E116
Susan Blum, David Sang, Sara Trautner
S1985 E117
Sara Trautner, Richard Chamberlain, Alan Jackowitz
S1985 E118
Richard Chamberlain, Teresa O'Neill, Charlotte Starbird
S1985 E119
Fri, Sep 13, 1985
S1985 E120
Mon, Sep 16, 1985
S1985 E121
Jay Rosenberg, Alan Rubin, Janet Batchler
S1985 E122
Wed, Sep 18, 1985
S1985 E123
Jay Rosenberg, Ron Kars, Gail Duncan
S1985 E124
Cindy Judy, Jim Davis, Joe Alley
S1985 E125
Joe Alley, Susan Kiner, Cyrni Rajwahl
S1985 E126
Joe Alley, Rob Lai, April Zwick
S1985 E127
Wed, Sep 25, 1985
S1985 E128
Thu, Sep 26, 1985
S1985 E129
Dane Garrett, Diane Cope, Allen Ury
S1985 E130
Dane Garrett, Chuck Forrest, Hilary Hill
S1985 E131
Chuck Forrest, MaryLou Byrne, Bob Devlin
S1985 E132
Chuck Forrest, Ayofemi Stowe, Mike McClain
S1985 E133
Chuck Forrest, Claudia Wolfe, René Garcia
S1985 E134
Chuck Forrest, Susan McGowan, Linda Alznauer
S1985 E135
Mon, Oct 7, 1985
S1985 E136
Chris Golden, Les Preston, Barbara Dubb
S1985 E137
Wed, Oct 9, 1985
S1985 E138
Thu, Oct 10, 1985
S1985 E139
Fri, Oct 11, 1985
S1985 E140
Mon, Oct 14, 1985
S1985 E141
Tue, Oct 15, 1985
S1985 E142
Wed, Oct 16, 1985
S1985 E143
Thu, Oct 17, 1985
S1985 E144
Fri, Oct 18, 1985
S1985 E145
Mon, Oct 21, 1985
S1985 E146
Tue, Oct 22, 1985
S1985 E147
Ginny Crispell, Vicki Reed, Mark Jaffe
S1985 E148
Ginny Crispell, Mark Leinwand, Scott Feigelstein
S1985 E149
Mark Leinwand, Faye Ringel, Al Lusher
S1985 E150
Mon, Oct 28, 1985
S1985 E151
Mark Leinwand, Stan Siegel, Tory Metzger
S1985 E152
Wed, Oct 30, 1985
S1985 E153
Thu, Oct 31, 1985
S1985 E154
Fri, Nov 1, 1985
S1985 E155
Mon, Nov 4, 1985
S1985 E156
Tue, Nov 5, 1985
S1985 E157
Wed, Nov 6, 1985
S1985 E158
Thu, Nov 7, 1985
S1985 E159
Fri, Nov 8, 1985
S1985 E160
1985 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1985 E161
1985 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1985 E162
1985 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1985 E163
1985 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1985 E164
1985 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1985 E165
1985 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1985 E166
1985 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1985 E167
1985 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1985 E168
1985 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1985 E169
1985 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1985 E170
Harvey Becker, Tony De La Rosa, Lynne Kopell
S1985 E171
Tony De La Rosa, Greg Pieschala, Libby Webber
S1985 E172
Wed, Nov 27, 1985
S1985 E173
Thu, Nov 28, 1985
S1985 E174
Fri, Nov 29, 1985
S1985 E175
Mon, Dec 2, 1985
S1985 E176
Tue, Dec 3, 1985
S1985 E177
Wed, Dec 4, 1985
S1985 E178
Jared Eisenstat, Susan Mayer, Ed Cundiff
S1985 E179
Jared Eisenstat, Kate Thornton-Hirsch, Allan Mason
S1985 E180
Mon, Dec 9, 1985
S1985 E181
Sister Carol Cimino, Michael deHaven Newsom, David Church
S1985 E182
Sister Carol Cimino, Rocky Schmidt, Carolyn Kennedy
S1985 E183
Thu, Dec 12, 1985
S1985 E184
Rocky Schmidt, Louis Lang, Sally Reed
S1985 E185
Mon, Dec 16, 1985
S1985 E186
Tue, Dec 17, 1985
S1985 E187
Wed, Dec 18, 1985
S1985 E188
Thu, Dec 19, 1985
S1985 E189
Ron Marriott, John Schroth, Norma Walch
S1985 E190
John Schroth, Duane Lyons, Andrea Ladik
S1985 E191
Andrea Ladik, Alexis Colicchio, Pamela Norris
S1985 E192
Pamela Norris, Donna Marie Wright, Rafael Bernardino
S1985 E193
Pamela Norris, Mike Wallis, Jack Brodsky
S1985 E194
Pamela Norris, Dan Alves, Brenda Parks
S1985 E195
Mon, Dec 30, 1985
S1985 E196
Tue, Dec 31, 1985
Season 1986
S1986 E01
Wed, Jan 1, 1986
S1986 E02
Thu, Jan 2, 1986
S1986 E03
Fri, Jan 3, 1986
S1986 E04
Mon, Jan 6, 1986
S1986 E05
Tue, Jan 7, 1986
S1986 E06
Barbara Griffin, Steve Willis, Curtis Warren
S1986 E07
Thu, Jan 9, 1986
S1986 E08
Steve Willis, David Green, Lynne McGrath
S1986 E09
Steve Willis, Nancy Smith, Gardner Stern
S1986 E10
Nancy Smith, Gardner Stern, Phyllis Grinnell
S1986 E11
Wed, Jan 15, 1986
S1986 E12
Bill Fleming, Joe Escarce, Linda Shrum
S1986 E13
Bill Fleming, Linda Shrum, Geoff Fong
S1986 E14
Linda Shrum, Rosalie Hill, Kevin Spitze
S1986 E15
Tue, Jan 21, 1986
S1986 E16
Wed, Jan 22, 1986
S1986 E17
Thu, Jan 23, 1986
S1986 E18
Ann Antell, George Lynch, Bob Danielson
S1986 E19
Mon, Jan 27, 1986
S1986 E20
Tue, Jan 28, 1986
S1986 E21
Beryl Arbit, Alberto Isaac, Karen Stevens
S1986 E22
Thu, Jan 30, 1986
S1986 E23
Fri, Jan 31, 1986
S1986 E24
Garth Sturdevant, David Whitehorse, Dorothy Williams
S1986 E25
Garth Sturdevant, Paul Rouffa, Jamie Capwell
S1986 E26
Paul Rouffa, Steve Wenrick, Judy Hedden
S1986 E27
Paul Rouffa, George Strine, Buff McKinley
S1986 E28
Paul Rouffa, Jean Reynolds, Melody Keller
S1986 E29
Paul Rouffa, Steve Lawson, Susan Fox-Davis
S1986 E30
Dan Green, Pat Nilsson, Miles Neff
S1986 E31
Dan Green, Neil Jensen, Nancy Brough
S1986 E32
Dan Green, Lori Reichart, Bob Mesch
S1986 E33
Dan Green, Ben Harris, Jared
S1986 E34
Mon, Feb 17, 1986
S1986 E35
Tue, Feb 18, 1986
S1986 E36
Wed, Feb 19, 1986
S1986 E37
Thu, Feb 20, 1986
S1986 E38
Fri, Feb 21, 1986
S1986 E39
Joe Pipp, Jim Bell, Bobbie Harrison
S1986 E40
Joe Pipp, Leslie Johnson Kelsey, Chub Feeney
S1986 E41
Leslie Johnson Kelsey, Michael, Shirley
S1986 E42
Thu, Feb 27, 1986
S1986 E43
Fri, Feb 28, 1986
S1986 E44
Mon, Mar 3, 1986
S1986 E45
Tue, Mar 4, 1986
S1986 E46
Wed, Mar 5, 1986
S1986 E47
Thu, Mar 6, 1986
S1986 E48
Fri, Mar 7, 1986
S1986 E49
Mon, Mar 10, 1986
S1986 E50
Tue, Mar 11, 1986
S1986 E51
Wed, Mar 12, 1986
S1986 E52
Jean Youngerman, Davina Rubin, Clint Swett
S1986 E53
Clint Swett, Jay Reisman, Thomas Van Dyke
S1986 E54
Clint Swett, Cindy Price, Anita Mule
S1986 E55
Clint Swett, Gerri Miller, Louis Seitchik
S1986 E56
Wed, Mar 19, 1986
S1986 E57
Thu, Mar 20, 1986
S1986 E58
Fri, Mar 21, 1986
S1986 E59
Mon, Mar 24, 1986
S1986 E60
Tue, Mar 25, 1986
S1986 E61
Wed, Mar 26, 1986
S1986 E62
Thu, Mar 27, 1986
S1986 E63
Fri, Mar 28, 1986
S1986 E64
Mon, Mar 31, 1986
S1986 E65
Tue, Apr 1, 1986
S1986 E66
Wed, Apr 2, 1986
S1986 E67
Thu, Apr 3, 1986
S1986 E68
Tom McCrossan, Andrea Reid, Phil Purganan
S1986 E69
Phil Purganan, Donald Burgo, Diana Collins-Moschini
S1986 E70
Tue, Apr 8, 1986
S1986 E71
Wed, Apr 9, 1986
S1986 E72
Donald Burgo, Kathy Collins, Mike Petrina
S1986 E73
Donald Burgo, Kathy Collins, Gregory Charles
S1986 E74
Mon, Apr 14, 1986
S1986 E75
Tue, Apr 15, 1986
S1986 E76
Wed, Apr 16, 1986
S1986 E77
Thu, Apr 17, 1986
S1986 E78
Fri, Apr 18, 1986
S1986 E79
Mon, Apr 21, 1986
S1986 E80
Kurt Weldon, Randy Amasia, Susan Sanchez
S1986 E81
Randy Amasia, Pam Wells, Lois Rothman
S1986 E82
Pam Wells, Janet Manley McNeil, Warren Harshbarger
S1986 E83
Fri, Apr 25, 1986
S1986 E84
Mon, Apr 28, 1986
S1986 E85
Frank Sanello, Richard Schwartz, Cliff Miles Katskee
S1986 E86
Wed, Apr 30, 1986
S1986 E87
Thu, May 1, 1986
S1986 E88
Stuart Haven, Chris Sevilla, Susan Lopez-Daily
S1986 E89
Mon, May 5, 1986
S1986 E90
Tue, May 6, 1986
S1986 E91
David DeVincenzi, Al Rossi, Molly McClellan
S1986 E92
Thu, May 8, 1986
S1986 E93
Fri, May 9, 1986
S1986 E94
Mon, May 12, 1986
S1986 E95
Tue, May 13, 1986
S1986 E96
Stanton Korn, Joe Schmitz, Marie Peterson
S1986 E97
Thu, May 15, 1986
S1986 E98
Fri, May 16, 1986
S1986 E99
Paul Hill, Ellen Kaufman, Lin Mueller
S1986 E100
Tue, May 20, 1986
S1986 E101
Wed, May 21, 1986
S1986 E102
Thu, May 22, 1986
S1986 E103
Fri, May 23, 1986
S1986 E104
Mon, May 26, 1986
S1986 E105
Marvin Shinkman, Jackie Finn, Greg Asbagh
S1986 E106
Wed, May 28, 1986
S1986 E107
Marvin Shinkman, Robert Wargo, Francis Hambidge
S1986 E108
Marvin Shinkman, Kathleen Guzzi, Paul Baress
S1986 E109
Mon, Jun 2, 1986
S1986 E110
Tue, Jun 3, 1986
S1986 E111
Wed, Jun 4, 1986
S1986 E112
Thu, Jun 5, 1986
S1986 E113
Fri, Jun 6, 1986
S1986 E114
Susan Sackett, Florence Cohen, Sandra Cheltenham (Season 3 begins)
S1986 E115
Susan Sackett, Blair Pethel, Kevin Cummins
S1986 E116
Wed, Sep 10, 1986
S1986 E117
Fern Cogar, Steve Lipman, Tony Barreto
S1986 E118
Fern Cogar, Wade Ballard, Roger Storm
S1986 E119
Roger Storm, Kay Guesdon, Thomas Bernhard
S1986 E120
Tue, Sep 16, 1986
S1986 E121
Roger Storm, Ira Levine, Linda Leipheimer
S1986 E122
Roger Storm, Karin Hofland, Marc Wade
S1986 E123
Marc Wade, Ed Coyne, Tim Singer
S1986 E124
Mon, Sep 22, 1986
S1986 E125
Tue, Sep 23, 1986
S1986 E126
Heidi Yorkshire, Don Tracy, Pat Van Hartesveldt
S1986 E127
Don Tracy, Chas Wilson, Jim Bell
S1986 E128
Don Tracy, Mark Zickel, Zanete Barons
S1986 E129
Zanete Barons, Tom Rutledge, Paul Raymond
S1986 E130
Tue, Sep 30, 1986
S1986 E131
Wed, Oct 1, 1986
S1986 E132
Thu, Oct 2, 1986
S1986 E133
Carl Brady, Ty Walker, Sharon Miyasato
S1986 E134
Mon, Oct 6, 1986
S1986 E135
Tue, Oct 7, 1986
S1986 E136
Carl Brady, Bob Menaker, Janet DeLand
S1986 E137
Thu, Oct 9, 1986
S1986 E138
Steve Cowie, Dave Traini, Rosalie Hill
S1986 E139
Dave Traini, Jackie Giles, Alec Binnie
S1986 E140
Dave Traini, Ian Barondess, Paul Schindler Jr.
S1986 E141
Dave Traini, Tom Grexa, JoAnn Lum
S1986 E142
Dave Traini, Elizabeth Charland, Brian Barrett
S1986 E143
Fri, Oct 17, 1986
S1986 E144
Mon, Oct 20, 1986
S1986 E145
Tue, Oct 21, 1986
S1986 E146
Janet Stevenson, Marji Hanson, Michael Tanner
S1986 E147
Thu, Oct 23, 1986
S1986 E148
Fri, Oct 24, 1986
S1986 E149
Mon, Oct 27, 1986
S1986 E150
Tue, Oct 28, 1986
S1986 E151
Wed, Oct 29, 1986
S1986 E152
Thu, Oct 30, 1986
S1986 E153
Jeff Suto, Rosemary Woodlock, Brad Geagley
S1986 E154
Brad Geagley, Sherman Allen, Colleen Yarnell
S1986 E155
Sherman Allen, Nancy Zende, Dave Maney
S1986 E156
Wed, Nov 5, 1986
S1986 E157
Richard Gelb, Linda Williams, Ken Harrison
S1986 E158
Fri, Nov 7, 1986
S1986 E159
1986 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1986 E160
1986 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1986 E161
1986 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1986 E162
1986 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1986 E163
1986 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1986 E164
1986 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1986 E165
1986 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1986 E166
1986 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1986 E167
1986 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1986 E168
1986 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1986 E169
Linda Williams, Patty Young, Jeff Ramsey
S1986 E170
Tue, Nov 25, 1986
S1986 E171
Wed, Nov 26, 1986
S1986 E172
Thu, Nov 27, 1986
S1986 E173
Fri, Nov 28, 1986
S1986 E174
Mon, Dec 1, 1986
S1986 E175
Tue, Dec 2, 1986
S1986 E176
Wed, Dec 3, 1986
S1986 E177
Thu, Dec 4, 1986
S1986 E178
Fri, Dec 5, 1986
S1986 E179
Lee Pritchard, Bill Ryan, Annette Freestone
S1986 E180
Tue, Dec 9, 1986
S1986 E181
Steven Goldstein, John Ling, David Epperson
S1986 E182
Steven Goldstein, Bill Blum, Debbie Sherry
S1986 E183
Debbie Sherry, Steve Baker, Adrienne Bell
S1986 E184
Debbie Sherry, Phyllis McDonald, Chris Strom
S1986 E185
Phyllis McDonald, Maria Lasalvia-Seliga, Eric Balaban
S1986 E186
Phyllis McDonald, Frank Hughes, Judy Kilbane Koch
S1986 E187
Thu, Dec 18, 1986
S1986 E188
Frank Hughes, Dan Schaffer, Pat Rounds
S1986 E189
Frank Hughes, Pam Bearce, David Albrecht
S1986 E190
Frank Hughes, Scott Cooper, Susan Powell-Turton
S1986 E191
Frank Ford, Morgan Sloane, Kathleen Hagen
S1986 E192
Thu, Dec 25, 1986
S1986 E193
Fri, Dec 26, 1986
S1986 E194
Mon, Dec 29, 1986
S1986 E195
David Shear, Gerry Shefler, Steve Faber
S1986 E196
David Shear, Barbara Jackson, J.C. Turner
Season 1987
S1987 E01
J.C. Turner, Randy Jackson, Marjorie Kelly
S1987 E02
J.C. Turner, David Weintraub, Keith Bell
S1987 E03
Keith Bell, Charlene Hofferstad, Dale Butland
S1987 E04
Keith Bell, Dale Butland, David Dickman
S1987 E05
Keith Bell, Leigh Colitre, Fran Oney
S1987 E06
Keith Bell, Chris Desser, Judi Greenberg
S1987 E07
Patty Godon-Tann, George Neil, Mark Palmer
S1987 E08
Mon, Jan 12, 1987
S1987 E09
Sharon Miyasato, Mark Winburne, Janet Weymouth
S1987 E10
Wed, Jan 14, 1987
S1987 E11
Lance Lawson, Justin Culkowski, Sheila Halko
S1987 E12
Justin Culkowski, Mike Williams, JoFrannye Reichert
S1987 E13
Mon, Jan 19, 1987
S1987 E14
Tue, Jan 20, 1987
S1987 E15
Wed, Jan 21, 1987
S1987 E16
Thu, Jan 22, 1987
S1987 E17
Fri, Jan 23, 1987
S1987 E18
Ursula Ziegler-Sullivan, Debora Flury-Kick, Jim Crawford
S1987 E19
Tue, Jan 27, 1987
S1987 E20
Jim Crawford, Rex Schultz, Mary Frances Smith
S1987 E21
Rex Schultz, Lindsay Franco-Ferreira, Margaret Wheeler
S1987 E22
Rex Schultz, Nancy Neff, Irwin Moskowitz
S1987 E23
Nancy Neff, Claude Welch, Mike Stafford
S1987 E24
Claude Welch, Linda Lyle, Joel Nathanson
S1987 E25
Joel Nathanson, Charlie Orlowek, Maggie Moe
S1987 E26
Joel Nathanson, Maggie Moe, Wendy Keebler
S1987 E27
Joel Nathanson, Susan Kaisler, Mary Hammond
S1987 E28
Mary Hammond, Paula Weissman, Jake Harlee
S1987 E29
Tue, Feb 10, 1987
S1987 E30
Wed, Feb 11, 1987
S1987 E31
Keith Chun, Virginia Sielen, Bob White
S1987 E32
Virginia Sielen, Sue O'Donnell, Lew Fox
S1987 E33
1987 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1987 E34
1987 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1987 E35
1987 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1987 E36
1987 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1987 E37
1987 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1987 E38
1987 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1987 E39
1987 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1987 E40
1987 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1987 E41
1987 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1987 E42
1987 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1987 E43
Virginia Sielen, Paula Wilhelm-Naughtin, Pat Howe
S1987 E44
Tue, Mar 3, 1987
S1987 E45
Wed, Mar 4, 1987
S1987 E46
Judy Goodnight, Keith Walker, Barbara Platz
S1987 E47
Fri, Mar 6, 1987
S1987 E48
Mon, Mar 9, 1987
S1987 E49
Tue, Mar 10, 1987
S1987 E50
Wed, Mar 11, 1987
S1987 E51
John Ryan, Judith Kallen Dry, Fran La Bruto
S1987 E52
John Ryan, Fran La Bruto, Elizabeth Souders
S1987 E53
John Ryan, Sara Fox, Jackson Wheeler
S1987 E54
John Ryan, Brent Minor, Maggie Baker
S1987 E55
John Ryan, Maxine Paley, Eric Oberhand
S1987 E56
Thu, Mar 19, 1987
S1987 E57
Fri, Mar 20, 1987
S1987 E58
John Podhoretz, Ed Gardner, Tracy Bernstein
S1987 E59
Tue, Mar 24, 1987
S1987 E60
Wed, Mar 25, 1987
S1987 E61
Thu, Mar 26, 1987
S1987 E62
Pam Quillan, Kate Kahn, Dale Webster
S1987 E63
Mon, Mar 30, 1987
S1987 E64
Tue, Mar 31, 1987
S1987 E65
Wed, Apr 1, 1987
S1987 E66
Thu, Apr 2, 1987
S1987 E67
Fri, Apr 3, 1987
S1987 E68
Joel Lewin, David Roussel, Carol Childs
S1987 E69
David Roussel, Woods Gleason, Jonathan Vaughan
S1987 E70
Wed, Apr 8, 1987
S1987 E71
Thu, Apr 9, 1987
S1987 E72
Chris Walkey, Burton Boxerman, Linda Christiano
S1987 E73
Chris Walkey, Bev Praver, Jim Ryan
S1987 E74
Jim Ryan, Carol Jackson, Vince Scott
S1987 E75
Wed, Apr 15, 1987
S1987 E76
Jim Ryan, Mark Dunn, Claire Dujardin
S1987 E77
Jim Ryan, Bill Johnston, Anne Hallerman
S1987 E78
Anne Hallerman, Chuck Doskow, Larry Dundas
S1987 E79
Larry Dundas, Susan Wilcox, Richard Cordray
S1987 E80
Richard Cordray, Marian Evans Melnick, Scott Myers
S1987 E81
Richard Cordray, Maureen Girr, Bob Hansen
S1987 E82
Richard Cordray, Yaier Lehrer, Donna DiMesa
S1987 E83
Richard Cordray, Eileen Oshinsky, Bob Peck
S1987 E84
Peggy Johnson, Bruce Adelstein, Nancy Adams
S1987 E85
Bruce Adelstein, Richard Heft, Linda Shewey
S1987 E86
Linda Shewey, Lance King, Ira Levine
S1987 E87
Fri, May 1, 1987
S1987 E88
Mon, May 4, 1987
S1987 E89
Tue, May 5, 1987
S1987 E90
Wed, May 6, 1987
S1987 E91
Thu, May 7, 1987
S1987 E92
Mark Stitham, Michael Aronson, Tim Casey
S1987 E93
1987 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1987 E94
1987 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1987 E95
1987 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1987 E96
1987 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1987 E97
1987 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1987 E98
1987 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1987 E99
1987 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1987 E100
1987 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1987 E101
1987 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1987 E102
1987 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1987 E103
Tim Casey, Robin Gillen, Clara Poplin
S1987 E104
Tue, May 26, 1987
S1987 E105
Wed, May 27, 1987
S1987 E106
Bob McGreevy, Stephen Bradshaw, Ira Levine
S1987 E107
Fri, May 29, 1987
S1987 E108
Mon, Jun 1, 1987
S1987 E109
Eugene Finerman, Pat Neilsen, Rob Thais
S1987 E110
Wed, Jun 3, 1987
S1987 E111
Thu, Jun 4, 1987
S1987 E112
Eugene Finerman, Nancy Kool, Keith Lindloff
S1987 E113
Jonathan Fellows, Lori McFalls, Maureen Mahoney
S1987 E114
Jonathan Fellows, Diana Blaney, Alan Levin
S1987 E115
Wed, Jun 10, 1987
S1987 E116
Thu, Jun 11, 1987
S1987 E117
Jonathan Fellows, Meg Shreve, Sue Gouldley
S1987 E118
Mon, Jun 15, 1987
S1987 E119
Meg Shreve, Dan, Robin
S1987 E120
Meg Shreve, Marty Gertsman, Theon Banos Cross
S1987 E121
Marty Gertsman, Bob Verini, Kathleen Haider
S1987 E122
Bob Verini, Alan Rosenberg, Linda Dragas
S1987 E123
Bob Verini, Al Lewis, Emalie Brooks
S1987 E124
Bob Verini, J.J. Fowell, Linda Marshall
S1987 E125
Bob Verini, Larry Brown, Fran Strykowski
S1987 E126
Myra Backner, Ray Allex, Renee Pennington
S1987 E127
Ray Allex, Cindy Skalsky, Doug Molitor
S1987 E128
Doug Molitor, Debbie Ordas, Dave Eubanks
S1987 E129
Doug Molitor, Carol Miller, Neil Brockman
S1987 E130
Doug Molitor, Bob Rome, Patti Demerirjian
S1987 E131
Doug Molitor, Carol Center, Eric Berman
S1987 E132
Eric Berman, Elaine Brewer, Bill Wray
S1987 E133
Eric Berman, Vaughn West, Mary Ellis
S1987 E134
Eric Berman, Mary Frechette, Craig Miller
S1987 E135
Eric Berman, Mike Berkowitz, David Peterman
S1987 E136
Thu, Jul 9, 1987
S1987 E137
Fri, Jul 10, 1987
S1987 E138
David Peterman, Judi Chamberlin, Dale Schweinsberg
S1987 E139
Dale Schweinsberg, Larry Day, Risa Lapidow
S1987 E140
Dale Schweinsberg, Michael Klaper, Lennie Magida
S1987 E141
Michael Klaper, Eileen Dreyer, Amy Goldrich
S1987 E142
Fri, Jul 17, 1987
S1987 E143
Jesse Green, Joe Baldanza, Kathie Hite
S1987 E144
Tue, Jul 21, 1987
S1987 E145
Wed, Jul 22, 1987
S1987 E146
Thu, Jul 23, 1987
S1987 E147
Fri, Jul 24, 1987
S1987 E148
Michael Seiler, Phyllis Rosenthal, Ken Higgins (Season 4 begins)
S1987 E149
Ken Higgins, Brenda Berstler, Tom Facelle
S1987 E150
Brenda Berstler, Steve Burnside, Gail Waterman
S1987 E151
Brenda Berstler, Ted Cooperstein, Stephanie Chastain
S1987 E152
Ted Cooperstein, Sharon Duke, Den Golden
S1987 E153
Ted Cooperstein, Pam Crowley, Walt Meyer
S1987 E154
Ted Cooperstein, Garry Boone, Stuart Cleland
S1987 E155
Ted Cooperstein, Tom Bendycki, Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer
S1987 E156
Thu, Sep 17, 1987
S1987 E157
Fri, Sep 18, 1987
S1987 E158
Mon, Sep 21, 1987
S1987 E159
Roy Holliday, Peggy Friedman, David Shapiro
S1987 E160
Wed, Sep 23, 1987
S1987 E161
Thu, Sep 24, 1987
S1987 E162
Fri, Sep 25, 1987
S1987 E163
Mon, Sep 28, 1987
S1987 E164
Judi Greenberg, Lance Williams, Cinthea Stahl
S1987 E165
Cinthea Stahl, Colleen Patten, Heywood Sobel
S1987 E166
Heywood Sobel, Eileen Harrsch, Brian Lipson
S1987 E167
Heywood Sobel, Jim Terry, Dr. Betsy Suits
S1987 E168
Mon, Oct 5, 1987
S1987 E169
Tue, Oct 6, 1987
S1987 E170
Wed, Oct 7, 1987
S1987 E171
Richard Perez-Pena, Mary, Gregg Horn
S1987 E172
Richard Perez-Pena, John Gose, Mary Dupuis
S1987 E173
Mon, Oct 12, 1987
S1987 E174
Richard Perez-Pena, Chloe Ross, Gerry Cook
S1987 E175
Bob Imsande, Suzee Vlk, Judi Owens
S1987 E176
Suzee Vlk, Lewis Grossman, Judith Seeger
S1987 E177
Judith Seeger, Barbara Herington, Neil Plakcy
S1987 E178
Judith Seeger, Tim Dicarlo, Mark Allen
S1987 E179
Judith Seeger, Denise Rossi, J.P. Duffy
S1987 E180
Judith Seeger, Beth Phillips, Steve Ripley
S1987 E181
Beth Phillips, Brian Nelson, Laura Glendinning
S1987 E182
Beth Phillips, Tom Gray, John Lamb
S1987 E183
John Lamb, Tim Kozel, Carol Cling
S1987 E184
Carol Cling, Richard Miller, Laurel Altman
S1987 E185
Richard Miller, Dave Higgins, Martha Adams
S1987 E186
Richard Miller, Chris Morris, Mark Holmes
S1987 E187
Mark Holmes, Alan Smith, Rich Kenney
S1987 E188
Rich Kenney, Ken Freedman, Delores Teus
S1987 E189
Ken Freedman, Kate Waits, Bruce Howarth
S1987 E190
Kate Waits, Carmela Izzo, Elizabeth Costello
S1987 E191
Kate Waits, Hallie Greenburg, Michael Moreno
S1987 E192
Kate Waits, Dorothy Dunnion, Pete Stark
S1987 E193
1987 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1987 E194
1987 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1987 E195
1987 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1987 E196
1987 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1987 E197
1987 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1987 E198
1987 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1987 E199
1987 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1987 E200
1987 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1987 E201
1987 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1987 E202
1987 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1987 E203
Mon, Nov 23, 1987
S1987 E204
Tue, Nov 24, 1987
S1987 E205
Michael Compton, Ira Kirschner, Julie Rutherford
S1987 E206
Thu, Nov 26, 1987
S1987 E207
Fri, Nov 27, 1987
S1987 E208
Mon, Nov 30, 1987
S1987 E209
Robert Horton, Phillip Anderson, Jr., Jennifer Daniels
S1987 E210
Wed, Dec 2, 1987
S1987 E211
Elizabeth Holloway, Ingrid Nuremberg, Bob Harrenga
S1987 E212
Bob Harrenga, Paul Katz, Alice Cohen
S1987 E213
Mon, Dec 7, 1987
S1987 E214
Alice Cohen, Ron Cratty, Sandra Gore
S1987 E215
Sandra Gore, Maggie Cambron, Russ Donnelly
S1987 E216
Sandra Gore, Debby Christiana, David Castro
S1987 E217
Sandra Gore, John Zanier, Joanne Seran
S1987 E218
Sandra Gore, Linnie Blattner, Pat McAnaney
S1987 E219
Stephanie Johns, Winona Phillips, Robin Maisel
S1987 E220
Robin Maisel, Jody Hess, David Nagy
S1987 E221
David Nagy, Tom Grant, Kathy White
S1987 E222
David Nagy, Lee Steward, Ralph Biancalana
S1987 E223
Ralph Biancalana, Kurt Webber, Karen Dauphin
S1987 E224
Karen Dauphin, Leah Krinsky, Jeri Anderson
S1987 E225
Jeri Anderson, Howard Groopman, Gary Tarpinian
S1987 E226
Thu, Dec 24, 1987
S1987 E227
Bea Cottrell, John Sobiski, Eben Price
S1987 E228
Bea Cottrell, John Wallin, Cliff Harris
S1987 E229
Tue, Dec 29, 1987
S1987 E230
Barry White, Keith Jaeger, Sally Ritch
S1987 E231
Barry White, Bruce Seymour, Susan Greatorex
Season 1988
S1988 E01
Bruce Seymour, Anne Kahn, Barbara Baernstein
S1988 E02
Bruce Seymour, Steven Chinn, Jamie Campbell
S1988 E03
Bruce Seymour, Robert Michaels, Eric Elfman
S1988 E04
Bruce Seymour, Mike Ollins, Janet Holzer
S1988 E05
Thu, Jan 7, 1988
S1988 E06
Janet Holzer, Sarah Workman, Bruce Wolfe
S1988 E07
Sarah Workman, Leah Greenwald, Robin Hoffmann
S1988 E08
Leah Greenwald, Pete Peterson, Mary Ann Meyers
S1988 E09
Leah Greenwald, Jim Stevenson, Todd Leopold
S1988 E10
Leah Greenwald, Debbie May, Eytan Mirsky
S1988 E11
Leah Greenwald, Steve Morris, Michelle Lellouche
S1988 E12
Bob Bearse, Jonathan Santore, Jake Edelman
S1988 E13
Jonathan Santore, Paul Tidwell, Jenny Church
S1988 E14
Wed, Jan 20, 1988
S1988 E15
Thu, Jan 21, 1988
S1988 E16
Fri, Jan 22, 1988
S1988 E17
Stephanie Scott, Lennie Edwards, Sue Kelly
S1988 E18
Lennie Edwards, Steve Kravitz, Joan Kurland
S1988 E19
Steve Kravitz, Cheryl Lieberman, Tom Nelson
S1988 E20
Steve Kravitz, Ernest Bonner, Jr., Christine Beauregard
S1988 E21
Steve Kravitz, Doug Petroff-Tobler, Judy Flannery
S1988 E22
Judy Flannery, Barbara-Anne Eddy, Jim Costello
S1988 E23
Barbara-Anne Eddy, Sue Wulfestieg, Robin Harkleroad
S1988 E24
Barbara-Anne Eddy, John Yudelson, Pam Blank
S1988 E25
Barbara-Anne Eddy, Cynthia Green, Karen Conley
S1988 E26
Barbara-Anne Eddy, Cynthia Green, Mike Lerner
S1988 E27
1988 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1988 E28
1988 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1988 E29
1988 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1988 E30
1988 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1988 E31
1988 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1988 E32
1988 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1988 E33
1988 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1988 E34
1988 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1988 E35
1988 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1988 E36
1988 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1988 E37
Mon, Feb 22, 1988
S1988 E38
Tue, Feb 23, 1988
S1988 E39
Wed, Feb 24, 1988
S1988 E40
Thu, Feb 25, 1988
S1988 E41
Michael Shutterly, Tom Gazzola, Blanca Gallardo
S1988 E42
Mon, Feb 29, 1988
S1988 E43
Tue, Mar 1, 1988
S1988 E44
Michael Shutterly, Phil Marti, Sandy Taylor
S1988 E45
Sandy Taylor, Mike Perez, Janis Fanhert
S1988 E46
Fri, Mar 4, 1988
S1988 E47
Isaac Braddock, Hank Peddicord, Lou Kaluza
S1988 E48
Tue, Mar 8, 1988
S1988 E49
Leslie Goodman-Malamuth, Jack Lowe, Andi Brown
S1988 E50
Jack Lowe, Jerry Van Riper, Demeter Manning
S1988 E51
Jack Lowe, Ron Trigueiro, Jackie Trahan
S1988 E52
Ron Trigueiro, Gary Amundson, Susan Steade
S1988 E53
Ron Trigueiro, Tom Brothers, Jeanne Douglas
S1988 E54
Ron Trigueiro, Scooter Lowe, Kate Coe
S1988 E55
Ron Trigueiro, Michael Folz, Cheryl van Middlesworth
S1988 E56
Cheryl van Middlesworth, Dan Zellman, Bob Twillman
S1988 E57
Mon, Mar 21, 1988
S1988 E58
Cheryl van Middlesworth, Harry Weisberger, Mary Dunne
S1988 E59
Wed, Mar 23, 1988
S1988 E60
Larry Frantz, Pat O'Connor, Arthur Hanks, Jr.
S1988 E61
Pat O'Connor, Margie Melby, Dave Gramling
S1988 E62
Dave Gramling, Cheryl Stein, Steven Popper
S1988 E63
Steven Popper, Mary Haney, Terry Sheldon
S1988 E64
Steven Popper, Ron Abbott, Christine Heely
S1988 E65
Steven Popper, Michael Kannellos, Daniel Lubin
S1988 E66
Steven Popper, Heather Wood, Mary Jane Eager
S1988 E67
Cynthia Heller, Bob Sutton, Johanna Pick
S1988 E68
Bob Sutton, Greg Sullivan, Marianne Durgavich
S1988 E69
Bob Sutton, Peter Sagal, Joe Weidinger
S1988 E70
Joe Weidinger, Rick Filloy, Bob Beers
S1988 E71
Bob Beers, Gordon Brown, Ruta Larson
S1988 E72
Mon, Apr 11, 1988
S1988 E73
Bob Beers, Ron Karr, Dorothy Craig
S1988 E74
Wed, Apr 13, 1988
S1988 E75
Thu, Apr 14, 1988
S1988 E76
Fri, Apr 15, 1988
S1988 E77
Linda Lewis, Alan Weiss, Tom Lawrence
S1988 E78
Tom Lawrence, Dale Armstrong, Fred Bernstein
S1988 E79
Tom Lawrence, Sharon Keld, Matt Lieff
S1988 E80
Thu, Apr 21, 1988
S1988 E81
Fri, Apr 22, 1988
S1988 E82
Jeff Brown, Blaze Newman, Ed Levin
S1988 E83
Blaze Newman, Scott, Liz
S1988 E84
Blaze Newman, Rob Pold, Dave Drew
S1988 E85
Rob Pold, Mike Harris, Mario Mainero
S1988 E86
Mike Harris, Steve Barto, Dennis Brent
S1988 E87
Mon, May 2, 1988
S1988 E88
Tue, May 3, 1988
S1988 E89
Wed, May 4, 1988
S1988 E90
Mark Lowenthal, Debra Malki, Paul Hjelmervik
S1988 E91
Mark Lowenthal, Michael Edelstein, Joe Sansonese
S1988 E92
1988 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1988 E93
1988 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1988 E94
1988 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1988 E95
1988 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1988 E96
1988 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1988 E97
1988 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1988 E98
1988 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1988 E99
1988 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1988 E100
1988 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1988 E101
1988 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1988 E102
Mark Lowenthal, Jack Dumpert, Elle Hood
S1988 E103
Mark Lowenthal, Joshua Kosman, Bill Pawlak
S1988 E104
Wed, May 25, 1988
S1988 E105
Janelle Kauffman, Jim Berkowitz, Clyde Ayer
S1988 E106
Jim Berkowitz, George Bufford, Lynn Mauk
S1988 E107
Jim Berkowitz, Rob Pierce, Sharon Beattie
S1988 E108
Jim Berkowitz, Ted Killory, Jack Koenig
S1988 E109
Jack Koenig, Bob Palitz, Pam Brown
S1988 E110
Jack Koenig, Lauri Donahue, Todd Hueta
S1988 E111
Jack Koenig, Michael Rankins, Tom Hudak
S1988 E112
Michael Rankins, Margaret Bellisario, Mark Meyerson
S1988 E113
Michael Rankins, Bill Henner, Steve Silva
S1988 E114
Michael Rankins, Paul Donnelly, Naomi Yavneh
S1988 E115
Michael Rankins, Kristie Ackerman, Richard Fond
S1988 E116
Greg McIntosh, Stephen Lebowitz, Rick Kitchen
S1988 E117
Stephen Lebowitz, Tom Straczynski, John Chivers
S1988 E118
Stephen Lebowitz, Keith Richards, Charles McBride
S1988 E119
Wed, Jun 15, 1988
S1988 E120
Stephen Lebowitz, Jimmie Bucci, Steve Herron
S1988 E121
Fri, Jun 17, 1988
S1988 E122
Mon, Jun 20, 1988
S1988 E123
Steve Herron, Linda Mossman, Tom Schmidt
S1988 E124
Linda Mossman, Les Raff, Neil Landau
S1988 E125
Neil Landau, Barbara Linn, Pierre LeBoeuf
S1988 E126
Neil Landau, Robin Carter, Norman Sidebottom
S1988 E127
Robin Carter, Lenny Manning, Bill Gellert
S1988 E128
Bill Gellert, Lew Barlow, Brian Aronson
S1988 E129
Bill Gellert, Rick Cook, Murry Cann
S1988 E130
Rick Cook, Carol Reeve, Randy Waite
S1988 E131
Fri, Jul 1, 1988
S1988 E132
Mon, Jul 4, 1988
S1988 E133
Kevin Frear, John Tranquill, Andrea Michaels
S1988 E134
Wed, Jul 6, 1988
S1988 E135
Kevin Frear, Susanna Betzl, Mike Harris
S1988 E136
Fri, Jul 8, 1988
S1988 E137
Mon, Jul 11, 1988
S1988 E138
Tue, Jul 12, 1988
S1988 E139
Wed, Jul 13, 1988
S1988 E140
Thu, Jul 14, 1988
S1988 E141
Fri, Jul 15, 1988
S1988 E142
Mon, Jul 18, 1988
S1988 E143
Tue, Jul 19, 1988
S1988 E144
Bruce Naegeli, Bryce Maritano, Christine Dibble
S1988 E145
Thu, Jul 21, 1988
S1988 E146
Fri, Jul 22, 1988
S1988 E147
Dave Prechtl, Vernon Jones, Molly Herrington (Season 5 begins)
S1988 E148
Tue, Sep 6, 1988
S1988 E149
Wed, Sep 7, 1988
S1988 E150
Thu, Sep 8, 1988
S1988 E151
Fri, Sep 9, 1988
S1988 E152
Mon, Sep 12, 1988
S1988 E153
Tue, Sep 13, 1988
S1988 E154
Wed, Sep 14, 1988
S1988 E155
Thu, Sep 15, 1988
S1988 E156
Fri, Sep 16, 1988
S1988 E157
Mon, Sep 19, 1988
S1988 E158
Tue, Sep 20, 1988
S1988 E159
Wed, Sep 21, 1988
S1988 E160
Thu, Sep 22, 1988
S1988 E161
Chris Shea, Michael Greer, Susan Jones
S1988 E162
Chris Shea, Mark Nelson, Marcia Johnson
S1988 E163
Tue, Sep 27, 1988
S1988 E164
Doak Fairey, Len Iwanski, Maureen Dever
S1988 E165
Thu, Sep 29, 1988
S1988 E166
Fri, Sep 30, 1988
S1988 E167
Mon, Oct 3, 1988
S1988 E168
Tue, Oct 4, 1988
S1988 E169
Wed, Oct 5, 1988
S1988 E170
Thu, Oct 6, 1988
S1988 E171
Fri, Oct 7, 1988
S1988 E172
Alec Iorio, Sue Nelson, Paul Katz
S1988 E173
Alec Iorio, John Krahulec, Mike Myers
S1988 E174
Alec Iorio, Mary Lou Gallagher, Richard Gorelick
S1988 E175
Alec Iorio, Sherry Schwabacher, Steve Biddle
S1988 E176
Sherry Schwabacher, Gloria Sarver, Melinda Finberg
S1988 E177
Sherry Schwabacher, Carl Rush, John Heacock
S1988 E178
John Heacock, Mark Milett, Andrea Merrin
S1988 E179
Wed, Oct 19, 1988
S1988 E180
Thu, Oct 20, 1988
S1988 E181
Harriet Helfand, Kathryn, Dennis
S1988 E182
Harriet Helfand, Keith Hunsinger, Bob Chauls
S1988 E183
Bob Chauls, Maureen Rubin, Tony Amato
S1988 E184
Bob Chauls, Mary Leland, Lorne Erdile
S1988 E185
Bob Chauls, Cheryl Davis-Plotts, Norton Moses
S1988 E186
Norton Moses, Alex Szabo, Paul Thompson
S1988 E187
Alex Szabo, Alison Roberts, Jane Gilman
S1988 E188
Alison Roberts, B.W. Radley, Kathy Serenberg
S1988 E189
Alison Roberts, Eileen Anderson, Phil Nauss
S1988 E190
Alison Roberts, Steve Brown, Vicki Scher
S1988 E191
Steve Brown, Diane St. John, Andrew Martin
S1988 E192
1988 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1988 E193
1988 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1988 E194
1988 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1988 E195
1988 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1988 E196
1988 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1988 E197
1988 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1988 E198
1988 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1988 E199
1988 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1988 E200
1988 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1988 E201
1988 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1988 E202
Steve Brown, Dennis McNeil, Barbara Bradley
S1988 E203
Steve Brown, Ann Wheeler, Harvey Barron
S1988 E204
Ann Wheeler, Glenn Stoops, EJ Filander
S1988 E205
Thu, Nov 24, 1988
S1988 E206
Fri, Nov 25, 1988
S1988 E207
Mon, Nov 28, 1988
S1988 E208
Yael Sofaer, Roy Marcus, Laurie Russell
S1988 E209
Yael Sofaer, Laura Winters, Jack Lechner
S1988 E210
Jack Lechner, David M. Scott, Martha Guaglianone
S1988 E211
Jack Lechner, Donna Levin, Steve Burns
S1988 E212
Jack Lechner, Mark Jennings, Kate Lanes
S1988 E213
Jack Lechner, Debby Mittelman, Joe Ornstein
S1988 E214
Joe Ornstein, Mina Wender, Mark McDermott
S1988 E215
Mark McDermott, Keith Lewis, Beverly Feldman
S1988 E216
Mark McDermott, Mary Zeiss Stange, Keith Herrell
S1988 E217
Mark McDermott, Terry Vlasich, Steve Holloway
S1988 E218
Mark McDermott, Rob Reilly, Val Webster
S1988 E219
Nancy Feinstein, John Kraft, Tony Dalasio
S1988 E220
Nancy Feinstein, Lee Vinson, Joe Kenyon
S1988 E221
Nancy Feinstein, Amy Winograd Friedman, Jay Malarcher
S1988 E222
Amy Winograd Friedman, Tim Loges, Stuart Jacobson
S1988 E223
Stuart Jacobson, Richard Frick, Colleen Ligibel
S1988 E224
Stuart Jacobson, John Hawekotte, Elizabeth Krown Spellman
S1988 E225
John Hawekotte, Jean Murray, Willie White
S1988 E226
John Hawekotte, Jeff Richmond, Lisa Beach
S1988 E227
Jeff Richmond, Dee Ann Redman, Peter Perl
S1988 E228
Jeff Richmond, Jerry Podair, Penny Souhrada
S1988 E229
Jeff Richmond, Carol Bunch, Tom Leckey
S1988 E230
Jeff Richmond, Perry Barber, Joe Myers
S1988 E231
Cigus Vanni, Chris Byrne, Bettie Nielsen
Season 1989
S1989 E01
Mon, Jan 2, 1989
S1989 E02
Cigus Vanni, Annette Meyer, John Lafferty
S1989 E03
Cigus Vanni, Sarah Lehman, Keith Level
S1989 E04
Cigus Vanni, Andy Zax, Diane Davis
S1989 E05
Charlie, Henry DeVries, Dianne Bubb
S1989 E06
Dianne Bubb, John Booher, Bruce Kendall
S1989 E07
Dianne Bubb, Charlie Brown, Liz Silver
S1989 E08
Charlie Brown, Peggi Malys, Doug Jordan
S1989 E09
Peggi Malys, Art Thompson, Sue Carey
S1989 E10
Peggi Malys, Sue Carey, Robert Zimmerman
S1989 E11
Peggi Malys, Martha Davey, Arlene Adams
S1989 E12
Peggi Malys, Tanya Palmer, Tim Raetzloff
S1989 E13
Tanya Palmer, Diane Lubniewski, Michael Herman
S1989 E14
Michael Herman, Sharon Waldman, Ann Cook
S1989 E15
Michael Herman, Chris Keyser, Brian Wangsgard
S1989 E16
Brian Wangsgard, Cathy Smith, Dave Schneider
S1989 E17
Brian Wangsgard, Debbie Morgan, Rob Jurina
S1989 E18
Brian Wangsgard, Jeff Stone, Lynn Sabin
S1989 E19
Brian Wangsgard, Mitch Dorfman, Darbi Henderson
S1989 E20
George Roche, Margaret McGeorge, Jonathan Saltzberg
S1989 E21
George Roche, Frank Dwyer, Garrett Simpson
S1989 E22
Garrett Simpson, Michael Logan, Midge Elias
S1989 E23
Garrett Simpson, Curt Surls, Eden Rich
S1989 E24
Curt Surls, Franny Moore-Kyle, Richard Beban
S1989 E25
Curt Surls, Tyler Ochoa, Michelle Stein-Evers
S1989 E26
1989 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1989 E27
1989 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1989 E28
1989 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1989 E29
1989 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1989 E30
1989 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1989 E31
1989 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1989 E32
1989 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1989 E33
1989 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1989 E34
1989 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1989 E35
1989 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1989 E36
Mon, Feb 20, 1989
S1989 E37
Tyler Ochoa, Dave Stiles, Raisa Deber
S1989 E38
Raisa Deber, Kyle Barrett, Lynda Ramsey
S1989 E39
Raisa Deber, Howard Asaki, Magaly Lopez-Lohnes
S1989 E40
Howard Asaki, Dean Miller, Cheryl Shaw
S1989 E41
Dean Miller, Bill Vogel, Nancy Burke
S1989 E42
Nancy Burke, Chris McKillop, Greg Siek
S1989 E43
Chris McKillop, Richard Sprow, Elaine Golden
S1989 E44
Chris McKillop, Mary Jo Anhalt, Bill Wright
S1989 E45
Chris McKillop, David Gordy, Bill Granoff
S1989 E46
Mon, Mar 6, 1989
S1989 E47
Tue, Mar 7, 1989
S1989 E48
Wed, Mar 8, 1989
S1989 E49
Thu, Mar 9, 1989
S1989 E50
Fri, Mar 10, 1989
S1989 E51
Paul Mathless, Susan Baker, Dave Boyd
S1989 E52
Tue, Mar 14, 1989
S1989 E53
Wed, Mar 15, 1989
S1989 E54
Thu, Mar 16, 1989
S1989 E55
Fri, Mar 17, 1989
S1989 E56
Mon, Mar 20, 1989
S1989 E57
Paul Curry, Pat Gravitt, Emeric Schultz
S1989 E58
Emeric Schultz, Russ Nixon, Alison Whitney
S1989 E59
Alison Whitney, Marisa Zanini, Ken Rapoport
S1989 E60
Alison Whitney, Deb Coester, Craig Campbell
S1989 E61
Craig Campbell, Art Burke, Sara Leiber McKinney
S1989 E62
Craig Campbell, Jan Hofmann, Scott Roth
S1989 E63
Craig Campbell, Diane Taubold, Hugh McElaney
S1989 E64
Hugh McElaney, Alan Israel, Jim Tompkins-MacLaine
S1989 E65
Jim Tompkins-MacLaine, Phil Gibbons, Colleen Simon
S1989 E66
Jim Tompkins-MacLaine, Judy Flanagan, Ken Kaplan
S1989 E67
Jim Tompkins-MacLaine, Claire Alfano Hill, Sanjay Banerji
S1989 E68
Jim Tompkins-MacLaine, John Hobgood, Carol Young
S1989 E69
Thu, Apr 6, 1989
S1989 E70
Fri, Apr 7, 1989
S1989 E71
Mon, Apr 10, 1989
S1989 E72
Tue, Apr 11, 1989
S1989 E73
Wed, Apr 12, 1989
S1989 E74
Thu, Apr 13, 1989
S1989 E75
Glenn Kane, Cecil Rose, Miriam Nadel
S1989 E76
Glenn Kane, Gerry Daley, Kathy Fuller
S1989 E77
Tue, Apr 18, 1989
S1989 E78
Wed, Apr 19, 1989
S1989 E79
Thu, Apr 20, 1989
S1989 E80
Fri, Apr 21, 1989
S1989 E81
Mon, Apr 24, 1989
S1989 E82
Tue, Apr 25, 1989
S1989 E83
Wed, Apr 26, 1989
S1989 E84
Bob McGoff, Phyllis Massengale, Joel Richards
S1989 E85
Phyllis Massengale, Bruce Cox, Tom Callan
S1989 E86
Bruce Cox, Janis Johama, Shawn Levy
S1989 E87
Bruce Cox, Mary Beth Culp, Bob Braverman
S1989 E88
Bruce Cox, Peggy Deschamps, Mark Moral
S1989 E89
Bruce Cox, Bill Schuler, Jackie Welles
S1989 E90
Bill Schuler, Phil Bergen, Michael Konik
S1989 E91
1989 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
S1989 E92
1989 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
S1989 E93
1989 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
S1989 E94
1989 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
S1989 E95
1989 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
S1989 E96
1989 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
S1989 E97
1989 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
S1989 E98
1989 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
S1989 E99
1989 College Championship Final Game 1
S1989 E100
1989 College Championship Final Game 2
S1989 E101
Phil Bergen, Lisa Miller, Nancy Doman
S1989 E102
Lisa Miller, Rich Lerner, Janet Williams
S1989 E103
Rich Lerner, Otis Maxwell, Judi Birnberg
S1989 E104
Rich Lerner, Tom Baldridge, Lynn Parana
S1989 E105
Rich Lerner, Doug Schwartz, Thompson O'Sullivan
S1989 E106
Rich Lerner, Robert Windeler, Susan Stowe
S1989 E107
Robert Windeler, Morgan Spector, Nancy Dorn
S1989 E108
Robert Windeler, Don Connolly, Yvonne
S1989 E109
Thu, Jun 1, 1989
S1989 E110
Fri, Jun 2, 1989
S1989 E111
Mon, Jun 5, 1989
S1989 E112
Tue, Jun 6, 1989
S1989 E113
Wed, Jun 7, 1989
S1989 E114
Thu, Jun 8, 1989
S1989 E115
David McCutchen, Jim Tigrak, Julie Harris Neiger
S1989 E116
Julie Harris Neiger, Robert Plunkett, John Katchmer
S1989 E117
Tue, Jun 13, 1989
S1989 E118
Wed, Jun 14, 1989
S1989 E119
Doug Fishel, Lisa Hudanich, David Fulk
S1989 E120
Fri, Jun 16, 1989
S1989 E121
Cathy Boggs, Steve Schneider, Alina Lopo
S1989 E122
Tue, Jun 20, 1989
S1989 E123
Wed, Jun 21, 1989
S1989 E124
Thu, Jun 22, 1989
S1989 E125
Bob Boyd, Martin Lee, Dwight Moore
S1989 E126
Bob Boyd, Jeff Kohlberg, Julie Dock
S1989 E127
Tue, Jun 27, 1989
S1989 E128
Julie Dock, Randy Woodland, Daniel Kim
S1989 E129
Thu, Jun 29, 1989
S1989 E130
Daniel Kim, Catherine Laatz, Bob Edgewood
S1989 E131
Mon, Jul 3, 1989
S1989 E132
Tue, Jul 4, 1989
S1989 E133
Wed, Jul 5, 1989
S1989 E134
Thu, Jul 6, 1989
S1989 E135
Fri, Jul 7, 1989
S1989 E136
1989 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1989 E137
1989 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1989 E138
1989 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1989 E139
1989 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1989 E140
1989 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1989 E141
1989 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1989 E142
1989 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1989 E143
1989 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1989 E144
1989 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1989 E145
1989 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1989 E146
Kevin Glynn, Gordon Taylor, Ed Landler (Season 6 begins)
S1989 E147
Kevin Glynn, Linnda Durre, Alan Fletcher
S1989 E148
Alan Fletcher, Bob Blake, Charlie
S1989 E149
Thu, Sep 7, 1989
S1989 E150
Bob Blake, John Wallace, Nancy McGregor
S1989 E151
Mon, Sep 11, 1989
S1989 E152
Bob Blake, David Burnett, Pat Gmeiner
S1989 E153
Wed, Sep 13, 1989
S1989 E154
Thu, Sep 14, 1989
S1989 E155
Fri, Sep 15, 1989
S1989 E156
Mon, Sep 18, 1989
S1989 E157
Tue, Sep 19, 1989
S1989 E158
Larry McKnight, Stephen Lee, Arthur Steiner
S1989 E159
Thu, Sep 21, 1989
S1989 E160
Tom Smolich, Jay German, Sarah Echt
S1989 E161
Tom Smolich, John DeAngeli, Sarah Taxman
S1989 E162
Tom Smolich, Larry Thompson, Marty Wazowicz
S1989 E163
Marty Wazowicz, Norm Burger, Cindy Armstrong
S1989 E164
Norm Burger, Drew Blakeman, Linda Nalitz
S1989 E165
Norm Burger, Dan Boehme, Dale Ragus
S1989 E166
Dale Ragus, Bugs Twocock, Mike Varn
S1989 E167
Dale Ragus, Gerry Sullivan, Tom Neven
S1989 E168
Tom Neven, Colette Perry, Kerry Tymchuk
S1989 E169
Kerry Tymchuk, Cathy Crino, Hyim Goldstein
S1989 E170
Kerry Tymchuk, Frank Stanonik, Martin Euritt
S1989 E171
Kerry Tymchuk, Frank Stanonik, Mike Donnely
S1989 E172
Kerry Tymchuk, Helen Atlas, Greg Rombach
S1989 E173
Greg Rombach, Masao Okazaki, Liza Taylor
S1989 E174
Liza Taylor, John Meyer, Stacie Macias
S1989 E175
Stacie Macias, Mary Owenby, Larry Kole
S1989 E176
Stacie Macias, Barbara Rose, Rick Ostrow
S1989 E177
Stacie Macias, Ed Toutant, Patty Meagher
S1989 E178
Ed Toutant, John Kirk, Charley Horan
S1989 E179
Charley Horan, Craig Chambers, Pam Browning
S1989 E180
Charley Horan, Ed Devin, Carol Ruggiero
S1989 E181
Charley Horan, Roberta Simon, Jay Wish
S1989 E182
Jay Wish, Gary Myers, Steve Berman
S1989 E183
Steve Berman, Erin Sheffield, Lee Raskin
S1989 E184
Steve Berman, Larry Linsey, Paula Long
S1989 E185
Steve Berman, Ed Brown, Jim Drake
S1989 E186
Steve Berman, Frazier Solsberry, Jared Brenner
S1989 E187
Anne Herbst, Ellen Palmer, Jim Coury
S1989 E188
Jim Coury, Lynne Lukach, Harry Cortez
S1989 E189
Harry Cortez, Joe Roberts, Marti Ermiter
S1989 E190
Joe Roberts, Bill Nyden, Fran Pipp
S1989 E191
1989 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1989 E192
1989 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1989 E193
1989 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1989 E194
1989 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1989 E195
1989 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1989 E196
1989 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1989 E197
1989 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1989 E198
1989 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1989 E199
1989 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1989 E200
1989 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1989 E201
Bill Nyden, Kathy Hall, Jim Dompkowski
S1989 E202
Jim Dompkowski, Lisa Guay, Gary Williams
S1989 E203
Lisa Guay, Susan Heider, Sidney Evans, Jr.
S1989 E204
Lisa Guay, Hank Simpson, Caron Andregg
S1989 E205
Lisa Guay, Tom Mills, Don Steiner
S1989 E206
Lisa Guay, Steve Robinson, Michael Reilly
S1989 E207
Nancy Janow, Jeff Slike, Patti Van Benthuysen
S1989 E208
Jeff Slike, Susan Yarborough, Max Goldberg
S1989 E209
Jeff Slike, Cecil Reniche, Pat Curry
S1989 E210
Jeff Slike, Candy Martinez, Sam Longoria
S1989 E211
Mon, Dec 4, 1989
S1989 E212
Tue, Dec 5, 1989
S1989 E213
Wed, Dec 6, 1989
S1989 E214
Marge Burgess, Alan Wyle, Bill Warren
S1989 E215
Bill Warren, Richard Sowalsky, Pam Richardson
S1989 E216
Mon, Dec 11, 1989
S1989 E217
Tue, Dec 12, 1989
S1989 E218
Wed, Dec 13, 1989
S1989 E219
Thu, Dec 14, 1989
S1989 E220
Avrom Simon, Elizabeth Rhein, Tom McAtee
S1989 E221
Avrom Simon, Harris Peet, Lea Hall
S1989 E222
Tue, Dec 19, 1989
S1989 E223
Wed, Dec 20, 1989
S1989 E224
Jeff Bandman, Mary Barry, Richard Boyce
S1989 E225
Fri, Dec 22, 1989
S1989 E226
Mon, Dec 25, 1989
S1989 E227
Barbara Skolaut, Donna Grant, Barry Molitch
S1989 E228
Wed, Dec 27, 1989
S1989 E229
Robert Baker, Nancy Miller, Mike Carter
S1989 E230
Mike Carter, Holly Tooker, Andy Gould
Season 1990
S1990 E01
Mon, Jan 1, 1990
S1990 E02
Tue, Jan 2, 1990
S1990 E03
Wed, Jan 3, 1990
S1990 E04
Thu, Jan 4, 1990
S1990 E05
Fri, Jan 5, 1990
S1990 E06
Joe Haggerty, Florence Livingston, Wayne Perra
S1990 E07
Joe Haggerty, Frank Spangenberg, Al Cotton
S1990 E08
Frank Spangenberg, Dick Dobrow, Susan Gliner
S1990 E09
Frank Spangenberg, Dan Milliman, Bill McCulla
S1990 E10
Frank Spangenberg, Jan Ford, David Kahn
S1990 E11
Frank Spangenberg, Barbara Prideaux, Murdock Martin
S1990 E12
John Collier, Karin McLeer, Charlie Erlandson
S1990 E13
Wed, Jan 17, 1990
S1990 E14
Thu, Jan 18, 1990
S1990 E15
Steven Kurtz, Florence Shimano, John Mackall
S1990 E16
Steven Kurtz, Mike Yanochik, Dan Bowman
S1990 E17
Dan Bowman, Jonathan Lowenberg, Kim Wells
S1990 E18
Dan Bowman, Cecilia Huber, Oded Ben-Ami
S1990 E19
Thu, Jan 25, 1990
S1990 E20
Ray Baxter, Rob Lasker, Debbie Howe
S1990 E21
Rob Lasker, David Harris, Terry Ragazzini
S1990 E22
Terry Ragazzini, Bill Forman, Nancy Austin
S1990 E23
Wed, Jan 31, 1990
S1990 E24
Lorrie Mowat, Gretchen Radtke, Ray Albrektson
S1990 E25
Gretchen Radtke, Chris Mullins, Terry Swart
S1990 E26
1990 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1990 E27
1990 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1990 E28
1990 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1990 E29
1990 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1990 E30
1990 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1990 E31
1990 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1990 E32
1990 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1990 E33
1990 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1990 E34
1990 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1990 E35
1990 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1990 E36
Terry Swart, Dennis Shirilla, Susan Davis
S1990 E37
Terry Swart, Freddye Silverman, Larry Minton
S1990 E38
Wed, Feb 21, 1990
S1990 E39
Thu, Feb 22, 1990
S1990 E40
Erik Larsen, Kevin Krebs, Earl Taylor
S1990 E41
Erik Larsen, Isabel Leininger, David Marcus
S1990 E42
Erik Larsen, Mac Jones, Kevin Gillogly
S1990 E43
Deborah Hummel, Jim Hennessy, Barbara Lieberman
S1990 E44
Deborah Hummel, Jerry Fried, Kathy Rice
S1990 E45
Deborah Hummel, Elaine Zollner, Dave Rosen
S1990 E46
Elaine Zollner, Keith Pickering, Gunther Freehill
S1990 E47
Elaine Zollner, Alison Whittemore, George Wuerthele
S1990 E48
Elaine Zollner, Kathleen Merryman Archbold, Bob Malone
S1990 E49
Elaine Zollner, Martin Gostanian, Gretchen Pruett
S1990 E50
Fri, Mar 9, 1990
S1990 E51
Jamie Orenstein, Ken Mitchell, Sarah Stegall
S1990 E52
Tue, Mar 13, 1990
S1990 E53
Phil Leib, Michael Abracham, Sharon Schwartz
S1990 E54
Thu, Mar 15, 1990
S1990 E55
Phil Leib, Mark Shrager, Keith Herritt
S1990 E56
Mark Shrager, Mary Beth Smalley, Ken Sarajian
S1990 E57
Mark Shrager, Mike Duffy, Peter Bass
S1990 E58
Wed, Mar 21, 1990
S1990 E59
Valerie Williams, John Cunningham, Gabriella Anderson
S1990 E60
John Cunningham, Don McQuarrie, Andrew Bernknopf
S1990 E61
Andrew Bernknopf, Glenda Wells, Paul Lenzi
S1990 E62
Tue, Mar 27, 1990
S1990 E63
Wed, Mar 28, 1990
S1990 E64
Andrew Bernknopf, Ardwight Chamberlain, Myles Rossi
S1990 E65
David Vanden Heuvel, Dan Ritey, Andy Gedo
S1990 E66
Dan Ritey, Joel Goldberg, Mark Hinckley
S1990 E67
Tue, Apr 3, 1990
S1990 E68
Wed, Apr 4, 1990
S1990 E69
Joel Goldberg, Tom Berg, Kathy Fuller
S1990 E70
Joel Goldberg, Anne King, Ed Borasky
S1990 E71
Ed Borasky, Larry Naftulin, Charlie Feldman
S1990 E72
Ed Borasky, Kerry Noonan, Joel Silverman
S1990 E73
Ed Borasky, Bill Schwartz, Roy Jimenez
S1990 E74
Roy Jimenez, Jeff Liebowitz, Lindi Bauman
S1990 E75
Jeff Liebowitz, Bob Mahoney, Jim Devlin
S1990 E76
Mon, Apr 16, 1990
S1990 E77
Steve Mueller, Liz Barnea, Jim George
S1990 E78
Liz Barnea, Dave McCarthy, Bette Greenfield
S1990 E79
Liz Barnea, Pete Brown, Beverly Davenport
S1990 E80
Fri, Apr 20, 1990
S1990 E81
Liz Barnea, Carol Chaffee, Robin Corkery
S1990 E82
Robin Corkery, Anne Connell, Gary Klein
S1990 E83
Wed, Apr 25, 1990
S1990 E84
Thu, Apr 26, 1990
S1990 E85
Fri, Apr 27, 1990
S1990 E86
Mon, Apr 30, 1990
S1990 E87
Paula Massengale, Guy Pugh, Kate Weiss
S1990 E88
Paula Massengale, Mark Crouter, Robin Meyer
S1990 E89
Paula Massengale, Doug Fisher, John Baird
S1990 E90
Paula Massengale, Brenda Bright, Michelle Collier
S1990 E91
1990 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
S1990 E92
1990 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
S1990 E93
1990 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
S1990 E94
1990 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
S1990 E95
1990 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
S1990 E96
1990 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
S1990 E97
1990 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
S1990 E98
1990 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
S1990 E99
1990 College Championship Final Game 1
S1990 E100
1990 College Championship Final Game 2
S1990 E101
Michelle Collier, Deborah Peters, Joe Esparza
S1990 E102
Joe Esparza, Elaine Lavine, Richard Neale
S1990 E103
Richard Neale, Barbara Murray, Kent Rasmussen
S1990 E104
Thu, May 24, 1990
S1990 E105
Richard Neale, Fred, Paul
S1990 E106
Richard Neale, Dan Sadoff, Jim Vichench
S1990 E107
Jim Vichench, Mike Clark, Fern Potvin
S1990 E108
Mike Clark, Harvey Caughey, Doris Bell
S1990 E109
Mike Clark, Tom Stimson, Mark Saltzman
S1990 E110
Tom Stimson, Beth Andreasen, Brad Williams
S1990 E111
Mon, Jun 4, 1990
S1990 E112
Tue, Jun 5, 1990
S1990 E113
Mary Jane Wright, Anne Kanter, Paul Thomas
S1990 E114
Anne Kanter, Meg Weglarz, Bill Drastal
S1990 E115
Meg Weglarz, Russ Harris, Dean Heller
S1990 E116
Russ Harris, Stuart Nulman, David Nixon
S1990 E117
David Nixon, Peggy Davis, Ron Alper
S1990 E118
Wed, Jun 13, 1990
S1990 E119
Thu, Jun 14, 1990
S1990 E120
Fri, Jun 15, 1990
S1990 E121
Mon, Jun 18, 1990
S1990 E122
Tue, Jun 19, 1990
S1990 E123
Eric Terzuolo, Diego Cordovez, Joan King
S1990 E124
Eric Terzuolo, Curt Wilson, Danny Streeter
S1990 E125
Gary Harvey, Philis Curlender, Bill Heins
S1990 E126
Bill Heins, Gaye Kapkin, Rick Cate
S1990 E127
Tue, Jun 26, 1990
S1990 E128
Dan Katz, Paul Levy, Dee Brady
S1990 E129
Dan Katz, Randy Pierce, Lesley Berger
S1990 E130
Fri, Jun 29, 1990
S1990 E131
Mon, Jul 2, 1990
S1990 E132
Jim McManus, Joyce Patterson, John Patlan
S1990 E133
John Patlan, Rob Manning, Judith Reusswig
S1990 E134
John Patlan, Angela Lewis, Rich Doyle
S1990 E135
Fri, Jul 6, 1990
S1990 E136
1990 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1990 E137
1990 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1990 E138
1990 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1990 E139
1990 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1990 E140
1990 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1990 E141
1990 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1990 E142
1990 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1990 E143
1990 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1990 E144
1990 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1990 E145
1990 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1990 E146
Michael Goldwitz, Peter Bedrossian, Debra Winthrop (Season 7 begins)
S1990 E147
Peter Bedrossian, Dave Jeffery, Jim Johnson
S1990 E148
Dave Jeffery, Jody Lentz, Jeanne Boucher
S1990 E149
Dave Jeffery, Sue Korosa, Rick Zimmerman
S1990 E150
Rick Zimmerman, Roberta Schwartz, Ken Marks
S1990 E151
Ken Marks, Marc Pais, Ed Allen
S1990 E152
Ed Allen, Pam Angerer Payne, Scott Wolf
S1990 E153
Ed Allen, Todd Clanton, Kyle Freeman
S1990 E154
Kyle Freeman, Brian Kraft, Bonnie Larkin Wilde
S1990 E155
Kyle Freeman, Rob Schweitzer, Mike Reynolds
S1990 E156
Kyle Freeman, Mark McBurney, Daryl Rosenblatt
S1990 E157
Kyle Freeman, David McKinstry, Judy Alster
S1990 E158
Judy Alster, Catherine Meshner, Al Fulton
S1990 E159
Catherine Meshner, Burr Baldwin, Karen Dalal
S1990 E160
Burr Baldwin, John Nam, Bob Priser
S1990 E161
Mon, Sep 24, 1990
S1990 E162
Tue, Sep 25, 1990
S1990 E163
Wed, Sep 26, 1990
S1990 E164
Thu, Sep 27, 1990
S1990 E165
Fri, Sep 28, 1990
S1990 E166
Jim Scott, Mark Thompson, David Hall
S1990 E167
Tue, Oct 2, 1990
S1990 E168
Wed, Oct 3, 1990
S1990 E169
Thu, Oct 4, 1990
S1990 E170
Cheryl Weisberg, Pete Belli, Kent Conrad
S1990 E171
Mon, Oct 8, 1990
S1990 E172
Pete Belli, Kathy Murray, Richard Engel
S1990 E173
Richard Engel, Andrew Duncan, Lorraine Hirsch
S1990 E174
Thu, Oct 11, 1990
S1990 E175
Fri, Oct 12, 1990
S1990 E176
Mon, Oct 15, 1990
S1990 E177
Tue, Oct 16, 1990
S1990 E178
Joe Laboda, Sara Cox, Bill Hughes
S1990 E179
Thu, Oct 18, 1990
S1990 E180
Fri, Oct 19, 1990
S1990 E181
Mon, Oct 22, 1990
S1990 E182
Tue, Oct 23, 1990
S1990 E183
Mike Brecklin, Sherri Krynski, David Rice
S1990 E184
David Rice, Linda Nelson, Robert Bottome
S1990 E185
David Rice, Peggy Wells, Aran Eisenstat
S1990 E186
David Rice, Marty Farrington, Bill Larson
S1990 E187
David Rice, Mitch Paluszek, Julie Bobick
S1990 E188
Mitch Paluszek, Ray Ivey, Elaine Hyla
S1990 E189
Thu, Nov 1, 1990
S1990 E190
Stephanie Brush, Nancy Byrne, Jim Arnold
S1990 E191
1990 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1990 E192
1990 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1990 E193
1990 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1990 E194
1990 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1990 E195
1990 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1990 E196
1990 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1990 E197
1990 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1990 E198
1990 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1990 E199
1990 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1990 E200
1990 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1990 E201
Mon, Nov 19, 1990
S1990 E202
Tue, Nov 20, 1990
S1990 E203
Wed, Nov 21, 1990
S1990 E204
Steve Robin, Michele Barkalow, Danny Shapiro
S1990 E205
Fri, Nov 23, 1990
S1990 E206
Mon, Nov 26, 1990
S1990 E207
Regina Jahr, Doug Marsh, Eric Aranda
S1990 E208
Wed, Nov 28, 1990
S1990 E209
Thu, Nov 29, 1990
S1990 E210
Fri, Nov 30, 1990
S1990 E211
Bruce Ikawa, Dave Bergmann, Kathy Brice
S1990 E212
Tue, Dec 4, 1990
S1990 E213
Wed, Dec 5, 1990
S1990 E214
Thu, Dec 6, 1990
S1990 E215
Fri, Dec 7, 1990
S1990 E216
Mon, Dec 10, 1990
S1990 E217
Tue, Dec 11, 1990
S1990 E218
Wed, Dec 12, 1990
S1990 E219
John LeDonne, Robert Reuss, Gail Tinsley
S1990 E220
Fri, Dec 14, 1990
S1990 E221
Mon, Dec 17, 1990
S1990 E222
Tue, Dec 18, 1990
S1990 E223
Charles Hankey, Duane Leach, Mitch Gerber
S1990 E224
Mitch Gerber, Elaine Smith, David Hewitt
S1990 E225
David Hewitt, Gordon Nash, Susan Huser
S1990 E226
Mon, Dec 24, 1990
S1990 E227
Tue, Dec 25, 1990
S1990 E228
Wed, Dec 26, 1990
S1990 E229
Thu, Dec 27, 1990
S1990 E230
Richard Healey, Jonathan Jacobs, Albert Kerry
S1990 E231
Mon, Dec 31, 1990
Season 1991
S1991 E01
Tue, Jan 1, 1991
S1991 E02
Wed, Jan 2, 1991
S1991 E03
Thu, Jan 3, 1991
S1991 E04
Fri, Jan 4, 1991
S1991 E05
Jerry Standlee, John Gardner, Lorraine Miller
S1991 E06
Tue, Jan 8, 1991
S1991 E07
Wed, Jan 9, 1991
S1991 E08
Thu, Jan 10, 1991
S1991 E09
Shane Pederson, Pat Headley, Andrea Gray
S1991 E10
Mon, Jan 14, 1991
S1991 E11
Lois Kurowski, David Poland, Kathy Kirkhofer
S1991 E12
Wed, Jan 16, 1991
S1991 E13
Lois Kurowski, Monica Nishida, Barbara Pixley
S1991 E14
Fri, Jan 18, 1991
S1991 E15
Mon, Jan 21, 1991
S1991 E16
Tue, Jan 22, 1991
S1991 E17
Mark Parthemer, Al Easter, Lynne Wexler
S1991 E18
Lynne Wexler, John Stokes, James Heideman
S1991 E19
Lynne Wexler, Mark Picus, Harry Bork
S1991 E20
Lynne Wexler, Anne Mayea, Rob Means
S1991 E21
Tue, Jan 29, 1991
S1991 E22
Adelaide Jaffe, Tom Moses, Arthur Mitchell
S1991 E23
Thu, Jan 31, 1991
S1991 E24
Adelaide Jaffe, Leslie Frates, Jim Maxwell
S1991 E25
Leslie Frates, Jim McLeod, Scott Holliday
S1991 E26
Leslie Frates, Inez Seeger, Jeff Czernis
S1991 E27
Leslie Frates, Mark Cousy, Bill Vincent
S1991 E28
Leslie Frates, Richard Marvin, Sean Walsh
S1991 E29
Marta Newman, Susan Shaw, Philip Peloquin
S1991 E30
1991 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1991 E31
1991 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1991 E32
1991 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1991 E33
1991 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1991 E34
1991 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1991 E35
1991 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1991 E36
1991 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1991 E37
1991 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1991 E38
1991 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1991 E39
1991 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1991 E40
Mon, Feb 25, 1991
S1991 E41
Tue, Feb 26, 1991
S1991 E42
Wed, Feb 27, 1991
S1991 E43
Thu, Feb 28, 1991
S1991 E44
Fri, Mar 1, 1991
S1991 E45
Mon, Mar 4, 1991
S1991 E46
Tue, Mar 5, 1991
S1991 E47
Mark Pestronk, Lary Prince, Jim Brochu
S1991 E48
Thu, Mar 7, 1991
S1991 E49
Willa Bloch, David Epstein, Jill Switzer
S1991 E50
David Epstein, Mike Dolber, Adrianna Donaldson
S1991 E51
David Epstein, Betsy Franklin, Chris Handy
S1991 E52
Wed, Mar 13, 1991
S1991 E53
Thu, Mar 14, 1991
S1991 E54
Fri, Mar 15, 1991
S1991 E55
Mon, Mar 18, 1991
S1991 E56
Tue, Mar 19, 1991
S1991 E57
Marc Goldberg, David Kaiser, Deborah Bedell
S1991 E58
Thu, Mar 21, 1991
S1991 E59
Fri, Mar 22, 1991
S1991 E60
Tom Halpern, Michael Hairston, Roz Jay
S1991 E61
Tue, Mar 26, 1991
S1991 E62
Wed, Mar 27, 1991
S1991 E63
Tom Halpern, Anne Eskridge, Jeff Demmin
S1991 E64
Dan Avila, Bennett Crocker, Richard Dial
S1991 E65
Dan Avila, Ann Catlin, Eric Miller
S1991 E66
Eric Miller, Scott Rand, Sharon Silverman
S1991 E67
Scott Rand, Michael Carroll, Marilyn Goldwater
S1991 E68
Marilyn Goldwater, Joe Schuller, Bill Holzapfel
S1991 E69
Bill Holzapfel, Richard Shildt, Ken Wells
S1991 E70
Richard Shildt, Lynda Burkett, James Hyder
S1991 E71
James Hyder, Sal DeLuca, Jennifer Gottschalk
S1991 E72
Wed, Apr 10, 1991
S1991 E73
Thu, Apr 11, 1991
S1991 E74
Fri, Apr 12, 1991
S1991 E75
Burt Albert, Kelly Wiessner, Jonathan Brandt
S1991 E76
Tue, Apr 16, 1991
S1991 E77
Wed, Apr 17, 1991
S1991 E78
Thu, Apr 18, 1991
S1991 E79
David Combs, Bob Canter, Jared Namenson
S1991 E80
Mon, Apr 22, 1991
S1991 E81
Tue, Apr 23, 1991
S1991 E82
Tom Bodenberg, Steve Schechner, Dave Gibboni
S1991 E83
Dave Gibboni, Phyllis Marks, Tod Hughes
S1991 E84
Fri, Apr 26, 1991
S1991 E85
Mon, Apr 29, 1991
S1991 E86
Tue, Apr 30, 1991
S1991 E87
Kay Kipling, Andy Aaron, India Cooper
S1991 E88
Thu, May 2, 1991
S1991 E89
Fri, May 3, 1991
S1991 E90
1991 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
S1991 E91
1991 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
S1991 E92
1991 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
S1991 E93
1991 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
S1991 E94
1991 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
S1991 E95
1991 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
S1991 E96
1991 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
S1991 E97
1991 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
S1991 E98
1991 College Championship Final Game 1
S1991 E99
1991 College Championship Final Game 2
S1991 E100
Dan Hackett, Mickey Tennenbaum, Mark Dixon
S1991 E101
Mickey Tennenbaum, Dorothy Judd, Donald Carter
S1991 E102
Mickey Tennenbaum, Ken DeBusk, Barbara Komansky
S1991 E103
Ken DeBusk, Andrea Lehman, Mike Heberling
S1991 E104
Mike Heberling, Archie Parker, Bill Puskas
S1991 E105
Archie Parker, Eric Newman, Barrie Creedon
S1991 E106
Archie Parker, Michael Vaughn, Mary Anne Lyons
S1991 E107
Wed, May 29, 1991
S1991 E108
Thu, May 30, 1991
S1991 E109
Fred Ketteman, David Gzesh, Alec Wittek
S1991 E110
Mon, Jun 3, 1991
S1991 E111
Tue, Jun 4, 1991
S1991 E112
Wed, Jun 5, 1991
S1991 E113
Thu, Jun 6, 1991
S1991 E114
Fri, Jun 7, 1991
S1991 E115
Mon, Jun 10, 1991
S1991 E116
Tue, Jun 11, 1991
S1991 E117
Wed, Jun 12, 1991
S1991 E118
Jeff Moeller, Harry Kelly, Don Henry
S1991 E119
Jeff Moeller, Jonathan Heller, Nadine Fiedler
S1991 E120
Jonathan Heller, Jessie Hill, Brad Colgate
S1991 E121
Brad Colgate, Elliot Maggin, Mary-Agnes Bornhoeft
S1991 E122
Brad Colgate, Susan Peppard, Jeff Burbank
S1991 E123
Brad Colgate, Margaret Hartman, Mark Born
S1991 E124
Mark Born, Bob Acker, Bruce Blakely
S1991 E125
Mark Born, Tom Nicoll, Charlee Hutton
S1991 E126
Tue, Jun 25, 1991
S1991 E127
Wed, Jun 26, 1991
S1991 E128
Fred Andrus, Maggie Walker, Mark Wasley
S1991 E129
Mark Wasley, Judy Miller, George Kane
S1991 E130
Mon, Jul 1, 1991
S1991 E131
Tue, Jul 2, 1991
S1991 E132
Molly Redfield, Mahlon McLean, Andy Carlson
S1991 E133
Thu, Jul 4, 1991
S1991 E134
Fri, Jul 5, 1991
S1991 E135
1991 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1991 E136
1991 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1991 E137
1991 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1991 E138
1991 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1991 E139
1991 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1991 E140
1991 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1991 E141
1991 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1991 E142
1991 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1991 E143
1991 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1991 E144
1991 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1991 E145
Molly Redfield, Bob Porowski, Richard Bannin (Season 8 begins)
S1991 E146
Richard Bannin, Bob Ramsey, Kathrine Marris
S1991 E147
Wed, Sep 4, 1991
S1991 E148
Thu, Sep 5, 1991
S1991 E149
Fri, Sep 6, 1991
S1991 E150
Mon, Sep 9, 1991
S1991 E151
Steve Newman, Elizabeth Silverman, Chip Hilliard
S1991 E152
Wed, Sep 11, 1991
S1991 E153
Thu, Sep 12, 1991
S1991 E154
Ellen Jaffe McClain, David Lasiter, Randy Kaplan
S1991 E155
Mon, Sep 16, 1991
S1991 E156
Randy Kaplan, Maureen Fernbacher, Chuck Lane
S1991 E157
Randy Kaplan, Jay Sklar, Phil Katz
S1991 E158
Phil Katz, Charles Wolfe, Kerrie McCaw
S1991 E159
Kerrie McCaw, Seth Davis, Vicky Ficco
S1991 E160
Seth Davis, Peter Gordon, Terri Timanus
S1991 E161
Seth Davis, Larry Sein, Jr., John Wolley
S1991 E162
Seth Davis, Lance Coon, Mark Abramson
S1991 E163
Seth Davis, Charles Kaufman, Rand Owen
S1991 E164
Rand Owen, Ellen Ripstein, Gary Westfahl
S1991 E165
Rand Owen, Logan McMinn, Sue Kuelzer
S1991 E166
Rand Owen, Ed Vallay, Ron Reisman
S1991 E167
Ron Reisman, Bill Oldach, Rita Stein
S1991 E168
Thu, Oct 3, 1991
S1991 E169
Aaron Gershowitz, Henry Zanetti, Cecile Myers
S1991 E170
Mon, Oct 7, 1991
S1991 E171
Tue, Oct 8, 1991
S1991 E172
Wed, Oct 9, 1991
S1991 E173
Tim House, Leszek Pawlowicz, Ann Turnock
S1991 E174
Leszek Pawlowicz, Nick Pyle, Vincent Soatikee
S1991 E175
Leszek Pawlowicz, Michele Boxberger, Jim Ciolek
S1991 E176
Leszek Pawlowicz, Steve Kamin, Paul Redford
S1991 E177
Leszek Pawlowicz, Don Fraser Jr., Bob Whalen
S1991 E178
David Blakeley, Marcia Hochberg, Tom Morrison
S1991 E179
Tom Morrison, John Alberti, Dave Gingold
S1991 E180
Mon, Oct 21, 1991
S1991 E181
Tue, Oct 22, 1991
S1991 E182
Wayland Massey, Bob Barnes, Jerry Sobul
S1991 E183
Thu, Oct 24, 1991
S1991 E184
Fri, Oct 25, 1991
S1991 E185
Jim Baughman, Steve Richman, Susan Weaver
S1991 E186
Tue, Oct 29, 1991
S1991 E187
Greg Shepherd, Eileen Doherty, Jonathan Loeb
S1991 E188
Thu, Oct 31, 1991
S1991 E189
Fri, Nov 1, 1991
S1991 E190
1991 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1991 E191
1991 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1991 E192
1991 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1991 E193
1991 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1991 E194
1991 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1991 E195
1991 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1991 E196
1991 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1991 E197
1991 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1991 E198
1991 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1991 E199
1991 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1991 E200
Mon, Nov 18, 1991
S1991 E201
Tue, Nov 19, 1991
S1991 E202
Wed, Nov 20, 1991
S1991 E203
Thu, Nov 21, 1991
S1991 E204
Fri, Nov 22, 1991
S1991 E205
Mon, Nov 25, 1991
S1991 E206
Kirk Ditzler, Kerry Turk, Steve Greenfogel
S1991 E207
Kirk Ditzler, Mike, David Green
S1991 E208
Kirk Ditzler, Joan Srednicki, Robin O'Donnell
S1991 E209
Kirk Ditzler, Russ Cummings, Doug Ostrand
S1991 E210
Mon, Dec 2, 1991
S1991 E211
Tue, Dec 3, 1991
S1991 E212
Wed, Dec 4, 1991
S1991 E213
Thu, Dec 5, 1991
S1991 E214
Dan Deacon, Jordan Lorence, Mark Weston
S1991 E215
Mark Weston, Jeff Scott, Linda Yonick
S1991 E216
Tue, Dec 10, 1991
S1991 E217
Glenn Gillis, Gail Bullion, Eric Goldner
S1991 E218
Glenn Gillis, Jay Marhoeffer, Ron Brashear
S1991 E219
Jay Marhoeffer, John De Vos, George Legg
S1991 E220
Mon, Dec 16, 1991
S1991 E221
Tue, Dec 17, 1991
S1991 E222
India Cooper, Julie Crouchley, Gail Gray
S1991 E223
Thu, Dec 19, 1991
S1991 E224
India Cooper, Bruce Higginbotham, Kurt Kroboth
S1991 E225
Mon, Dec 23, 1991
S1991 E226
Tue, Dec 24, 1991
S1991 E227
Wed, Dec 25, 1991
S1991 E228
Thu, Dec 26, 1991
S1991 E229
Fri, Dec 27, 1991
S1991 E230
Mon, Dec 30, 1991
S1991 E231
Tue, Dec 31, 1991
Season 1992
S1992 E01
Wed, Jan 1, 1992
S1992 E02
Thu, Jan 2, 1992
S1992 E03
Fri, Jan 3, 1992
S1992 E04
Todd Lefkowitz, Janet Sargent, Bruce Gardner
S1992 E05
Bruce Gardner, Millicent Kidder, Michael Cohen
S1992 E06
Bruce Gardner, Peter Wadhams, Darlynne Burnett
S1992 E07
Peter Wadhams, Doug Frost, Liz MacGillicuddy-Lucas
S1992 E08
Liz MacGillicuddy-Lucas, Patricia Ford-Smith, Bill Dunn
S1992 E09
Liz MacGillicuddy-Lucas, Robert Burgess, Rachel Kranz
S1992 E10
Liz MacGillicuddy-Lucas, John Ferraro, Christine Boyett-Thompson
S1992 E11
John Ferraro, Dom Muoio, Walter Mayes
S1992 E12
Walter Mayes, Mark Zunk, Jo-Ann Raines
S1992 E13
Walter Mayes, Nancy Greene, Kyle Osburn
S1992 E14
Walter Mayes, Mel Milner, Megan Dempsey
S1992 E15
Walter Mayes, Joseph D'Hippolito, Rhea Levine
S1992 E16
Wed, Jan 22, 1992
S1992 E17
Joseph D'Hippolito, Sue Betos, Howard Robinson
S1992 E18
Joseph D'Hippolito, Dave Willis, Bill Davis
S1992 E19
Mon, Jan 27, 1992
S1992 E20
Tue, Jan 28, 1992
S1992 E21
Wed, Jan 29, 1992
S1992 E22
Dave Willis, Drew Zimmerman, Mary Anne
S1992 E23
Fri, Jan 31, 1992
S1992 E24
Mon, Feb 3, 1992
S1992 E25
Tue, Feb 4, 1992
S1992 E26
Sharon Goldstein, Frank Epstein, Linda Hilton
S1992 E27
Frank Epstein, Nancy Walker, Vance Chan
S1992 E28
Fri, Feb 7, 1992
S1992 E29
Mon, Feb 10, 1992
S1992 E30
Tue, Feb 11, 1992
S1992 E31
Santina Lonergan, Holly Zook, Chris Pietrandrea
S1992 E32
Santina Lonergan, Anita Dorsett, Dan Woloshen
S1992 E33
Fri, Feb 14, 1992
S1992 E34
Mon, Feb 17, 1992
S1992 E35
Tue, Feb 18, 1992
S1992 E36
Wed, Feb 19, 1992
S1992 E37
Thu, Feb 20, 1992
S1992 E38
Fri, Feb 21, 1992
S1992 E39
1992 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1992 E40
1992 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1992 E41
1992 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1992 E42
1992 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1992 E43
1992 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1992 E44
1992 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1992 E45
1992 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1992 E46
1992 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1992 E47
1992 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1992 E48
1992 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1992 E49
Ann Wright, Bob Zeigler, Bernard McGrath
S1992 E50
Tue, Mar 10, 1992
S1992 E51
Wed, Mar 11, 1992
S1992 E52
Al Levy, Matt DiBiase, Gail Greene
S1992 E53
Fri, Mar 13, 1992
S1992 E54
Mon, Mar 16, 1992
S1992 E55
Tue, Mar 17, 1992
S1992 E56
Phil Yellman, Jim Tucker, Ina Gail Goldberg
S1992 E57
Thu, Mar 19, 1992
S1992 E58
Fri, Mar 20, 1992
S1992 E59
Mon, Mar 23, 1992
S1992 E60
Thom Stark, Robert Slaven, Lynn Carpenter
S1992 E61
Robert Slaven, Jonathan Dworak, Barbara Reinertsen
S1992 E62
Robert Slaven, Dave Janka, Jean Hernon
S1992 E63
Robert Slaven, Bill Westerman, Al Haggerty
S1992 E64
Robert Slaven, Jon Ramos, Kathy Martin
S1992 E65
Tue, Mar 31, 1992
S1992 E66
Wed, Apr 1, 1992
S1992 E67
Thu, Apr 2, 1992
S1992 E68
Fri, Apr 3, 1992
S1992 E69
Mon, Apr 6, 1992
S1992 E70
Tue, Apr 7, 1992
S1992 E71
Wed, Apr 8, 1992
S1992 E72
Thu, Apr 9, 1992
S1992 E73
Marsha Pomeroy-Huff, Priscilla Byerly, Ed Bryant
S1992 E74
Ed Bryant, Bruce Simmons, Kathy Stone
S1992 E75
Tue, Apr 14, 1992
S1992 E76
Bruce Simmons, Catherine Menser, Jack Pitney
S1992 E77
Thu, Apr 16, 1992
S1992 E78
Bruce Simmons, Keith Marr, Al Badger
S1992 E79
Al Badger, Patricia Plunk, Frank Pellicone
S1992 E80
Al Badger, Scott Corngold, Patrick McMahon
S1992 E81
Patrick McMahon, Toni Betz, Andrew Boynton
S1992 E82
Patrick McMahon, Bill Orme, Michael Brossette
S1992 E83
Michael Brossette, Sean Devitt, Jan Jarvies
S1992 E84
Mon, Apr 27, 1992
S1992 E85
Tue, Apr 28, 1992
S1992 E86
Wed, Apr 29, 1992
S1992 E87
Joe Murphy, Robin Pascale, Don Westrich
S1992 E88
Don Westrich, Clay Harris, Kip Keller
S1992 E89
1992 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
S1992 E90
1992 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
S1992 E91
1992 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
S1992 E92
1992 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
S1992 E93
1992 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
S1992 E94
1992 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
S1992 E95
1992 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
S1992 E96
1992 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
S1992 E97
1992 College Championship Final Game 1
S1992 E98
1992 College Championship Final Game 2
S1992 E99
Don Westrich, Jerome Vered, Katie De Pitts
S1992 E100
Jerome Vered, Dennis DiNucci, Susan Kornblum
S1992 E101
Jerome Vered, Jeff Jacobberger, Mike Jordan
S1992 E102
Jerome Vered, Hank Widmayer, Devon Ericson
S1992 E103
Jerome Vered, Daniel Swartz, Julie Nahmais
S1992 E104
Stephanie Perry, Geoff Coleman, Brian Haase
S1992 E105
Tue, May 26, 1992
S1992 E106
Wed, May 27, 1992
S1992 E107
Bob Smith, Bernard Welt, Lynn Evans
S1992 E108
Bernard Welt, Judy Senecal, Stuart Wald
S1992 E109
Mon, Jun 1, 1992
S1992 E110
Tue, Jun 2, 1992
S1992 E111
Wed, Jun 3, 1992
S1992 E112
Thu, Jun 4, 1992
S1992 E113
Fri, Jun 5, 1992
S1992 E114
Richard Kaplan, Lucy Kendikian-Smith, Don Bouchoux
S1992 E115
Tue, Jun 9, 1992
S1992 E116
Wed, Jun 10, 1992
S1992 E117
Thu, Jun 11, 1992
S1992 E118
Fri, Jun 12, 1992
S1992 E119
Mon, Jun 15, 1992
S1992 E120
Tue, Jun 16, 1992
S1992 E121
Wed, Jun 17, 1992
S1992 E122
Thu, Jun 18, 1992
S1992 E123
Toby Muller, Mary Ellen LaRubbio, Hal Gladfelder
S1992 E124
Mon, Jun 22, 1992
S1992 E125
Tue, Jun 23, 1992
S1992 E126
Jer Bradford, Nina Jackson, Wayne Winston
S1992 E127
Wayne Winston, Catherine Sullivan, Ken Marblestone
S1992 E128
Fri, Jun 26, 1992
S1992 E129
Mon, Jun 29, 1992
S1992 E130
Tue, Jun 30, 1992
S1992 E131
Wed, Jul 1, 1992
S1992 E132
Thu, Jul 2, 1992
S1992 E133
Fri, Jul 3, 1992
S1992 E134
1992 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1992 E135
1992 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1992 E136
1992 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1992 E137
1992 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1992 E138
1992 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1992 E139
1992 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1992 E140
1992 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1992 E141
1992 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1992 E142
1992 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1992 E143
1992 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1992 E144
Jim Weinstein, Garry Weischedel, Cindy Cullen (Season 9 begins)
S1992 E145
Garry Weischedel, Elaine Cooper, Matt Fels
S1992 E146
Matt Fels, Ginger Jensen, Anne Ellis
S1992 E147
Anne Ellis, Colleen Kemps, Ellen Grinnell
S1992 E148
Anne Ellis, Peter Childress, Bill Powers
S1992 E149
Anne Ellis, Joe Menduni, Diane O'Keefe
S1992 E150
Diane O'Keefe, Rick Korbeck, Anthony Keating
S1992 E151
Wed, Sep 16, 1992
S1992 E152
Thu, Sep 17, 1992
S1992 E153
Fri, Sep 18, 1992
S1992 E154
Linda Sheppard, Phil Brown, Marc Komisarow
S1992 E155
Tue, Sep 22, 1992
S1992 E156
Wed, Sep 23, 1992
S1992 E157
Thu, Sep 24, 1992
S1992 E158
Marty Brophy, Tom Hughes, Judy Deck
S1992 E159
Marty Brophy, Sharon Kirkes, Frances Moore
S1992 E160
Tue, Sep 29, 1992
S1992 E161
Wed, Sep 30, 1992
S1992 E162
Thu, Oct 1, 1992
S1992 E163
Steve Saum, Scott Scribner, Irene Bailey
S1992 E164
Steve Saum, Jim Roberts, Felice Bogus
S1992 E165
Felice Bogus, Steve Curry, David Pelovitz
S1992 E166
Felice Bogus, Susan Speers, Mitch Hankins
S1992 E167
Thu, Oct 8, 1992
S1992 E168
Fri, Oct 9, 1992
S1992 E169
Mon, Oct 12, 1992
S1992 E170
Leslie Miller, Sid Liberman, Michael Falk
S1992 E171
Leslie Miller, Kate Haire, Kyle Reynolds
S1992 E172
Thu, Oct 15, 1992
S1992 E173
Fri, Oct 16, 1992
S1992 E174
Lynn Loper, John Harris, Brett Geer
S1992 E175
Tue, Oct 20, 1992
S1992 E176
Wed, Oct 21, 1992
S1992 E177
Thu, Oct 22, 1992
S1992 E178
Fri, Oct 23, 1992
S1992 E179
1992 Celebrity Jeopardy! Game 1
S1992 E180
1992 Celebrity Jeopardy! Game 2
S1992 E181
1992 Celebrity Jeopardy! Game 3
S1992 E182
1992 Celebrity Jeopardy! Game 4
S1992 E183
1992 Celebrity Jeopardy! Game 5
S1992 E184
Mon, Nov 2, 1992
S1992 E185
Robin Nystrom, Tom Nosek, Adele Ziminski
S1992 E186
Wed, Nov 4, 1992
S1992 E187
Thu, Nov 5, 1992
S1992 E188
Tom Nosek, Mike Horner, Jay Jurkowitz
S1992 E189
1992 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 1
S1992 E190
1992 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 2
S1992 E191
1992 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 3
S1992 E192
1992 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 4
S1992 E193
1992 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal Game 5
S1992 E194
1992 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 1
S1992 E195
1992 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 2
S1992 E196
1992 Tournament of Champions Semifinal Game 3
S1992 E197
1992 Tournament of Champions Final Game 1
S1992 E198
1992 Tournament of Champions Final Game 2
S1992 E199
Tom Nosek, Linda DeBrango, Ethan Rasiel
S1992 E200
Susan Hodges, Mark Kristal, Jimmy Black
S1992 E201
Susan Hodges, Tim Buthod, Marcia Begerod
S1992 E202
Tim Buthod, Laurie Chambliss, Bill Lipscomb
S1992 E203
Tim Buthod, Virginia Parrish, Michael Ming
S1992 E204
Michael Ming, Esther Shkolnik, George Roswell
S1992 E205
Michael Ming, Julie Spore, Art Waters
S1992 E206
Wed, Dec 2, 1992
S1992 E207
Thu, Dec 3, 1992
S1992 E208
Fri, Dec 4, 1992
S1992 E209
Dennis Donohue, Carol Shaw, Paul Schlicher
S1992 E210
Dennis Donohue, Deborah Hardwick, Geoff Chanin
S1992 E211
Linda Kissling, John Godfrey, Regi Merwin
S1992 E212
Linda Kissling, Mark Wiener, Beth Champeau
S1992 E213
Linda Kissling, Sheryl Stein, George Holloway
S1992 E214
Sheryl Stein, Ellen Kurek, Paul Voiron
S1992 E215
Sheryl Stein, Dave Story, Lucia Fitzgerald
S1992 E216
Sheryl Stein, Carroll Savage, Harry Koga
S1992 E217
Thu, Dec 17, 1992
S1992 E218
Fri, Dec 18, 1992
S1992 E219
Mon, Dec 21, 1992
S1992 E220
Tue, Dec 22, 1992
S1992 E221
Wed, Dec 23, 1992
S1992 E222
Thu, Dec 24, 1992
S1992 E223
Fri, Dec 25, 1992
S1992 E224
Mon, Dec 28, 1992
S1992 E225
Tue, Dec 29, 1992
S1992 E226
Wed, Dec 30, 1992
S1992 E227
Thu, Dec 31, 1992
Season 1993
S1993 E01
Fri, Jan 1, 1993
S1993 E02
Mon, Jan 4, 1993
S1993 E03
Tue, Jan 5, 1993
S1993 E04
Wed, Jan 6, 1993
S1993 E05
Thu, Jan 7, 1993
S1993 E06
Fri, Jan 8, 1993
S1993 E07
Mon, Jan 11, 1993
S1993 E08
Tue, Jan 12, 1993
S1993 E09
Wed, Jan 13, 1993
S1993 E10
Thu, Jan 14, 1993
S1993 E11
Fri, Jan 15, 1993
S1993 E12
Mon, Jan 18, 1993
S1993 E13
Nancy Melucci, Darryl Scott, Kate Marciniak
S1993 E14
Wed, Jan 20, 1993
S1993 E15
Thu, Jan 21, 1993
S1993 E16
Fri, Jan 22, 1993
S1993 E17
Mon, Jan 25, 1993
S1993 E18
Tue, Jan 26, 1993
S1993 E19
Wed, Jan 27, 1993
S1993 E20
Thu, Jan 28, 1993
S1993 E21
Diane Siegel, Tilney Wickersham, Lewis Zimet
S1993 E22
Mon, Feb 1, 1993
S1993 E23
Tue, Feb 2, 1993
S1993 E24
Wed, Feb 3, 1993
S1993 E25
Mac McGowan, Michael Schill, Les O'Shea
S1993 E26
Michael Schill, Phil Klinkner, Renny Christopher
S1993 E27
Mon, Feb 8, 1993
S1993 E28
Tue, Feb 9, 1993
S1993 E29
Ellen Miele, Susie Macksey, Steve Weisman
S1993 E30
Susie Macksey, Jay Carrizales, Allen Howland
S1993 E31
Susie Macksey, Beth Jackson, Brendan Beary
S1993 E32
1993 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1993 E33
1993 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1993 E34
1993 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1993 E35
1993 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1993 E36
1993 Teen Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1993 E37
1993 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1993 E38
1993 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1993 E39
1993 Teen Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1993 E40
1993 Teen Tournament Final Game 1
S1993 E41
1993 Teen Tournament Final Game 2
S1993 E42
Mon, Mar 1, 1993
S1993 E43
Tue, Mar 2, 1993
S1993 E44
Donna Radu, Laura Crain, Dave Gordon
S1993 E45
Thu, Mar 4, 1993
S1993 E46
Fri, Mar 5, 1993
S1993 E47
Mon, Mar 8, 1993
S1993 E48
Tue, Mar 9, 1993
S1993 E49
Wed, Mar 10, 1993
S1993 E50
Thu, Mar 11, 1993
S1993 E51
Fri, Mar 12, 1993
S1993 E52
Mon, Mar 15, 1993
S1993 E53
Debby Arnold, Dave Ewing, Denise Shames
S1993 E54
Wed, Mar 17, 1993
S1993 E55
Thu, Mar 18, 1993
S1993 E56
Fri, Mar 19, 1993
S1993 E57
Mon, Mar 22, 1993
S1993 E58
Tue, Mar 23, 1993
S1993 E59
Wed, Mar 24, 1993
S1993 E60
Thu, Mar 25, 1993
S1993 E61
Fri, Mar 26, 1993
S1993 E62
Abraham Aig, Don Mennella, Susan Poorman
S1993 E63
Tue, Mar 30, 1993
S1993 E64
Susan Poorman, Doug Ralls, Jim McKain
S1993 E65
Doug Ralls, David Juliano, Barbara Craig-Nichols
S1993 E66
David Juliano, Kevin Porter, Arthur Stephenson
S1993 E67
Mon, Apr 5, 1993
S1993 E68
Tue, Apr 6, 1993
S1993 E69
Wed, Apr 7, 1993
S1993 E70
David Tiemann, John McAuliffe, Rosemary Lancos
S1993 E71
Fri, Apr 9, 1993
S1993 E72
Mon, Apr 12, 1993
S1993 E73
Tue, Apr 13, 1993
S1993 E74
Wed, Apr 14, 1993
S1993 E75
Thu, Apr 15, 1993
S1993 E76
Fri, Apr 16, 1993
S1993 E77
Mon, Apr 19, 1993
S1993 E78
Tue, Apr 20, 1993
S1993 E79
Wed, Apr 21, 1993
S1993 E80
Thu, Apr 22, 1993
S1993 E81
Fri, Apr 23, 1993
S1993 E82
Mon, Apr 26, 1993
S1993 E83
Tue, Apr 27, 1993
S1993 E84
Steve Ricker, Rob Cook, Pamela Miller
S1993 E85
Thu, Apr 29, 1993
S1993 E86
Fri, Apr 30, 1993
S1993 E87
1993 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
S1993 E88
1993 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
S1993 E89
1993 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
S1993 E90
1993 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
S1993 E91
1993 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
S1993 E92
1993 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
S1993 E93
1993 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
S1993 E94
1993 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
S1993 E95
1993 College Championship Final Game 1
S1993 E96
1993 College Championship Final Game 2
S1993 E97
Mon, May 17, 1993
S1993 E98
Tue, May 18, 1993
S1993 E99
Wed, May 19, 1993
S1993 E100
Bev Schwartzberg, Adam Green, Andrew Connally
S1993 E101
Sue Agos, Bronwyn Noble, Ira Schwartz
S1993 E102
Mon, May 24, 1993
S1993 E103
Tue, May 25, 1993
S1993 E104
Wed, May 26, 1993
S1993 E105
Jeff Lesemann, Brian Donahue, Tim Paine
S1993 E106
Fri, May 28, 1993
S1993 E107
Mon, May 31, 1993
S1993 E108
Tue, Jun 1, 1993
S1993 E109
Wed, Jun 2, 1993
S1993 E110
Thu, Jun 3, 1993
S1993 E111
Fri, Jun 4, 1993
S1993 E112
Bernie Shearon, Barbara Elstein, Tom Anderson
S1993 E113
Tue, Jun 8, 1993
S1993 E114
Wed, Jun 9, 1993
S1993 E115
Thu, Jun 10, 1993
S1993 E116
Fri, Jun 11, 1993
S1993 E117
Mon, Jun 14, 1993
S1993 E118
Tue, Jun 15, 1993
S1993 E119
Al Lin, Deborah Yaffe, Patrick Brannon
S1993 E120
Maryann Price, Cliff Leach, Kevin Dunn
S1993 E121
Cliff Leach, Nancy Ferro, Brent Noel
S1993 E122
Mon, Jun 21, 1993
S1993 E123
Rick Grimes, Leif Torkelsen, Ray Agran
S1993 E124
Wed, Jun 23, 1993
S1993 E125
Thu, Jun 24, 1993
S1993 E126
Fri, Jun 25, 1993
S1993 E127
Jim Maher, Lynn Kendall, David Harris
S1993 E128
David Harris, Mike Boyd, Rebecca Jacobs
S1993 E129
Mike Boyd, Tom Davidson, Phil Somerset
S1993 E130
Mike Boyd, Camille Calman, Dennis Hartin
S1993 E131
Camille Calman, Christine Quinones, Allen Collins
S1993 E132
Camille Calman, Ed Schiffer, Phil Bentley
S1993 E133
Ed Schiffer, Jennifer Read, George Kopp
S1993 E134
Ed Schiffer, Shana Rosenfeld, Paul Agosti
S1993 E135
Thu, Jul 8, 1993
S1993 E136
Ed Schiffer, David Ivanov, Maureen Wasley
S1993 E137
1993 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 1
S1993 E138
1993 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 2
S1993 E139
1993 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 3
S1993 E140
1993 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 4
S1993 E141
1993 Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Game 5
S1993 E142
1993 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 1
S1993 E143
1993 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 2
S1993 E144
1993 Seniors Tournament Semifinal Game 3
S1993 E145
1993 Seniors Tournament Final Game 1
S1993 E146
1993 Seniors Tournament Final Game 2
S1993 E147
Robert Pantel, Dan Cordas, Karen L. Jones (Season 10 begins)
S1993 E148
Tue, Sep 7, 1993
S1993 E149
Brian Moore, Maryclaire Stone, Dale Denno
S1993 E150
Thu, Sep 9, 1993
S1993 E151
Fri, Sep 10, 1993
S1993 E152
Mon, Sep 13, 1993
S1993 E153
Tue, Sep 14, 1993
S1993 E154
Wed, Sep 15, 1993
S1993 E155
Thu, Sep 16, 1993
S1993 E156
Fri, Sep 17, 1993
S1993 E157
Mon, Sep 20, 1993
S1993 E158
Tue, Sep 21, 1993
S1993 E159
Lt. Commander Alan Echt, Dave Osborne, Barbara Elem
S1993 E160
Dave Osborne, Tim Sheehan, Chuck Geneslaw
S1993 E161
Dave Osborne, Don Smolen, Ferris Fletcher
S1993 E162
Ferris Fletcher, Tom Rack, Dave Luders
S1993 E163
Tom Rack, Anne-Marie Gorman, Gary Walters
S1993 E164
Gary Walters, Addison Goodson, Roberta Hyman
S1993 E165
Addison Goodson, Keith Ulrich, Pam McCully
S1993 E166
Pam McCully, Barry Kerman, Lauri Haggard
S1993 E167
Barry Kerman, Matthew Seelinger, Laura Jacobsson
S1993 E168
Matthew Seelinger, Fred Perry, Joy Bell
S1993 E169
Joy Bell, Bob Olivier, Curt Kronish
S1993 E170
Joy Bell, Laurie Neff, Tim Joyce
S1993 E171
Tim Joyce, Christine Palmer, Phil Segal
S1993 E172
Mon, Oct 11, 1993
S1993 E173
Tue, Oct 12, 1993
S1993 E174
Wed, Oct 13, 1993
S1993 E175
Thu, Oct 14, 1993
S1993 E176
Fri, Oct 15, 1993
S1993 E177
Mon, Oct 18, 1993
S1993 E178
Tue, Oct 19, 1993
S1993 E179
Wed, Oct 20, 1993
S1993 E180
Thu, Oct 21, 1993
S1993 E181
Fri, Oct 22, 1993
S1993 E182
Mon, Oct 25, 1993
S1993 E183
Rachael Schwartz, Jim Newman, Denise Rechter
S1993 E184
Rachael Schwartz, Kathleen Shilkret, Bob Schwartz
S1993 E185
Thu, Oct 28, 1993