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snomaN Gaming

snomaN Gaming

2013 - Now  •  YouTube
0 vote
Comedy, Documentary, Special Interest
Home of Good Game Design - where we analyze principles of what makes games great!

You'll also find Countdowns, reviews, and the "You Need To Play" series.

Enjoy! ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
2018 Snoglobes - Game of the Year Awards Aired on 12/26/2018
2018 Snoglobes - Game of the Year Awards
Season 2018: Episode 22
  New Episode Air Date
Good Game Design - Collectathons
Season 2019: Episode 1
Season 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Top 5 Best Games of 2013 - snomaN Gaming
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Top 5 Best Items In Spelunky!
S2014 E02
Top 5 WORST Items in Spelunky!
S2014 E03
Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014 - snomaN Gaming
S2014 E04
Top 5 Best Nintendo Sequels - snomaN Gaming
S2014 E05
Top 10 Best Ice/Snow Levels - snomaN Gaming
S2014 E06
Top 5 Best and Worst Donkey Kong Bosses - Donkey Kong Month
S2014 E07
Top 10 Best Kongs - Donkey Kong Month
S2014 E08
Top 5 Best DK Animal Buddies - Donkey Kong Month
S2014 E09
Top 5 Best Extreme Sports Games That Aren't Tony Hawk - snomaN Gaming
S2014 E10
Dark Souls vs. Dark Souls 2
S2014 E11
Top 10 Best Fire/Lava Levels In Gaming - snomaN Gaming
S2014 E12
Good Game Design - Volgarr The Viking: Isolation
S2014 E13
Good Game Design - Super Mario 64: Accomplishment
S2014 E14
You Need To Play Tiny Barbarian DX (feat. Perrydactyl)
S2014 E15
Top 10 Best Rhythm/Music Games - snomaN Gaming
S2014 E16
Good Game Design - Shovel Knight: Teaching Without Teaching
S2014 E17
You Need To Play 1001 Spikes
S2014 E18
Top 5 Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters
S2014 E19
Good Game Design - The Legend of Zelda: Growing Stronger
S2014 E20
You Need To Play Bleed
S2014 E21
Hypest Game Award - 2014 snoGlobes (feat. Perrydactyl)
S2014 E22
Most Ridiculous Game Award - 2014 snoGlobes (feat. VZed)
S2014 E23
Best Game Design Award - 2014 snoGlobes (feat. Sunder)
S2014 E24
"What Did You Expect?" Award - 2014 snoGlobes (feat. LoadSave)
S2014 E25
Best Nintendo Game Award - 2014 snoGlobes (feat. DjaliGoat)
S2014 E26
Game of the Year Award - 2014 snoGlobes
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Good Game Design - Gone Home: Silent Storytelling
S2015 E02
You Need To Play Super House of Dead Ninjas
S2015 E03
The Binding of Isaac vs. Rebirth
S2015 E04
Top 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games - snomaN Gaming
S2015 E05
Good Game Design - Donkey Kong Country: Hidden Rewards
S2015 E06
Top 10 Best Donkey Kong Country Levels (feat. Perrydactyl)
S2015 E07
You Need To Play They Bleed Pixels
S2015 E08
Good Game Design - Ori and the Blind Forest: Controlled Freedom
S2015 E09
Top 5 Speedruns To Watch To Get Into Speedrunning (feat. Razbuten)
S2015 E10
You Need To Play Crypt of the NecroDancer
S2015 E11
Good Game Design - Super Smash Bros: Breaking The Mold
S2015 E12
Top 5 Best Browser/Flash Games - snomaN Gaming
S2015 E13
You Need To Play Octodad: Dadliest Catch (feat. LoadSave)
S2015 E14
Good Game Design - Super Meat Boy: Motivational Punishment
S2015 E15
Shovel Knight vs. Plague of Shadows
S2015 E16
Good Game Design - Undertale: Real Morality
S2015 E17
Top 5 Best Wind Levels In Gaming - snomaN Gaming
S2015 E18
You Need To Play Downwell
S2015 E19
Biggest Surprise Award - 2015 snoGlobes (feat. SteveoHobo)
S2015 E20
Best Multiplayer Game Award - 2015 snoGlobes (feat. Heavy Eyed)
S2015 E21
Best DLC Award - 2015 snoGlobes (feat. FERALxPANDA)
S2015 E22
Best OST Award - 2015 snoGlobes (feat. Chadunda)
S2015 E23
Best Game Design Award - 2015 snoGlobes (feat. Razbuten)
S2015 E24
Game of the Year Award - 2015 snoGlobes
Season 2016
S2016 E01
10 Well-Designed Mario Maker Levels
S2016 E02
Good Game Design - Dark Souls
S2016 E03
You Don't Need To Play The Witness
S2016 E04
Yoshi's Island vs. Yoshi's Woolly World
S2016 E05
Good Game Design - Spelunky: Nothing Held Back (feat. GamingFTL)
S2016 E06
You Need To Play Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight
S2016 E07
Top 10 Best Donkey Kong Country Songs (feat. AntDude)
S2016 E08
Bad Game Design - Donkey Kong 64
S2016 E09
Bloodborne vs. Dark Souls 3
S2016 E10
You Need To Play Enter The Gungeon
S2016 E11
Top 5 Best Games Done Quick Moments (feat. Heavy Eyed)
S2016 E12
Good Game Design - Rayman Origins: When Art Meets Gameplay
S2016 E13
Has Pokemon Become Too Easy?
S2016 E14
You Need To Play Axiom Verge
S2016 E15
Good Game Design - Lethal League: Anticipation & Intimidation (feat. Perr...
S2016 E16
Top 10 Best Minibosses In Gaming - snomaN Gaming
S2016 E17
Journey vs. ABZU
S2016 E18
You Need To Play Furi
S2016 E19
Good Game Design - Bosses
S2016 E20
Owlboy - Rise of the Hi-Bit Genre
S2016 E21
2016 snoGlobes - Video Game Awards
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Top 10 Best PS2 Games
S2017 E02
Good Game Design - Super Metroid: Atmosphere
S2017 E03
HTC Vive VR Games
S2017 E04
Final Fantasy X - The 5
S2017 E05
You Need To Play Nioh
S2017 E06
Good Game Design - Breath of the Wild: Open World Done Right
S2017 E07
Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy While Having a Youtube Channel
S2017 E08
Top 10 Kremlings - Donkey Kong Month (feat. Perrydactyl)
S2017 E09
Donkey Kong ROM Hacks
S2017 E10
Future of Donkey Kong Games - The 5
S2017 E11
You Need To Play Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
S2017 E12
Banjo-Kazooie vs. Yooka-Laylee
S2017 E13
Good Game Design - Bayonetta: Why Campy Is So Fun
S2017 E14
You Need To Play Dead Cells
S2017 E15
4 Good Game Design INNOVATIONS of 2017
S2017 E16
Crash Bandicoot & The Importance of Good Controls
S2017 E17
Did ARMS Fail? (Splatoon 2 Comparison)
S2017 E18
You Need To Play Sonic Mania
S2017 E19
Good Game Design - Speedrunning
S2017 E20
You Need To Play Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
S2017 E21
Good Game Design - A Hat In Time: Spiritual Successor to Original IP
S2017 E22
Cuphead & The Difficulty Dilemma
S2017 E23
You Need To Play Golf Story
S2017 E24
Good Game Design - Super Mario Odyssey
S2017 E25
What Happened To Cheat Codes?
S2017 E26
2017 Snoglobes - Video Game Awards
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Good Game Design - Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy
S2018 E02
NEW Channel - Snoman Gaming 2!
S2018 E03
Top 5 Super Nintendo Games Nobody Played
S2018 E04
You Need To Play Iconoclasts
S2018 E05
How Celeste Teaches You Its Mechanics - Good Game Design
S2018 E06
A Noob\'s Experience With Monster Hunter World
S2018 E07
You Need To Play Dandara
S2018 E08
Good Boy Design - What Makes Dogs Great
S2018 E09
How To Speedrun Donkey Kong Country - Beginner\'s Guide
S2018 E10
How To Speedrun Donkey Kong Country 2 - Beginner\'s Guide
S2018 E11
Good Game Design - God of War (PS4)
S2018 E12
Kingdom Hearts vs Kingdom Hearts 2
S2018 E13
The 5 Best Aspects of Paper Mario 64
S2018 E14
Good Game Design - What Makes a Great Sequel? (Paper Mario TTYD)
S2018 E15
Dead Cells & Stream Integration
S2018 E16
You Need To Play Guacamelee! 2
S2018 E17
Good Game Design - The Messenger: Defying Expectations
S2018 E18
Bad Game Design - Super Paper Mario & Color Splash
S2018 E19
Good Game Design - Spider-Man: Attention To Detail
S2018 E20
Good Game Design - Music & Sound
S2018 E21
Bad Game Design - NES Games
S2018 E22
2018 Snoglobes - Game of the Year Awards
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Good Game Design - Collectathons
S2019 E02
Bad Game Design - Clicker Games
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