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2014 - Now  •  03:00 PM on YouTube  •  1 season  •  120 episodes
1 vote
Hi all, my name's Mat 'The Game' Boyle, and this is my channel celebrating the exciting world of The Nintendo Game Boy! Every Friday you will find a new episode of Boyographic, the show in which I look at the highs & lows of the Game Boy library, one cart at a time! On occasion I will upload no death ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Koi Wa Kakehiki (恋は駆け引き) Game Boy Review Aired on 04/03/2021
Koi Wa Kakehiki (恋は駆け引き) Game Boy Review
Season 1: Episode 120
Season 1
S01 E01
Kirby's Dream Land Review
S01 E02
Yoshi's Cookie Review
S01 E03
Dig Dug Review
S01 E04
Super Mario Land Review
S01 E05
Bubble Ghost Review
S01 E06
Super Mario Land 2 Review
S01 E07
Cool World Review
S01 E08
Solomon's Club Review
S01 E09
Megaman Dr. Wily's Revenge Review
S01 E10
Alleyway Review
S01 E11
Boulder Dash
S01 E12
Trip World Review
S01 E13
Barbie Game Girl
S01 E14
Hook Review
S01 E15
Volley Fire Review
S01 E16
Fish Dude Review
S01 E17
Power Racer Review
S01 E18
Crystal Quest Review
S01 E19
Alien 3 Review (Halloween Special)
S01 E20
Parasol Henbee Review
S01 E21
Felix The Cat Review
S01 E22
Rod Land Review
S01 E23
Penguin Wars Review
S01 E24
Looney Tunes Review
S01 E25
Nemesis Review
S01 E26
Asterix Review
S01 E27
Noobow Review
S01 E28
Balloon Kid Review
S01 E29
Trax Review
S01 E30
Popeye Review
S01 E31
Road Rash Review (HDMYBOY)
S01 E32
The Blues Brothers Review
S01 E33
Tiny Toon Adventures: Bab's Big Break Review
S01 E34
Hammerin' Harry Review
S01 E35
Megalit Review
S01 E36
Lingo Review
S01 E37
Crayon Shin Chan 4 Review
S01 E38
TaleSpin Review
S01 E39
Adventure Island Review
S01 E40
Mega Man II Review
S01 E41
Mega Man III Review
S01 E42
Mega Man IV Review
S01 E43
Mega Man V Review
S01 E44
Soreyuke! Amida-Kun Review
S01 E45
Ghostbusters II Review
S01 E46
Sagaia Review
S01 E47
DuckTales Review
S01 E48
The Little Mermaid Review
S01 E49
Robocop Review
S01 E50
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan Review
S01 E51
The Lion King Review
S01 E52
Lock 'n' Chase Review
S01 E53
Duck Tales 2 Review
S01 E54
Bonk's Adventure / BC Kid Review
S01 E55
Quarth Review
S01 E56
Popeye 2 Review
S01 E57
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Back From The Sewers Review
S01 E58
Gargoyle's Quest Review
S01 E59
Ninja Gaiden Shadow Review
S01 E60
Booby Boys Review
S01 E61
Asterix & Obelix Review
S01 E62
Star Wars Review
S01 E63
Mogura De Pon! Review
S01 E64
Chalvo 55 Review
S01 E65
The Smurfs Review
S01 E66
Fire Fighter Review
S01 E67
Pinocchio Review
S01 E68
Bonk's Revenge / BC Kid 2 Review
S01 E69
Bill & Ted's Excellent Gameboy Adventure: A Bogus Journey Review
S01 E70
Waterworld Review
S01 E71
Peetan (Pitan) Review
S01 E72
Dick Tracy Review
S01 E73
Ren and Stimpy - Veediots! Review
S01 E74
Jurassic Park Review
S01 E75
The Smurfs Travel The World Review
S01 E76
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land Review
S01 E77
Rolan's Curse Review
S01 E78
Vattle Giuce Review
S01 E79
Kid Dracula Review
S01 E80
Ninja Spirit Review
S01 E81
Lazlo's Leap Review
S01 E82
Home Alone Review
S01 E83
The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls Review
S01 E84
Hiden Inyou Kikouhou: Ca Da Review
S01 E85
Shaq Fu Review
S01 E86
Maru's Mission Review
S01 E87
Out To Lunch Review
S01 E88
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Review
S01 E89
Bubble Bobble Review
S01 E90
The Amazing Spider-Man Review
S01 E91
Batman Review
S01 E92
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues Review
S01 E93
Darkwing Duck Review
S01 E94
Mr Nutz Review
S01 E95
Fist Of The North Star Review
S01 E96
Boxxle Review
S01 E97
Avenging Spirit Review
S01 E98
Heavyweight Championship Boxing Review
S01 E99
Daedalian Opus Review
S01 E100
The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening Review
S01 E101
Tail 'Gator Review
S01 E102
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge Review
S01 E103
Vanishing Racer Review
S01 E104
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Radical Rescue Review
S01 E105
Un Indien Dans La Ville Review
S01 E106
Solar Striker Review
S01 E107
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Review
S01 E108
Operation C(ontra) / Probotector Review
S01 E109
The Tower of Druaga Retrospective & Review
S01 E110
Jankenman Review
S01 E111
Genjin Kottsu Review
S01 E112
Yakuman Review
S01 E113
Revenge of the Gator Review
S01 E114
Mario's Picross Review
S01 E115
Heisei Tensai Bakabon Review
S01 E116
Boyographic - Godzilla / Gojira-Kun Game Boy Review
S01 E117
Kaijū-ō Godzilla Game Boy Review
S01 E118
R-Type Game Boy Review
S01 E119
Boyographic - R-Type II Game Boy Review
S01 E120
Koi Wa Kakehiki (恋は駆け引き) Game Boy Review
Episode 1
Boy Curious - Sonic 3D Blast
Episode 2
Boy Curious - Donkey Kong 5 Bootleg
Episode 3
Boy Curious - Sonic Shuffle 6 / Speedy Gonzales ROM Hack
Episode 4
Treasure Hunting - July Gaming Finds
Episode 5
Let's Play Together - Pokémon - The Journey Begins!
Episode 6
All The Glory - Trip World Long Play
Episode 7
All The Glory - Super Mario Land Long Play
Episode 8
Boyographic Special - Mat's Gameboy Collection
Episode 9
All The Glory - Parasol Henbee Long Play
Episode 10
All The Glory - Megaman Dr. Wily's Revenge Long Play
Episode 11
All The Glory - Asterix Long Play
Episode 12
All The Glory - Kirby's Dreamland Long Play
Episode 13
Peripheral Vision - HDMYBOY
Episode 14
All The Glory - Noobow Long Play
Episode 15
All The Glory - Looney Tunes Long Play
Episode 16
Boy Curious - Super Mario 4
Episode 17
The Final 50 Episode 1 - Getting Over The Final Hurdle!
Episode 18
The Final 50 Episode 2 - Breaking The Law…
Episode 19
Boy Curious - King of Ring (Lord of the Rings Bootleg)
Episode 20
All The Glory - King of Ring Long Play
Episode 21
Boy Curious - Harry Boy - The Second Edition (Harry Potter Sintax Bootleg...
Episode 22
All The Glory - Harry Boy - The Second Edition Long Play
Episode 23
Boy Curious - Digimon Diamond Review
Episode 24
Holiday Greetings From Game Boyle!
Episode 25
Boy Curious - Terrifying 9/11 (Metal Slug) Review
Episode 26
State of the Union - 2 Years of Boyographic
Episode 27
All The Glory - Star Wars Episode 2 - Battle of Cloned Humans Long Play
Episode 28
Boy Curious - Star Wars Episode 2 - Battle of Cloned Humans Review
Episode 29
Holiday Greetings From Game Boyle 2016!
Episode 30
State of the Union - 3 Years of Boyographic
Episode 31
Boy Curious - Tobu Tobu Girl
Episode 32
Holiday Greetings 2017!
Episode 33
The Future of Boyographic
Episode 34
Boy Curious - Rope & Bombs
Episode 35
Chromatographic - Merlin Review
Episode 36
Chromatographic - Xtreme Sports Review
Episode 37
Chromatographic - Sabrina: Zapped! Review
Episode 38
Chromatographic - WWF Betrayal Review
Episode 39
Chromatographic - Sabrina: Spooked! Review
Episode 40
State of the Union - 4 Years of Boyographic
Episode 41
Chromatographic - Halloween Racer
Episode 42
All The Glory - Rap Quest (Unreleased Vanilla Ice Game) Long Play
Episode 43
Boy Curious - Rap Quest (Unreleased Vanilla Ice Game)
Episode 44
2000 Subscriber Special!
Episode 45
Chromatographic - Baby Felix Halloween Review
Episode 46
Boy Curious - Spider-Man 3: Movie Edition
Episode 47
All The Glory - Spider-Man 3: Movie Edition Long Play
Episode 48
Chromatographic - The Grinch Review
Episode 49
Happy New Year & Channel Update
Episode 50
Chromatographic - Disney's Alice in Wonderland Game Boy Color Review
Episode 51
State of the Union 5: Where's Mat Been?
Episode 52
Chromatographic - Wendy: Every Witch Way Review
Episode 53
Chromatographic - Shantae Review
Episode 54
All The Glory - Kaijū-ō Godzilla Game Boy Long Play
Episode 55
Chromatographic - Macross 7 - Shake the Heart of the Galaxy (マクロス...
Episode 56
Chromatographic - Santa Claus Junior Review
Episode 57
State of the nation - 3000 Subs and Merry Christmas!
Episode 58
All The Glory - R-Type 2 Game Boy Long Play
Episode 59
All The Glory - Koi Wa Kakehiki / 恋は駆け引き Long Play
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