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Grizzy & the Lemmings

Grizzy & the Lemmings

2017 - Now  •  Wednesday on France 3
10 votes
491 votes
# 8808
Animation, Children
The forester's cabin is the only glimpse of civilization in a Canadian nature reserve. When the guard leaves, Grizzy the bear benefits from the comforts of modern life.

  Previously Aired Episode
Lemming and Rabbit Aired on 07/10/2021
Lemming and Rabbit
Season 4: Episode 1
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
Polar Bear
S01 E02
Bear Spread
S01 E03
Cellular Bear
S01 E04
Jurassic Bear
S01 E05
Extreme Fitness
S01 E06
Domestic Robots
S01 E07
Mass Control
S01 E08
Bear Under Control
S01 E09
Popcorn Party
S01 E10
Dancing with the Bears
S01 E11
Role Change
S01 E12
Lemming Tonic
S01 E13
Bear Itch
S01 E14
Thirst Quencher
S01 E15
Spider Lemmings
S01 E16
Random Bear
S01 E17
Lemming Interference
S01 E18
High Voltage Bear Attack
S01 E19
Bear Scents
S01 E20
Bear Luck
S01 E21
Magnetic Bear
S01 E22
Bear Charm
S01 E23
Bear's Best Friend
S01 E24
Super Grizzy Bros
S01 E25
Fake Brother
S01 E26
Mind in a Whirl
S01 E27
A Sizeable Problem
S01 E28
Treasure Bear
S01 E29
In the Service of His Majesty
S01 E30
Bear Art
S01 E31
Happy Birthday Lemming
S01 E32
Flower Power
S01 E33
Teleportation's the Way to Go!
S01 E34
Bear Countdown
S01 E35
Lemming Airlines
S01 E36
Relax Bear
S01 E37
Bear Gliding
S01 E38
The Sound of a Lemming
S01 E39
Bear in the Wind
S01 E40
Construction Bear
S01 E41
Kung Fu Lemmings
S01 E42
A Midsummer Bear's Dream
S01 E43
Manufacturing Secret
S01 E44
Bling Bling Bear
S01 E45
Intellectual Bear
S01 E46
Voodoo Blanket
S01 E47
Bear Prints
S01 E48
Inspector Grizzy
S01 E49
No Entrance!
S01 E50
Lemmings Indigestion
S01 E51
Sonata in Bear Major
S01 E52
Bear Fractions
S01 E53
The Bear That Laid Golden Eggs
S01 E54
Crash training course
S01 E55
As Far as Bear Can Remember
S01 E56
Chemical Lemmings
S01 E57
Remote Control
S01 E58
The Bear and the Butterfly
S01 E59
Get Off My Tennis Shoes
S01 E60
S01 E61
Bear Under Lock and Key
S01 E62
Lemming Blues
S01 E63
Snow Lemmings
S01 E64
Augmented Bear
S01 E65
Lemmings Under Pressure
S01 E66
Lemmings in Space
S01 E67
Sniffer Raccoon
S01 E68
Transformational Bear
S01 E69
Shaken-up Bear
S01 E70
Piñata Party
S01 E71
Bear Game
S01 E72
Ranger Lemming
S01 E73
Halloween Bear
S01 E74
Clean Bear
S01 E75
Wandering Spirits
S01 E76
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
S01 E77
Grizzy the Wizard
S01 E78
Moonwalk Bear
Season 2
S02 E01
Camping in the Wild
S02 E02
Carried Away Bear
S02 E03
Ice & Bears
S02 E04
Fountain of Bear Youth
S02 E05
Lemmings Kit
S02 E06
Timeless Bear
S02 E07
Irresistible Bear
S02 E08
Yummy Fly
S02 E09
Call of the Bear
S02 E10
Weightless Bear
S02 E11
Hat Tricks
S02 E12
No See, No Do
S02 E13
Good Bear, Bad Bear
S02 E14
High-Risk Driving
S02 E15
Bear Predictions
S02 E16
Lemming Beach
S02 E17
Of Fur and Swords
S02 E18
Lemmings Board
S02 E19
Animal Pics
S02 E20
Bear Diet
S02 E21
Balloon Bear
S02 E22
Bear Pillow
S02 E23
Hooks and Loops Bear
S02 E24
Fast Workout
S02 E25
S02 E26
Moveable Apps
S02 E27
Wild Modeling
S02 E28
The Bear Next Door
S02 E29
Wild Zapping
S02 E30
Warning: Unlimited Lemmings
S02 E31
Bouncing Bear
S02 E32
Masked Racoon
S02 E33
Spinning Lemmings
S02 E34
Game Madness
S02 E35
Household Avatar
S02 E36
Beastly Genie
S02 E37
Make Peace Not War
S02 E38
Disguised Reality
S02 E39
Folds and Folds Again
S02 E40
Cartoon Bear
S02 E41
XXL Bear
S02 E42
Never Judge a Bear by it's Cover
S02 E43
Bear Glasses
S02 E44
Bear under Close Protection
S02 E45
Zero Visibility
S02 E46
Intensive Care
S02 E47
Lemming Gum
S02 E48
Lemming Juice
S02 E49
Zen Bear
S02 E50
S02 E51
Lemming Bowling
S02 E52
Mushroom Hunt
S02 E53
Flying Bear
S02 E54
Big Top Bear
S02 E55
Electro Ranger Lemming
S02 E56
Bear Repellent
S02 E57
Bear Behind the Wheel
S02 E58
Rolling Cabin
S02 E59
Lemmings Plant
S02 E60
Target Bear
S02 E61
Northern Lights
S02 E62
Tick Tock Bear
S02 E63
Dreams on Command
S02 E64
Elementary Lemmings
S02 E65
Bear Sitter
S02 E66
Rainbow Moose
S02 E67
Radar Bear
S02 E68
Zorbing Lemmings
S02 E69
Air Trafficking
S02 E70
A Lemmings Fairy Tale
S02 E71
Slam Dunk Lemmings
S02 E72
Uncouth Bear
S02 E73
Passing Trough Walls
S02 E74
Eagle Spirit
S02 E75
S02 E76
Hulking Lemmings
S02 E77
Ancestral Bear
S02 E78
Hocus Pocus Lemmingus
Season 3
S03 E01
Supervoltaic hut
S03 E02
Tough Medicine
S03 E03
Fireworks Cabin
S03 E04
S03 E05
The Legend of the Lemmings
S03 E06
Outboard Cabin
S03 E07
Uncomfortable cabin
S03 E08
A bear in the sheepfold
S03 E09
Diving in the wild
S03 E10
Disaster For Dinne
S03 E11
Obby Contest
S03 E12
Bear in the Clouds
S03 E13
Sea Trip
S03 E14
Puddle Lemmings
S03 E15
Domestic Shaolin
S03 E16
Peaceful Enemies
S03 E17
Neither Yin nor Yang
S03 E18
Hamster Ball Lemmings
S03 E19
Bears and Dragons
S03 E20
Inflation Balloons
S03 E21
Underwater Lemmings
S03 E22
Umbrellas Tactics
S03 E23
Wild Dive
S03 E24
Lemmings Constellation
S03 E25
Bubble Lemmings
S03 E26
Grizzy Shranked
S03 E27
Thermal Shock!
S03 E28
Jelly Lemmings
S03 E29
The Bear, the Frog and the Mosquit
S03 E30
S03 E31
A Night-time Mess
S03 E32
Balloon Meteo
S03 E33
Lemmings Cold
S03 E34
S03 E35
Spread Hack
S03 E36
Handyman CrabWaters
S03 E37
Extreme Domino
S03 E38
Seismic Bear
S03 E39
Bear in Troubled Water
S03 E40
Flying in the Sky
S03 E41
Solar Shift
S03 E42
Radio Lemmings
S03 E43
Freezing Lemmings
S03 E44
Tam-tam Lemming
S03 E45
Uphill Fishing
S03 E46
Lemmings Balloon
S03 E47
Pizza Sauce
S03 E48
Parental Overload
S03 E49
Lemming Hiccups
S03 E50
Substitution Egg
S03 E51
Wild Deglaciation
S03 E52
S03 E53
The Air Puppeted Up
S03 E54
Primitive Activities
S03 E55
S03 E56
S03 E57
Minis Trouble
S03 E58
Return of the loved one
S03 E59
S03 E60
False threads
S03 E61
Gourmet Spirits
S03 E62
Fragile Bear
S03 E63
Funny Balloons
S03 E64
S03 E65
BJM Madness
S03 E66
Grizzy's Gutterfly
S03 E67
Lemmings Roadworks
S03 E68
The Helium
S03 E69
Grizzy's Patio
S03 E70
Pet Sheep
S03 E71
Artful Grizzy
S03 E72
The Cake
S03 E73
High Voltage Fireflies
S03 E74
Ice Lemmings
S03 E75
Lemmings Water
S03 E76
Lemmings Flan
S03 E77
Gold Rush
S03 E78
Grizzy the Champions of Europe
Season 4
S04 E01
Lemming and Rabbit
Episode 1
Episode 2
Making Of
Episode 3
Dessiner un Lemming
Episode 4
Qui est Grizzy
Episode 5
Qui sont les Lemmings
Episode 6
Top 10 - Spécial Objets magiques
Episode 7
Top 10 - Spécial Objets High-Tech
Episode 8
St Valentin Amour
Episode 9
Top 5 - Tous au sport
Episode 10
Top 5 - Special Danse
Episode 11
Top 5 - Moments d'entraide
Episode 12
Top 6 - Animaux de Nutty Hill
Episode 13
Top 10 - Grizzy vs les Lemmings
Episode 14
Top 10 - Courses poursuite
Episode 15
Top 10 - pâte à tartiner !
Episode 16
Les Gestes Barrières
Episode 17
TOP 10 Danse et de Musique
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