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All The Stations

All The Stations

2017 - Now  •  Sunday 02:00 PM on YouTube  •  20 hours  •  80 episodes
1 vote
Documentary, Mini-Series, Adventure
We're travelling to all 2,563 Railway Stations in Great Britain throughout the summer of 2017, making a video documentary as we go exploring the railways, the stations, and the people and places that we meet along the way. Thanks to over the 1,5000 people who funded our Kickstarter fund to make this ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Groudle Glen and Laxey Mine Railway Aired on 07/23/2019
Groudle Glen and Laxey Mine Railway
Season 3: Episode 3
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Make Your Intent Clear - Day 1 - Penzance to St. Ives
S01 E02
Gruesome Murder Holes - Day 2 - Penzance to Liskeard
S01 E03
Don't leave me Geoff - Day 3 - Liskeard to Chapelton
S01 E04
Sir Peter! You Should Make That Happen - Day 4 - Barnstaple to Weymouth
S01 E05
I did not think this through - Day 5 - Weymouth to Chandlers Ford
S01 E06
Switch! Reverse that! - Day 9 - Bognor Regis to Gatwick Airport
S01 E07
Is there a toilet on this train? - Day 11 - Bromley South to Rochester
S01 E08
The Sandwich Paradox - Day 12 - Bromley South to Canterbury West
S01 E09
All The Football - Day 15 - Euston to Manchester United Football Ground
S01 E10
A small problem at Leatherhead - Day 16 - Purley to West Croydon
S01 E11
It's London, innit! - Day 17 - Birkbeck to Hayes
S01 E12
Watch for the sign of the lollipop - Day 18 - Redhill to Staines
S01 E13
I'm In Love With The Overground - Day 19
S01 E14
It’s time to get a tea - Day 24 - Marylebone to Oxford
S01 E15
Big boy trains - Day 25 - Fenchurch Street to Shenfield
S01 E16
You're making me nervous - Day 26 - Liverpool Street to Felixstowe
S01 E17
There's no one here - Day 28 - Shippea Hill to Diss
S01 E18
There's someone looking at me - Day 31 - St Pancras to Skegness
S01 E19
Some Might Say - Day 32 - Havenhouse to Cromford
S01 E20
I'm not from round here - Day 33 - Spondon to Peartree
S01 E21
I Shall Not Be Lured Into This Trap - Day 34 - Spondon to Market Rase
S01 E22
Weren't we just here? - Day 38 - Euston to Birmingham
S01 E23
It’s the cutest train I’ve ever seen! - Day 39 - Birmingham to Rugele...
S01 E24
Let's Go In Search Of Shakespeare - Day 40 - Birmingham Moor Street to Nu...
S01 E25
Mmmmm, Humans! - Day 41 - Polesworth to Smethwick Rolfe Street
S01 E26
It's All Gone Wrong - Day 44 - Maidenhead to Marylebone
S01 E27
Did The Victorians Have These Problems? - Day 45 - London to Hereford
S01 E28
MAXIMUM TRAINAGE - Day 46 - Hereford to Bristol
S01 E29
What Did We Just Stumble Upon? - Day 47 - Bristol to Trowbridge
S01 E30
We Could Do With a TARDIS - Day 52 - Cardiff / Caerdydd Valley Lines
S01 E31
That's The Kind Of Rain I Hate - Day 53 - Cardiff to Swansea
S01 E32
Heart Of Wales Line - Day 54 - Swansea to Shrewsbury
S01 E33
Hello Wales, I Am In You - Day 55 - Shrewsbury to Porthmadog
S01 E34
You Want Me to Speak Welsh AND Walk Backwards? - Day 56 - Porthmadog to C...
S01 E35
It's Called Manchester Air - Day 66 - Chester to Liverpool
S01 E36
A Lot Of A Little Of Liverpool - Day 67 - West Kirby to Moorfields
S01 E37
We've Learnt Nothing - Day 68 - Liverpool to Manchester
S01 E38
It's Yorkshire, They Do It Properly - Day 69 - Reddish South to Huddersfi...
S01 E39
Have We Got Time For A Selfie? - Day 70 - Leeds to Carnforth
S01 E40
They Must Not Touch! - Day 72 - Liverpool to Blackpool South
S01 E41
This Displeases Me - Day 73 - Blackpool North to Burnley Manchester Road
S01 E42
This £10 Is Yours - Day 74 - Ardwick to Edale
S01 E43
Would You Like A Quality Street? - Day 80 - Manchester to Starbeck
S01 E44
Not Cool, Marshall - Day 81 - Knaresborough to Whitley Bridge
S01 E45
My Feet Are Wet, But It's Still Beautiful - Day 82 - Settle to Carlisle
S01 E46
It's Just A Magnificent Thing - Day 83 - Lancaster to Newcastle
S01 E47
Teach Me Some Northern Words - Day 87 - Middlesbrough / Saltburn / Whitby
S01 E48
All The Pacers, All Of Them - Day 88 - Thirsk to Alnmouth
S01 E49
England: tick - Day 89 - Berwick-Upon-Tweed to Tweedbank
S01 E50
To All The Scottish Stations - Day 90 - Inverkeithing to Glenrothes
S01 E51
We're On The Wrong Side - Day 93 - Haymarket to Glasgow
S01 E52
It's Wemyss Bay Day - Day 94 - Glasgow to Paisley Canal
S01 E53
You Can Tell It's Week Fourteen - Day 95 - Glasgow to Croy
S01 E54
Elopements - Day 97 - Glasgow to Stranraer
S01 E55
The Ultimate Tick ✅ - Day 101 - Glasgow to Corrour
S01 E56
For Crying Out Loud Scotland! - Day 102 - Corrour to Inverness
S01 E57
I'm Not A Puffer Nutter - Day 103 - Inverness to Carnoustie
S01 E58
I Can't Get My Spreadsheet Up - Day 104 - Perth to Inverness
S01 E59
I'm Going To Start Writing Down Numbers - Day 105 - Inverness to Wick
S01 E99
Pilot (Part 1 & 2)
Season 2
S02 E01
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 1 - It’s Really Windy!
S02 E02
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 2 - Maybe Quaint is Cute in Ireland - ...
S02 E03
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 3 - That's Your Busy Face? - 26th Marc...
S02 E04
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 4 - The Blue Hue - 27th March - Dublin...
S02 E05
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 5 - It’s Nothing Like a Pacer! - 28t...
S02 E06
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 6 - "I Kissed A Stone And They Wiped I...
S02 E07
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 7 - Abandoned Stations : Tick! - 30th ...
S02 E08
S02 E09
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 9 - MAXIMUM FUNCTION! - 1st April - Wa...
S02 E10
All The Stations Ireland - There Are Two Ways To Get To Limerick - Episod...
S02 E11
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 11 - Railway Girl - 3rd April - Limeri...
S02 E12
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 12 - There’s A Train Carriage In The...
S02 E13
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 13 - Filming Me Filming You, It’s Th...
S02 E14
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 14 - It's the LUAS Way To Go - 6th Apr...
S02 E15
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 15 - "Youtube Hardly Ever Points Out W...
S02 E16
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 16 - We Can't Shake Dave - 9th April -...
S02 E17
All The Stations Ireland - Episode 17 - What The Actual Dickens! - 10th A...
Season 3
S03 E01
Douglas to Port Erin
S03 E02
Douglas to Ramsey
S03 E03
Groudle Glen and Laxey Mine Railway
Episode 1
Phil\'s Facts – All The Stations Extra
Episode 2
Travelling to all 2,563 Stations
Episode 3
Your questions answered!
Episode 4
Jon Holmes Interview
Episode 5
Sleeper to Penzance - All The Stations Extra
Episode 6
Steam Train at Penzance - All The Stations Extra
Episode 7
The Guildford Connection - All The Stations Extra
Episode 8
The Edenbridge Switcheroo - All The Stations Extra
Episode 9
The Trams Tramsition - All The Stations Extra
Episode 10
Windsor to Bracknell - All The Stations Extra
Episode 11
The Windsor Worry - All The Stations Extra
Episode 12
Windsor to Bracknell
Episode 13
Editing Footage - All The Stations Extra
Episode 14
The Thorne Hitchhike - All The Stations Extra
Episode 15
The Berney Arms Blunder - All The Stations Extra
Episode 16
Berney Arms to Brundall - All The Stations Extra
Episode 17
Gilfach Fargoed - All The Stations Extra
Episode 18
Heart of Wales Line Challenge - All The Stations Extra
Episode 19
Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth - All The Stations Extra
Episode 20
The Last Line in Wales – All The Stations Extra
Episode 21
The Emerson Extraction – All The Stations Extra
Episode 22
Phil's Facts – All The Stations Extra
Episode 23
The Ardwick Adventure – All The Stations Extra
Episode 24
The Clifton Climax – All The Stations Extra
Episode 25
TEAsside Airport - Bonus Video
Episode 26
Custom Made Sign – All The Stations Extra
Episode 27
Mobile Ticketing - Bonus Video - Day 75 - Sheffield to Retford
Episode 28
Virgin Trains - Bonus Video
Episode 29
What Constitutes Visiting a Station? – All The Stations Extra
Episode 30
Measuring Beauly - Bonus Video
Episode 31
We Went to the BBC – All The Stations Extra
Episode 32
Chester-Le-Street – All The Stations Extra
Episode 33
All The Stations Adventures With Techonology
Episode 34
#AllTheStations at Bat & Ball
Episode 35
#AllTheStations - Jon Holmes Interview
Episode 36
#AllTheStations - Travelling to all 2,563 Stations
Episode 37
#AllTheStations - Your questions answered!
Episode 38
Sleeper to Penzance
Episode 39
Episode 40
Everything You Need To Know
Episode 41
Day 2 Vlog
Episode 42
Day 4 Vlog
Episode 43
Day 7 Vlog
Episode 44
Steam Train at Penzance
Episode 45
The Guildford Connection
Episode 46
Isle of Wight
Episode 47
Reward Personal Video Q&A - Karen
Episode 48
The Edenbridge Switcheroo
Episode 49
The Trams Tramsition
Episode 50
Reward Video Q&A - Londonist
Episode 51
TfL Rail
Episode 52
The Windsor Worry
Episode 53
Shippea Hill History
Episode 54
Calling All Stations: Calling At: All The Stations Special (The Essex Tou...
Episode 55
One Month In - Vlog update!
Episode 56
Editing Footage
Episode 57
Cambridge North
Episode 58
Bordesley Station
Episode 59
The Thorne Hitchhike
Episode 60
The Berney Arms Blunder
Episode 61
Okehampton & Samford Courtenay
Episode 62
All The Stations on BBC Breakfast
Episode 63
Hello! We're at Cardiff Bay
Episode 64
Gilfach Fargoed
Episode 65
Heart of Wales Line Challenge
Episode 66
Reward Video Q&A - Sam & Siân
Episode 67
All The Stations ... in Welsh
Episode 68
Pilning Station
Episode 69
We're Halfway!
Episode 70
Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth
Episode 71
#AllTheStations Q&A at the NRM
Episode 72
Reward Video Q&A - Chris
Episode 73
The Last Line in Wales
Episode 74
The Emerson Extraction
Episode 75
Phil's Facts
Episode 76
The Ardwick Adventure
Episode 77
Reward Video Q&A - Michael
Episode 78
Have an Adventure - Vlog update
Episode 79
The Clifton Climax
Episode 80
Custom Made Sign
Episode 81
TEAsside Airport
Episode 82
Mobile Ticketing - Day 75 - Sheffield to Retford
Episode 83
Virgin Trains
Episode 84
All the Stations on BBC Breakfast - 22nd August 2017
Episode 85
What Constitutes Visiting a Station?
Episode 86
Measuring Beauly
Episode 87
We Went to the BBC
Episode 88
Episode 89
All the Stations - in Gaelic
Episode 90
All the Stations on STV – All The Stations Extra
Episode 91
All the Drone Footage
Episode 92
All the Outtakes
Episode 93
Vicki Explores ... Magna Carta at Runnymede
Episode 94
And At The End ... Vlog Update
Episode 95
Geoff vs. Vicki Railway Quiz
Episode 96
All the Stations - Have an Adventure
Episode 97
Choose Corrour
Episode 98
Inside GWR Hitachi Depot
Episode 99
A Human BR Double Arrow Symbol
Episode 100
On Board The New Intercity Express Train
Episode 101
Vicki Explores ... Looe Valley Line
Episode 102
Vicki Explores ... Broadstairs
Episode 103
Visiting the Office of Rail and Road
Episode 104
All The Stations Adventures With Technology
Episode 105
All The Stations In Your Language & Challenge
Episode 106
Piano Garden - Bonus VIdeo
Episode 107
I Just Got A Snowflake In My Eye! - Kenilworth Station
Episode 108
West Ashfield Station - The Underground's Training Facility
Episode 109
We've Never Been To The Isle of Wight
Episode 110
Vicki Explores ... Knaresborough Castle
Episode 111
An Evening of Unnecessary Stations
Episode 112
All The Stations - The Documentary
Episode 113
Station 2,565 - Corfe Castle
Episode 114
Maghull North to Kenilworth - 2,566 Complete!
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