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Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

1976 - 1981   •  ABC (US)  •   87 hours
20 votes
11519 votes
# 8027
What do you get when you have three beautiful crime fighting ladies and a boss that is a total recluse? The most successful series of the 1970's, Charlie's Angels.
  Previously Aired Episode
Let Our Angel Live Aired on 06/24/1981
Let Our Angel Live
Season 5: Episode 17
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
117 episodes total
Charlie's Angels | CHARLIE'S ANGELS — 12a and 1a ET on getTV
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
The Mexican Connection
S01 E03
Night of the Strangler
S01 E04
Angels in Chains
S01 E05
Target: Angels
S01 E06
The Killing Kind
S01 E07
To Kill an Angel
S01 E08
Lady Killer
S01 E09
S01 E10
Consenting Adults
S01 E11
The Séance
S01 E12
Angels on Wheels
S01 E13
Angel Trap
S01 E14
The Big Tap-Out
S01 E15
Angels on a String
S01 E16
Dirty Business
S01 E17
The Vegas Connection
S01 E18
Terror on Ward One
S01 E19
Dancing in the Dark
S01 E20
I Will Be Remembered
S01 E21
Angels at Sea
S01 E22
The Blue Angels
S01 E23
Angels at Sea
S01 E24
The Blue Angels
Season 2
S02 E01
Angels in Paradise (1)
S02 E02
Angels in Paradise (2)
S02 E03
Angels on Ice (1)
S02 E04
Angels on Ice (2)
S02 E05
Pretty Angels All in a Row
S02 E06
Angel Flight
S02 E07
Circus of Terror
S02 E08
Angel in Love
S02 E09
Unidentified Flying Angels
S02 E10
Angels on the Air
S02 E11
Angel Baby
S02 E12
Angels in the Wings
S02 E13
Magic Fire
S02 E14
Sammy Davis Jr. Kidnap Caper
S02 E15
Angels on Horseback
S02 E16
Game, Set, Death
S02 E17
Hours of Desperation
S02 E18
Diamond in the Rough
S02 E19
Angels in the Backfield
S02 E20
The Sandcastle Murders
S02 E21
Angel Blues
S02 E22
Mother Goose is Running for His Life
S02 E23
Little Angels of the Night
S02 E24
The Jade Trap
S02 E25
Angels on the Run
S02 E26
Antique Angels
Season 3
S03 E01
Angels in Vegas (1)
S03 E02
Angels in Vegas (2)
S03 E03
Angel Come Home
S03 E04
Angel on High
S03 E05
Angels in Springtime
S03 E06
Winning is for Losers
S03 E07
Haunted Angels
S03 E08
Pom Pom Angels
S03 E09
Angels Ahoy
S03 E10
Mother Angel
S03 E11
Angel on My Mind
S03 E12
Angels Belong in Heaven
S03 E13
Angels in the Stretch
S03 E14
Angels on Vacation
S03 E15
Counterfeit Angels
S03 E16
Disco Angels
S03 E17
Terror on Skis (1)
S03 E18
Terror on Skis (2)
S03 E19
Angel in a Box
S03 E20
Teen Angels
S03 E21
Marathon Angels
S03 E22
Angels in Waiting
S03 E23
Rosemary, for Remembrance
S03 E24
Angels Remembered
Season 4
S04 E01
Love Boat Angels (1)
S04 E02
Love Boat Angels (2)
S04 E03
Angels Go Truckin'
S04 E04
Avenging Angel
S04 E05
Angels at the Altar
S04 E06
Fallen Angel
S04 E07
Caged Angel
S04 E08
Angels on the Street
S04 E09
The Prince and the Angel
S04 E10
Angels on Skates
S04 E11
Angels on Campus
S04 E12
Angel Hunt
S04 E13
Cruising Angels
S04 E14
Of Ghosts and Angels
S04 E15
Angel's Child
S04 E16
One of Our Angels is Missing
S04 E17
Catch a Falling Angel
S04 E18
Homes $weet Homes
S04 E19
Dancin' Angels
S04 E20
Harrigan's Angel
S04 E21
An Angel's Trail
S04 E22
Nips and Tucks
S04 E23
Three for the Money
S04 E24
Toni's Boys
S04 E25
One Love...Two Angels (1)
S04 E26
One Love...Two Angels (2)
Season 5
S05 E01
Angel in Hiding (1)
S05 E02
Angel in Hiding (2)
S05 E03
To See an Angel Die
S05 E04
Angels of the Deep
S05 E05
Island Angels
S05 E06
Waikiki Angels
S05 E07
Hula Angels
S05 E08
Moonshinin' Angels
S05 E09
He Married an Angel
S05 E10
Taxi Angels
S05 E11
Angel on the Line
S05 E12
Chorus Line Angels
S05 E13
Stuntwomen Angels
S05 E14
Attack Angels
S05 E15
Angel on a Roll
S05 E16
Mr. Galaxy
S05 E17
Let Our Angel Live
Episode 1
Episode 2
Charlie's Angels
Episode 3
Angels Forever
Episode 4
Special Feature
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