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The Munsters

The Munsters

1964 - 1966   •  CBS  •   29 hours
24 votes
10961 votes
# 1431
Comedy, Drama
At 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights, lived one of America's strangest sitcom families, The Munsters. Strangest looking, that is, for beneath Herman's Frankensteinian facial features, Lily's vampiric visage, Grandpa's Dracula countenance and Eddie's Wolfman looks, lurked possibly the sweetest ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
A Visit From the Teacher Aired on 05/12/1966
A Visit From the Teacher
Season 2: Episode 32
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
70 episodes total
The Munsters | Munsters Season 1 Opening
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Munster Masquerade
S01 E02
My Fair Munster
S01 E03
A Walk on the Mild Side
S01 E04
Rock-a-Bye Munster
S01 E05
Pike's Pique
S01 E06
Low-Cal Munster
S01 E07
Tin Can Man
S01 E08
Herman the Great
S01 E09
Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie
S01 E10
Autumn Croakus
S01 E11
The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster
S01 E12
The Sleeping Cutie
S01 E13
Family Portrait
S01 E14
Grandpa Leaves Home
S01 E15
Herman's Rival
S01 E16
Grandpa's Call of the Wild
S01 E17
All-Star Munster
S01 E18
If a Martian Answers, Hang Up
S01 E19
Eddie's Nickname
S01 E20
Bats of a Feather
S01 E21
Don't Bank on Herman
S01 E22
Dance With Me, Herman
S01 E23
Follow That Munster
S01 E24
Love Locked Out
S01 E25
Come Back Little Googie
S01 E26
Far Out Munsters
S01 E27
Munsters on the Move
S01 E28
Movie Star Munster
S01 E29
Herman the Rookie
S01 E30
Country Club Munsters
S01 E31
Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights
S01 E32
Mummy Munster
S01 E33
Lily Munster, Girl Model
S01 E34
Munster the Magnificent
S01 E35
Herman's Happy Valley
S01 E36
Hot Rod Herman
S01 E37
Herman's Raise
S01 E38
Yes, Galen, There Is A Herman (a.k.a. My Friend Herman)
Season 2
S02 E01
Herman's Child Psychology
S02 E02
Herman, the Master Spy
S02 E03
Bronco-Bustin' Munster
S02 E04
Herman Munster, Shutter Bug
S02 E05
Herman, Coach of the Year
S02 E06
Happy 100th Anniversary
S02 E07
Operation Herman
S02 E08
Lily's Star Boarder
S02 E09
John Doe Munster
S02 E10
A Man for Marilyn
S02 E11
Herman's Driving Test
S02 E12
Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?
S02 E13
Underground Munster
S02 E14
The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights
S02 E15
Herman's Peace Offensive
S02 E16
Herman Picks a Winner
S02 E17
Just Another Pretty Face
S02 E18
Big Heap Herman
S02 E19
The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World
S02 E20
Grandpa's Lost Wife
S02 E21
The Fregosi Emerald
S02 E22
S02 E23
Cyrano de Munster
S02 E24
The Musician
S02 E25
Prehistoric Munster
S02 E26
A Visit From Johann
S02 E27
Eddie's Brother
S02 E28
Herman, the Tire-Kicker
S02 E29
A House Divided
S02 E30
Herman's Sorority Caper
S02 E31
Herman's Lawsuit
S02 E32
A Visit From the Teacher
Episodes 1
Cheerios Commercial
Episodes 2
My Fair Munster (Unaired pilot)
Episodes 3
Escort Santa in Parade
Episodes 4
Marineland Carnival
Episodes 5
Family Portrait (B&W)
Episodes 6
Munster, Go Home!
Episodes 7
Family Portrait (colorized)
Episodes 8
Munster, Go Home!
Episodes 9
The Munsters' Revenge
Episodes 10
The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas
Episodes 11
Fred Gwynne More Than a Munster (Biography)
Episodes 12
Yvonne DeCarlo Gilded Lily (Biography)
Episodes 13
Al Lewis Forever Grandpa (Biography)
Episodes 14
America's First Family of Fright (Documentary)
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Member’s ratings:
Ken Kenny Ken Kenny 8
Excellent always liked this
Fergus Duniho Fergus Duniho 6
Lacks the appeal of the Addams Family. Too much like normal people.

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