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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

2002 - Now  •  Monday 04:00 PM on ITV  •   16 days
5 votes
2631 votes
# 10164
Comedy, Reality, Adventure
Celebrities are abandoned in the Australian jungle. To earn food, they do trials that challenge them physically (climbing caves/trees) and mentally (eating animal parts). Viewers vote their favourites to stay and to take part in challenges.
  Previously Aired Episode
Episode 9 Aired on 11/23/2020
Episode 9
Season 20: Episode 9
  New Episode Air Date
Episode 10
Season 20: Episode 10
I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! | I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - Opening Titles 2018
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Season 1
S01 E01
Bug Shower
S01 E02
Snake Surprise
S01 E03
Episode 3
S01 E04
Episode 4
S01 E05
Episode 5
S01 E06
Buried Alive
S01 E07
Bushtucker Bonanza
S01 E08
Stinking Swamp
S01 E09
Hell Holes / Night Watch
S01 E10
Episode 10
S01 E11
Pig Chase / Sneaky Snake Run
S01 E12
Bucking Bronco
S01 E13
Spider Web
S01 E14
Underwater Treasure Hunt
S01 E15
Final Trial
S01 E16
I'm A Celebrity: Reunion
Season 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
Keep It In Your Pants / Croc Pit
S02 E03
Rat Food Suit
S02 E04
Bridge of Doom
S02 E05
Catch A Falling Star
S02 E06
Snake Pit
S02 E07
Bobbing For Stars
S02 E08
What Lies Within
S02 E09
Shooting Star
S02 E10
Teatime in Hell
S02 E11
Terror in the Trees
S02 E12
Jungle Slide
S02 E13
Wheel of Horror
S02 E14
Eel Helmet
S02 E15
Final: Balance: Bushtucker Bonanza / Reach: The Log Bog / Determination: ...
S02 E16
I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! The Reunion
Season 3
S03 E01
Fill Your Face
S03 E02
Beat the Birds
S03 E03
Jungle Houdini
S03 E04
Episode 4
S03 E05
Use Your Head
S03 E06
Danger Down Under
S03 E07
Ladder Lottery
S03 E08
Bite to Bite
S03 E09
Tunnel of Terror
S03 E10
Row for Your Life
S03 E11
Splash and Grab
S03 E12
Episode 12
S03 E13
Torture Tank
S03 E14
Celebrity Seesaw
S03 E15
Snake Lake
S03 E16
Hell Hill
S03 E17
Final: Cockroach Attack / Spider Man / Bushtucker Bonanza
Season 4
S04 E01
Stake Out
S04 E02
Canopy Calamity
S04 E03
Snake Strike
S04 E04
House of Pies
S04 E05
Temple of Doom
S04 E06
Leap of Faith
S04 E07
S04 E08
Slither River
S04 E09
On Your Knees
S04 E10
S04 E11
Fill Your Face
S04 E12
Slither River 2
S04 E13
Hump It!
S04 E14
Hell Holes
S04 E15
Hell Hill 2
S04 E16
Final: Eel Helmet / Bushtucker Bonanza / Danger Down Under
Season 5
S05 E01
Scales of Justice
S05 E02
Highway to Hell
S05 E03
Kangaroo Court
S05 E04
Ant and Dec Farm
S05 E05
Blind Man's Bluff
S05 E06
Rocky Horror
S05 E07
Flight of the Bumblebee
S05 E08
S05 E09
Dreadful Drop
S05 E10
Panic Station
S05 E11
Jungle Bowling
S05 E12
Lily Pad Lottery
S05 E13
Ant and Dec Farm 2
S05 E14
Noah's Ark
S05 E15
Satan's Slope
S05 E16
Final: Snake Strike / Danger Down Under / Bushtucker Bonanza
S05 E17
Episode 17
S05 E18
Episode 18
Season 6
S06 E01
Mineshaft Misery
S06 E02
Flash Flood
S06 E03
Jungle Boogie
S06 E04
Treetop Terror
S06 E05
Episode 5
S06 E06
Jungle Spa
S06 E07
S06 E08
Snake Bite
S06 E09
Bull in a China Shop
S06 E10
Catch A Falling Star
S06 E11
Bushtucker Duel
S06 E12
What Lurks Beneath
S06 E13
Episode 13
S06 E14
S06 E15
Jungle Falls
S06 E16
Tomb of Torment
S06 E17
Shooting Gallery
S06 E18
S06 E19
Temple of Doom
S06 E20
Celebrity Cyclone
S06 E21
Episode 21
S06 E22
Final: Bushtucker Bonanza / Fill Your Face / Scareoke
Season 7
S07 E01
Wheel of Misfortune
S07 E02
Rumble Rally
S07 E03
Sushi Train of Pain
S07 E04
In Grave Danger
S07 E05
Jungle Jeopardy
S07 E06
Episode 6
S07 E07
S07 E08
Catch a Crawling Star
S07 E09
The Tunnel of Terror
S07 E10
Uneasy Rider
S07 E11
Jungle Sweetshop
S07 E12
Bat out of Hell
S07 E13
Episode 13
S07 E14
Dreaded Water
S07 E15
Dreadful Drop
S07 E16
Web Sight
S07 E17
The Terror Train
S07 E18
Dam Vines
S07 E19
Tabletop Terror
S07 E20
Celebrity Cyclone
S07 E21
Episode 21
S07 E22
Final: Stakeout / Bushtucker Bonanza / Flash Flood
Season 8
S08 E01
Trauma Tank / Long Drop
S08 E02
I Scream Van
S08 E03
Chambers of Horror
S08 E04
John Trevolting
S08 E05
Jungle Gym
S08 E06
Holey Moley
S08 E07
Critter Chaos
S08 E08
Cavern of Calamity
S08 E09
S08 E10
Pluck 'n' Roll
S08 E11
S08 E12
Dread Over Heels
S08 E13
Last Chance Saloon
S08 E14
Last Gasp
S08 E15
The Tower of Terror
S08 E16
Wash N' Cry
S08 E17
Celebrity Cyclone
S08 E18
Final: Danger Down Under / Bushtucker Bonanza / Fill Your Face
S08 E19
Coming Out
Season 9
S09 E01
Stranded / All Washed Up
S09 E02
Dreaded Descent
S09 E03
Deathly Burrows
S09 E04
Celebrity in a Bottle
S09 E05
Jungle School
S09 E06
Hell Holes Extreme
S09 E07
Vile Vending
S09 E08
S09 E09
Bad Pit
S09 E10
Slip and Slide
S09 E11
Jungle Arms
S09 E12
Scareway to Hell
S09 E13
Great Barrier Grief
S09 E14
Jungle Jail
S09 E15
Buzz Off
S09 E16
Memory Misery
S09 E17
Off Your Trolley
S09 E18
Hell Hill
S09 E19
Final: John Travolting / Bushtucker Bonanza / Flash Flood
S09 E20
Coming Out
Season 10
S10 E01
Terrorvision: Hell Holes Kitchen / Not The Ten O'Clock News / The Bug Fac...
S10 E02
Crate Escape
S10 E03
School Dinners
S10 E04
The Australian Job
S10 E05
The Shack
S10 E06
Aquatic Strife!
S10 E07
Calamity Cave
S10 E08
Dreaded Digger / Unfairground
S10 E09
Fisherman's Fiend
S10 E10
Super Scario
S10 E11
Episode 11
S10 E12
S10 E13
Creepy Crawley
S10 E14
The Dentalist
S10 E15
Dreaded Digger
S10 E16
Savage Garden Centre
S10 E17
Stars in Their Pies
S10 E18
Celebrity Cyclone
S10 E19
Rank Banquet
S10 E20
Final: Bush Spa
S10 E21
Coming Out
Season 11
S11 E01
Scales of Justice
S11 E02
The Greasy Spoon
S11 E03
Creepy Crypt
S11 E04
Rat Run
S11 E05
Cable Car-tastrophe
S11 E06
Crude Awakenings
S11 E07
S11 E08
S11 E09
Head Trip
S11 E10
Bushman's Bungalow
S11 E11
Coral Grief
S11 E12
Fair Dunk 'Um
S11 E13
Fill Your Face Extreme
S11 E14
Pits of Peril
S11 E15
Mystery Box
S11 E16
Race Around the Clock
S11 E17
Splash and Grab
S11 E18
Celebrity Cyclone
S11 E19
The Final Party
S11 E20
Coming Out
Season 12
S12 E01
Special Delivery
S12 E02
Bug Burial
S12 E03
Rotten Rhymes
S12 E04
Cruelty Towers
S12 E05
Come Dive With Me
S12 E06
Rodent Run
S12 E07
Deadly Delivery
S12 E08
Bad Day at the Office
S12 E09
Savage Sewer
S12 E10
Terror Train
S12 E11
Scare Plane
S12 E12
Drown and Out
S12 E13
The Panic Rooms
S12 E14
Cruelty Towers
S12 E15
The Great Escape
S12 E16
Jungle Walk of Shame
S12 E17
Celebrity Cyclone
S12 E18
Well of Hell
S12 E19
Final Feast
S12 E20
Coming Out
Season 13
S13 E01
Turntable of Terror
S13 E02
Monday Night Takeaway
S13 E03
Up to Your Neck in It
S13 E04
S13 E05
Hang Glider from Hell
S13 E06
Critter Canteen
S13 E07
Cavern of Claws
S13 E08
Critters Got Talent
S13 E09
In Cave Danger
S13 E10
Limo Scream
S13 E11
Drown Under
S13 E12
As Scream on TV
S13 E13
Critter Crates
S13 E14
Who Dares Wins Stars
S13 E15
Scares Rock
S13 E16
Plank of Peril
S13 E17
Surf and Turf
S13 E18
Celebrity Cyclone
S13 E19
In a Spin
S13 E20
Final Feast
S13 E21
Coming Out
Season 14
S14 E01
Snakes in a Drain
S14 E02
Tunnel of Terror
S14 E03
Chamber of Horrors / Bush Bunker
S14 E04
Terror Tavern
S14 E05
Cockroach Shaker
S14 E06
The Catacombs of Doom
S14 E07
Hell's Kitchen / The Critter Cube
S14 E08
The Critter Cube (Misery Match)
S14 E09
Grim Gallery
S14 E10
Little House on the Scary
S14 E11
Pipes of Peril
S14 E12
Cabin Fever
S14 E13
Down the Chain
S14 E14
Vile Vineyard
S14 E15
The Deadly Dunker
S14 E16
Boulder Dash
S14 E17
The Catacombs of Doom – The Return
S14 E18
Critter Conveyor
S14 E19
Celebrity Cyclone
S14 E20
Final: Fill Your Face / Bushtucker Bonanza / Drown and Out
S14 E21
The Coming Out Show
Season 15
S15 E01
S15 E02
Disaster Chef
S15 E03
Panic Pit / Jungle Ghost Train / Scare Fair
S15 E04
Dicing With Danger
S15 E05
Every Critter Counts / Cocktails and Screams
S15 E06
The Trailer of Torment
S15 E07
Horri-flying Circus
S15 E08
Helmets of Hell
S15 E09
Floods of Fear
S15 E10
The Critter Shop of Horrors
S15 E11
Scarier 51
S15 E12
Steps to Hell
S15 E13
Saturday Fright at the Movies
S15 E14
Depths of Despair
S15 E15
Scarier 52
S15 E16
Badvent Calendar
S15 E17
Panic Pit Part 2
S15 E18
Horrible Heist
S15 E19
Twisted Tombola
S15 E20
Celebrity Cyclone
S15 E21
Final: Surf and Turf / Bushtucker Bonanza / Critter Attack
S15 E22
Coming Out Show
Season 16
S16 E01
S16 E02
Tomb of Torment
S16 E03
S16 E04
The Great Ascent
S16 E05
The Hungry Games: Rank Tanks / Catch a Crawling Critter / The Final
S16 E06
Rancid Retreat
S16 E07
Hell Hollow
S16 E08
Bushtucker Food Factory
S16 E09
Cage Rage
S16 E10
Claim of Thrones: Vicious Circle
S16 E11
Claim of Thrones: The Bush Brewery
S16 E12
Claim of Thrones: Gates to Hell
S16 E13
Panic Pipeline
S16 E14
Pick 'n' Critz
S16 E15
Hot Sc-Air Ballooning
S16 E16
Hell or High Water
S16 E17
Wicked Windmill
S16 E18
Critter Console
S16 E19
Knickerbocker Gory
S16 E20
Celebrity Cyclone
S16 E21
Final: Fill Your Face / Bushtucker Bonanza / Cavern of Claws
S16 E22
Coming Out
Season 17
S17 E01
Episode 1
S17 E02
Episode 2
S17 E03
Episode 3
S17 E04
Episode 4
S17 E05
Episode 5
S17 E06
Episode 6
S17 E07
Episode 7
S17 E08
Episode 8
S17 E09
Episode 9
S17 E10
Episode 10
S17 E11
Episode 11
S17 E12
Episode 12
S17 E13
Episode 13
S17 E14
Episode 14
S17 E15
Episode 15
S17 E16
Episode 16
S17 E17
Episode 17
S17 E18
Episode 18
S17 E19
Episode 19
S17 E20
Episode 20
S17 E21
Episode 21
S17 E22
Episode 22
S17 E23
Coming Out
Season 18
S18 E01
Episode 1
S18 E02
Episode 2
S18 E03
Episode 3
S18 E04
Episode 4
S18 E05
Episode 5
S18 E06
Episode 6
S18 E07
Episode 7
S18 E08
Episode 8
S18 E09
Episode 9
S18 E10
Episode 10
S18 E11
Episode 11
S18 E12
Episode 12
S18 E13
Episode 13
S18 E14
Episode 14
S18 E15
Episode 15
S18 E16
Episode 16
S18 E17
Episode 17
S18 E18
Episode 18
S18 E19
Episode 19
S18 E20
Episode 20
S18 E21
Episode 21
S18 E22
Episode 22
S18 E23
Coming Out
Season 19
S19 E01
Episode 1
S19 E02
Episode 2
S19 E03
Episode 3
S19 E04
Episode 4
S19 E05
Episode 5
S19 E06
Episode 6
S19 E07
Episode 7
S19 E08
Episode 8
S19 E09
Episode 9
S19 E10
Episode 10
S19 E11
Episode 11
S19 E12
Episode 12
S19 E13
Episode 13
S19 E14
Episode 14
S19 E15
Episode 15
S19 E16
Episode 16
S19 E17
Episode 17
S19 E18
Episode 18
S19 E19
Episode 19
S19 E20
Episode 20
S19 E21
Episode 21.
S19 E22
Episode 22
S19 E23
Coming Out
Season 20
S20 E01
Episode 1
S20 E02
Episode 2
S20 E03
Episode 3
S20 E04
Episode 4
S20 E05
Episode 5
S20 E06
Episode 6
S20 E07
Episode 7
S20 E08
Episode 8
S20 E09
Episode 9
S20 E10
Episode 10
S20 E11
Episode 11
S20 E12
Episode 12
S20 E13
Episode 13
S20 E14
Episode 14
S20 E15
Episode 15
S20 E16
Episode 16
S20 E17
Episode 17
S20 E18
Episode 18
S20 E19
Episode 19
S20 E20
Episode 20
Episode 1
The Reunion
Episode 2
Coming Home
Episode 3
Series One Highlights
Episode 4
Coming Out
Episode 5
Unforgettable Trials
Episode 6
Jungle Gems
Episode 7
Jungle Kings And Queens
Episode 8
Jungle Royals
Episode 9
Surviving the Jungle
Episode 10
Coming Out 2019
Episode 11
Legends of the Jungle
Episode 12
Jungle Fever
Episode 13
A Jungle Story
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