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2012 - Now  •  YouTube  •   56 hours
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Fantasy, Documentary, Special Interest
Subscribe for regular DARK SOULS, DARK SOULS 2, DARK SOULS 3, DEMON'S SOULS & BLOODBORNE content!..Lore..Gameplay..Music..Animation.. Every video I upload is held to a certain standard. I emphasise Quality over Quantity and I don't want to clog up your feed with mediocre videos.
  Previously Aired Episode
Demon's Souls Lore ► Explained! Aired on 12/22/2020
Demon's Souls Lore ► Explained!
Season 2020: Episode 27
Season 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Season 2012
S2012 E01
Dark Souls - 60fps Mod - How to Install
S2012 E02
Dark Souls Story ► The Legend of Artorias the Abysswalker
S2012 E03
Knight Artorias - Cut Dialogue
S2012 E04
Dark Souls Story ► The Sisters of Chaos
S2012 E05
Dark Souls Story ► Siegmeyer of Catarina
S2012 E06
Dark Souls Story ► Solaire and the Sun
S2012 E07
Dark Souls Story ► Velka and the Crow
S2012 E08
Prepare to Sigh; The Pendant
S2012 E09
Dark Souls Story ► Rhea and the Way of White
S2012 E10
DARK SOULS Lore in a Minute!
S2012 E11
Dark Souls 2 Developer Interview
S2012 E12
Dark Souls 2 Hype and New Features
S2012 E13
New Dark Souls 2 Concept Art
S2012 E14
Are videogames art? /thread
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Priscilla and the Chastity Belt
S2013 E02
Prepare to (make Ciaran) Cry
S2013 E03
A Tale of Two Adventurers (and artificial difficulty)
S2013 E04
Dark Souls Story ► Gwyn & the First Flame [Part 1]
S2013 E05
Dark Souls Story ► Gwyn & the Dark [Part 2]
S2013 E06
How to Get Nowhere in Dark Souls
S2013 E07
Dark Souls Story ► Black Iron Tarkus
S2013 E08
Which ending is the good ending? [DARK SOULS]
S2013 E09
Dark Souls & Implicit Game Design
S2013 E10
Dark Souls Story ► Big Hat Logan
S2013 E11
Dark Souls Story ► The Heroes of Firelink Shrine
S2013 E12
The First 10 Things You Didn't Know About Dark Souls!
S2013 E13
Dark Souls 2 Interview Analysis
S2013 E14
Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Discussion
S2013 E15
The Second 10 Things You Didn't Know About Dark Souls!
S2013 E16
Dark Souls Story ► Lautrec the Embraced
S2013 E17
The Third 10 Things You Didn't Know About Dark Souls!
S2013 E18
Dark Souls 2 Release Date & Concept Art
S2013 E19
Dark Souls 2 E3 Trailer Analysis
S2013 E20
The Shape of Dark Souls 2 - Intense Difficulty, Lifegems, Enemy AI & The ...
S2013 E21
The Shape of Dark Souls 2 - NEW Classes, Backstab Nerfs & NO MORE GFWL
S2013 E22
Dark Souls Story ► Pinwheel
S2013 E23
The Fourth 10 Things You Didn't Know About Dark Souls!
S2013 E24
Dark Souls Story ► Shiva the Traitor
S2013 E25
Dark Souls Story ► Oscar the Fateless
S2013 E26
Dark Souls Story ► Prepare to Cry Trailer
S2013 E27
Demon's Souls Story ► Prepare to Cry Trailer
S2013 E28
Dark Souls 2 Beta, Multiplayer preview & GFWL dies
S2013 E29
The Fifth 10 Things You Didn't Know About Dark Souls!
S2013 E30
Demon's Souls Story ► Origins
S2013 E31
Dark Souls Modded: FIRST PERSON MODE
S2013 E32
Difficulty Discussion: Death penalty, White phantom time limit & Hollow i...
S2013 E33
S2013 E34
Dark Souls Story ► Nito and the Undead Curse
S2013 E35
VaatiVidya Plays Dark Souls 2! (TGS Demo)
S2013 E36
Demon's Souls Story ► Ostrava the Hero
S2013 E37
Dark Souls Modded: PERMANENT GRAVELORD (feat. Dark Souls 2 protag)
S2013 E38
SOULSONG ► Lordvessel by Tanooki Suit
S2013 E39
Dark Souls Modded: Random Weapon Every 7 Seconds
S2013 E40
Demon's Souls Story ► The Burden of Stockpile Thomas
S2013 E41
Dark Souls 2 Q&A - Your Questions
S2013 E42
5 NEW Features in Dark Souls 2 [beta]
S2013 E43
The (pre-release) Lore of Dark Souls 2
S2013 E44
Dark Souls 2 PvP - Everything we know so far
Season 2014
S2014 E01
SOULS NEWS: Cursed Trailer, Beta too easy & Comic for Dark Souls 2
S2014 E02
5 Things You DEFINITELY Didn't Know About Dark Souls!
S2014 E03
Dark Souls 2 - First Impressions of the Game
S2014 E04
SOULS NEWS: Preorder Weapons & PC Release Date
S2014 E05
Dark Souls 2 - All Your Questions Answered
S2014 E06
Dark Souls: Why it's Different
S2014 E07
Dark Souls 2: New Mechanics you NEED to know
S2014 E08
Dark Souls 2: The Comprehensive Beginner's Guide
S2014 E09
Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough - BEST POSSIBLE START
S2014 E10
Click for Better Content [Patreon]
S2014 E11
Dark Souls 2 Story ► Prepare to Cry Trailer
S2014 E12
Dark Souls 2 Story Mode ► Heide's Tower of Flame
S2014 E13
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 10 Things You Missed in The Forest of the Gian...
S2014 E14
Dark Souls 2 Story Mode ► Forest of the Fallen Giants
S2014 E15
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 10 Things You Missed in Things Betwixt (NG+)
S2014 E16
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 10 Things You Missed in Majula (NG+)
S2014 E17
Dark Souls 2 PC - Comparisons & Review
S2014 E18
Bloodborne Leak - Project Beast
S2014 E19
Dark Souls 2's Ending: Explained!
S2014 E20
Dark Souls 2's Story: Explained!
S2014 E21
Dark Souls 2 Story Mode ► Down The Pit
S2014 E22
New Project Beast (Bloodborne) Gameplay
S2014 E23
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 10 Things You Missed in The Pit (NG+)
S2014 E24
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 10 Things I Missed in This Series
S2014 E25
The Shape of Bloodborne: Gameplay & Setting
S2014 E26
Dark Souls 2's Lore: Questioned!
S2014 E27
SOULSONG ► The End by Ashelyn Summers
S2014 E28
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 10 Things You Missed Towards Tseldora (NG+)
S2014 E29
Dark Souls 2 Review ► Crown of the Sunken King DLC
S2014 E30
Dark Souls 2 Story ► Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon
S2014 E31
Dark Souls 2 Story Mode ► Shulva, City of the Sanctum
S2014 E32
Bloodborne Explained - The Gameplay Unfolds
S2014 E33
Demon's Souls Story ► The Demon Astraea
S2014 E34
Dark Souls 2 Review ► Crown of the Iron King DLC
S2014 E35
Dark Souls 2 Story Mode ► Brume, Tower of Ash & Iron
S2014 E36
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 5 Things You Missed Iron Crown DLC
S2014 E37
Dark Souls 2 Lore ► Found in Translation
S2014 E38
Dark Souls 2 Review ► Crown of the Ivory King DLC
S2014 E39
Dark Souls 2 Challenge ► 5 Things You Missed Ivory Crown DLC
S2014 E40
Dark Souls 2's DLC Ending ► Explained!
S2014 E41
Clunky Souls ► Lords of the Fallen Preview
S2014 E42
Beast Souls ► Bloodborne Preview
S2014 E43
Dark Souls 2 Story ► Alonne and the Iron King
S2014 E44
Dark Souls 2 Remake ► Scholar of the First Sin
S2014 E45
Bloodborne Explained ► Multiplayer & Procedurally Generated Dungeons
S2014 E46
Dark Souls 2 Story ► The Raven & The Royal Aegis
S2014 E47
Dark Souls 2 Lore ► The Archdrake Sect
Season 2015
S2015 E01
2D Souls ► Salt & Sanctuary Preview
S2015 E02
Dark Souls 2 Story ► The Ivory King
S2015 E03
Dark Souls 2 ► Scholar of the First Sin [PS4]
S2015 E04
Dark Souls 2 ► The First Sin, Explained!
S2015 E05
Dark Souls 2 Story ► Lucatiel of Mirrah
S2015 E06
SOULSONG ► Remember My Name by Lincoln
S2015 E07
The Shape of Bloodborne ► What to Expect
S2015 E08
The Beginner's Guide to Bloodborne
S2015 E09
Bloodborne ► Things You Missed in Central Yharnam
S2015 E10
Bloodborne PvP ► Fiery First Impressions
S2015 E11
The Bloodborne Guide to The Cleric Beast
S2015 E12
The Bloodborne Guide to Father Gascoigne
S2015 E13
Bloodborne Lore Hunting ► The Beast Hunt
S2015 E14
Bloodborne Guide ► The Fastest Path to Every Weapon
S2015 E15
Bloodborne Race ► 5 Hunters Killed in 00:11:50
S2015 E16
Bloodborne ► Things You Missed in Cathedral Ward
S2015 E17
Bloodborne ► Things You Missed in Old Yharnam
S2015 E18
Bloodborne's Story ► Explained!
S2015 E19
Bloodborne Story ► Father Gascoigne
S2015 E20
Dark Souls 3 ► Gameplay Impressions & Expectations
S2015 E21
Bloodborne's Story ► Explained! (11min)
S2015 E22
Bloodborne Story ► Eileen the Crow
S2015 E23
Bloodborne Story ► Djura, Retired Hunter
S2015 E24
The Shape of Dark Souls 3 ► Gamescom Demo
S2015 E25
Bloodborne Story ► Alfred, Vileblood Hunter
S2015 E26
10 Character Questlines You Missed in Bloodborne
S2015 E27
Bloodborne DLC ► The Old Hunters Analysis
S2015 E28
Dark Souls 3 ► 4 Minutes of Gameplay & New Information
S2015 E29
Soul of a Great Artist
S2015 E30
Bloodborne ► 15 Interesting Insights
S2015 E31
Dark Souls 3 PvP ► The Complete Breakdown
S2015 E32
Dark Souls 3 Gameplay ► Network Test Observations
S2015 E33
Bloodborne ► 15 More Interesting Insights
S2015 E34
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► Beyond Light & Dark
S2015 E35
Bloodborne DLC ► Hunt for the Moonlight Greatsword [#1]
S2015 E36
Bloodborne DLC ► Ascend the Astral Clocktower [#2]
S2015 E37
Bloodborne DLC ► Wrath of Mother Kos [#3]
S2015 E38
Bloodborne Guide ► The Five Bosses of The Old Hunters
S2015 E39
Bloodborne DLC ► 50 Interesting Insights
S2015 E40
Bloodborne DLC ► 50 Interesting Insights
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Bloodborne's Lore ► Translated!
S2016 E02
Isometric Souls ► EITR Preview
S2016 E03
Dark Souls 3 ► New Characters, Locations & Enemies
S2016 E04
Top-Down Souls ► Dark Maus
S2016 E05
Dark Souls 3 Playthrough ► Champion of Ash [#1]
S2016 E06
Dark Souls 3 Playthrough ► The Knight in the Tower [#2]
S2016 E07
Dark Souls 3 Playthrough ► Lord of Hollows [#3]
S2016 E08
Dark Souls 3 ► Early-game Review
S2016 E09
Dark Souls 3 Lorethrough ► Tales of the Old Gods [#4]
S2016 E10
Dark Souls 3 ► 15 Hidden Gameplay Mechanics
S2016 E11
Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Early Game Secrets
S2016 E12
Dark Souls 3 ► Initiate all NPC Questlines
S2016 E13
Dark Souls 3 ► Another 15 Hidden Mechanics
S2016 E14
Dark Souls 3 Lorethrough ► The Legacy of Artorias [#5]
S2016 E15
SOULSONG ► Hollow by Heartist
S2016 E16
Dark Souls 3 ► Lore of the Main Bosses
S2016 E17
Dark Souls 3 ► Lore of the Optional Bosses
S2016 E18
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Hollows of Londor
S2016 E19
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Angels of Lothric
S2016 E20
Dark Souls 3 ► 10 Amazing Community Discoveries
S2016 E21
Dark Souls 3 ► 15 Late Game Secrets
S2016 E22
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► The Ashes of Ariandel, Explored!
S2016 E23
Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Duty of Anri & Horace
S2016 E24
Samurai Souls ► NIOH Preview
S2016 E25
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► Ashes of Ariandel | Gameplay & Lore
S2016 E26
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► PvP Arena Showcase & 2 New Weapons
S2016 E27
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► The Story of Ariandel
S2016 E28
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► 15 Secrets of Ariandel
S2016 E29
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Followers of Farron
S2016 E30
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Millwood Knights
S2016 E31
Dark Souls 3 Story ► Greirat the Thief
S2016 E32
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Corvians of Ariandel
S2016 E33
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Slave Knight & The Painter
S2016 E34
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► Father Ariandel & Sister Fr...
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► Curiosities of Ariandel
S2017 E02
Dark Souls 3 DLC #2 ► Answers in The Ringed City
S2017 E03
Dark Souls 3, The Ringed City ► Everything before the First Boss
S2017 E04
Dark Souls 3 Story ► Yhorm, the Lonely Ruler
S2017 E05
Dark Souls 3 Story ► Sulyvahn, the Tyrant
S2017 E06
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► First Playthrough of The Ringed City
S2017 E07
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► 10 Secrets Within The Ringed City
S2017 E08
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Minor Characters of The Ringed City
S2017 E09
Dark Souls 3 DLC ► 20 MORE Secrets Within The Ringed City
S2017 E10
Dark Souls 3 ► Story of the Ringed City [Part 1]
S2017 E11
Dark Souls 3 ► Story of the Ringed City [Part 2]
S2017 E12
Dark Souls 3 ► The Last 10 Secrets & 1,000,000 Subscribers
S2017 E13
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► Angel's Egg & Filianore
S2017 E14
SOULSONG ► "Fading Light" by Aviators
S2017 E15
Dark Souls 3 Story ► Patches the Unbreakable
S2017 E16
Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Grand Betrayal
S2017 E17
Dark Souls Lore ► Izalith Translated
S2017 E18
Anime Souls ► Code Vein Preview
S2017 E19
Dark Souls 3 Story ► The Nameless King's Betrayal
S2017 E20
The Unmade Soulsborne Videos of 2017
S2017 E21
A Breakdown of Shadows Die Twice [New Game by FROM Software]
S2017 E22
The 'Dark Souls Of' Awards [2017]
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Introducing Dark Souls - Remastered
S2018 E02
The Cut Content of Bloodborne
S2018 E03
What We Want From Dark Souls - Remastered
S2018 E04
The Joint Timeline of Soulsborne
S2018 E05
Our First Look at Dark Souls - Remastered
S2018 E06
Dark Souls Lore ► 10 Secrets of War
S2018 E07
Dark Souls 3 Lore ► The Warriors of Carthus
S2018 E08
Top 10 Textures in Dark Souls - Remastered!
S2018 E09
A Gameplay Breakdown of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice ► E3 2018
S2018 E10
Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice isn't really a Souls Game ► E3 2018
S2018 E11
A Story Breakdown of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2018 E12
What is Déraciné [New Game by FROM Software] ► E3 2018
S2018 E13
Dark Souls ► Prepare to Cry - Remastered [Trailer]
S2018 E14
Our First Look at Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice! ► Gamescom 2018
S2018 E15
21 Minutes of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Gameplay ► Gamescom 2018
S2018 E16
In-Depth with Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice ► Gamescom 2018
S2018 E17
New Weapons, Bosses, and Characters in Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice ► TGS...
S2018 E18
Soulsborne Cut Content ► 10 Hidden Secrets
S2018 E19
Prepare to Cry Remastered ► The Legend of Artorias the Abysswalker
S2018 E20
The Lore of Déraciné [New VR Game by From Software]
S2018 E21
A Story Playthrough of Déraciné [New VR Game by From Software]
S2018 E22
Whisperings of Bloodborne 2
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Prepare to Cry ► The Children of Chaos
S2019 E02
The New Progression System of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E03
Dark Souls Lore ► Translations From the Abyss
S2019 E04
Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice ► Story Trailer Breakdown
S2019 E05
Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice ► Prosthetic Art Challenge Announcement
S2019 E06
Dark Souls 3 Story ► Hawkwood the Deserter
S2019 E07
The First Five Hours of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E08
The Winners of the Prosthetic Art Challenge for Sekiro - Shadows Die Twic...
S2019 E09
The Beginner's Guide to Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E10
20 Overlooked Mechanics in Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E11
15 Things You Missed in the Hirata Estates of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E12
20 Things You Missed in the Ashina Outskirts of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twic...
S2019 E13
Explaining the First Half of Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice's Story
S2019 E14
The Story of Sekiro ► Senpou Temple and the Dragon's Return
S2019 E15
Rumours of 'Great Rune', an Open World Game by From Software & George R. ...
S2019 E16
A Breakdown of Elden Ring [New Game by From Software] ► E3 2019
S2019 E17
The Story of Sekiro ► Old Gods of the Sunken Valley
S2019 E18
The Story of Sekiro ► A Village in the Mists
S2019 E19
The Story of Sekiro ► The Legend of Fountainhead Palace
S2019 E20
10 Japanese Secrets in Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E21
50 Things You Missed in Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice
S2019 E22
Demon's Souls Deserves a Remaster
S2019 E23
Prepare to Cry Remastered ► Gwyn's Light
S2019 E24
Imagining Elden Ring _ News + $2000USD Art Competition
S2019 E25
Sekiro - Shadows Cry Twice ► Robert & the Armored Knight
S2019 E26
Sekiro - Shadows Cry Twice ► The Children of Senpou Temple
S2019 E27
Sekiro - Shadows Cry Twice ► The Soul of the Ashina
S2019 E28
Sekiro - Shadows Cry Twice ► Blackhat Badger
S2019 E29
15 Amazing Secrets in Dark Souls, Bloodborne & Sekiro
S2019 E30
The Top 10 Fake Bosses of Elden Ring [Art Competition]
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Sekiro - Shadows Cry Twice ► Shura
S2020 E02
The Unseen Lands of Dark Souls _ $1750 Art Competition
S2020 E03
The Best Soulsborne Content of the Decade
S2020 E04
I Played 3 Famous Dark Souls Mods
S2020 E05
Prepare to Cry Remastered ► Siegmeyer the Adventurer
S2020 E06
Never-Before-Seen Places in Dark Souls [Art Competition]
S2020 E07
10 Hidden Secrets in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Demon's Souls
S2020 E08
There's Something Special About The Demon's Souls Remake
S2020 E09
The Sixth Archstone of Demon's Souls [$2000 Art Competition]
S2020 E10
Watch This Video After Beating Dark Souls!
S2020 E11
I Beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Without Dying
S2020 E12
Sekiro Content Update: Boss Rush Mode, Gauntlets, Outfits, and more
S2020 E13
20 Lost Secrets in Dark Souls 3
S2020 E14
I Played 3 BIZARRE Dark Souls and Sekiro Mods!
S2020 E15
Demon's Souls Remake Breakdown | Gameplay, Release Date, Criticisms, & Mo...
S2020 E16
New Areas, Bosses & Enemies for the Demon's Souls Remake [ART COMPETITION...
S2020 E17
10 Hidden Secrets in Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and..Elden Rin...
S2020 E18
Demon's Souls Remake: 9 Community Challenges for Prizes
S2020 E19
We Now Know Almost Everything About Demon's Souls for PS5
S2020 E20
Conquering the Gauntlets of Strength in Sekiro's New Update
S2020 E21
My First Impressions of the Demon's Souls Remake!
S2020 E22
What's New in the Demon's Souls Remake?
S2020 E23
The Gameplay Quirks of Demon's Souls
S2020 E24
The Journey for the Rarest Item in Demon's Souls
S2020 E25
25 NPC Questlines You Missed in Demon's Souls
S2020 E26
The Final 15 Secrets in the Demon's Souls Remake
S2020 E27
Demon's Souls Lore ► Explained!
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