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Game Theory

Game Theory

2011 - Now  •  Monday 03:00 PM on YouTube  •  109 hours  •  12 seasons  •  436 episodes
6 votes
1669 votes
# 46813
Comedy, Documentary, Talk Show, Animation
They say that knowledge is power. And Nintendo encourages you to “play with power.” So shouldn’t you be playing…with knowledge?

Every week (usually Tuesdays), we separate the fact from the fiction in some of your favorite ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Markiplier, PLEASE Smash My Pokemon! (Markiplier Smash or Pass) Aired on 06/25/2022
Markiplier, PLEASE Smash My Pokemon! (Markiplier Smash or Pass)
Season 12: Episode 29
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Season 1
S01 E01
Is Chrono Trigger's Time Travel Accurate?
S01 E02
Super Mario, Pipe Dreams
S01 E03
Illusion of Gaia, World Wonders
S01 E04
Mortal Kombat, Fatalities IRL
S01 E05
The Science of Sonic the Hedgehog
S01 E06
Frogger, Australian for Games
S01 E07
Batman: Arkham Asylum
S01 E08
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
S01 E09
Duke Nukem
S01 E10
Viewers' Choice
S01 E11
Locating Adventure Island
S01 E12
S01 E13
The Dark Side of Earthbound
S01 E14
Bioshock/Rebuilding Rapture
S01 E15
Final Fantasy VII
S01 E16
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
S01 E17
Can Dig Dug Pop a Human?
S01 E18
Pokemon vs. Creationists (Pokemon, Part 1)
S01 E19
Pokemon, PETA, and Plasma (Pokemon, Part 2)
S01 E20
S01 E21
League of Legends
S01 E22
Pokemon Part 3
S01 E23
Star Fox
S01 E24
Shinra, FF7, and Oil (The Lost Episode)
S01 E25
A Merry Racist Jynx-mas
Season 2
S02 E01
Skyrim, On the Subject of Arrows and Knees
S02 E02
Call of Duty, Modern War Crimes
S02 E03
LA Noire, Human Lie Detectors
S02 E04
Best Boobs in Gaming
S02 E05
Shepard is a ZOMBIE in Mass Effect 2!
S02 E06
Zelda, Potions and Power Bands
S02 E07
Fallout, BOOM! Headshot
S02 E08
Mike Tyson's Techno Dance Party
S02 E09
Donkey Kong Country and America's Secret Banana War
S02 E10
Mario, The Problems with Princess Peach
S02 E11
Pokemon Racism, Jynx Justified
S02 E12
Monty Hall, Plinko, and Probability
S02 E13
Polybius, MK Ultra, and the CIA's Brainwashing Arcade Game
S02 E14
Video Game Crossovers, Super Mario RPG to God of War to Real Life
S02 E15
Why the Official Zelda Timeline is Wrong
S02 E16
Walking Dead, Killing Zombies
S02 E17
How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog?
S02 E18
How Much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth?
Season 3
S03 E01
Why Final Fantasy is Anti-Religion
S03 E02
Why You're a Completionist
S03 E03
The Metroid Morph Ball is LAME!
S03 E04
How Assassin's Creed Predicted the Future of Science
S03 E05
The TF2 Pyro: Male or Female?
S03 E06
Portal's Companion Cube has a Dark Secret
S03 E07
Fart Rocket Physics with the Wario Waft
S03 E08
Why Living on BioShock Infinite's Floating City Would Suck!
S03 E09
Mario is COMMUNIST?!?
S03 E10
How PewDiePie Conquered YouTube
S03 E11
Chrono Trigger Retells the BIBLE?!?
S03 E12
Surviving the Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith
S03 E13
Video Games Predict YOUR FUTURE!
S03 E14
How Pidgey Proves Darwinian Evolution
S03 E15
Why Mario is Mental, Part 1
S03 E16
Why Mario is Mental, Part 2
S03 E17
Is Link Dead in Majora's Mask?
S03 E18
Is Link's Quest in Majora's Mask Pointless?
S03 E19
Who is Mega Man's TRUE Villain?
S03 E20
What's Wrong with the AVGN?
S03 E21
Why You Play Video Games
Season 4
S04 E01
Why Call of Duty Ghosts Should Terrify You
S04 E02
Is Mortal Kombat's Killer Scream Possible?
S04 E03
Humans are Pokemon
S04 E04
Wii U is the New Virtual Boy
S04 E05
Are SMITE's Goddesses TOO SEXY?
S04 E06
Are Gamers Killing Video Games?
S04 E07
Flappy Bird, PewDiePie, and Pasta Sauce
S04 E08
Are Video Games Anti-LGBT?
S04 E09
How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill?
S04 E10
How Real Can Video Games Get?
S04 E11
How Rome Dominates Mobile Strategy Games
S04 E12
What ARE Minecraft Creepers?!?
S04 E13
Top 10 Educational Games
S04 E14
Watch Dogs Warning! YOU'RE NOT SAFE! (pt. 1)
S04 E15
Is Comic-Con REALLY Worth the Wait? (SDCC 2014)
S04 E16
Candy Crush, Designed to ADDICT
S04 E17
World of Warcraft will SAVE the Economy
S04 E18
Rosalina UNMASKED pt. 1 (Super Mario Galaxy)
S04 E19
Rosalina UNMASKED pt. 2 (Super Mario Galaxy)
S04 E20
Which Link Rules them All? (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)
S04 E21
DEATH by Hacking (Watch Dogs pt. 2)
S04 E22
Five Nights at Freddy's SCARIEST Monster is You!
S04 E23
Defending Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's Regenerating Health
S04 E24
Batman + Superman + COW = ???
S04 E25
BEWARE Link's Hookshot in Legend of Zelda!
S04 E26
FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED!
S04 E27
Yes, PewDiePie. YouTube IS Broken
S04 E28
Season 5
S05 E01
Super Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore
S05 E02
The Pokemon Multiverse EXPLAINS EVERYTHING
S05 E03
Snake is a STONER (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)
S05 E04
A Tank's Biggest ITSELF (War Thunder)
S05 E05
Does Isaac DIE?!? Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Endings EXPLAINED
S05 E06
Toad's DEADLY Secret (Super Mario Bros.)
S05 E07
Are GTA V Cops Racist? (Grand Theft Auto V)
S05 E08
Gamers, You're Getting Played
S05 E09
Handsome Jack, Monster or Misunderstood? (Borderlands 2/The Pre-Sequel!)
S05 E10
FNAF Mysteries SOLVED (Part 1)
S05 E11
FNAF Mysteries SOLVED (Part 2) [First Half]
S05 E12
FNAF Mysteries SOLVED (Part 2) [Second Half]
S05 E13
Why Star Fox has NO LEGS, The REAL Reason!
S05 E14
The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal
S05 E15
Why Video Game Movies SUCK!
S05 E16
Jurassic World Hybrid Dinos ARE COMING!
S05 E17
Red vs Blue, The SECRET Color Strategy
S05 E18
The Strategy of Sex Appeal in Dead or Alive
S05 E19
Why ESPN is WRONG about eSports
S05 E20
How to SURVIVE the Mad Max Carmageddon!
S05 E21
FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG!
S05 E22
Fallout Bottle Caps are Worth HOW MUCH?!?
S05 E23
The Assassin's Creed Shared Universe Conspiracy
S05 E24
Why FNAF Will Never End
S05 E25
Leave PewDiePie ALONE!
S05 E26
Is the MMO genre DYING?
S05 E27
Bowser's BROKEN HOME in Super Mario
S05 E28
Exposing Destiny's LOST PLOT!
S05 E29
EXPOSING the Real Gangs of Assassin's Creed Syndicate
S05 E30
Halo Armor's FATAL Flaw!
S05 E31
Zelda Rupees are REAL?!? (ft. PBG)
S05 E32
Until Dawn's TRAGIC Hero
S05 E33
The Human Hive Mind Theory (Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void)
S05 E34
FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!
S05 E35
FNAF, Four Games. One Story.
S05 E36
Will 2015 be THE END of YouTube Rewind?
Season 6
S06 E01
Minecraft's Ending, DECODED!
S06 E02
Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword
S06 E03
UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!
S06 E04
Is Far Cry Primal Ubisoft's MISSING Link?
S06 E05
Chun-Li's DEADLY Helicopter Kick (Street Fighter)
S06 E06
How to Win At Love (According to Dating Sims)
S06 E07
Secrets of Dating! (Dating Sims' How to Win at Love, Part 2)
S06 E08
The TRUTH Behind Nintendo's Amiibo Shortages
S06 E09
My Reaction to the Fine Bros React World Controversy
S06 E10
Theorists are KILLERS (Life is Strange)
S06 E11
The Hunt for Super Smash Bros. LOST STAGE!
S06 E12
Luigi's SECRET Identity (Super Paper Mario)
S06 E13
Solving Raticate's 'DEATH' (Pokemon Red and Blue)
S06 E14
Why I Gave the Pope UNDERTALE!
S06 E15
Phoenix Wright is a CRIMINAL (Ace Attorney)
S06 E16
FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5)
S06 E17
Why Team Mystic DOMINATES Pokemon GO
S06 E18
The SECRET Psychology of Pokemon GO!
S06 E19
Real Tips for SURVIVING a Zombie Apocalypse (7 Days to Die)
S06 E20
My Fan Game is a CRIME?!
S06 E21
Would Super Mario Win the Olympics?
S06 E22
The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!
S06 E23
Hackers Are EVERYWHERE! (Watch Dogs 2)
S06 E24
Follow the EYES! | FNAF Sister Location
S06 E25
The KILLER'S Promise | FNAF Sister Location
S06 E26
Exposing Metroid's HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid)
S06 E27
Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END!
S06 E28
Hello Neighbor's SATANIC Plot!
S06 E29
Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?
S06 E30
Hello Neighbor - Satan's Plot THICKENS!
S06 E31
YouTube Isn't Broken...WE ARE. (The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken)
Season 7
S07 E01
Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros.)
S07 E02
CHEAT the Water Bottle Flip Challenge...with SCIENCE!
S07 E03
Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale)
S07 E04
Who Would Win -- Samurai, Knight, or Viking? (For Honor)
S07 E05
The Many Sides of W.D. Gaster EXPOSED! (Undertale)
S07 E06
Gaster's Identity REVEALED! (Undertale)
S07 E07
Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!
S07 E08
Why FALLOUT's Society is DOOMED!
S07 E09
We SOLVED Dark Souls 3!
S07 E10
The TRAITOR of Dark Souls! (Dark Souls 3)
S07 E11
PROVING Mass Effect's Indoctrination Theory! | Mass Effect 3
S07 E12
Are You Kid or Squid? - Splatoon SOLVED!
S07 E13
FNAF, We were WRONG about the Bite (Five Nights at Freddy's)
S07 E14
How Minecraft BROKE YouTube!
S07 E15
Why Mario Kart 8 is Mario's DEADLIEST Game!
S07 E16
How Bendy EXPOSES Disney's Cartoon CONSPIRACY (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
S07 E17
Super Mario Odyssey's GIANT Problem (Nintendo)
S07 E18
Beyond Fidget Spinners – How to Create a YouTube Trend
S07 E19
How Jake Paul and Logan Paul CONQUERED YouTube!
S07 E20
Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE?! | Kindergarten
S07 E21
S07 E22
FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister ...
S07 E23
Super Mario Maker, BIGGER than the UNIVERSE!
S07 E24
Gaming's Biggest Mystery SOLVED! | Half Life G MAN Theory
S07 E25
Petscop - The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play!
S07 E26
Hello Neighbor - The DEVIL is in the Details!
S07 E27
How Zelda Breath of the Wild SOLVES The Zelda Timeline!
S07 E28
Sonic is Lying...AGAIN! (Sonic Mania)
S07 E29
The Pokédex is FULL OF LIES! (Pokemon)
S07 E30
Metal Gear Solid’s HIDDEN Virtual Mission!
S07 E31
How Bendy Will END! (Bendy and The Ink Machine)
S07 E32
FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 1
S07 E33
FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 2
S07 E34
Super Mario...BETRAYED!
S07 E35
Pokemon Are Going EXTINCT! (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
S07 E36
Gaming is BROKEN! ...What Comes Next?
S07 E37
The Fire Storm Of Star Wars Battlefront 2
S07 E38
Doki Doki's SCARIEST Monster is Hiding in Plain Sight (Doki Doki Literatu...
S07 E39
Doki Doki Decoded! (Doki Doki Literature Club)
S07 E40
What is a Kirby? The SCIENTIFIC PROOF!
S07 E41
Cuphead's SINFUL SECRET Business!
S07 E42
Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! (Duck Season)
Season 8
S08 E01
S08 E02
WARNING! Loot Boxes are Watching You RIGHT NOW!
S08 E03
The SCARIEST Part of Hello Neighbor...the BOXES!
S08 E04
FNAF 6, No More Secrets (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator)
S08 E05
FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator...
S08 E06
WARNING - Pokemon May Cause DEATH!
S08 E07
KSI vs Joe Weller vs Logan Paul - Why Logan Paul Would Win!
S08 E08
Mario's LUNAR APOCALYPSE!! (Super Mario Odyssey)
S08 E09
How DEADLY Is Super Mario's Bob-Omb?
S08 E10
The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop
S08 E11
Petscop - The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game
S08 E12
Did I Find Fortnite's SECRET Lore (Fortnite Battle Royale)
S08 E13
Does Luigi MEASURE Up? (Super Mario)
S08 E14
Persona's LOST Shadow... FOUND! (Persona 4)
S08 E15
Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royal)
S08 E16
Will the Fortnite Meteor Destroy EVERYTHING? (Fortnite Battle Royale)
S08 E17
Feeling ALONE? How Fortnite can HELP! (Fortnite Battle Royale)
S08 E18
Would YOU Stay Blind? (Close Your Eyes)
S08 E19
Can Sonic SURVIVE His Own Speed? (Sonic the Hedgehog)
S08 E20
How DEADLY Is Mario's Blue Shell? (Mario Kart 8)
S08 E21
How RICH is a Pokemon Master?
S08 E22
Bendy FOOLED Us! Predicting the Chapter 5 REVEAL! (Bendy and the Ink Mach...
S08 E23
FNAF STUMPED Me! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)
S08 E24
FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)
S08 E25
Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? (Fortnite PUBG Lawsuit)
S08 E26
Doki Doki's Buffest Meme EXPOSED (Doki Doki Literature Club Memes)
S08 E27
What is Ash Ketchum's REAL Age? (Pokemon)
S08 E28
Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)
S08 E29
We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)
S08 E30
FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)
S08 E31
FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)
S08 E32
Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally
S08 E33
The RACE to Solve Fortnite's Season 5 Unsolved MYSTERY! (Fortnite Battle ...
S08 E34
The Secret Life of Markiplier
S08 E35
How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)
S08 E36
What is MatPat HIDING?
S08 E37
How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series
S08 E38
How To WIN A War (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)
S08 E39
The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bow...
S08 E40
Why You CAN'T Beat Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
S08 E41
S08 E42
Spider-Man is a CRIMINAL! (Spider-Man PS4)
S08 E43
Bendy's Tragic Ending EXPLAINED (Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5)
S08 E44
You ARE Your Character! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
S08 E45
The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale)
S08 E46
Why Eevee is the MISSING LINK to Pokemon Evolution!
S08 E47
This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection
S08 E48
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ending EXPLAINED | World of Light True Ending
S08 E49
Gamers Will NEVER Solve This Mystery! (Accounting Plus Zoo Level)
S08 E50
The Undertale / Deltarune Connection FOUND!
S08 E51
Gaster Finally UNMASKED! (Deltarune / Undertale Connection)
S08 E52
We Are Playing Kris' Game (Deltarune / Undertale Connection)
S08 E53
Fortnite is Stealing...AGAIN!?! (The Fortnite Dance Controversy)
Season 9
S09 E01
Is the Lost Level of Accounting+ Real? (Zoo Level Mystery)
S09 E02
Petscop - The Music and The Madman
S09 E03
Mewtwo's Secret Human Clone! (Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee)
S09 E04
Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog)
S09 E05
We Were TOTALLY WRONG! What Bendy's Ending REALLY Meant (Bendy and the In...
S09 E06
Resident Evil’s Zombie Outbreak is Closer than You Think (Resident Evil...
S09 E07
Mario Odyssey's Big LIE.. Power Moons have NO POWER!
S09 E08
All Games are CONNECTED! | How Fortnite, Doom, and Kingdom Hearts Share a...
S09 E09
Kirby...Dream Land's Biggest THREAT! pt 1
S09 E10
The Frozen Level You Will NEVER Play! (Kingdom Hearts 3)
S09 E11
FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location
S09 E12
The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott's Problem With Fanart
S09 E13
How Does Kirby Fly?
S09 E14
How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!
S09 E15
Bendy 2, Return to the Ink Machine (Bendy and the Dark Revival)
S09 E16
Hard Mode is a LIE! (Sekiro Easy Mode Controversy)
S09 E17
Why Ridley is Smash's Deadliest Fighter! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
S09 E18
Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)
S09 E19
Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)
S09 E20
Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)
S09 E21
The Tragic Mystery of Pokemon’s Ghost Girl (Pokemon)
S09 E22
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
S09 E23
Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)
S09 E24
YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
S09 E25
We Built A Computer in Mario Maker! (Super Mario Maker)
S09 E26
The Secret Identity of Hollow Knight’s Hero (Hollow Knight)
S09 E27
Peach’s Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)
S09 E28
The LOST History of Minecraft’s Enderman
S09 E29
Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)
S09 E30
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
S09 E31
The Mystery of Minecraft's Haunted Discs (Minecraft)
S09 E32
We've Been Hiding Something From You...
S09 E33
Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)
S09 E34
The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)
S09 E35
No More Games
S09 E36
Do Video Games Cause Violence? It's Complicated.
S09 E37
The Lost History of Minecraft’s Wither
S09 E38
I Lost EVERY Game of Magic... So You Don't Have To! (Magic The Gathering)
S09 E39
FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
S09 E40
The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)
S09 E41
Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!
S09 E42
The Tragic Story of Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen (Piglins)
S09 E43
Pokemon - Why Pikachu is SHOCKINGLY Terrible! (Pokemon Sword and Shield)
S09 E44
Can a Goose DESTROY YOUR LIFE? (Untitled Goose Game)
S09 E45
FNAF, The Cult of Glitchtrap (FNAF VR Curse of Dreadbear DLC)
S09 E46
Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)
S09 E47
Star Wars, How the Force WORKS! (Star Wars Fallen Order)
S09 E48
The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods
S09 E49
The Tragedy of Minecraft's Sunken Tomb (The Drowned)
S09 E50
Why YouTube Will NEVER Fix Rewind (YouTube Rewind 2019)
S09 E51
2019 Game of the Year? More like Best Games of the DECADE!
Season 10
S10 E01
Minecraft vs. League of Legends, The Battle for the Decade's BEST GAME!
S10 E02
FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985
S10 E03
FNAF, The Faceless Puppet Master
S10 E04
Is Link the STRONGEST Video Game Character? (Legend of Zelda)
S10 E05
What is a Minecraft Emerald WORTH?
S10 E06
The Secret Mastermind of Marvel Strike Force
S10 E07
He Never Died He NevEr D̳͗Ie̳̱̒̍d̩͆ H̛̞͆͛Ẻ͎̺̊͑͘ N̑͒e...
S10 E08
We Let Them Out (Boneworks / Duck Season)
S10 E09
S10 E10
The HORROR That Threatens SCP
S10 E11
Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?
S10 E12
Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep)
S10 E13
The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers
S10 E14
FNAF, The Grave Robber (Five Nights At Freddy's)
S10 E15
The Lost Cult of Minecraft Illagers
S10 E16
Why You Can't Save Aerith With a Phoenix Down! (Final Fantasy 7)
S10 E17
FNAF 4, The Body Snatchers (Five Nights at Freddy's)
S10 E18
How WoW Almost Prevented the Coronavirus Crisis! (World of Warcraft)
S10 E19
Animal Crossing's Scary Bunny unZIPPED! (Animal Crossing New Horizons)
S10 E20
Yoshi's Identity Crisis! What is a Yoshi?
S10 E21
You Give Them Life (Hello Puppets Scary VR Game)
S10 E22
How A Knife Can Win A Gun Fight! (Warface: Breakout)
S10 E23
The Stolen Souls of Minecraft
S10 E24
The Animals in Animal Crossing Aren't Animals! (Animal Crossing: New Hori...
S10 E25
The CHEAPEST Way to Win TFT! (Teamfight Tactics / League of Legends)
S10 E26
FNAF, Golden Freddy... NOT What We Thought!
S10 E27
Joel’s Choice Meant Nothing! (The Last of Us)
S10 E28
FNAF, Your Pain Fuels Us
S10 E29
How Mega Man DOOMED Humanity!
S10 E30
How to Overthrow a Dictator (Far Cry 6)
S10 E31
Ellie Is NOT Immune! (The Last of Us Part 2)
S10 E32
Can You Solve Portal's IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle? (Portal)
S10 E33
FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!
S10 E34
Minecraft, Stop Using Diamonds!
S10 E35
Sonic is TOO Powerful! (Sonic the Hedgehog)
S10 E36
Portal 2, Does Chell DIE?
S10 E37
The Secret Fortnite Agenda NO ONE Is Talking About!
S10 E38
Dear Fall Guys, I Fixed Your Game!
S10 E39
FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)
S10 E40
Among Us, The 300 IQ Imposter Strategy That Wins EVERY TIME
S10 E41
The Forgotten History of Minecraft Villagers
S10 E42
Among Us, This ELITE 500 IQ Impostor Strategy Will NEVER Lose!
S10 E43
The Deadly Physics of the Falcon Punch! (Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon)
S10 E44
Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!
S10 E45
The Hidden Code of Unus Annus (Markiplier & CrankGamePlays)
S10 E46
The Minecraft Warden... SOLVED! w/ Dream
S10 E47
Is A Shield Your BEST Weapon? (Assassin's Creed Valhalla)
S10 E48
FNAF Security Breach, I Know the BIG TWIST... I think
S10 E49
Among Us, Your 900 IQ Means NOTHING!
S10 E50
Minecraft Has A Zombie Virus INFECTING the Overworld!
S10 E51
Solving the Mystery of Human Flight (Immortals Fenyx Rising)
S10 E52
FNAF, The New Breed
S10 E53
Spiderman's Next Villain Is NOT Who You Think! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales...
Season 11
S11 E01
The Dark Future of the Dream SMP (Minecraft)
S11 E02
Spiderman DESTROYED New York! (Spider-Man: Miles Morales)
S11 E03
Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.
S11 E04
KFC Just WON The Console Wars
S11 E05
Video Games Will NEVER Be The Same...
S11 E06
GameStop Made MILLIONAIRES Overnight... Now What?
S11 E07
Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)
S11 E08
Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?
S11 E09
Your Shiny Pokemon is DOOMED to Die!
S11 E10
Minecraft, The Secret Desert Origin of Creepers
S11 E11
Beware Crow 64 c̸̛̊rO̵̼̮͐̄́̀͘W̴̘̪͈̆ 6̵̓͛͒4̴̈͗̃̋ ...
S11 E12
Mario's Secret Fire Power is... Rocket Fuel!
S11 E13
Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?
S11 E14
3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!
S11 E15
Dear MatPat, I Fixed Your Theory (First Episode Remastered)
S11 E16
Why Flying Pokemon CAN'T FLY!
S11 E17
Minecraft and The Power of The Dead
S11 E18
DRINK ME Dri̹̣̇̏n̲͙̒͒K͈̥̎̌̄͘ ṃ̛͊͗̒̋Ė̼̦̝̩̀͛̍ ...
S11 E19
The Hero That BROKE Genshin Impact!
S11 E20
What Level is Ash's Pikachu? (Pokemon)
S11 E21
The Secret Lore of Friday Night Funkin'...
S11 E22
You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)
S11 E23
FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories)
S11 E24
The Disturbing Lore Of Lily's Garden
S11 E25
Is This Game Hiding A Cult? (Kanye Quest 3030)
S11 E26
The Real Face Behind The Cult (Kanye Quest 3030)
S11 E27
We Need To Talk About FNAF
S11 E28
Friday Night Funkin Just BROKE Its Own Lore!
S11 E29
How Mario BEATS Sonic at The Olympics!
S11 E30
Monika Has ESCAPED! (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus)
S11 E31
Meet The NEW Monika! (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus)
S11 E32
Fortnite's SECRET Plan to Control Disney!
S11 E33
Minecraft, Do NOT Kill The Ender Dragon!
S11 E34
The Dirty Secrets of PowerWash Simulator
S11 E35
FNF, The Bob Mod SOLVED! (Friday Night Funkin)
S11 E36
97% Of You CAN'T Name The Most Popular Video Game In The World!
S11 E37
3 New FNAF Timeline Theories!
S11 E38
I Solved The Wilbur Soot ARG... And It Only Took 3 Years!
S11 E39
Nurse Joy is a Pokemon!
S11 E40
Minecraft's DARKEST Timeline! (Hermitcraft SMP)
S11 E41
The Disturbing Lore of Merge Mansion
S11 E42
The Bloody History of Poppy Playtime
S11 E43
You KILLED the Planet! (Subnautica)
S11 E44
The Dark Lore of Brawl Stars
S11 E45
FNAF, Goodbye Father (FNAF Security Breach Predictions)
S11 E46
The TRUTH About Resident Evil's Parasite! (Resident Evil 4)
S11 E47
Is Minecraft Netherite From SPACE?
S11 E48
Please Come Home... (Andy's Apple Farm)
S11 E49
Humans Are Obsolete (Warframe)
S11 E50
DANGER! Don't Play This Game! (Inscryption)
Season 12
S12 E01
FNAF, Don't Trust Gregory (FNAF Security Breach)
S12 E02
The SECRET Game You Didn't Find...(Inscryption)
S12 E03
FNAF, The SECRET Afton (FNAF Security Breach)
S12 E04
Solving Inscryption's FINAL Secret! (Inscryption)
S12 E05
Sonic Will ALWAYS Lose To Mario!
S12 E06
FNAF, Is Golden Freddy REALLY In Security Breach? (FNAF Security Breach)
S12 E07
Dear Twitch, Grow Up!
S12 E08
FNAF, The Clue That ALMOST Solves Everything! (FNAF Security Breach)
S12 E09
You're Fighting The WRONG Person! (Genshin Impact)
S12 E10
The Disturbing Lore of Merge Mansion Just Got Darker!
S12 E11
I Made Markiplier's PERFECT Pokemon! (Markiplier Smash or Pass)
S12 E12
Will Disney BUY Nintendo?! (Video Game Acquisitions)
S12 E13
Play and be REBORN! (Courage The Cowardly Dog ARG)
S12 E14
Mommy's Secret Army (Poppy Playtime)
S12 E15
The Grim Lore of Cooking Companions
S12 E16
Minecraft. The Secrets of the Undead Enderdragon
S12 E17
I'm So Hungry SO̶̍̅͘͜ H̵͂̑̃͊u̴N̴͓̉̃̈́̑G̴̎r̴Y̶̏ s̶...
S12 E18
Are Theories KILLING Video Games?
S12 E19
The End of Markiplier (In Space With Markiplier)
S12 E20
You Are WRONG About Toad!
S12 E21
Listen and OBEY! The Mystery of Dislyte's Music
S12 E22
MatPat, I STOLE Your Channel!
S12 E23
The Monster In The Shadows (Poppy Playtime Chapter 2)
S12 E24
Bowser's LOST Child...Yoshi!
S12 E25
You Are The Villain of Poppy Playtime
S12 E26
S12 E27
The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update)
S12 E28
Your Memories Are Corrupted (Generation Loss)
S12 E29
Markiplier, PLEASE Smash My Pokemon! (Markiplier Smash or Pass)
Episode 1
Foldit Mini-sode
Episode 2
Sunni Skies Cold Sweat Challenge
Episode 3
The Game Theorists: Announcement #1
Episode 4
SGC 2013: A "Dramatic" Reading ft. MatPat, Jirard the Completionist, and ...
Episode 5
Draw My Life - Game Theory, MatPat, and YOU!
Episode 6
CatPat is a jerk...
Episode 7
The Super Amazing Game Theory Merch Store
Episode 8
Game Theory: Rainbow Six Siege gets a REALITY CHECK!
Episode 9
Game Theory SPECIAL: Miyamoto Reveals Star Fox Secrets!
Episode 10
Honest Talk - YouTube Red
Episode 11
The Power of Live: VidCon 2016 Keynote
Episode 12
Reality Check: The Lost Episode - SURVIVING Star Fox IRL!
Episode 13
Game Theory Presents: MY SECRET PROJECT...MatPat's GLOBAL GAMER! (Part 1 ...
Episode 14
Game Theory Presents: LOST in Japan... MatPat's GLOBAL GAMER (Part 2 of 2...
Episode 15
It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole (MatPat Reaction)
Episode 16
The Most IMPORTANT Video I've Ever Made (NOT CLICKBAIT)
Episode 17
The Confession -- MatPat's VidCon 2018 Speech
Episode 18
Losing the Battle
Episode 19
They stole $1.7 million
Episode 20
The $1.7 Million Lie
Episode 21
What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels
Episode 22
Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
Episode 23
We Visit St. Jude to Help Cancel Cancer!
Episode 24
Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
Episode 25
I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
Episode 26
I'm losing control.
Episode 27
What's in the Box? - Game Theory's BIG Secret
Episode 28
It's Coming... The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge for St. Jude!
Episode 29
Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview With Dr. Fauci | The COVID-19 Vaccine
Episode 30
Game Theory... What Happened To You?
Episode 31
Game Theory's Celebrity Trivia ft. Joel McHale, CrankGameplays, Chiwetel ...
Episode 32
The End of an Era
Episode 33
It Begins...
Episode 34
Stop the FNAF ARG hunt
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