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Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama

2017 - Now  •  Friday 08:00 PM on Sab TV  •  9 days  •  573 episodes
10 votes
666 votes
# 5487
Comedy, Children, Family
The story of the legendary poet in Emperor Krishnadevraya's court who uses his timely wit and intelligence to solve even the trickiest problems and becomes very popular in the King's court.
  Previously Aired Episode
Bhaskar Gets Shocked In Sleep Aired on 09/13/2019
Bhaskar Gets Shocked In Sleep
Season 3: Episode 574
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
The Missing Bridegroom
S01 E02
Tenali Saves Gundappa's Family
S01 E03
Tenali Meets The Goddess
S01 E04
Tenali Arrives At Vijayanagara
S01 E05
Escape From Tathacharya's Curse
S01 E06
Tathacharya's Hunt To Find Tenali
S01 E07
S01 E08
A Chance To Prove His Innocence
S01 E09
Tenali Starts His Investigation
S01 E10
Tenali Reveals The Thief
S01 E11
Tenali Proves His Innocence
S01 E12
Mallu Deva or Gopanna?
S01 E13
Tathacharya Tricked
S01 E14
The Death Sentence
S01 E15
Mallu Deva Is Exposed
S01 E16
Tenali Appointed As Official Jester
S01 E17
Tathacharya's Insult
S01 E18
The Invisible Game
S01 E19
Tenali Decides To Leave The Court
S01 E20
Krishnadevaraya's Test
S01 E21
Tenali Rama is Banished
S01 E22
Timmarusu's Surprise Visit
S01 E23
Tenali's Unusual Appearance
S01 E24
Devyani's Gift
S01 E25
Tathacharya's Evil Conspiracy
S01 E26
Tathacharya's Plans To Expose Tenali
S01 E27
Tathacharya Meets Sudhamini
S01 E28
The Sindurpatta Secret
S01 E29
Tenali Rama is Promoted
S01 E30
Rama's New Challenge
S01 E31
The First Fool
S01 E32
Tenali's Advice To Tathacharya
S01 E33
The Eighth Fool
S01 E34
Tenali and the Diamond
S01 E35
Security For The Chandramani
S01 E36
Sneeze Fest
S01 E37
Krishnadevaraya's Warning
S01 E38
Rama's Midnight Adventure
S01 E39
Rama Overhears Tathacharya's Plan
S01 E40
The Chandramani Bloom
S01 E41
The Chandramani Is Stolen
S01 E42
The Ultimatum
S01 E43
Tathacharya Defames Tenali
S01 E44
The Chilli Trick
S01 E45
The Talking Parrot
S01 E46
Mithu's Word Haunts Tenali
S01 E47
Tenali The Ventriloquist
S01 E48
Rama exposes Samsher Khan
S01 E49
The Sleepwalking Ghost
S01 E50
New Task For Tathacharya
S01 E51
The Haunted House
S01 E52
Tenali's Thrilling Encounter
S01 E53
Uncovering A Mystery
S01 E54
Who Is Venkataramanna?
S01 E55
Ghost Exposed
S01 E56
Tathacharya's Fast
S01 E57
Ramleela in Vijayanagara
S01 E58
Devaraya's armory
S01 E59
The New Director
S01 E60
Navatri Special
S01 E61
Attack On Krishnadevaraya
S01 E62
Krishnadevaraya's Security Concerns
S01 E63
The Ramleela Performance
S01 E64
Raavan Dahan
S01 E65
Vastu Danger
S01 E66
Tathacharya Plans To Continue Vamacharya Craze
S01 E67
Tathacharya's Suggestion
S01 E68
Tenali Found A Solution
S01 E69
Vastu Conundrum
S01 E70
Vastu Conundrum 2
S01 E71
King's Wager
S01 E72
Tathacharya's Cunning Plan
S01 E73
Rama Plans To Leave
S01 E74
Tenali On Funeral Pyre
S01 E75
Rama Is Alive
S01 E76
Rama's Witty Web
S01 E77
Rama's Hiding Plan
S01 E78
Tathacharya In Trouble
S01 E79
Identical Twins
S01 E80
Hair Removing Oil for Rama
S01 E81
Rama's hair in trouble
S01 E82
Tathacharya In Trouble
S01 E83
Rooster Crowing
S01 E84
Missing Rooster
S01 E85
Rama Took The Rooster
S01 E86
Rooster In Tathacharya's House
S01 E87
Lazy Rama
S01 E88
Rama's Forgetfulness
S01 E89
Rama's Memory Loss
S01 E90
Clever Rama
S01 E91
Rama's Revenge On Tathacharya
S01 E92
Tathacharya Becomes Doorkeeper
S01 E93
S01 E94
Trip To Sultan's Empire
S01 E95
Rama Meets Sultan
S01 E96
Tathacharya Asks Rama For Help
S01 E97
Rama Fools Fakir Baba
S01 E98
Urgent Meeting
S01 E99
War of Intelligence
S01 E100
Competition Day
S01 E101
Rama Loses the Competition
S01 E102
Krishnadevaraya Stands For Rama
S01 E103
Third Chance For Mohinidevi
S01 E104
Weird Issues
S01 E105
Boxing Match
S01 E106
Rama Participates in Wrestling
S01 E107
Knowledge is Power
S01 E108
Final Wrestling Match
S01 E109
Traitor in Vijayanagara
S01 E110
Krishnadevaraya's Identical Twin
S01 E111
Rama Confused
S01 E112
Rapidfire Questions
S01 E113
Queen Tirumalamba's Food Test
S01 E114
Two Krishnadevaraya On Battlefield
S01 E115
The Real Krishnadevaraya
S01 E116
S01 E117
Krishnadevaraya's Crown
S01 E118
Krishnadevaraya's Pagdi
S01 E119
Pagdi Missing
S01 E120
Rama Got Hypnotised
S01 E121
Latecomer Rama
S01 E122
Silly Challenge
S01 E123
Misunderstanding Between King & Queen
S01 E124
Rama Dismissed from Darbar
S01 E125
Tathacharya Misses Rama
S01 E126
Rama's Demands
S01 E127
The Mysterious Old Man
S01 E128
Cooking Food
S01 E129
King Tathacharya
S01 E130
Sitting on the Throne
S01 E131
Living Like the King
S01 E132
The Baba's Secret
S01 E133
Tenali In Prison
S01 E134
Tenali's Ghost
S01 E135
Tenali's Secret Potion
S01 E136
The Pirate's Riddle
S01 E137
Tathacharya Offers to Solve
S01 E138
The Riddle Solved
S01 E139
The Island Challenge
S01 E140
The Game Starts
S01 E141
The Treasure
S01 E142
A Tiger On The Loose
S01 E143
A Trip To The Woods
S01 E144
Tathacharya Goes Missing
S01 E145
The Mysterious Tiger
S01 E146
Tathacharya, The Bait
S01 E147
Tiger On The Loose
S01 E148
Tenali Finds the Culprit
S01 E149
Tathacharya's Challenge
S01 E150
Tathacharya's Penalty
S01 E151
The Mother Tongue
S01 E152
The Mysterious Visitor
S01 E153
Tenali's New Nemesis
S01 E154
Tenali's Wisdom
S01 E155
Tenali's Wisdom
S01 E156
The Necklace Thief
S01 E157
Tenali Leaves the Kingdom
S01 E158
Tenali Is Victorious
S01 E159
The Mysterious Child
S01 E160
Tathacharya's Son
S01 E161
Meet Tenali's Son
S01 E162
Mystery of Tenali's Son
S01 E163
Mystery of Tenali's Son Continues
S01 E164
The Theft
S01 E165
The Grand Theft
S01 E166
The Culprit Revealed
S01 E167
Tenali Rama's Letter
S01 E168
Rama's Daring Act
S01 E169
Tenali's Goodwill
S01 E170
Dhananjay Surrenders
S01 E171
Threat to Krishnadevaraya
S01 E172
The Trap
S01 E173
Tenali Is Conned
S01 E174
Jewellery Thieves
S01 E175
Chandrakala's Weakness
S01 E176
Revenge of the Thug
S01 E177
Bala's Revenge Plan
S01 E178
Tenali's Plan
S01 E179
Poison For A Lie
S01 E180
It's Holi
S01 E181
Holi Celebrations
S01 E182
Holi Aftermath
S01 E183
Kalavathi's Warning
S01 E184
Snake Catcher
S01 E185
Chandrakala's Identity
S01 E186
The Just Punishment
S01 E187
The Silver Lining
S01 E188
The Sacrifice
S01 E189
Recipe for Disaster
S01 E190
Bearded Beauties
S01 E191
The Odd One In
S01 E192
The Facial Hair Conundrum
S01 E193
A Cow for A Brahmin
S01 E194
A Cow and A Cat
S01 E195
Cat In The Box
S01 E196
The Artist
S01 E197
Three Dolls
S01 E198
Krishnadevaraya's Anger
S01 E199
Greed for Gold
S01 E200
Tathacharya's Speech
S01 E201
Mysterious Disappearance
S01 E202
The Secret Chamber
S01 E203
Vasudev Returns
S01 E204
Tenali Is Lost
S01 E205
Tiger On The Loose
S01 E206
End of The Tunnel
S01 E207
The Visitors
S01 E208
The Mirror
S01 E209
Tenali's Lesson
S01 E210
Caught From A Different Angle
S01 E211
Spreads Like Fire
S01 E212
Tathacharya's Truth
S01 E213
The Reacting Truth
S01 E214
The Trickster
S01 E215
Tenali Knows Best
S01 E216
Lesson Learnt
S01 E217
Good Food or Good Wife
S01 E218
Visitor From Portugal
S01 E219
Put Your Name In History
S01 E220
Tathacharya's Plan
S01 E221
The Winds of War
S01 E222
Women of Vijayanagara
S01 E223
The Peacekeeper
S01 E224
Friend From Afar
S01 E225
Split Personality
S01 E226
The Queen Goes Missing
S01 E227
Tathacharya's Punishment
S01 E228
Queen Becomes Bandit
S01 E229
Sharda's Father Pays A Visit
S01 E230
Trapped In Love
S01 E231
A New Problem
S01 E232
Seeds Of War
S01 E233
Tathacharya's Suspicion
S01 E234
The Traitor
S01 E235
S01 E236
Rama's Plan
S01 E237
Tenali's Journey Begins
S01 E238
Tenali's Solution
S01 E239
Tenali Meets Babar
S01 E240
Laughter Challenge
S01 E241
The Battle Begins
S01 E242
Rama's Last Wish
S01 E243
Tathacharya's Trick
S01 E244
Rama's New Competitor
S01 E245
The Three Doors
S01 E246
Tenali's Disguise
S01 E247
The Bow and Arrow
S01 E248
The Ritual
S01 E249
First In Line
S01 E250
Tenali's Nightmare
S01 E251
Brewing Love
S01 E252
Rama's Predicament
S01 E253
The Rightful Judgement
S01 E254
Tenali In Trouble
S01 E255
The Solution
S01 E256
Tit For Tat
S01 E257
The Complicated Will
S01 E258
The Good News
S01 E259
Jealous Tathacharya
S01 E260
Trouble In The Tummy
S01 E261
Tathacharya's Plan
S01 E262
Taking Responsibilities
S01 E263
Protect the Vase
S01 E264
Tenali In Trouble
S01 E265
Tathacharya In A Fix
S01 E266
Rama's Death Sentence
S01 E267
The Curious Case of Kamal Rao
S01 E268
The Good Deeds
S01 E269
Nine Months Later
S01 E270
Bad Omen
S01 E271
S01 E272
Envious Tathacharya
S01 E273
The Gifts
S01 E274
The Naming Ceremony
S01 E275
Perks of Being a Father
S01 E276
The Punishment
S01 E277
Burning the Midnight Oil
S01 E278
S01 E279
Finding Bhaskar
S01 E280
Tathacharya Embarrassed
S01 E281
The Conman
S01 E282
Finding the Solution
S01 E283
Bhaskar's Heroic Act
S01 E284
The Marriage Conundrum
S01 E285
The Second Marriage
S01 E286
Tathacharya in Trouble
S01 E287
The Investigation
S01 E288
Saving Tathacharya
S01 E289
The Puppeteer
S01 E290
Tathacharya's Ploy
S01 E291
The Puppet Show
S01 E292
Damage Is Done
S01 E293
Rama in Trouble
S01 E294
The Letter
S01 E295
The Invitation
S01 E296
The Confrontation
S01 E297
Caught Between the Wives
S01 E298
The Baby Thief
S01 E299
The Invite
S01 E300
Almost Taken
S01 E301
Chaos at Midnight
S01 E302
Taking the Responsiblity
S01 E303
Attempt to Kidnap
S01 E304
S01 E305
Bhaskar Goes Missing
S01 E306
The Thief Is Caught
S01 E307
Weight In Gold
S01 E308
S01 E309
Pandit Rama's Plan
S01 E310
The Protective Brother
S01 E311
The Disguise
S01 E312
Hide and Seek
S01 E313
A Gift
S01 E314
The Stolen Jewellery
S01 E315
The Missing Crown
S01 E316
Chance at Redemption
S01 E317
Night Guards
S01 E318
The Statue
S01 E319
Attack on Maharaj
S01 E320
The Walking Dead
S01 E321
The Ominous Entity
S01 E322
Rama's Plea
S01 E323
Catching the Demon
S01 E324
Ep 324
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Ep 325
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Ep 326
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Ep 327
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Ep 328
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Ep 329
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Ep 331
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Ep 332
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Ep 333
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Ep 334
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Ep 335
S01 E336
Ep 336
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Ep 337
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Ep 340
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Ep 341
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Ep 349
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S01 E388
Ep 388
S01 E389
Ep 389
Season 2
S02 E391
Tenali Rama - Going Home
S02 E392
The Truth of the Last Challenge
S02 E393
The Eye-Opener
S02 E394
Pandit Rama Returns
S02 E395
The Eighth Guru
S02 E396
Challenge for Duel
S02 E397
S02 E398
A Full Plate for Pandit Rama
S02 E399
Rise to the Challenge
S02 E400
Teacher's Importance
S02 E401
The Longest Sword
S02 E402
Pandit Rama Wins
S02 E403
For Nothing, This and That
S02 E404
Education is Power
S02 E405
The Entrance Test
S02 E406
Plan Flips
S02 E407
Pandit Rama Is Honored
S02 E408
Gundappa's Test
S02 E409
Gundappa Clears the Test
S02 E410
Gundappa’s Obstacles
S02 E411
Gundappa Survives
S02 E412
Servant's Mishap
S02 E413
New Challenge
S02 E414
A Bag of Coal
S02 E415
Solving the Riddle
S02 E416
The Promise
S02 E417
Pandit Rama's Disguise
S02 E418
Who Is More Sinister?
S02 E419
Gundappa Confesses His Trouble
S02 E420
The Divine Gem
S02 E421
The Challenge
S02 E422
A Learned Buddhi Das
S02 E423
Losing His Eyes
S02 E424
S02 E425
Family Problem
S02 E426
The Test Of Truth
S02 E427
The New King
S02 E428
The Dream
S02 E429
The Throne
S02 E430
Other Side Of The Table
S02 E431
The New Challenge
S02 E432
Krishnadevraya's Confusion
S02 E433
The Most Religious Man
S02 E434
Tathacharya's Displeasure
S02 E435
All's Well If Ends Well
S02 E436
Krishnadevraya's Third Marriage
S02 E437
Pandit Rama In Trouble
S02 E438
Pandit Rama’s Marriage - Tenali Rama
S02 E439
Pandit Rama's Fate
S02 E440
A Chance To Impress
S02 E441
Marriage Proposals
S02 E442
Test of Love
S02 E443
The Tragedy
S02 E444
Meet Narayan Krishna
S02 E445
S02 E446
The Humble Guest
S02 E447
A Changed Man
S02 E448
Tathacharya's Greed
S02 E449
Inaugration Of The New Land
S02 E450
The Crow Attack
S02 E451
Crows Causing A Menace
S02 E452
Tathacharya Attacked
S02 E453
Yogya To Scare Crows
S02 E454
Terror Of Crow
S02 E455
Crow's Den
S02 E456
The End Of Bad Times
S02 E457
S02 E458
Everything Is In The Name
S02 E459
Mullah Nasruddin Challenges Krishna Dev Rai
S02 E460
A Grant
S02 E461
Naseeruddin Spills Food On Tathacharya
S02 E462
Ramakrishna Solves The Riddle
S02 E463
Naseeruddin Challenges Tathacharya
S02 E464
The Biggest Thing In The World
S02 E465
Ramakrishna Impresses Everyone
S02 E466
Bandhu At Stake
S02 E467
Mullah Naseeruddin's Complaint
S02 E468
Amma And Sharda In A Fix
S02 E469
Tenali Rama Answers The Riddle
S02 E470
Mullah Naseeruddin Gets All His Answers
S02 E471
Tenali Saves His Ponytail
S02 E472
Farewell To Mullah Naseeruddin
S02 E473
Tathacharya Gets Terrified
S02 E474
Rama Against Siddhasen
S02 E475
Tenali Rama Enters Saudamini's House
S02 E476
Sharda Doubts Tenali Rama
S02 E477
Siddhasen Troubles Tenali Rama
S02 E478
Tenali Rama Exposes Siddhasen
S02 E479
Sheikh Chilli
S02 E480
In Your Dreams
S02 E481
Sheikh Chilli's Challenge
S02 E482
A Set Of Questions
S02 E483
The Shiekh's Trickery
S02 E484
The Sleepy Kingdom
S02 E485
Sheikh Chili Exposed
S02 E486
The Missing Bowl
S02 E487
A Bunch Of Thieves
S02 E488
Assembly In The Court
S02 E489
The Gems
S02 E490
Creating Mischief
S02 E491
Missing Gems
S02 E492
Accused Of Stealing
S02 E493
Tathacharya's Solution
S02 E494
The Reason Why
S02 E495
Face Off With The Enemy
S02 E496
Two Steps Ahead
S02 E497
Couple's Fight
S02 E498
As You Sow, So You Reap
S02 E499
Tenali's Wisdom Is Rewarded
S02 E500
Pandit Ramakrishna Solves A Challenge
S02 E501
Incredible Throne
S02 E502
Tenali Figures The Business Man's Strategy
S02 E503
Chitrangada Visits Vijayanagar
S02 E504
Chitrangada's Black Magic
S02 E505
Chitrangada Choses Someone To Marry
S02 E506
Tenali Challenges Chitrangada
S02 E507
Plan Successful
S02 E508
Angry King Krishnadevaray
S02 E509
King Gets Irritated
S02 E510
The Obstinate King
S02 E511
Tathacharya Is Awarded Death Penalty
S02 E512
Tathacharya Reunites With The King
S02 E513
Tenali Impresses The King
S02 E514
Tathacharya Is Insecure
S02 E515
Pandit Rama Is Honored
S02 E516
Tenali Proves Himself
S02 E517
Krishnadevaraya Has An Idea
S02 E518
Krishnadevaraya Is Missing
S02 E519
Queens Become Rulers
Season 3
S03 E520
The Magician's Challenge
S03 E521
Women Empowerment
S03 E522
Women In The Court
S03 E523
The Decision Of The Queens
S03 E524
Chinese Traders
S03 E525
Courtier's Opinions
S03 E526
Low Quality Goods
S03 E527
Tenali Sues Foreigners
S03 E528
Krishnadevraya Disguises Himself
S03 E529
Competition In Vijayanagar
S03 E530
Men Put To Test
S03 E531
Gold Coins For The Contestants
S03 E532
Tenali Is Tensed
S03 E533
Mulla Nasruddin's Arrival
S03 E534
Krishnadevaray Reveals His Identity
S03 E535
Mulla Naseruddin Tests Tenali
S03 E536
The Puzzle
S03 E537
Tathacharya's Conspiracy
S03 E538
Ramakrishna Is Imprisoned
S03 E539
Krishnadevarya's Wrong Decisions
S03 E540
Pandit Rama In Disguise
S03 E541
Saudamini Denies To Marry Emperor Mustafa
S03 E542
Bhaskar Is Lost - Tenali Rama
S03 E543
Bhaskar Grows Up
S03 E544
Bhaskar And Friends Play A Prank
S03 E545
Tathacharya In Distraught
S03 E546
Bhaskar Owns UP
S03 E547
Balakumar Is Bored
S03 E548
Tathacharya's Real Test
S03 E549
Questions Against Gods
S03 E550
Bhaskar's Life Is In Danger
S03 E551
Existence Of God
S03 E552
Bhaskar Does Not Wanna Go
S03 E553
Rama Family's Outing
S03 E554
Tathacharya To Suffer Again
S03 E555
The Fate Of The Gurukul Invite
S03 E556
A Complete Change In Vijaynagar
S03 E557
Tathachar nya's Hope Awakens
S03 E558
The Wrath Of Kaikala
S03 E559
Bhaskar Against Kaikala
S03 E560
Bhaskar Reunites With Gundappa
S03 E561
Kanta Saves Bhaskar
S03 E562
Bhaskar Is Expelled From The Court
S03 E563
Bhaskar Manipulates The Five Elements
S03 E564
Tenali's Letter
S03 E565
Kaikala Threatens To Kill Bhaskar
S03 E566
Bhaskar's Mother Is Disguised As Mushak
S03 E567
Dhani And Mani's Torture
S03 E568
Sharda Almost Meets Bhaskar
S03 E569
Kanta Rescues Bhaskar
S03 E570
Janmashtami Celebrations
S03 E571
The Peacock Feather Confusion
S03 E572
Tathacharya's Brilliance
S03 E573
Bhaskar's Weird Dilemma
S03 E574
Bhaskar Gets Shocked In Sleep
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English only please. Home rules.
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