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1968 - 1971  •  NBC  •  35 hours  •  3 seasons  •  86 episodes
1 vote
592 votes
# 6153
Julia Baker (Diahann Carroll) is a young African-American woman working as a nurse. She is also a widow (Her husband died in Vietnam) trying to raise a young son (Marc Copage) alone. Others of the cast include Dr. Morton Chegley (Lloyd Nolan) & Mr. & Mrs. Waggedorn (Betty Beaird & Michael Link).
  Previously Aired Episode
Anyone For Tenants? Aired on 03/23/1971
Anyone For Tenants?
Season 3: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
86 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Mama's Man
S01 E02
The Interview
S01 E03
Sorry, Right Number
S01 E04
Homework Isn't Housework
S01 E05
Unloneliest Night of the Week
S01 E06
Who's a Freud of Ginger Wolfe?
S01 E07
Am I, Pardon the Expression, Blacklisted?
S01 E08
The Champ is No Chump
S01 E09
Too Good to Be Bad
S01 E10
Paint Your Waggedorn
S01 E11
Farewell, My Friends, Hello
S01 E12
The Solid Brass Snow Job
S01 E13
Designers Don't Always Have Designs
S01 E14
I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas
S01 E15
The One and Only Genuine, Original Family Uncle
S01 E16
How Sharper Than a Baby's Tooth
S01 E17
Matchmaker, Break Me a Match
S01 E18
Dancer in the Dark
S01 E19
How to Keep Your Wig Warm
S01 E20
Sticks and Stones Can Break My Pizza
S01 E21
A Little Chicken Soup Never Hurt Anybody
S01 E22
Wanda Mean Well
S01 E23
Cupid's No Computer
S01 E24
I Thought I Saw a Two-Timer?
S01 E25
It Takes Two to Tangle
S01 E26
Home of the Braves
S01 E27
A Baby's a Nice Nuisance
S01 E28
Gone With the Draft
S01 E29
The Doctor's Dilemma
S01 E30
Love is a Many Sighted Thing
Season 2
S02 E01
A Tale of Two Sitters
S02 E02
The Wheel Deal
S02 E03
The Undergraduate
S02 E04
Two's a Family, Three's a Crowd
S02 E05
Tank's for the Memory
S02 E06
For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls
S02 E07
You Can't Beat Drums
S02 E08
Tie Wolf
S02 E09
Romeo and Julia
S02 E10
The Grass is Sometimes Greener
S02 E11
The Eve of Adam
S02 E12
So's Your Old Uncle
S02 E13
Hilda's No Help
S02 E14
Temper Also Fugits
S02 E15
The Prisoner of Brenda
S02 E16
The Dates of Wrath
S02 E17
The Jolly Green Midget
S02 E18
Sioux Me, Don't Woo Me
S02 E19
Charity Begins With Chegley
S02 E20
Father of the Bribe
S02 E21
Call Me By My Rightful Number
S02 E22
Gone With the Whim
S02 E23
Charlie's Chance
S02 E24
I'll Be Yours
S02 E25
The Divine Divine
S02 E26
Sara's Second Part
S02 E27
Corey For President
S02 E28
The Switch Sitters
S02 E29
Absence Makes the Heart Glow
S02 E30
Bunny Hug
Season 3
S03 E01
Ready, Aim, Fired
S03 E02
Half Past Sick
S03 E03
Little Boys Lost
S03 E04
Altar Ego
S03 E05
Tanks Again
S03 E06
Kim an' Horror
S03 E07
Magna Cum Lover
S03 E08
Bowled Over
S03 E09
Long Time No Ski
S03 E10
Smoke Scream
S03 E11
Parents Can Be Pains
S03 E12
Essay Can You See?
S03 E13
That New Black Magic
S03 E14
Two For the Toad
S03 E15
Kids is a Four Letter Word
S03 E16
Cousin of the Bride
S03 E17
Cool Hand Bruce
S03 E18
Toast Melba
S03 E19
Courting Time
S03 E20
Strictly For the Birds
S03 E21
Corey's High-Q
S03 E22
Paper Tigers
S03 E23
Swing Low, Sweet Charity
S03 E24
Anniversary Faults
S03 E25
The Gender Trap
S03 E26
Anyone For Tenants?
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