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Kinda Funny Morning Show

Kinda Funny Morning Show

2017 - 2017   •  YouTube  •   6 days
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Talk Show
Every weekday the Kinda Funny crew talk about various pop culture topics
  Previously Aired Episode
Nick is Back! Aired on 09/13/2017
Nick is Back!
Season 1: Episode 156
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
156 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Change is Good
S01 E02
Golden Globes Recap and Scalebound Cancelled
S01 E03
Crazy Greg Returns!
S01 E04
Greg And Nick Have A Flex-Off!
S01 E05
The Morning After Nintendo Switch
S01 E06
Nintendo Switch Hands-On Impressions
S01 E07
Greg's Resident Evil 7 VCR Rant
S01 E08
Logan, Power Rangers Trailer Reactions
S01 E09
Inauguration Day 2017
S01 E10
Star Wars The Last Jedi with Mike Drucker
S01 E11
S01 E12
Kevin Breaks A Mirror And Ruins Everything
S01 E13
New Avengers Game By Marvel x Square-Enix!
S01 E14
This Show Is A Disaster
S01 E15
Royal Rumble And Split
S01 E16
SF Giant Hunter Pence and LetsGetLexi!
S01 E17
The Return of Colin and Nick
S01 E18
Sony Sales and GameStop Troubles
S01 E19
Prayers for Bowling Green Massacre and PS4 Updates
S01 E20
Superbowl Recap and Zelda Goes Gold
S01 E21
John Travolta’s Massive Crotch and Final Fantasy XV Broke Even
S01 E22
Australia Sucked the Fun Out of Greg
S01 E23
Greg Ruins Everything
S01 E24
Batman Is Totally F'd
S01 E25
Fifty Shades Darker Review
S01 E26
S01 E27
Harrison Ford Near Crashes & TSA Loves Cocaine!
S01 E28
Crash Comes Out On Tim's Birthday!
S01 E29
We Call SisQo
S01 E30
Greg Miller Plans a Murder
S01 E31
We Got the Nintendo Switch
S01 E32
Make Kinda Funny Great Again
S01 E33
The Best Thing To Do In Sweden
S01 E34
Joy Con Issues and Nightwing Movie
S01 E35
Zelda And Switch Impressions
S01 E36
60 Indies Coming To Nintendo Switch
S01 E37
Nick Wins the Nintendo World Championship
S01 E38
Greg and Tim Play Snipperclips
S01 E39
Nintendo World Championship Controversy
S01 E40
Colin Moriarty Leaves Kinda Funny
S01 E41
We Drink Beers On A Roof
S01 E42
The Matrix Reboot
S01 E43
Overcooked In Real Life!
S01 E44
Beauty and the Beast Review
S01 E45
Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews Reaction
S01 E46
Chad The Piranha Plant
S01 E47
Switch Back in Stock, Terminator Rebooted
S01 E48
The Weekly Kinda Funny BBQ
S01 E49
Least Shocking Star Wars News Of All-Time
S01 E50
Power Rangers in Real Life
S01 E51
New Spider-Man Trailer Reactions
S01 E52
Meet Kinda Funny's New Editor
S01 E53
Batgirl Movie Rumors
S01 E54
Wendy's Talking Mad Shit To McDonalds
S01 E55
Spider-Man PS4 Isn't Coming in 2017
S01 E56
Greg's Comic Book Dreams Come True!
S01 E57
Persona 5 Streaming Restrictions Are Dumb
S01 E58
Xbox Scorpio Specs Revealed!
S01 E59
Penis Gummies For All The Boyz
S01 E60
Thor Ragnarok Looks Rad
S01 E61
New Uncharted Release Date Announced
S01 E62
Star Wars: Battlefront II Trailer Leaks
S01 E63
Our Fate of The Furious Barbecue
S01 E64
Walking Dead, Westworld's Steven Ogg (Special Guest)
S01 E65
Horizon's Glitched Platinum Trophy
S01 E66
Tim Schafer is a Super Villain
S01 E67
Superman Show Features Kinda Funny Best Friend
S01 E68
The Minority Report
S01 E69
The Minority Report 2: The Revenge
S01 E70
What Were Tim and Nick Doing At Rooster Teeth?
S01 E71
Comic Book Men's Ming Chen (Special Guest)
S01 E72
Jurassic World's Jeff Goldblum Calls In!
S01 E73
Greg's Birthday Bash!
S01 E74
Was Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Good?
S01 E75
May The First Be With You
S01 E76
Greg Miller Got Married
S01 E77
How The Hell Is This Real?
S01 E78
Can SisQo Get Us Harry Potter on Broadway Tickets?
S01 E79
Why Does Transformers Suck SOOOOO Much?
S01 E80
Blade Runner 2049 Looks Amazing
S01 E81
New Assassin's Creed, Far Cry Western?!
S01 E82
Greg and Nick's Best Show Ever
S01 E83
Kinda Funny Makes A Boy Band!
S01 E84
We Make Way Too Many Pizzas
S01 E85
Witcher Netflix Series Announced
S01 E86
Nick Talks Hella Shit
S01 E87
Tom Hardy Is Venom
S01 E88
Spider-Man Is Nathan Drake
S01 E89
All the News Is Sad
S01 E90
We Want a X-23 Movie
S01 E91
Minority Report III: The Birthday Special
S01 E92
Leaked Smash News
S01 E93
Animaniacs Are Coming Back?!
S01 E94
Should Netflix Cancel House of Cards?
S01 E95
KFL3 Nearly Killed Us
S01 E96
Tim's Reaction to the Pokemon Announcements
S01 E97
Greg Loves the New Batman Twist
S01 E98
Burnie Burns Gives Us Full Permission
S01 E99
The Boys Get Ready For E3!
S01 E100
New Stand Up Specials You Should Watch
S01 E101
Will Blade Runner 2049 Be Good?
S01 E102
Is The Han Solo Movie Screwed?
S01 E103
Jay Z is the Millennium Falcon of Hip Hop Artists!
S01 E104
New Rocko's Modern Life Movie
S01 E105
Netflix's GLOW Review
S01 E106
Comics You Should Read This Week
S01 E107
Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler-Free Impressions
S01 E108
Superman: Red Son Movie in the Works?
S01 E109
Wonder Woman Beats BvS in America
S01 E110
Justice League Trailer Impressions
S01 E111
Wonder Woman 2 Set in the 80s?!?!
S01 E112
We Get Way Too Many Donuts
S01 E113
Batman Movie Starts Over
S01 E114
Is it Too Late for Incredibles 2?
S01 E115
Game Of Thrones Premiere Reacts
S01 E116
The Thong Song Is Back!
S01 E117
Deadly Class Review
S01 E118
Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter is DOPE!
S01 E119
Who Will Be Our Next Batman?
S01 E120
Comic-Con Recap
S01 E121
Superman's Mustache
S01 E122
John Wick Expanded Universe
S01 E123
Do We Need More Terminator?
S01 E124
There’s Hope for True Detective Season 3
S01 E125
Who will Direct Suicide Squad 2?
S01 E126
Tim is Really Sunburned
S01 E127
Spider-Man Blue Is Amazing
S01 E128
Star Wars Episode IX Rewrites
S01 E129
The Birth Of Dirtbag Tim
S01 E130
More Comic Book Shows on Netflix?
S01 E131
Mike Drucker Joins Us!
S01 E132
Hot Cheetos Belong On Everything!
S01 E133
The Last Jedi is The Empire Strikes Back
S01 E134
Game Of Thrones Review and Final Season News
S01 E135
Meg Turney Guest Hosts!
S01 E136
The Batfleck Drama Never Ends, Killing Greg
S01 E137
Let The Rock Be Shazam!?
S01 E138
Who will Play Obi Wan?
S01 E139
Game of Thrones Review and Taylor Swift’s New Album
S01 E140
Nick Fights Everyone
S01 E141
Is The Joker Movie A Bad Idea?
S01 E142
How Much Joker Is Too Much?
S01 E143
Don’t Hate Taylor Swift
S01 E144
Game Of Thrones Season Finale Review
S01 E145
Turning Down Major Movie Roles
S01 E146
The Best Superman Comic Ever
S01 E147
Star Wars: Snoke Is the Word
S01 E148
Death Note Netflix Movie Review
S01 E149
Batman: The Animated Series Is 25
S01 E150
S01 E151
Star Wars Director Roulette
S01 E152
IT Sequel News, Joey and Andy Insanity
S01 E153
Give Us All the Deadpool
S01 E154
It Review, Greg Punches Mother on Birthday
S01 E155
The iPhone X is $1000
S01 E156
Nick is Back!
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