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Family Feud

Family Feud

2010 - Now  •  Wednesday 05:00 PM on Syndication  •  43 days  •  2092 episodes
5 votes
3423 votes
# 7356
Game Show, Family
The current and updated version of the classic game show. Steve Harvey referees two families of five members competing against each other by guessing the popular answers to survey questions like "name something found in a glove compartment". The family that reaches 300 points gets a chance to win $20,000.
  Previously Aired Episode
Kincaid vs. Meyers Aired on 05/26/2021
Kincaid vs. Meyers
Season 22: Episode 165
Season 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Season 12
S12 E01
Howard vs. Poe
S12 E02
Hutchinson vs. Praeger
S12 E03
Howard vs. Swist
S12 E04
Belt vs. Praeger
S12 E05
Belt vs. James
S12 E06
Howard vs. Bergeron
S12 E07
Howard vs. Turk
S12 E08
Belt vs. Farwell
S12 E09
Howard vs. Morrison
S12 E10
Khoury vs. Farwell
S12 E11
Mallory vs. Morrison
S12 E12
Wilson vs. Farwell
S12 E13
Caccia vs. Morrison
S12 E14
Darling vs. Thomas
S12 E15
Christian vs. Morrison
S12 E16
Darling vs. Wilborn
S12 E17
Lavoie vs. Morrison
S12 E18
Darling vs. Kerkhoff
S12 E19
Garcia vs. Karnatz
S12 E20
Jordan vs. Stewart
S12 E21
Garcia vs. Doherty
S12 E22
Baker vs. Stewart
S12 E23
Garcia vs. Sinnott
S12 E24
Glinsey vs. Stewart
S12 E25
Ashley vs. Sinnott
S12 E26
Glinsey vs. Suit
S12 E27
Langley vs. Sinnott
S12 E28
Glinsey vs. Karnatz
S12 E29
Langley vs. Cabrera
S12 E30
Wilson vs. Russell
S12 E31
Hill vs. Cabrera
S12 E32
Wilson vs. Whittern
S12 E33
Hartley vs. Cabrera
S12 E34
Oji vs. Whittern
S12 E35
Anderson vs. Cabrera
S12 E36
Anderson vs. Cabrera
S12 E37
Rios vs. Whittern
S12 E38
Anderson vs. Cabrera
S12 E39
Kahn vs. Whittern
S12 E40
Marshall vs. Poe
S12 E41
Thomas vs. Whittern
S12 E42
Foster vs. Halyard
S12 E43
Allen vs. Dickerson
S12 E44
Foster vs. Palmer
S12 E45
Allen vs. McFadden
S12 E46
Wootton vs. Palmer
S12 E47
Allen vs. Carrigan
S12 E48
Wootton vs. Kitchen
S12 E49
Saulsbery vs. Carrigan
S12 E50
Wootton vs. McGinnis
S12 E51
Saulsbery vs. DeVito
S12 E52
Saulsbery vs. Martorana
S12 E53
Saulsbery vs. Martorana
S12 E54
Cato vs. Martorana
S12 E55
Cato vs. Coats
S12 E56
Cato vs. Crisona
S12 E57
Booth vs. McGinnis
S12 E58
Gaspard vs. Crisona
S12 E59
Booth vs. Love
S12 E60
Rzepka vs. Crisona
S12 E61
Booth vs. Love
S12 E62
Foster vs. Crisona
S12 E63
Marrazzo vs. Love
S12 E64
Arrondo vs. Cirsona
S12 E65
Dunn vs. Love
S12 E66
Aarondo vs. Abdur-Rahman
S12 E67
Men TNA Wrestlers vs. Women TNA Wrestlers
S12 E68
Rebhan vs. Love
S12 E69
Men TNA Wrestlers vs. Women TNA Wrestlers
S12 E70
Men TNA Wrestlers vs. Women TNA Wrestlers
S12 E71
Men TNA Wrestlers vs. Women TNA Wrestlers
S12 E72
Men TNA Wrestlers vs. Women TNA Wrestlers
S12 E73
Moore vs. Speegle
S12 E74
Brown vs. Dunn
S12 E75
Patterson vs. Speegle
S12 E76
Brooks vs. Dunn
S12 E77
James vs. Speegle
S12 E78
Peluso vs. Brown
S12 E79
James vs. Raymond
S12 E80
Peluso vs. Wright
S12 E81
James vs. Sharper
S12 E82
Klein vs. Abdur-Rahman
S12 E83
Lewis vs. Anderson
S12 E84
Speegle vs. Abdur-Rahman
S12 E85
Lewis vs. DeCicco
S12 E86
George vs. Abdur-Rahman
S12 E87
McSwiggin vs. DeCicco
S12 E88
Cycyota vs. Abdur-Rahman
S12 E89
Maylor vs. DeCicco
S12 E90
James vs. Frost
S12 E91
Zangre vs. DeCicco
S12 E92
Peluso vs. Benvenuto
S12 E93
McIntosh vs. Flowers
S12 E94
Dennard vs. Benvenuto
S12 E95
Graham vs. Flowers
S12 E96
Dennard vs. Schoon
S12 E97
Sane vs. Flowers
S12 E98
McIntosh vs. Schoon
S12 E99
Sane vs. Campbell
S12 E100
McIntosh vs .Burr
S12 E101
Sane vs. Anderson
S12 E102
Graham vs. Pyle
S12 E103
Daku vs. Douglas
S12 E104
Lewis vs. Pyle
S12 E105
Marshall vs. Douglas
S12 E106
Lewis vs. Anthony
S12 E107
Marshall vs. Taylor
S12 E108
Metel vs. Anthony
S12 E109
Marshall vs. Riley
S12 E110
Metel vs. George
S12 E111
Krueger vs. Riley
S12 E112
Lambert vs. George
S12 E113
Thomas vs. Adin
S12 E114
Finch vs. George
S12 E115
Thomas vs. Tuck
S12 E116
Finch vs. McLaren
S12 E117
Anderson vs. Tuck
S12 E118
Freudenthaler vs. McLaren
S12 E119
Avello vs. Tuck
S12 E120
Freudenthaler vs. Reyes
S12 E121
Almy vs. Smith
S12 E122
Ruzas vs. Heinsch
S12 E123
Marshall vs. Girard
S12 E124
Pickett vs. Heinsch
S12 E125
Marshall vs. Rohrer
S12 E126
Berrettini vs. Heinsch
S12 E127
Marshall vs. Coatoam
S12 E128
Shah vs. Heinsch
S12 E129
Roth vs. Baird
S12 E130
Newson vs. Heinsch
S12 E131
Episode 131
S12 E132
Scott vs. Davis
S12 E133
Ruzas vs. Morris
S12 E134
Scott vs. Girard
S12 E135
LeBoeuf vs. Smith
S12 E136
Zangre vs. Bolser
S12 E137
Burkett vs. Smith
S12 E138
Zangre vs. Connor
S12 E139
Webb vs. Smith
S12 E140
Episode 140
S12 E141
Webb vs. Adin
S12 E142
Episode 142
S12 E143
Episode 143
S12 E144
Webb vs. Brown
S12 E145
Webb vs. Heiss
S12 E146
Webb vs. Hearsey
S12 E147
Brathwaite vs. Reyes
S12 E148
Brown vs. Reyes
S12 E149
Episode 149
S12 E150
Episode 150
S12 E151
Episode 151
S12 E152
Donaldson vs. Connor
S12 E153
Donaldson vs. Perryman
S12 E154
Donaldson vs. Pratt
S12 E155
Donaldson vs. Hirsch
S12 E156
Donaldson vs. Melton
S12 E157
Friend vs. Riley
S12 E158
Friend vs. Adams
S12 E159
Easler vs. Adam
S12 E160
Easler vs. Piergrossi
S12 E161
Scott vs. Piergrossi
S12 E162
Gray vs. Frost
S12 E163
Gray vs. Thames
S12 E164
Gray vs. Bonwell
S12 E165
Gray vs. Hourigan
S12 E166
Gray vs. Barkman
S12 E167
Episode 167
Season 13
S13 E01
Avello vs. Anderson
S13 E02
Brown vs. Thompson
S13 E03
Avello vs. Scieneaux
S13 E04
Brown vs. Howell
S13 E05
Avello vs. Bouley
S13 E06
Brown vs. Schiavo
S13 E07
Ice vs. Bouley
S13 E08
Davis vs. Schiavo
S13 E09
Mason vs. Bouley
S13 E10
Hackney vs. Schiavo
S13 E11
Episode 11
S13 E12
Oliveri vs. Lawson
S13 E13
Hackney vs. Filippetti
S13 E14
Freni vs. Lawson
S13 E15
Hackney vs. Caskey
S13 E16
Taylor vs. Lawson
S13 E17
Hackney vs. McGlynn
S13 E18
Hicks vs. Lawson
S13 E19
Carlberg vs. Fornario
S13 E20
Hicks vs. Lawson
S13 E21
Coker vs. Harrington
S13 E22
Scott vs. Baxter
S13 E23
Coker vs. Mathis
S13 E24
Ritchie vs. Baxter
S13 E25
Coker vs. Fallon
S13 E26
Ritchie vs. Baxter
S13 E27
Coker vs. Youmans
S13 E28
Ritchie vs. Skye
S13 E29
Tovar vs. Youmans
S13 E30
Greene vs. Skye
S13 E31
Simeon vs. Rose
S13 E32
Riley vs. Peters
S13 E33
Brown vs. Rose
S13 E34
Riley vs. Oguchi
S13 E35
McMillian vs. Rose
S13 E36
Riley vs. White
S13 E37
Fay vs. Rose
S13 E38
Riley vs. Elly
S13 E39
Fay vs. Rankins
S13 E40
Riley vs. Haywood
S13 E41
Stewart vs. Forsythe
S13 E42
Quinn vs. Flanagan
S13 E43
Stewart vs. Fritts
S13 E44
Nagle vs. Flanagan
S13 E45
Stewart vs. Jaeck
S13 E46
Nagle vs. Bogany
S13 E47
Stewart vs. Higgins
S13 E48
Barrios vs. Bogany
S13 E49
Stewart vs. Woulf
S13 E50
Barrios vs. Thompson
S13 E51
Prasad vs. McGlynn
S13 E52
Prasad vs. Breech
S13 E53
Prasad vs. Wright
S13 E54
Calonge vs. Wright
S13 E55
Scott vs. Wright
S13 E56
Schriever vs. Rankins
S13 E57
Viscovich vs. Wooley
S13 E58
Schriever vs. Tomasulo
S13 E59
Viscovich vs. Joyner
S13 E60
Episode 60
S13 E61
Grzywacz vs. Joyner
S13 E62
Schriever vs. Oguchi
S13 E63
Heath vs. Joyner
S13 E64
Wise vs. Hundl
S13 E65
Delaney vs. Joyner
S13 E66
Wise vs. Virella
S13 E67
Van Dyke vs. Joyner
S13 E68
Wise vs. Oliva
S13 E69
Paul vs. O'Hara
S13 E70
Simeon vs. Oliva
S13 E71
Jackson vs. O'Hara
S13 E72
Simeon vs. Dahl
S13 E73
Jackson vs. Roth
S13 E74
Simeon vs. Knowles
S13 E75
Jackson vs. Stork
S13 E76
Jackson vs. Amend
S13 E77
Jones vs. Amend
S13 E78
Jones vs. Amend
S13 E79
Jones vs. Fogarty
S13 E80
Bacote vs. Fogarty
S13 E81
Nogueira vs. Gallegos
S13 E82
Ruff vs. Fogarty
S13 E83
Lynch vs. Gallegos
S13 E84
Ruff vs. Drye
S13 E85
McManmon vs. Gallegos
S13 E86
Ruff vs. Reischel
S13 E87
McManmon vs. Wagner
S13 E88
Ruff vs. Baer
S13 E89
Iovanna vs. Wagner
S13 E90
Ruff vs. Dunn
S13 E91
Archila vs. Tolbert
S13 E92
Archila vs. Fornario
S13 E93
Bailey vs. Fornario
S13 E94
Bailey vs. Fornario
S13 E95
Bernard vs. McGlynn
S13 E96
Mason vs. Harrington
S13 E97
Gallapher vs. Skelton
S13 E98
Gallagher vs. Finnegan
S13 E99
Chang vs. Steele
S13 E100
Chrostowiski vs. Youmans
S13 E101
Chang vs. Skye
S13 E102
Chang vs. Vogelzang
S13 E103
Chrostowiski vs. Chandler
S13 E104
Chang vs. Bishop
S13 E105
Regan vs. Chandler
S13 E106
Chang vs. Doran
S13 E107
Archila vs. Chandler
S13 E108
Coleman vs. Wilson
S13 E109
Carlberg vs. Ashmon
S13 E110
Neasham vs. Wilson
S13 E111
Nguyen vs. Ashmon
S13 E112
Quinn vs. Wilson
S13 E113
Lee vs. Ashmon
S13 E114
Scott vs. Horn
S13 E115
Lee vs. Butler
S13 E116
Scott vs. Rill
S13 E117
Lee vs. McDade
S13 E118
Tipton vs. Wagner
S13 E119
Lee vs. Judeh
S13 E120
Grays vs. Wagner
S13 E121
Lee vs. Johnson
S13 E122
Grays vs. Jacobs
S13 E123
Pitts vs. Atoa
S13 E124
Grays vs. Forsythe
S13 E125
Pitts vs. Dunn
S13 E126
Belizaire vs. Forsythe
S13 E127
Flammia vs. Chambers
S13 E128
Heath vs. Singer
S13 E129
Flammia vs. Chambers
S13 E130
Malloy vs. Singer
S13 E131
Flammia vs. Verrmette
S13 E132
Karapetian vs. Singer
S13 E133
DiSpena vs. Dunn
S13 E134
Karapetian vs. Brown
S13 E135
Chu vs. Flowers
S13 E136
Brennan vs. Brown
S13 E137
Rzentkowski vs. Flowers
S13 E138
Rzentkowski vs. Guilford
S13 E139
Rzentkowski vs. Long
S13 E140
Auger vs. Long
S13 E141
Auger vs. Mathis
S13 E142
Abrahams vs. Auger
S13 E143
Abrahams vs. Pippin
S13 E144
Pippin vs. Finch
S13 E145
Walker vs. Finch
S13 E146
Finch vs. Brewer
S13 E147
Raponi vs. Brewer
S13 E148
De Jesús vs. Brewer
S13 E149
De Jesús vs. Sinclair
S13 E150
De Jesús vs. Costello
S13 E151
De Jesús vs. Wrobel
S13 E152
Holloway vs. De Jesús
S13 E153
Brennan vs. Smiley
S13 E154
Brennan vs. Ortolani
S13 E155
Brennan vs. Brown
S13 E156
Oliveri vs. Brown
S13 E157
Grzywacz vs. Wooley
S13 E158
Squillace vs. Harris
S13 E159
Squillace vs. Anderson
S13 E160
Squillace vs. Woody
S13 E161
Karapetian vs. Woody
S13 E162
Rzentkowski vs. Flowers
Season 14
S14 E01
Grand vs. Flammia
S14 E02
Williams vs. Hartman
S14 E03
Mayfield vs. Flammia
S14 E04
Thomas vs. Hartman
S14 E05
Stone vs. Holcomb
S14 E06
Moreland vs. Hartman
S14 E07
Davis vs. Holcomb
S14 E08
Cole vs. Hartman
S14 E09
McKenzie vs. Holcomb
S14 E10
Webb vs. Hartman
S14 E11
McKenzie vs. Carlyle
S14 E12
Webb vs. Halloran
S14 E13
Lathrop vs. Carlyle
S14 E14
Waldron vs. Halloran
S14 E15
Lathrop vs. Satram
S14 E16
Waldron vs. Hallowell
S14 E17
Lathrop vs. Mobley
S14 E18
Grayson vs. Hallowell
S14 E19
Vander Meer vs. Mobley
S14 E20
Grayson vs. Kayser
S14 E21
Consuegra vs. Mobley
S14 E22
Rollins vs. Kayser
S14 E23
Moorehead vs. Mobley
S14 E24
DeZarn vs. Kayser
S14 E25
Moorehead vs. Belling
S14 E26
Caldwell vs. Kayser
S14 E27
Brown vs. Belling
S14 E28
Williams vs. Kayser
S14 E29
Brown vs. Haaz
S14 E30
Ianitello vs. Brown
S14 E31
Brown vs. Kloster
S14 E32
Ianitello vs. Kesler
S14 E33
O'Neal vs. Kloster
S14 E34
Ianitello vs. Davis
S14 E35
O'Neal vs. Lentz
S14 E36
Ianitello vs. High
S14 E37
O'Neal vs. Pacheco
S14 E38
Miller vs. High
S14 E39
O'Neal vs. Heibert
S14 E40
Charest vs. High
S14 E41
O'Neal vs. Seung
S14 E42
Charest vs. White
S14 E43
Freemont vs. Smith
S14 E44
Charest vs. Dang
S14 E45
Freemont vs. McBride
S14 E46
Huckleberry vs. Dang
S14 E47
Freemont vs. Frates
S14 E48
Huckleberry vs. Davis
S14 E49
Jackson vs. Frates
S14 E50
Swanson vs. Davis
S14 E51
Thomas vs. Frates
S14 E52
Thomas vs. Frates
S14 E53
Myers vs. Finch
S14 E54
Thomas vs. Finch
S14 E55
McClain vs. Davis
S14 E56
Samsel vs. Brown
S14 E57
Weil vs. Ireland
S14 E58
Knight vs. Brown
S14 E59
DePalma vs. Ireland
S14 E60
Saidali vs. Brown
S14 E61
DePalma vs. Sudduth
S14 E62
Addison vs. Brown
S14 E63
Greenwood vs. Sudduth
S14 E64
Addison vs. McLester
S14 E65
McLeod vs. Sudduth
S14 E66
Addison vs. Teufel
S14 E67
Fritts vs. Sudduth
S14 E68
Addison vs. Clark
S14 E69
Littleton vs. Suddth
S14 E70
Addison vs. Datcher
S14 E71
Littleton vs. Sowels
S14 E72
Nelson vs. Datcher
S14 E73
Littleton vs. Reischel
S14 E74
Roth vs. Datcher
S14 E75
Gibbs vs. Baldyga
S14 E76
Burns vs. Datcher
S14 E77
Gibbs vs. Hughes
S14 E78
Barrett vs. Reischel
S14 E79
Gibbs vs. Molnar
S14 E80
Barrett vs. Vergara
S14 E81
Watson vs. Molnar
S14 E82
Wright vs. Vergara
S14 E83
Martin vs. Molnar
S14 E84
Myers vs. Vergara
S14 E85
Myers vs. Newkirk
S14 E86
Myers vs. Bowden
S14 E87
Bridges vs. Newkirk
S14 E88
Martin vs. Latimore
S14 E89
Brown vs. Newkirk
S14 E90
Martin vs. Franchina
S14 E91
French vs. Newkirk
S14 E92
Williams vs. Franchina
S14 E93
McCary vs. Newkirk
S14 E94
Hartley vs. Franchina
S14 E95
Barnhill vs. Campbell
S14 E96
Barnhill vs. Franchina
S14 E97
Barnhill vs. Major
S14 E98
Barnhill vs. Parker
S14 E99
Sowell vs. Mastrino
S14 E100
Sowell vs. Major
S14 E101
Hutchinson vs. Rios (Big Money Tournament)
S14 E102
Ritchie vs. Jones (Big Money Tournament)
S14 E103
Speegle vs. Tolbert (Big Money Tournament)
S14 E104
Ritchie vs. Hutchinson (Big Money Tournament)
S14 E105
Speegle vs. Wooley (Big Money Tournament)
S14 E106
Wooley vs. Calonge (Big Money Tournament)
S14 E107
Freemont vs. Griffin
S14 E108
Wooley vs. Hutchinson
S14 E109
Weil vs. Ireland
S14 E110
Weil vs. Davis
S14 E111
Johnson vs. Pawlak
S14 E112
Tracey vs. Johnson
S14 E113
Snipe vs. Pawlak
S14 E114
Tracey vs. Howard
S14 E115
Millsaps vs. Pawlak
S14 E116
Tracey vs. Lampe
S14 E117
Stone vs. Pawlak
S14 E118
Tracey vs. Willinger
S14 E119
Burns vs. McLester
S14 E120
Tracey vs. Willinger
S14 E121
Best vs. Willinger
S14 E122
Burns vs. Ingram
S14 E123
Smith vs. Willinger
S14 E124
Burns vs. Bennett
S14 E125
McCauley vs. Willinger
S14 E126
Schuering vs. Bennett
S14 E127
Sullivan vs. Fraser
S14 E128
Schuering vs. Hughes
S14 E129
Sullivan vs. Tran
S14 E130
Williams vs. Hughes
S14 E131
Troutman vs. Tran
S14 E132
Williams vs. Hughes
S14 E133
Troutman vs. Turnberg
S14 E134
Williams vs. Pulattie
S14 E135
O'Connor vs. Turnberg
S14 E136
Williams vs. Lewis
S14 E137
Lago vs. Turnberg
S14 E138
Darden vs. Lewis
S14 E139
Callagher vs. Christner
S14 E140
Darden vs. Kline
S14 E141
Callagher vs. O'Dea
S14 E142
Lee vs. Kline
S14 E143
Williams vs. O'Dea
S14 E144
Oller vs. Kline
S14 E145
Williams vs. Gould
S14 E146
Oller vs. Sims
S14 E147
Briscoe vs. Mastrino
S14 E148
Oller vs. Kennedy
S14 E149
Southard vs. Mastrino
S14 E150
Brown vs. Kennedy
S14 E151
Malu vs. Mastrino
S14 E152
Olds vs. Mastrino
S14 E153
Anderson vs. Parker
S14 E154
Malu vs. Parker
S14 E155
Pope vs. Parker
S14 E156
Carman vs. Parker
S14 E157
Lincoln vs. Boyd
S14 E158
Pope vs. Boyd
S14 E159
Vachachira vs. Frey
S14 E160
Lincoln vs. Frey
S14 E161
Meza vs. Frey
S14 E162
Nunnally vs. Frey
S14 E163
Bummer vs. Grace
S14 E164
Meza vs. Grace
S14 E165
Summer vs. Grace
S14 E166
Pitts vs. Grace
S14 E167
Brown vs. McNulty
S14 E168
Pollastrini vs. Grace
S14 E169
Williams vs. McNulty
S14 E170
Mayfield vs. McNulty
S14 E171
Patel vs. Baldyga
S14 E172
Patel vs. Kennedy
S14 E173
Adams vs. McNulty
S14 E174
Halsell vs. McNulty
S14 E175
Adams vs. Gackle
S14 E176
Adams vs. Gates
S14 E177
Buda vs. Fisher
S14 E178
Adams vs. Fisher
S14 E179
Grant vs. Fisher
S14 E180
Flowers vs. Fisher
Season 15
S15 E01
Kelly vs. Fisher
S15 E02
Brown vs. Kirk
S15 E03
Kelly vs. Shaheed
S15 E04
Brown vs. Lawson
S15 E05
Coniglio vs. Shaheed
S15 E06
Brown vs. Scott
S15 E07
Coniglio vs. Chambers
S15 E08
Brown vs. Cornell
S15 E09
Rondinella vs. Chambers
S15 E10
Brown vs. Smith
S15 E11
Rondinella vs. Ellison
S15 E12
Johnson vs. Reed
S15 E13
Rondinella vs. Burns
S15 E14
Frates vs. Reed
S15 E15
Hatcher vs. Burns
S15 E16
Strom vs. Reed
S15 E17
Hatcher vs. Hubbard
S15 E18
Strom vs. Brewer
S15 E19
Hatcher vs. Scott
S15 E20
Hatcher vs. Boochee
S15 E21
Hatcher vs. Cole
S15 E22
Jackson vs. Gowland
S15 E23
Jackson vs. Levine
S15 E24
Jackson vs. Electona
S15 E25
Sawtelle vs. Electona
S15 E26
Sawtelle vs. Ware
S15 E27
Schneider vs. Ware
S15 E28
Strom vs. Hepburn
S15 E29
Hunt vs. Ware
S15 E30
Strom vs. Antrum
S15 E31
Hunt vs .Hammock
S15 E32
Strom vs. Stevenson
S15 E33
Hunt vs. Evans
S15 E34
Hinsberger vs. Stevenson
S15 E35
Hunt vs. Schneider
S15 E36
Scott vs. Stevenson
S15 E37
Schneider vs. Rozier
S15 E38
Greenwood vs. Stevenson
S15 E39
Pickett vs. Schneider
S15 E40
Struewing vs. Stevenson
S15 E41
Pickett vs. Murphy
S15 E42
Holliday vs. Lebron
S15 E43
Russell vs. Murphy
S15 E44
Holliday vs. Connell
S15 E45
Russell vs. Finnigan
S15 E46
Sanders vs. Connell
S15 E47
Russell vs. Secor
S15 E48
Sanders vs. Higgins
S15 E49
Acloque vs. Secor
S15 E50
Sanders vs. Allen
S15 E51
Acloque vs. Finnigan
S15 E52
Edgerly vs. Allen
S15 E53
Cohen vs. Simmons
S15 E54
Hodges vs. Low
S15 E55
Cohen vs. Dorcin
S15 E56
Henry vs. Low
S15 E57
Wagstaff vs. Dorcin
S15 E58
Quinn vs. Low
S15 E59
Hornsby vs. Dorcin
S15 E60
Quinn vs. Johnson
S15 E61
Hornsby vs. Dorcin
S15 E62
Quinn vs. Blanding
S15 E63
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo vs. Cake Boss
S15 E64
Quinn vs. Wong
S15 E65
Hornsby vs. Anderson
S15 E66
Quinn vs. Osbey
S15 E67
Haddad vs. Anderson
S15 E68
Siler vs. Rencher
S15 E69
Mastrino vs. Anderson
S15 E70
Siler vs. Yaldai
S15 E71
Griffin vs. Anderson
S15 E72
White vs. Yaldai
S15 E73
Griffin vs. Ames
S15 E74
White vs. Hajj
S15 E75
Mancill vs. Ames
S15 E76
White vs. McDaniel
S15 E77
Keefe vs. Ames
S15 E78
White vs. Dalmolin
S15 E79
Keefe vs. Betts
S15 E80
Fowlkes vs. Dalmolin
S15 E81
Keefe vs. Ivory
S15 E82
Fowlkes vs. McDonald
S15 E83
Taylor vs. Rust
S15 E84
Fowlkes vs. Steele
S15 E85
Owens vs. Rust
S15 E86
Lago vs. Goodpaster
S15 E87
Owens vs. Minton
S15 E88
Pierce vs. Goodpaster
S15 E89
Townsend vs. Minton
S15 E90
Mackrey vs. Goodpaster
S15 E91
Townsend vs. Gowland
S15 E92
Tillman vs. Goodpaster
S15 E93
Finnigan vs. Brooks
S15 E94
Tillman vs. Simmons
S15 E95
Brooks vs. Sweet
S15 E96
Calhoun vs. Simmons
S15 E97
Brooks vs. Gardner
S15 E98
Dickens vs. Simmons
S15 E99
Roland vs. Gardner
S15 E100
Gould vs. Simmons
S15 E101
Roland vs. Lipari
S15 E102
Gould vs. Cannon
S15 E103
Roland vs. Crowe
S15 E104
Gould vs. Sanders
S15 E105
Prather vs. Crowe
S15 E106
Gould vs. Kirk
S15 E107
Prather vs. Hughes
S15 E108
Villafranca vs. Smith
S15 E109
Reed vs. Hughes
S15 E110
Villafranca vs. Carlton
S15 E111
Reynolds vs. Hughes
S15 E112
Hecht vs. Carlton
S15 E113
Bronston vs. Hughes
S15 E114
Johnson vs. Carlton
S15 E115
Bronston vs. Carter
S15 E116
Danquah vs. Allen
S15 E117
Hughes vs. Carter
S15 E118
Danquah vs. Allen
S15 E119
Vernon vs. Carter
S15 E120
Hodges vs. Allen
S15 E121
Vernon vs. Stratton
S15 E122
Hodges vs. Hoover
S15 E123
Vernon vs. Kenigsberg
S15 E124
Merritt vs. Hays
S15 E125
Vernon vs. Hinesley
S15 E126
Merritt vs. Chestnut
S15 E127
Cosby vs. Hinesley
S15 E128
Merritt vs. Fontaine
S15 E129
Cosby vs. Mutyala
S15 E130
Zachery vs. Sass
S15 E131
Maloof vs. Mutyala
S15 E132
Blackmon vs. Sass
S15 E133
Maloof vs. Rosner
S15 E134
Brown vs. Sass
S15 E135
Merritt vs. Buda
S15 E136
Maloof vs. Stockton
S15 E137
Reese vs. Buda
S15 E138
Johnson vs. Stockton
S15 E139
Jackson vs. Buda
S15 E140
Reese vs. Stockton
S15 E141
Wells vs. Buda
S15 E142
Hackett vs. Stockton
S15 E143
Fowlkes vs. Steele
S15 E144
McCarthy vs. Stockton
S15 E145
Coke vs. Edenfield
S15 E146
McCarthy vs. Sells
S15 E147
Coke vs. Sturino
S15 E148
McCarthy vs. Mack
S15 E149
Harrow vs. Sturino
S15 E150
McMahon vs. Mack
S15 E151
Gayton vs. Sturino
S15 E152
Cohen vs. Mack
S15 E153
Torres vs. Sturino
S15 E154
Keefe vs. Sweeten
S15 E155
Belford vs. Sweeten
S15 E156
Dobbins vs. Sturino
S15 E157
Belford vs. Rocchi
S15 E158
Brown vs. Sass
S15 E159
Kelly vs. Rocchi
S15 E160
Lennear vs. Sass
S15 E161
Casillas vs. Rocchi
S15 E162
Lennear vs. Petruccelli
S15 E163
Casillas vs. Stanley
S15 E164
Lennear vs. Jordan
S15 E165
Leach vs. Stanley
S15 E166
Gates vs. Jordan
S15 E167
Leach vs. Coveno
S15 E168
Gates vs. Gallagher
S15 E169
James vs. Coveno
S15 E170
Gates vs. Brittain
S15 E171
Gunn vs. Coveno
S15 E172
Cosby vs. Brittain
S15 E173
Gunn vs. Correggio
S15 E174
Stewart vs. Brittain
S15 E175
Zachery vs. Correggio
S15 E176
Stewart vs. Stevens
S15 E177
Brown vs. Backus
S15 E178
Stewart vs. Likens
S15 E179
Bishop vs. Tatum
S15 E180
Stewart vs. Edenfield
Season 16
S16 E01
Bishop vs. Holiday
S16 E02
Fowlkes vs. Rice
S16 E03
Nowacki vs. Holiday
S16 E04
Thomas vs. Brown
S16 E05
Hersh vs. Holiday
S16 E06
Thomas vs. McKissic
S16 E07
O'Donoghue vs. Holiday
S16 E08
Rosado vs. McKissic
S16 E09
O'Donoghue vs. Watkins
S16 E10
Siurek vs. McKissic
S16 E11
O'Donoghue vs. Woodland
S16 E12
Siurek vs. Houston
S16 E13
Eggerud vs. Woodland
S16 E14
Siurek vs. Brown
S16 E15
Eggerud vs. Moffett
S16 E16
Siurek vs. Wood
S16 E17
Bishop vs. Moffett
S16 E18
Siurek vs. Manigault
S16 E19
Setrakian vs. Moffett
S16 E20
Shepard vs. Moffett
S16 E21
Caauwe vs. Moffett
S16 E22
Caauwe vs. Evans
S16 E23
Caauwe vs. Hunter
S16 E24
Caauwe vs. Benson Jaja
S16 E25
Caauwe vs. Brinson
S16 E26
Mickelsen vs. Brinson
S16 E27
Mickelsen vs. Gallman
S16 E28
Grier vs. Hagemann
S16 E29
Voza vs. Gallman
S16 E30
Grier vs. McCann
S16 E31
Voza vs. Campbell
S16 E32
Grier vs. Dahlquist
S16 E33
Hall vs. Campbell
S16 E34
Grier vs. Stuerke
S16 E35
Hall vs. Jones
S16 E36
Grier vs. Hipps
S16 E37
Hall vs. Byrd
S16 E38
Reed vs. Glenn
S16 E39
Barutha vs. Byrd
S16 E40
Reed vs. O'Hara
S16 E41
Barutha vs. Mott
S16 E42
Reed vs. Sholl
S16 E43
Gardner vs. Mott
S16 E44
Reed vs. Kelly
S16 E45
Gardner vs. Legette
S16 E46
Reed vs. Willis
S16 E47
Gardner vs. Catone
S16 E48
Bellefant vs. Willis
S16 E49
Gardner vs. Styles
S16 E50
Siqueiros vs. Willis
S16 E51
Gruber vs. Styles
S16 E52
Siqueiros vs. Sumter
S16 E53
Leclair vs. Styles
S16 E54
Siqueiros vs. Ford
S16 E55
Noe vs. Styles
S16 E56
Siqueiros vs. Tuso
S16 E57
Nelson vs. Styles
S16 E58
Siqueiros vs. James
S16 E59
Dredden vs. Fitzgerald
S16 E60
Vandiver vs. Etter
S16 E61
Kennedy vs. Fitzgerald
S16 E62
Vandiver vs. Barnett
S16 E63
Kennedy vs. Shearer
S16 E64
Vandiver vs. Dicks
S16 E65
Wilkerson vs. Shearer
S16 E66
Ferguson vs. Dicks
S16 E67
Wilkerson vs. Pabelico
S16 E68
Felton vs. Dicks
S16 E69
Wilkerson vs. Hinesley
S16 E70
Felton vs. Fierst
S16 E71
Noris vs. Hinesley
S16 E72
Felton vs. Armbruster
S16 E73
Noris vs. Limite
S16 E74
Felton vs. Hughes
S16 E75
Rodgers vs. Limite
S16 E76
Wardlaw vs. Hughes
S16 E77
Rodgers vs. Gardner
S16 E78
Wardlaw vs. Rosado
S16 E79
Rodgers vs. Oliver
S16 E80
Dent vs. Rosado
S16 E81
Lacy vs. Oliver
S16 E82
Rice vs. Rosado
S16 E83
Lacy vs. Kirkpatrick
S16 E84
Newbert vs. Rosado
S16 E85
Towns vs. Kirkpatrick
S16 E86
Duncan vs. Infinger
S16 E87
Warren vs. Kirkpatrick
S16 E88
Duncan vs. Kranker
S16 E89
Duncan vs. Campbell
S16 E90
Tolbert vs. Kirkpatrick
S16 E91
Jackson vs. Campbell
S16 E92
Brown vs. Kirkpatrick
S16 E93
Leggett vs. Campbell
S16 E94
Bone vs. Nichols
S16 E95
Baker vs. Campbell
S16 E96
Rettmann vs. Nichols
S16 E97
Baker vs. Campbell
S16 E98
Collins vs. Nichols
S16 E99
Baker vs. Wigfall
S16 E100
Collins vs. Carter
S16 E101
Baker vs. Smith
S16 E102
Collins vs. Murry
S16 E103
Stegeman vs. Smith
S16 E104
Collins vs. Blount
S16 E105
Fahmy vs. Smith
S16 E106
Blevins vs. Blount
S16 E107
Fahmy vs. Brown
S16 E108
Blevins vs. Armstrong
S16 E109
Circuit vs. Brown
S16 E110
Blevins vs. Vildor
S16 E111
Circuit vs. Satkamp
S16 E112
Blevins vs. Beams
S16 E113
Circuit vs. Willis
S16 E114
Henderson vs. Beams
S16 E115
Circuit vs. Gray
S16 E116
Little vs. Beams
S16 E117
Circuit vs. Willis
S16 E118
Nellis vs. Beams
S16 E119
Alamand vs. Houston
S16 E120
Rieckenberg vs. Richardson
S16 E121
Alamand vs. Howard
S16 E122
Rieckenberg vs. Sloan
S16 E123
Alamand vs. Cedeno
S16 E124
Rieckenberg vs. Patel
S16 E125
Speer vs. Cedeno
S16 E126
Duncan vs. Patel
S16 E127
Reicks vs. Cedeno
S16 E128
Duncan vs. McClain
S16 E129
Reicks vs. Eligon
S16 E130
Duncan vs. Glenn
S16 E131
Brown vs. Eligon
S16 E132
Duncan vs. Rollyson
S16 E133
Irvin vs. Eligon
S16 E134
Regina vs. Rollyson
S16 E135
Rieckenberg vs. Beams
S16 E136
Honeysucker vs. Burgess
S16 E137
Rennick vs. Rollyson
S16 E138
Johnson vs. Burgess
S16 E139
Rennick vs. Midthum
S16 E140
Haynes vs. Burgess
S16 E141
Hutchins vs. Midthum
S16 E142
Mikula vs. Burgess
S16 E143
Tuck vs. Midthum
S16 E144
Muller vs. Burgess
S16 E145
Tuck vs. Stokely
S16 E146
Edwards vs. Wright
S16 E147
Tuck vs. Israel
S16 E148
Donadio vs. Wright
S16 E149
Tuck vs. Nodal
S16 E150
Aslesen vs. Nodal
S16 E151
Donadio vs. Davis
S16 E152
Donadio vs. Dunmore
S16 E153
Aslesen vs. Stokely
S16 E154
Donadio vs. Still
S16 E155
Gamble vs. Still
S16 E156
Brien vs. Stokely
S16 E157
Irvin vs. Reed
S16 E158
Drummond vs. Stokely
S16 E159
Voza vs. Reed
S16 E160
Nodal vs. Stokely
S16 E161
Bates vs. Reed
S16 E162
Coan vs. Still
S16 E163
Bates vs. Patterson
S16 E164
Coan vs. Cossalter
S16 E165
Bates vs. Bryant
S16 E166
Carson vs. Cossalter
S16 E167
Lee vs. Bryant
S16 E168
Prado vs. Cossalter
S16 E169
Lee vs. Howard
S16 E170
Prado vs. Espy
S16 E171
Kral vs. Howard
S16 E172
Prado vs. Wilbert
S16 E173
Kral vs. Flowers
S16 E174
Prado vs. Ayers
S16 E175
Kral vs. Williams
S16 E176
Rich vs. Ayers
S16 E177
Kral vs. Fate
S16 E178
Tattersall vs. Ayers
S16 E179
Kral vs. Gant
S16 E180
Tattersall vs. Williams
S16 E200
Episode 200
S16 E201
Gordken Family vs Broz Family
Season 17
S17 E01
Kirshenbaum vs. Williams
S17 E02
Wester vs. Gant
S17 E03
Fabiano vs. Williams
S17 E04
Ahluwalia vs. Gant
S17 E05
Fabiano vs. Rush
S17 E06
Latimer vs. Gant
S17 E07
Fabiano vs. Toomer
S17 E08
Yount vs. Gant
S17 E09
Fabiano vs. Naidu
S17 E10
Muccular vs. Barrett
S17 E11
Walker vs. Telles
S17 E12
Docks vs. Barrett
S17 E13
Schoepf vs. Tucker
S17 E14
Docks vs. Pierro
S17 E15
Karg vs. Tucker
S17 E16
Docks vs. Hicks
S17 E17
Cox vs. Tucker
S17 E18
Docks vs. Barriball
S17 E19
Cox vs. Larry
S17 E20
Docks vs. Barriball
S17 E21
Cox vs. Gaines
S17 E22
Baron vs. Barriball
S17 E23
Cox vs. McDonald
S17 E24
Baron vs. Hicks
S17 E25
Cox vs. Siolidis
S17 E26
Washburn vs. Hicks
S17 E27
Ward vs. Nelson
S17 E28
Washburn vs. Henry
S17 E29
Todd vs. Nelson
S17 E30
Lovett vs. Nelson
S17 E31
Dudley vs. Nelson
S17 E32
Peeples vs. Nelson
S17 E33
Shellnutt vs. Gonzales
S17 E34
Mays vs. Henry
S17 E35
Lovett vs. Gonzales
S17 E36
Mays vs. Cole
S17 E37
Lovett vs. Harting
S17 E38
Quaites vs. Cole
S17 E39
White vs. Harting
S17 E40
Quaites vs. Betts
S17 E41
White vs. Cavigliano
S17 E42
Quaites vs. Van Cott
S17 E43
White vs. Young
S17 E44
Henry vs. Van Cott
S17 E45
Smith vs. Young
S17 E46
Henry vs. Slefo
S17 E47
Smith vs. Neuhart
S17 E48
Henry vs. Jordan
S17 E49
Klein vs. Neuhart
S17 E50
Henry vs. Skaff
S17 E51
Cloud vs. Neuhart
S17 E52
Henry vs. Skaff
S17 E53
Duminie vs. Neuhart
S17 E54
Slefo vs. Ford
S17 E55
Duminie vs. Sullivan
S17 E56
Slefo vs. Godwin
S17 E57
Cornett vs. Sullivan
S17 E58
Graves vs. Godwin
S17 E59
Cornett vs. McPhail
S17 E60
Graves vs. Leister
S17 E61
Crook vs. McPhail
S17 E62
Johnson vs. Leister
S17 E63
Crook vs. McPhail
S17 E64
Johnson vs. Bush
S17 E65
Crook vs. Hilger
S17 E66
Johnson vs. Cain
S17 E67
Minner vs. Hilger
S17 E68
Episode 68
S17 E69
Minner vs. Oh-Ho
S17 E70
Johnson vs. Sutton
S17 E71
Anderson vs Oh-Ho
S17 E72
Bell vs. Williams
S17 E73
Anderson vs. Johnsen
S17 E74
Bell vs. McIntosh
S17 E75
Anderson vs. Lorenzen
S17 E76
Bell vs. Doughty
S17 E77
Turrentine vs. Lorenzen
S17 E78
Jefferson vs. Doughty
S17 E79
Shields vs. Lorenzen
S17 E80
Morris vs. Doughty
S17 E81
Cook vs. Lorenzen
S17 E82
Thurman vs. Doughty
S17 E83
Adelman vs. Lorenzen
S17 E84
Collins vs. Doughty
S17 E85
HDTV's Brothers vs. HDTV's Cousins
S17 E86
Foshee vs. Bassi
S17 E87
Bronke vs. Turrentine
S17 E88
Foshee vs. Ellis
S17 E89
Bronke vs. Brawley
S17 E90
Clowes vs. Ellis
S17 E91
Schiano vs. Brawley
S17 E92
Clowes vs. Moore
S17 E93
Leatherwood vs. Brawley
S17 E94
Clowes vs. Lynch
S17 E95
Ramil vs. Brawley
S17 E96
Clowes vs. Jackson
S17 E97
Episode 97
S17 E98
Clowes vs. Carter
S17 E99
Cupp vs. Simmons
S17 E100
Phillips vs. Pendleton
S17 E101
Episode 101
S17 E102
Miller vs. Simmons
S17 E103
Stowers vs. Pendleton
S17 E104
Dodge vs. Hawkins
S17 E105
Stowers vs. Hornor
S17 E106
Dodge vs. Bullock
S17 E107
Stowers vs. Troughton
S17 E108
Turkiewicz vs. Bullock
S17 E109
Stowers vs. Taylor
S17 E110
Hopkins vs. Dickens
S17 E111
Stowers vs. Fincher
S17 E112
Turkiewicz vs. Dickens
S17 E113
Davis vs. Fincher
S17 E114
Hopkins vs. Anthony
S17 E115
Davis vs. Hobson
S17 E116
Episode 116
S17 E117
Davis vs. Downes
S17 E118
Hopkins vs. Nelson
S17 E119
Davis vs. Blackshere
S17 E120
Hill vs. Nelson
S17 E121
Alexander vs. Blackshere
S17 E122
Becker vs. Nelson
S17 E123
Alexander vs. Cucinotta
S17 E124
Van Matre vs. Nelson
S17 E125
Alexander vs. Albertsen
S17 E126
Van Matre vs. Aladenoye
S17 E127
Franklin vs. Albertsen
S17 E128
Van Matre vs. Aladenoye
S17 E129
Franklin vs. Jones
S17 E130
Ridenour vs. Aladenoye
S17 E131
Franklin vs. Lemus
S17 E132
Ridenour vs. Ragland
S17 E133
Franklin vs. Bellenfant
S17 E134
Young vs. Ragland
S17 E135
Franklin vs. Compton
S17 E136
Young vs. Durham
S17 E137
Suthar vs. Woods
S17 E138
Young vs. Johnson
S17 E139
Dobbins vs. Edenfield
S17 E140
Young vs. Freeman
S17 E141
Ellis vs. Edenfield
S17 E142
Young vs. Gonzalez
S17 E143
Ellis vs. Camenzind
S17 E144
Tartaro vs. Graves
S17 E145
Patterson vs. Camenzind
S17 E146
Harris vs. Graves
S17 E147
Patterson vs. Patel
S17 E148
Harris vs. Davis
S17 E149
Rubadue vs. Patel
S17 E150
Willis vs. Davis
S17 E151
Rubadue vs. Wallace
S17 E152
Singh vs. Davis
S17 E153
Rubadue vs. Lacy
S17 E154
Singh vs. Walton
S17 E155
Profeta vs. Walton
S17 E156
Rubadue vs. Humphries
S17 E157
Sabella vs. Walton
S17 E158
Rubadue vs. Taylor
S17 E159
Sabella vs. Walton
S17 E160
Wu vs. Taylor
S17 E161
Lewis vs. Walton
S17 E162
Ramsden vs. Taylor
S17 E163
Lewis vs. Hare
S17 E164
Holt vs. Taylor
S17 E165
Lovelady vs. Hare
S17 E166
Holt vs. Curry
S17 E167
Ragland vs. Hare
S17 E168
Holt vs. Bailey
S17 E169
Ragland vs. Boggs
S17 E170
Weatherly vs. Bailey
S17 E171
Ragland vs. Patel
S17 E172
Weatherly vs. James
S17 E173
Rich vs. Patel
S17 E174
Greene vs. James
S17 E175
Wright vs. Patel
S17 E176
Greene vs. Krienke
S17 E177
Dickinson vs. Patel
S17 E178
Gallagher vs. Krienke
S17 E179
Dickinson vs. Groover
S17 E180
Thurman vs. Krienke
S17 E181
Eggerud vs. Groover
S17 E182
Thurman vs. Khalik
S17 E183
Eggerud vs. Gordon
S17 E184
Duffin vs. Khalik
S17 E185
Eggerud vs. Zell
S17 E186
Duffin vs. Gordon
S17 E187
McKinney vs. Boudreaux
S17 E188
Barber vs. Gordon
S17 E189
Seltzer vs. Boudreaux
S17 E190
Barber vs. Joyce
S17 E191
Amin vs. Boudreaux
S17 E192
Groce vs. Joyce
S17 E193
Nunez vs. Boudreaux
S17 E194
Fox vs. Joyce
S17 E195
Fields vs. Boudreaux
S17 E196
Hart vs. Joyce
S17 E197
Hayes vs. Spence
S17 E198
Hart vs. Barber
S17 E199
Hart vs. Slagle
S17 E200
Hayes vs. Joisil
S17 E204
Sturino Family vs Harrow Family
S17 E216
Sturino Family vs Dobbins Family
S17 E226
S17 E227
Rust vs Owens
S17 E228
Owens vs Minton
S17 E229
MInton vs Townsend
S17 E241
Goodpaster Family vs Lago Family
S17 E242
Goodpaster Family vs Pierce Family
S17 E253
Goodpaster Family vs Mackery Family
S17 E266
Simmons Family vs Calhoun Family
S17 E267
Simmons Family vs Dickens Family
S17 E272
Fisher family & Kelly Family
S17 E277
Simmons Family vs Dickens Family
S17 E278
simmons Family vs Gould Family
S17 E279
Crowe Family vs Roland Family
S17 E280
Crowe Family vs Prather Family
S17 E281
Hughes Family vs Prather Family
S17 E282
Hughes vs Reed
S17 E283
Hughes Family vs Reynolds Family
S17 E284
Hughes Family vs Bronson Family
S17 E288
Cannon Family vs Gould Family
S17 E292
Walton Family vs. Profeta Family
S17 E304
Hinesley family vs Cosby Family
S17 E305
Mutyala family vs Cosby Family
S17 E306
Brown Family vs Scott family
S17 E307
Gowland Family vs Townsend Family
S17 E308
Ware family vs Schneider Family
S17 E309
Ware vs Hunt Familes
S17 E310
Hunt vs Hammock
S17 E311
Evans vs Hunt
S17 E323
Murphy vs Russell
S17 E326
Russell vs Finnigan
S17 E327
Russell Family vs Secor Family
S17 E328
Secor Family vs Acloque
S17 E329
Finnigan Family vs Acloque Family
S17 E331
Fisher family & Kelly Family
S17 E342
Kelly Family vs Shaheed Family
S17 E343
Coniglio Family vs Shaheed Family
S17 E358
Stockton Family vs Reese Family
S17 E359
Carter Family vs Vernon Family
S17 E360
Stratton family vs Vernon Family
S17 E362
Stockton Family vs hackett Family
S17 E363
McCarthy Family vs Sells Family
S17 E365
McCarthy Family vs Stockton
S17 E368
Mack Family vs McMahon Family
S17 E369
Mack Family vs Cohen Family
S17 E370
Hunt vs Hammock
S17 E375
Evans vs Hunt
S17 E380
Anderson Family vs Mastrino Family
S17 E383
Gould Family vs Kirk Family
S17 E386
Russell vs Finnigan
S17 E388
Secor Family vs Acloque
S17 E389
Finnigan Family vs Acloque Family
S17 E391
Finnigan Family vs Brooks Family
S17 E392
Brooks Family vs Sweet Family
S17 E393
Brooks Family vs Sweet Family
S17 E396
Gardner Family vs Brooks Family
S17 E397
Gardner Family vs Roland Family
S17 E400
Lipari Family vs Roland Family
S17 E405
Carter Family vs Bronston Family
S17 E406
Carter Family vs Hughes Family
S17 E432
Simmons Family vs Cohen Family
S17 E446
Kirk Family vs Brown Family
S17 E447
Hayes family vs Jones Family
S17 E448
Wright Family vs Jones Famuily
S17 E449
Aslamy Family vs Jones Family
S17 E450
Austin Family vs Jones Family
S17 E451
Austin Family vs Woods Family
S17 E452
Costello Family vs Woods Family
S17 E453
Lewis Family vs Costello Family
S17 E454
Aslamy Family vs lewis Family
S17 E455
Aslamy Family vs Adams Family
S17 E456
Porter Family vs adams Family
S17 E457
Porter Family vs Neill Family
S17 E458
Porter Family vs Bruneske Family
S17 E459
Hutchinson Family vs Bruneske family
S17 E460
Hutchinson Family vs Eferstein family
S17 E461
Hutchinson Family vs Lemus family
S17 E462
Hutchinson Family vs Jackson family
S17 E463
Dunn Family vs Stone Family
S17 E476
Almost Christmas Cast
Season 18
S18 E01
Hayes vs. Jones
S18 E02
Montgomery vs. Bonner
S18 E03
Wright vs. Jones
S18 E04
Stroud vs. Bonner
S18 E05
Aslamy vs. Jones
S18 E06
Thornton vs. Bonner
S18 E07
Austin vs. Jones
S18 E08
Thornton vs. Brokowsky
S18 E09
Austin vs. Woods
S18 E10
Thornton vs. Hundal
S18 E11
Costello vs. Woods
S18 E12
Thornton vs. Hundal
S18 E13
Costello vs. Lewis
S18 E14
Fitzpatrick vs. Hundal
S18 E15
Aslamy vs. Lewis
S18 E16
Fitzpatrick vs. Holmes
S18 E17
Aslamy vs. Adams
S18 E18
Huber vs. Holmes
S18 E19
Porter vs. Adams
S18 E20
Huber vs. Jones
S18 E21
Porter vs. Neill
S18 E22
Childs vs. Jones
S18 E23
Porter vs. Williams
S18 E24
Childs vs. Hall
S18 E25
Porter vs. Burneske
S18 E26
Childs vs. Sauceda
S18 E27
Stamper vs. Burneske
S18 E28
Childs vs. Curry
S18 E29
Hutchison vs. Burneske
S18 E30
Hutchison vs. Eferstein
S18 E31
Hutchison vs. Lemus
S18 E32
Hutchison vs. Jackson
S18 E33
Callaway vs. Jackson
S18 E34
Childs vs. Trimble
S18 E35
Obu vs. Jackson
S18 E36
Bono vs. Trimble
S18 E37
Dunn vs. Jackson
S18 E38
Saretsky vs. Trimble
S18 E39
Dunn vs. Wis
S18 E40
Stephenson vs. Trimble
S18 E41
Dunn vs. Stone
S18 E42
Stephenson vs. Brown
S18 E43
Alexander vs. Stone
S18 E44
Roberts vs. Brown
S18 E45
Cho vs. Stone
S18 E46
Roberts vs. Sowells
S18 E47
Childs vs. Stone
S18 E48
Roberts vs. Richardson
S18 E49
Childs vs. Stewart
S18 E50
Roberts vs. Bono
S18 E51
Almost Christmas vs. Almost Christmas
S18 E52
Roberts vs. Washington
S18 E53
Venkataram vs. Stewart
S18 E54
Abraham vs. Washington
S18 E55
Fields vs. Stewart
S18 E56
Abraham vs. Schaefer
S18 E57
Fields vs. de Clairville
S18 E58
Jones vs. Schaefer
S18 E59
Fields vs. Goode
S18 E60
Stegall vs. Schaefer
S18 E61
Turner vs. Goode
S18 E62
Miles vs. Schaefer
S18 E63
Turner vs. Garlington
S18 E64
Richardson vs. Schaefer
S18 E65
Turner vs. Batista
S18 E66
Stegall vs. Scaffidi
S18 E67
Turner vs. Archer
S18 E68
Stegall vs. Gardner
S18 E69
Turner vs. Johnson
S18 E70
Stegall vs. Janes
S18 E71
Morrow vs. Sherwood
S18 E72
Thomas vs. Janes
S18 E73
Morrow vs. Lee
S18 E74
McConico vs. Janes
S18 E75
Morrow vs. Potts
S18 E76
Oates vs. Janes
S18 E77
Morrow vs. Hoover
S18 E78
Johnson vs. Janes
S18 E79
Morrow vs. Groce
S18 E80
Roch vs. Minamoto
S18 E81
Greene vs. Federgreen
S18 E82
Roch vs. Wilson
S18 E83
Mitchell vs. Federgreen
S18 E84
Roch vs. Black
S18 E85
Miller vs. Federgreen
S18 E86
Bukaty vs. Black
S18 E87
Vaughan vs. Federgreen
S18 E88
Zamost vs. Black
S18 E89
Vaughan vs. Green
S18 E90
Helton vs. Black
S18 E91
Bradley vs. Green
S18 E92
Helton vs. Gates
S18 E93
Bradley vs. Turner
S18 E94
Cosio vs. Gates
S18 E95
Bradley vs. Porter
S18 E96
Cosio vs. Anderson
S18 E97
Williams vs. Porter
S18 E98
Cosio vs. Wongus
S18 E99
Grob vs. Porter
S18 E100
Cosio vs. Fountain
S18 E101
Husain vs. Porter
S18 E102
Stapleton vs. Porter
S18 E103
Cosio vs. McGhee
S18 E104
Stapleton vs. Fountain
S18 E105
Blevins vs. Palumbo
S18 E106
Stapleton vs. Hogan
S18 E107
Blevins vs. Washington
S18 E108
Stapleton vs. Alleyne
S18 E109
Melendez vs. Washington
S18 E110
Stapleton vs. Smaha
S18 E111
Melendez vs. Broz
S18 E112
Dangerfield vs. Williams
S18 E113
Goedken vs. Broz
S18 E114
Ford vs. Smaha
S18 E115
Utsey vs. Broz
S18 E116
Ford vs. Clapp
S18 E117
Utsey vs. Bailey
S18 E118
Brown vs. Clapp
S18 E119
Eldafrawy vs. Bailey
S18 E120
Brown vs. Siesener
S18 E121
Eldafrawy vs. Kennedy
S18 E122
Brown vs. Borden
S18 E123
Eldafrawy vs. Cannon
S18 E124
Davison vs. Borden
S18 E125
Robinett vs. Cannon
S18 E126
Davison vs. Parrish
S18 E127
Singh vs. Cannon
S18 E128
Davison vs. Campbell
S18 E129
Dallis vs. Cannon
S18 E130
Davison vs. Guerrero
S18 E131
Johnson vs. Cannon
S18 E132
Susini vs. Guerrero
S18 E133
Welch vs. Williams
S18 E134
Susini vs. Stone
S18 E135
Dangerfield vs. Williams
S18 E136
Susini vs. Harris
S18 E137
Dangerfield vs. Gargione
S18 E138
Susini vs. Simmons
S18 E139
Wynter vs. Gargione
S18 E140
Susini vs. Shaffer
S18 E141
Wynter vs. Kobeissi
S18 E142
Allen vs. Shaffer
S18 E143
Wynter vs. Miller
S18 E144
Stone vs. Shaffer
S18 E145
Wynter vs. Stowers
S18 E146
Stone vs. Chance
S18 E147
Simmons vs. DiCosmo
S18 E148
Stone vs. Flam
S18 E149
Do vs. DiCosmo
S18 E150
Johnson vs. Flam
S18 E151
Do vs. Triplett
S18 E152
Johnson vs. Gitlewski
S18 E153
Klam vs. Triplett
S18 E154
Johnson vs. Salvadori
S18 E155
Johnson vs. McFadden
S18 E156
Klemmer vs. Triplett
S18 E157
Abraham vs. McFadden
S18 E158
Klemmer vs. Ballard
S18 E159
Harris vs. McFadden
S18 E160
Klemmer vs. Smithson
S18 E161
Burns vs. McFadden
S18 E162
Klemmer vs. Colbert
S18 E163
Evans vs. McFadden
S18 E164
Montijo vs. Colbert
S18 E165
Sedillo vs. Katschke
S18 E166
White vs. Colbert
S18 E167
Sedillo vs. Cheri
S18 E168
Ellis vs. Colbert
S18 E169
Smith vs. Cheri
S18 E170
McDonald vs. Colbert
S18 E171
Smith vs. Golden
S18 E172
McDonald vs. Knigge
S18 E173
Smith vs. Wilson
S18 E174
McDonald vs. Keith
S18 E175
Obad vs. Wilson
S18 E176
Davis vs. Keith
S18 E177
Burke vs. Wilson
S18 E178
Miles vs. Keith
S18 E179
Fast vs. Wilson
S18 E180
Miles vs. Simos
S18 E181
Fast vs. Rhaney
S18 E182
Miles vs. James
S18 E183
Fast vs. Lewis
S18 E184
Miles vs. Day
S18 E185
Hamshudin vs. Lewis
S18 E186
Mayfield vs. Day
S18 E187
Hamshudin vs. Gibson
S18 E188
Garcia vs. Day
S18 E189
Harting vs. Gibson
S18 E190
Garcia vs. Walker
S18 E191
Harting vs. Olivares
S18 E192
Garcia vs. Daniels
S18 E193
Weaks vs. Olivares
S18 E194
Hetzel vs. Daniels
S18 E195
Washington vs. Olivares
S18 E196
Hetzel vs. Roman
S18 E197
Washington vs. Taylor
S18 E198
Griffin vs. Roman
S18 E199
Beard vs. Taylor
S18 E200
Griffin vs. Maxwell
Season 19
S19 E01
Beard vs. Wittstruck
S19 E02
Massey vs. Stewart
S19 E03
Beard vs. Rocco
S19 E04
Massey vs. Carter
S19 E05
Hall vs. Rocco
S19 E06
Massey vs. Melton
S19 E07
Hall vs. Salehzadeh
S19 E08
Massey vs. Griffin
S19 E09
Pickett vs. Salehzadeh
S19 E10
Massey vs. Chambers
S19 E11
Pickett vs. Moore
S19 E12
Hammond vs. Chambers
S19 E13
Pickett vs. Majkozak
S19 E14
Hammond vs. Carlson
S19 E15
Jackson vs. Majkozak
S19 E16
Smith vs. Carlson
S19 E17
Ramsey vs. Majkozak
S19 E18
Noyola vs. Carlson
S19 E19
Erekson vs. Majkozak
S19 E20
Noyola vs. Zoet
S19 E21
Erekson vs. Ervin
S19 E22
Noyola vs. Scott
S19 E23
Erekson vs. Shellman
S19 E24
Noyola vs. Cucinotta
S19 E25
Erekson vs. King
S19 E26
Noyola vs. Fier
S19 E27
Erekson vs. Bohannon
S19 E28
Bennett vs. Newman
S19 E29
Kelly vs. Sitto
S19 E30
Kelly vs. Smith
S19 E31
Granger vs. Smith
S19 E32
Granger vs. Beans
S19 E33
Granger vs. Larry
S19 E34
Williamson vs. Newman
S19 E35
Granger vs. Listenbee
S19 E36
Williamson vs. Potts
S19 E37
Granger vs. Cerasuolo
S19 E38
Phillippi vs. Potts
S19 E39
Berry vs. Boncamper
S19 E40
Phillippi vs. Smith
S19 E41
Berry vs. Williams
S19 E42
DeGoey vs. Smith
S19 E43
Berry vs. Almond
S19 E44
DeGoey vs. Johnson
S19 E45
Berry vs. Smith
S19 E46
Carley vs. Johnson
S19 E47
Berry vs. Weatherly
S19 E48
Hershey vs. Johnson
S19 E49
Gonzalez vs. Weatherly
S19 E50
Lopez vs. Johnson
S19 E51
Johnson vs. Weatherly
S19 E52
Bulbuk vs. Johnson
S19 E53
Decker vs. Semper
S19 E54
Bulbuk vs. Howell
S19 E55
Decker vs. Bray
S19 E56
Bulbuk vs. Johnson
S19 E57
Latu vs. Bray
S19 E58
Bulbuk vs. Stinson
S19 E59
Nothelfer vs. Bray
S19 E60
Bulbuk vs. Burkes
S19 E61
Nothelfer vs. Reed
S19 E62
Claxton vs. Barret
S19 E63
Nguyen vs. Reed
S19 E64
Cater vs. Barret
S19 E65
Nguyen vs. Wilkerson
S19 E66
Cater vs. Hicks
S19 E67
Nguyen vs. Love
S19 E68
Cater vs. Connolly
S19 E69
Nguyen vs. Marshall
S19 E70
Cater vs. Jorgenson
S19 E71
Nguyen vs. Rahn
S19 E72
Kendrick Family vs Jorgenson Family
S19 E73
Wildt vs. Tuck
S19 E74
Kendrick vs. Crabbs
S19 E75
Wildt vs. Prioleau
S19 E76
Kendrick vs. Green
S19 E77
Wildt vs. Patel
S19 E78
Kendrick vs. Ure
S19 E79
Bolden vs. Patel
S19 E80
Kendrick Family vs Cassilly Family
S19 E81
Clay vs. Patel
S19 E82
Crockett vs. Cassilly
S19 E83
Clay vs. Wood
S19 E84
Crockett vs. Mulroy
S19 E85
Clay vs. Combs
S19 E86
Trust vs. Mulroy
S19 E87
Clay vs. McGinnis
S19 E88
Trust vs. Hofmann
S19 E89
Clay vs. Gibb
S19 E90
Trust vs. Chimera
S19 E91
Duplessis vs. Mitchell
S19 E92
Wilkins vs. Chimera
S19 E93
Carter vs. Mitchell
S19 E94
Wilkins vs. Young
S19 E95
Williams vs. Mitchell
S19 E96
Wilkins vs. Barboza
S19 E97
Demarest vs. Mitchell
S19 E98
Wilkins vs. Newton
S19 E99
Demarest vs. Sullen
S19 E100
Pope vs. Newton
S19 E101
Demarest vs. Robinson
S19 E102
Demarest vs. Mack
S19 E103
Pope vs. Patel
S19 E104
Beckman vs. Mack
S19 E105
Powe vs. Patel
S19 E106
Beckman vs. Opal
S19 E107
Powe vs. Carter
S19 E108
Beckman vs. Morse
S19 E109
Powe vs. Huber
S19 E110
Beckman vs. Thomas
S19 E111
Frost vs. Huber
S19 E112
Beckman vs. Lennox
S19 E113
Frost vs. Shaw
S19 E114
Maples vs. Lennox
S19 E115
Patillo vs. Shaw
S19 E116
Maples vs. Wardrop
S19 E117
Curney vs. Shaw
S19 E118
Maples vs. Mink
S19 E119
Curney vs. Ranallo
S19 E120
Shields vs. Mink
S19 E121
Curney vs. Miller
S19 E122
McCauley vs. Mink
S19 E123
Davis vs. Miller
S19 E124
White vs. Mink
S19 E125
Davis vs. Daly
S19 E126
Gordon vs. Mink
S19 E127
Boyce vs. Daly
S19 E128
Shepherd vs. Walker
S19 E129
Johnson vs. Daly
S19 E130
Shepherd vs. Cecil
S19 E131
Johnson vs. Hemmert
S19 E132
Echebelem vs. Cecil
S19 E133
Johnson vs. McEvilly
S19 E134
Echebelem vs. Scialdone
S19 E135
Allen vs. McEvilly