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2017 - Now  •  Monday 11:00 AM on Disney Junior  •   26 hours
4 votes
607 votes
# 7987
Fantasy, Animation, Children, Adventure
A young vampire girl who faces the joys and trials of being the new kid in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania.

  Previously Aired Episode
Twin Trouble Aired on 10/23/2020
Twin Trouble
Season 3: Episode 36
Vampirina | Vampirina | Official Trailer | Disney Junior UK
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Going Batty
S01 E02
Scare B&B
S01 E03
The Sleepover
S01 E04
Portrait of a Vampire
S01 E05
Vee's Surprise Party
S01 E06
Vee Goes Viral
S01 E07
The Plant Predicament
S01 E08
Mummy Mayhem
S01 E09
Little Terror
S01 E10
Super Natural
S01 E11
Vamping Trip
S01 E12
The Monster Snore
S01 E13
Bone Appetit
S01 E14
Woodchuck Woodsies
S01 E15
Hide & Shriek
S01 E16
The Little Witch
S01 E17
Vampire Weekend
S01 E18
The Bird Who Knew Too Much
S01 E19
The Ghoul Girls
S01 E20
Game Night
S01 E21
Oldie but a Ghouldie
S01 E22
Beast in Show
S01 E23
S01 E24
Cuddle Monster
S01 E25
Batty Fever
S01 E26
Poetry Day
S01 E27
Nanpire the Great
S01 E28
Two Heads Are Better Than One
S01 E29
Vee Is for Valentine
S01 E30
Scarestitute Teacher
S01 E31
Look Who's Scared Now!
S01 E32
Dust Bunnies
S01 E33
Vampirina Ballerina
S01 E34
Treasure Haunters
S01 E35
Mummy's Day
S01 E36
S01 E37
Acrobat Boris
S01 E38
The Lemonade Stand
S01 E39
S01 E40
Uncle Bigfoot
S01 E41
S01 E42
Transylvanian Tea
S01 E43
Home Scream Home
S01 E44
Countess Vee
S01 E45
Frights, Camera, Action!
S01 E46
S01 E47
S01 E48
Nanpire and Grandpop the Greats
S01 E49
There's Snow Place Like Home
Season 2
S02 E01
Vampire for President
S02 E02
Where's Wolfie?
S02 E03
The Woodsie Way
S02 E04
S02 E05
S02 E06
Bat Hair Day
S02 E07
Baby Dragon
S02 E08
S02 E09
The Ghoul Next Door
S02 E10
Scare B & Vee
S02 E11
The Birthday Broom
S02 E12
Vee Takes The Court
S02 E13
Scare-itage Day
S02 E14
The Great Egg Scramble
S02 E15
Desserter Mystery
S02 E16
Mirror Mirror
S02 E17
Beach Night
S02 E18
Gregoria Takes Flight
S02 E19
The Big Bite
S02 E20
Ghost Hosts
S02 E21
The Boo Boys Are Back
S02 E22
Pixie Problem
S02 E23
Face the Music
S02 E24
Fright at the Museum
S02 E25
S02 E26
Wolf Boy
S02 E27
Bat Got Your Tongue
S02 E28
Haunted Theater
S02 E29
Trick or Treaters
S02 E30
Play It Again Vee
S02 E31
Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns
S02 E32
Freeze Our Guest
S02 E33
S02 E34
This Haunted House Is Closed
S02 E35
Día De Los Muertos
S02 E36
As You Wish
S02 E37
The Scare Council
S02 E38
Taking Scare of Business
S02 E39
The Hauntley Girls
S02 E40
The Not So Haunted House
S02 E41
A Gargoyle Carol
S02 E42
S02 E43
The Great Esmeralda
S02 E44
Frog's Breath
S02 E45
Oh Brother
S02 E46
The Search for Bigfoot
S02 E47
Au Revoir Remy
S02 E48
The School Scare Fair
S02 E49
Ghoul Guides Save the Day!
Season 3
S03 E01
Weekly Normalness
S03 E02
Vampire's Luck
S03 E03
A Key for Vee
S03 E04
Art Galler-eek!
S03 E05
A Ghoulish Tour
S03 E06
Training Wings
S03 E07
Nosy's Day In
S03 E08
Sincerely, Blobby
S03 E09
Double Double Halloween Trouble
S03 E10
The Creepover
S03 E11
Phantom of the Auditorium
S03 E12
S03 E13
Weekend with Grandpop!
S03 E14
Haunted House Call
S03 E15
The Critter Fair
S03 E16
Mirror Monster
S03 E17
Bust Friends
S03 E18
The Invisible Fan
S03 E19
Remy's Recipe
S03 E20
Vampire Chaperone
S03 E21
Fang Ten!
S03 E22
Science Rocks
S03 E23
Aw, Shucks
S03 E24
Family Scareloom
S03 E25
Chrysalis Amiss
S03 E26
Bringing Down the House
S03 E27
Bat to the Future
S03 E28
Gregoria Gets Down!
S03 E29
Vee and the Family Stone
S03 E30
Twin Trouble
S03 E31
Bora the Banshee
S03 E32
A Tale of Two Hollows
S03 E33
The Fright Before Christmas
S03 E34
Scared Snowman
S03 E35
Vee and the Family Stone
S03 E36
Twin Trouble
Episode 1
Vampirina Bat Chat: Ep. 1: Vee's Best Friends
Episode 2
Vampirina Bat Chat: Ep. 2: Vee's Dog - Wolfie
Episode 3
Bat Chat: Meet Vee
Episode 4
Bat Chat: Poppy & Bridget
Episode 5
Bat Chat: Vee's family!
Episode 6
Bat Chat: Perfect Pets!
Episode 7
Bat Chat: Demi & Gregoria
Episode 8
Bat Chat: Bat to school
Episode 9
Bat Chat: Surprise guests!
Episode 10
Bat Chat: Chef Remy Bones!
Episode 11
Bat Chat: Ghoul Girls on Tour (I)
Episode 12
Bat Chat: Ghoul Girls on Tour (II)
Episode 13
Bat Chat: Ghoul Girls on Tour (III)
Episode 14
Living The Scream
Episode 15
Inner Ghoul
Episode 16
Transylvania Girls
Episode 17
Ghoul Glam
Episode 18
Boogieman Boogie
Episode 19
Everybody Scream, Everybody Howl
Episode 20
Mummy Rap
Episode 21
School's Out, Ghoul's Out
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