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It's Christopher Lowell

It's Christopher Lowell

1999 - 2003  •  Discovery  •  8 days  •  5 seasons  •  289 episodes
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It's Christopher Lowell is a popular interior design show on the Discovery Channel. Started in 1999 as "The Christopher Lowell Show", Christopher Lowell and guests had helped make your home a better place. Renamed "It's Christopher Lowell" in 2003, the show continues to live up to its promises, guiding ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Best of Design Doctor Aired on 07/18/2003
Best of Design Doctor
Season 5: Episode 55
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
289 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Test of Time
S01 E02
Every Inch Counts
S01 E03
Paint is Cheap
S01 E04
Living in the Millennium
S01 E05
Hold Everything
S01 E06
Flea Market Finds
S01 E07
One Room Living
S01 E08
Added Touches
S01 E09
Designs for Better Living
S01 E10
The Natural Look
S01 E11
Let There Be Light
S01 E12
Wall to Wall Magic
S01 E13
Home Displays
S01 E14
Passport Interiors
S01 E15
Quick and Easy Design Looks
S01 E16
Archutectural Classics
S01 E17
Contented Cottage
S01 E18
Child's Play
S01 E19
Use What You've Got
S01 E20
Grand Entrances (1)
S01 E21
Easy Comfort
S01 E22
All in the Family Room
S01 E23
What Your Style?
S01 E24
Special Spaces
S01 E25
The Artist in All of Us
S01 E26
American Dream
S01 E27
Creative Spaces
S01 E28
In Black and White
S01 E29
Designer Sources
S01 E30
Art of Disguise (1)
S01 E31
Kids Live Here, Too
S01 E32
Down by the Sea
S01 E33
Party Time
S01 E34
Comfort Zone
S01 E35
Public Places / Private Spaces
S01 E36
Opening Up New Ideas
S01 E37
Squeaky Clean
S01 E38
Italian Influences
S01 E39
Company's Coming
S01 E40
It's a Fine Romance
S01 E41
Designing with Water
S01 E42
Kitchen Kozy
S01 E43
Indoor / Outdoor Living
S01 E44
Cozy Corner
S01 E45
A House of Art and Soul
S01 E46
Room to Live In
S01 E47
Sleep Tight
S01 E48
Four-Legged Roommates
S01 E49
Sunday Afternoon
S01 E50
Vintage Vamp
S01 E51
Industrial Interiors
S01 E52
Out on a Wire
S01 E53
Room Tones
S01 E54
Portable Palaces
S01 E55
Hand Made Homes
S01 E56
Intuitive Interiors
S01 E57
Welcome Home
S01 E58
Handyman Special
S01 E59
Back to Our Roots
S01 E60
7 Layers of Design
Season 2
S02 E01
Regional Design
S02 E02
Architectural Elements
S02 E03
Working from Home
S02 E04
S02 E05
The Wedding Show
S02 E06
Color Courage
S02 E07
Walls and Doors
S02 E08
The Lighting Show
S02 E09
Decorative Touches
S02 E10
Flea Market Show
S02 E11
Window Show
S02 E12
Paint Party Show
S02 E13
Ocean Living
S02 E14
The Room That Shagged Me
S02 E15
Seven Layers of Design
S02 E16
Import Decor
S02 E17
Small Spaces
S02 E18
S02 E19
Guest Bedrooms
S02 E20
Savvy Surfaces
S02 E21
Chic Cheats
S02 E22
Special Occasion Party
S02 E23
Art of Disguise (2)
S02 E24
Mars vs. Venus (1)
S02 E25
Merchandising the Home
S02 E26
Bathroom Makeover
S02 E27
Outdoor Living
S02 E28
You Live Where?
S02 E29
Changing Spaces
S02 E30
Shopping from Home
S02 E31
Finding Your Style
S02 E32
Great Ideas from Public Spaces
S02 E33
Super Store Chic
S02 E34
CL's 7 Layers of Entertaining Spaces
S02 E35
Earth, Wind, Water and Light
S02 E36
Out of the Closet
S02 E37
A Formal Affair
S02 E38
The Creativity Show
S02 E39
Industrial Living (1)
S02 E40
Ragged and Regal
S02 E41
Runway Chic
S02 E42
Clutter Free Living
S02 E43
The Great Fabric Show
S02 E44
It's Academic
S02 E45
Popular Demand
S02 E46
Holiday Occasions
S02 E47
Grand Entrances (2)
S02 E48
Quality of Life
S02 E49
Challenged Living
S02 E50
Natural Inspiration
S02 E51
Savvy Sourcing
S02 E52
Double Duty
S02 E53
Family Rooms
S02 E54
Contemporary Living
S02 E55
Use What You've Got
S02 E56
Classic Living / Traditional
S02 E57
The Sporting Life
S02 E58
S02 E59
Enter Laughing
S02 E60
No Room is an Island
Season 3
S03 E01
Unique Digs
S03 E02
Hi Kitsch
S03 E03
Bright Ideas
S03 E04
Color Me Christopher
S03 E05
Industrial Living (2)
S03 E06
So You're Moving
S03 E07
S03 E08
Mass Market Magic
S03 E09
Sew What
S03 E10
Clutter Cures
S03 E11
Size Matters
S03 E12
Seaside Chic
S03 E13
Who's the Boss? ... I Am
S03 E14
Smell the Roses
S03 E15
Over the Top
S03 E16
This Show Must Remain Open
S03 E17
First, Last, and Security
S03 E18
Second Time Around
S03 E19
An Affair to Remember
S03 E20
On the Face of It
S03 E21
Divine Do-Dads
S03 E22
Primitive Chic
S03 E23
Be Your Own Designer
S03 E24
Hide and Chic
S03 E25
Vanity Flair
S03 E26
Retro Chic
S03 E27
Born Again
S03 E28
That's Entertaining
S03 E29
Living Outdoors
S03 E30
Mobile Home Makeovers
S03 E31
Spiritual Spaces
S03 E32
Christopher: A Day in the Life
S03 E33
It's Only Natural
S03 E34
Wild & Woolly Windows
S03 E35
Occasional Guest
S03 E36
House Hub
S03 E37
S03 E38
Baby Boom
S03 E39
It's Always Something
S03 E40
Design Trek: The Next Generation
S03 E41
Haute Interiors
S03 E42
Here to Stay
S03 E43
S03 E44
Tenured Good Eyes
S03 E45
The Good Life
S03 E46
Home Focal Points
S03 E47
From Ordinary to Extraordinary
S03 E48
The Art of Being Clever
S03 E49
Outdoor Dynamics For Dummies
S03 E50
Global Warming
S03 E51
Flex Appeal
S03 E52
Seven Layers
S03 E53
Host for the Holidays
S03 E54
You Did It Awards (1)
S03 E55
Entrance Clearly Marked
S03 E56
Cinema Chic
S03 E57
Best of Pampering Spaces
S03 E58
Best of Savvy Surfaces
S03 E59
Best of One Room Wonders
S03 E60
Best of Special Occasions
Season 4
S04 E01
Outrageous Living: Outlandish Styles
S04 E02
Industrial Magic
S04 E03
You Did It Awards (2)
S04 E04
S04 E05
Shifting Into Neutral: Road Show Clips
S04 E06
Unique Digs/Rooms
S04 E07
Public Access: Public Spaces
S04 E08
A River Runs Through It
S04 E09
Primal Schemes: Rustic/Regal
S04 E10
S04 E11
Big Little Spaces
S04 E12
Country Reinterpreted
S04 E13
Casting Couch: Layer 3
S04 E14
Bodacious Bidets: Bathrooms
S04 E15
Out on a Whim
S04 E16
Eclectic Design
S04 E17
The Whole 9 Yards: Layer 4: Accent Fabric
S04 E18
Zen Master Christopher
S04 E19
Guest Stars: Guest Bedrooms
S04 E20
The Time Machine: Retro
S04 E21
Indoor Alfresco
S04 E22
Over the Rainbow
S04 E23
Bachelor Pad
S04 E24
S04 E25
Guilty Pleasures: Smell the Rose
S04 E26
Walk Into the Light
S04 E27
Lofty Living
S04 E28
Enduring Traditions
S04 E29
Thanks For Sharing
S04 E30
Horse Sense: Layer 5: Non-Upholstered Furniture
S04 E31
Partee Show
S04 E32
Sleight of Hand: Art of Disguise
S04 E33
Old World Techniques
S04 E34
Wizard of Odds and Ends
S04 E35
Living Design/Eco: Environmental Consciousness
S04 E36
Sixth Sense
S04 E37
I Do. I Do.: Entertaining Budgets
S04 E38
Double Duty Rooms
S04 E39
Around the World in 80 Days
S04 E40
Transformation: Creativity
S04 E41
Who Knew?: The Art of Being Clever
S04 E42
S04 E43
Maximized Spaces: Utility Rooms, Attics, Basements
S04 E44
Cinema Magic
S04 E45
First Impressions
S04 E46
Touchy Feely
S04 E47
Greatest Room on Earth
S04 E48
Shore Chic
S04 E49
The Seven Layers
S04 E50
S04 E51
Someone's in the Kitchen
S04 E52
Pretty in Paint
S04 E53
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Home Office)
S04 E54
Holiday Show
Season 5
S05 E01
Bodacious Bedrooms
S05 E02
Mars vs. Venus (2)
S05 E03
Women With Tools
S05 E04
Coming Clean
S05 E05
Sex and the City
S05 E06
Six Feet Under
S05 E07
Bath and Beyond
S05 E08
Junk to Jewel
S05 E09
Inside Out
S05 E10
Living For Less
S05 E11
S05 E12
Life Changes
S05 E13
Temporary Living
S05 E14
Warm and Fuzzy Office
S05 E15
Mother of Invention
S05 E16
Small Places
S05 E17
From Here to Maternity
S05 E18
Details! Details!
S05 E19
Cool Quizine
S05 E20
Best in Show
S05 E21
S05 E22
Fear Factor
S05 E23
Decadent Dining
S05 E24
Heart to Home
S05 E25
I Do! I Think
S05 E26
Extreme Entertaining
S05 E27
It's Just Color
S05 E28
Hollywood Babylon
S05 E29
Marvey Mod
S05 E30
Fashion Future
S05 E31
Size Doesn't Matter
S05 E32
Follow Your Dreams
S05 E33
Animal House
S05 E34
Home Honchos
S05 E35
You Gotta Be Kidding
S05 E36
Go Global
S05 E37
Soprano Decorating
S05 E38
Becoming a Designer
S05 E39
7 Layers Al Fresco
S05 E40
Easy Entertaining
S05 E41
It's a Shore Thing
S05 E42
Cook This
S05 E43
Common Area
S05 E44
Romance in the Air
S05 E45
Do It Yourself (a.k.a. How-to TV)
S05 E46
Do-Gooders (2)
S05 E47
Hello There, Pilgrim
S05 E48
Another Day in the Life
S05 E49
Weekend V.I.P.
S05 E50
Open Mic Friday
S05 E51
And We're Walking
S05 E52
Take Out Decor
S05 E53
Just Because
S05 E54
Best of Glass House
S05 E55
Best of Design Doctor
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