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2011 - Now  •  Tuesday on YouTube  •  14 seasons  •  285 episodes
1 vote
Townsends 18th Century Cooking (formerly 18th Century Cooking with Jas. Townsend and Son) is an online cooking and historical reenactment show created by James Townsend. In it, he prepares historical 18th century dishes using classical techniques and equipment.
  Previously Aired Episode
Welsh Rabbit - Frontier Comfort Food in the Cabin Aired on 11/25/2019
Welsh Rabbit - Frontier Comfort Food in the Cabin
Season 14: Episode 22
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Season 1
S01 E01
Soldier's Rations
S01 E02
Cooking Pumpkins
S01 E03
Cooking Ash Cakes
S01 E04
Soup, Stew, and Hash
S01 E05
Preparing Salt Pork
S01 E06
Privations of 18th Century Soldiers
S01 E07
How to Build an Earthen Oven
S01 E08
Baking Bread - Earthen Oven Pt. 2
S01 E09
Baking Simple Gingerbread
S01 E10
Making Tasty Fish Cakes
S01 E11
Cooking Meat Pies
S01 E12
Making Mushroom Ketchup
S01 E13
Baking Wiggs Seed Cakes
S01 E14
'A Pound of Meat' - Soldier Food in the 18th Century
S01 E15
Baked Beans
Season 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
Boiled Pudding (Pt. 1)
S02 E03
Quaking Pudding (Pt. 2)
S02 E04
18th Century German Kitchen Set
S02 E05
How to Season Cast Iron Cookware
S02 E06
Stinging Nettle Soup
S02 E07
Earthen Oven in 24 Hours
S02 E08
Simple Biscuits
S02 E09
How To Take Care of Your Copperware
S02 E10
Whitepot Bread Pudding
S02 E11
Asparagus Forced in a French Loaf
S02 E12
'Ship's Bisket' - Hard Tack
S02 E13
Baking Historic Mixed Grain Breads
S02 E14
S02 E15
S02 E16
Sourdough From Leaven
S02 E17
Which Yeast?
S02 E18
No-Knead French Bread
S02 E19
'Pain Perdu' - Historical French Toast
S02 E20
Personal Thoughts about The 18th Century Cooking Series
S02 E21
Thoughts on Research
S02 E22
Blog Thoughts
S02 E23
Challenges, and Thanks
Season 3
S03 E01
Standing Paste Pie Crust
S03 E02
How to Make Puff Paste Crust
S03 E03
Short Paste Pie Crust
S03 E04
Pear Tart
S03 E05
Christmas Mince Pie
S03 E06
Cooking Lemon Cheesecake
S03 E07
S03 E08
Standing Crust Meat Pie
S03 E09
Another Cheesecake
S03 E10
Milk Pancakes
S03 E11
Quire of Paper (Crepes)
S03 E12
Cheese Tart
S03 E13
Standing Crust Shell
S03 E14
Vegetable Pie
S03 E15
Beef Pasty (Pt. 1)
S03 E16
Beef Pasty (Pt. 2)
S03 E17
Season 4
S04 E01
Another Hasty Pudding
S04 E02
Chocolate Biscuits
S04 E03
Chocolate Tart
S04 E04
Hot Chocolate Drink
S04 E05
French Beans in a Ragout
S04 E06
Plum Pudding
S04 E07
Easy Scotch Eggs
S04 E08
Pancakes with Whipped Cream and Jam
S04 E09
Forcemeat Meatballs
S04 E10
Red Currant Tart
S04 E11
Currant Jelly
S04 E12
Simple Hard Dumplings
S04 E13
Onion Rings
S04 E14
Onion Soup
S04 E15
Wild Cherries
S04 E16
Simple Apple Pudding
Season 5
S05 E01
Mushroom Ketchup
S05 E02
Pemmican - The Ultimate Survival Food
S05 E03
Pemmican Pt. 2 - Let\'s Prepare It!
S05 E04
Pemmican (Pt. 3)
S05 E05
Pemmican (Pt. 4)
S05 E06
Portable Mud Oven
S05 E07
Ash Cakes Revisited
S05 E08
Apple Fritters
S05 E09
Holiday Turkey
S05 E10
Bread Stuffing & Cranberry Sauce
S05 E11
Sweet Potato Pudding
S05 E12
Indian Pudding
S05 E13
Pumpkin Pie
S05 E14
1796 Holiday Feast
S05 E15
Early American Christmas Cookie
S05 E16
1796 Honey Gingerbread
S05 E17
American Potash Cake
S05 E18
1824 English Gingerbread
Season 6
S06 E01
Switchel - The 18th Century Energy Drink
S06 E02
Carrot Pudding
S06 E03
A Carrot Custard
S06 E04
A Cabbage Farce
S06 E05
Wine Custard or Posset
S06 E06
Vermicelli Egg Noodles
S06 E07
Vermicelli Soup
S06 E08
Vermicelli Pudding - Kugel
S06 E09
Bone Broth
S06 E10
Asparagus Soup
S06 E11
Making Fantastic Doughnuts
S06 E12
A Lemon Cream from 1796
S06 E13
Springtime Soup Made With Wild Greens
S06 E14
Portable Soup
S06 E15
Whipped Syllabubs
S06 E16
Planting an Herb Garden with Centuries-Old Favorites
S06 E17
Ivy Makes Delicious Candied Violets
S06 E18
An Easy Hasty Pudding
S06 E19
An Easy Way To Keep Green Beans
S06 E20
Pistachio Turnover
S06 E21
A Soothing Herbal Tea From The 18th Century
S06 E22
6 Historical Egg Preservation Techniques
S06 E23
Delicacy or Remedy?
S06 E24
The Yuckiest Recipe Yet?
S06 E25
Campfire Coffee
S06 E26
Pickling Onions
S06 E27
A Lost Method Of Preserving Strawberries
S06 E28
Ivy Makes A Delicious Strawberry Tart
Season 7
S07 E01
Making Fresh Sauerkraut
S07 E02
Simple Soldier Cooking Without Utensils
S07 E03
How to Pickle Cabbage
S07 E04
Simple Saurkraut Soup
S07 E05
How to build an Earthen Oven and Use it the Same Day!
S07 E06
18th Century Bread Pudding
S07 E07
Pickling Eggs
S07 E08
Savory "1788" Steak Pudding
S07 E09
An American Chestnut Pudding
S07 E10
Light, Crispy Cookies
S07 E11
Welsh Rabbit From 1788
S07 E12
"Twelfth Night" Cake
S07 E13
Lamb in a Blanket
S07 E14
A Cheese Soup
S07 E15
Ivy Makes Jumbles
S07 E16
Imitation Coffee from the 17th and 18th Centuries
S07 E17
Frumenty - A Wheat Pudding
S07 E18
"Boiled Trout"
S07 E19
300-Year Old Sausage Recipe
S07 E20
We Had No Idea How This Recipe Would Turn Out
Season 8
S08 E01
On The Trail - A Simple Recipe For You
S08 E02
\'Horrible\' Gruel Recipe
S08 E03
Onion Pie
S08 E04
Ivy Prepares Turnovers
S08 E05
Baked Apples with Ivy
S08 E06
Dutch Oven Baking - Getting To Know The Utensil
S08 E07
1794 Roast Beef - Dutch Oven Cooking
S08 E08
The Best Bread Pudding Yet - Dutch Oven Baking
S08 E09
1796 Beef Steak Pie - Dutch Oven Baking
S08 E10
Lemon Minced Pie
S08 E11
Fried Chicken In The 18th Century
S08 E12
Cheese Curd Fritters
S08 E13
A Centuries-Old Succotash Recipe
S08 E14
200-Year Old Chicken Salad Recipe
S08 E15
Cornmeal Pancakes
S08 E16
Campfire Journey Cakes
S08 E17
Curly Fries - A 190-Year Old Recipe
S08 E18
1796 Pound Cakes
S08 E19
A 260-Year Old Recipe for Apple Turnovers
S08 E20
Rye & Indian Bread At Conner Prairie
S08 E21
Pork a la Normand At Conner Prairie
S08 E22
Ice Cream In The 18th Century
S08 E23
Samp Cakes Over An Open Fire
Season 9
S09 E01
Paw Paw Pudding
S09 E02
A Harvest Succotash
S09 E03
Making Bread From Barm At Genesee Country Village
S09 E04
18th Century Brewery Walkthrough
S09 E05
Green Bean Tarts, Really?
S09 E06
Cheesemaking in the Early 19th Century
S09 E07
The Freshest Breakfast Sausage (1808 Recipe)
S09 E08
The Crumpet Controversy
S09 E09
Breakfast in the 18th Century
S09 E10
'Fried Beets' from 1727
S09 E11
'Peas Pudding' - A Recipe From 1750
S09 E12
Little Currant Cakes With Ivy
S09 E13
Batter Pudding With Must Try Sauces!
S09 E14
Potted Beef In The 18th Century
S09 E15
Crispy Wafers at Gunston Hall
S09 E16
Food of the Enslaved - Okra Soup
S09 E17
Food of the Enslaved - Barbecue
S09 E18
Food of the Enslaved - Akara
S09 E19
Food of the Enslaved - Kush
Season 10
S10 E01
Spinach and Eggs, 18th Century Style
S10 E02
Tomatoes and Eggs
S10 E03
Cod With An 'Eggy' Sauce
S10 E04
Anchovies and Eggs
S10 E05
The Tale of Two Cakes
S10 E06
Early American Whiskey
S10 E07
Early American Dairy
S10 E08
Scotch Collops and Yellow Peas
S10 E09
Fried Oysters, 18th Century Style
S10 E10
Fresh Fish Over An Open Fire
S10 E11
Catfish Stew
S10 E12
The No-Meat Survival Food Pt. 1
S10 E13
The No-Meat Survival Food Pt. 2
S10 E14
Fried Catfish With Turnip Greens
S10 E15
Simple Quick Bread
S10 E16
'Orange Fool' - A Dessert Fit For The Washingtons
S10 E17
1795 'Fried Surprise' - A German Recipe
S10 E18
'Farina Soup with Eggs' - A German Recipe
S10 E19
Salted Cod with Eggs and Butter
S10 E20
A Peach Recipe 200 Years Old
S10 E21
Apple Dumpling - Apples Plus a Special Ingredient
Season 11
S11 E01
To Dress a Dish of Mushrooms
S11 E02
Corn and Eel Succotash
S11 E03
Edible Turnips - A Recipe From 1824
S11 E04
Too Much Butter? - A Recipe From 1794
S11 E05
'Pennsylvania Swankey' - A Small Beer Recipe
S11 E06
Fish In Your Pocket - Salmon Pasties
S11 E07
These Plants Could Have Saved You
S11 E08
Early American Ginger Beer
S11 E09
Historic Kitchens vs. Modern Kitchens
S11 E10
1773 Bread Pudding - Stale Bread? Don't Waste It!
S11 E11
Bacon Pancakes - A 1773 Bacon Fraze
S11 E12
An 'Acceptable', Less Offensive Pudding
S11 E13
Historic German Root Vegetable Soup
S11 E14
Rabbit Cooking! A Recipe from 1747
S11 E15
Baked Applesauce Pudding - A Historic German Recipe
S11 E16
Roast Beef Over an Open Fire
S11 E17
Rutabaga has Never Tasted so Good
S11 E18
Little Deer Antlers - It\'s Christmas in the Kitchen!
S11 E19
Rivel Soup - The Historic, German Way
S11 E20
Rabbit Over an Open Fire!
S11 E21
A Savory Noodle and Turnip Wintertime Soup
S11 E22
Steaks Fried in Ale - A Recipe from The Art of Cookery
Season 12
S12 E01
Candied Lime Peel - Candy in Early America
S12 E02
Turning Beets into Pancakes - A Recipe from 1803
S12 E03
Barley Soup - A Dish for the Common-Folk
S12 E04
Macaroni - A Recipe From 1784
S12 E05
Carrot Puffs - Carrots Deep-Fried in Suet
S12 E06
A Well-to-Do Rice Pudding
S12 E07
A Poor Man's Rice Pudding
S12 E08
"To Fricassee a Pig" - A Recipe from 1730
S12 E09
1730 Scotch Collops - Beef, Mushrooms, Eggs, and Gravy
S12 E10
Cooking Systems in the Backwoods - The American Frontier
S12 E11
Meat Preservation by Smoking - The American Frontier
S12 E12
Bison Soup - A Simple Campfire Meal on The American Frontier
S12 E13
Venison Heart - Nothing Goes to Waste on the Frontier
S12 E14
The Origins of Colonial Candy
S12 E15
A Taste of England - Unboxing a Food Parcel from Great Britain
S12 E16
"A Spring Greens Pie" - Forcemeat, Greens, and Puff Paste
S12 E17
Fried Tripe with Dipping Sauce
S12 E18
Rice Bread - No Wheat?
S12 E19
Rice Soup - They Called This "Soup"?
S12 E20
"Omelette of Asparagus" - A Recipe from 1787
Season 13
S13 E01
Salmon and Onions - Spanish Cooking from 1750
S13 E02
Pine Nuts and Spinach - 18th Century Spanish Cooking
S13 E03
Fish Pie - French Cooking in the 17th Century
S13 E04
Historic Harvest Soup with Pumpkin Bowl
S13 E05
Mint Sandwich From Switzerland
S13 E06
1787 Beer Soup from Germany
S13 E07
1780's Dutch Oven Pot Roast with Bacon, Sour Cream (?), and Carrots!
S13 E08
A Whole Bird Inside a Dumpling - Rare 1760's Recipe
S13 E09
Pea's Porridge - Surprisingly Delicious Poor People's Food From the 1700'...
S13 E10
Brandy vs. Sugar - 18th Century Fruit Preservation
S13 E11
1773 Apple Pie - One of the Earliest Recipes
S13 E12
Herring & Greens - Is This Just Another "Red Herring" From 1767?
S13 E13
Spinach Tart - A 200 Year Old Recipe!
S13 E14
Stewed Duck with Wine, Herbs, and Broth
S13 E15
Brown Gravy from 1787 - Take Your Flavors to the Next Level!
S13 E16
Chicken Fricassee With White Wine - A French Recipe from 1755
S13 E17
Boiled Dumplings - The Perfect Beginner's Recipe
S13 E18
Ocean Trout in Champagne - 1755 French Cooking
S13 E19
Wine on Fire - 1650s Recipe
S13 E20
Simple Roasted Onions From 1806 - We Promise, This is Delicious
S13 E21
19th Century Apple Brandy at Historic Locust Grove
Season 14
S14 E01
Herb Pie for Lent - Vegitarian Pie from 1769
S14 E02
Fried Potatoes - Potato Chips in the 18th Century?
S14 E03
Burgoo - Sailor Rations in the 18th Century
S14 E04
WhitePot Revisited - Our Best Dessert Ever
S14 E05
Beef Stew For The Middle Class
S14 E06
Boiled Pudding: Not Just for the English
S14 E07
Stockfish - Sailor Rations Aboard Ship
S14 E08
Fried Artichoke - Boring? We Thought It Would Be
S14 E09
Spruce Beer in Early America - Colonial Army Rations: Beer Every Day!
S14 E10
Rye and Indian Bread - Primitive Bread Baking in Early America
S14 E11
Barley Water from 1734 - Perfect Drink for this Summer Heat!
S14 E12
Roast Beef, Onion Rings, and Syllabub - Making a Three-Course Meal with N...
S14 E13
Pepperpot - Caribbean Cooking in The 18th Century
S14 E14
Coffee Eggs From 1769 - Jon Is Disgusted...
S14 E15
"Whipt Cream, Like Snow" - Not Your Typical Whipped Cream
S14 E16
Open Fire Shrimp With Black Pepper Butter Sauce - 1600s Recipe
S14 E17
Egg and Bacon Pie - Breakfast Casserole in the 18th Century?
S14 E18
Camp Oven Cornbread - Feeding Hungry Workers
S14 E19
Corn Over an Open Fire - A New Food in the New Frontier
S14 E20
Pumpkin Bread from 1750 - You've Never Had It Like This
S14 E21
Happy Thanksgiving! Pumpkin Pie from 1839
S14 E22
Welsh Rabbit - Frontier Comfort Food in the Cabin
Episode 1
An Adventurer\'s 1774 Journal - Nicholas Cresswell
Episode 2
Historic vs. Modern Kitchens
Episode 3
Body Snatchers of the 18th Century
Episode 4
History: It\'s All About the Details
Episode 5
Revolutionary War Salt Shortage
Episode 6
Medicines of the 18th Century
Episode 7
Winters in Colonial America
Episode 8
Interview - Frank Jarboe aka. "Parson John" - Circuit Rider in the 18th C...
Episode 9
Enduring Winter During the Revolutionary War
Episode 10
No Laws or Rules - The Backwoods of Early South Carolina
Episode 11
Interview - Bill Maddox - Early American Woodworking
Episode 12
The Hessians - Forgotten Soldiers of the Revolutionary War
Episode 13
Interview - Matt Douthitt - History Beneath Our Parking Lots
Episode 14
Trading Goods on the Frontier - Value and Trade from Fort Wayne
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