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Half as Interesting

Half as Interesting

2017 - Now  •  10:00 AM on YouTube
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Special Interest
A YouTube show about somewhat interesting stuff. From the same creator of Wendover Productions.

  Previously Aired Episode
The Places Where Sneaking Over the US-Canada Border is Legal Aired on 09/13/2019
The Places Where Sneaking Over the US-Canada Border is Legal
Season 2019: Episode 37
Season 2017 2018 2019
Season 2017
S2017 E01
What's the Longest Drivable Distance on Earth?
S2017 E02
Why You Can Claim Islands for the US if They Have Bird Poop
S2017 E03
The 64 Day Longest Flight in History
S2017 E04
The $40 Internationally Standard Cup of Tea
S2017 E05
What's the Northernmost Town in the world?
S2017 E06
The Enormous Spreadsheet that Runs the World's Mail
S2017 E07
Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal
S2017 E08
How Fast Can You Circumnavigate the World on Commercial Flights?
S2017 E09
The Not-So-Simple Process of Deciphering Hieroglyphs
S2017 E10
How to Read Barcodes
S2017 E11
Why the US' Land is Blocky
S2017 E12
The Secret Protocol for When the Queen Dies
S2017 E13
The Country with No Territory
S2017 E14
The 30 Mile Zone That Explains Why Hollywood Exists
S2017 E15
Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere
S2017 E16
Why Some AM Radio Stations Don't Work at Night
S2017 E17
What Your Name Decides About Your Life
S2017 E18
The US Government's Secret Airline
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Australia's 3488 Mile Long Fence
S2018 E02
Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011
S2018 E03
Why Dying is Illegal in Longyearbyen, Norway
S2018 E04
The 809 Objects Left on the Moon
S2018 E05
Why Humans Have More Than Five Senses
S2018 E06
How This Pacific Island Got 10% of Their Money by Chance
S2018 E07
What’s the Longest Train in the World?
S2018 E08
The Warehouses That (Sort Of) Aren't in Any Country
S2018 E09
Why Literally (Almost) Every Price Ends in 99 Cents
S2018 E10
Why It's Illegal to be Named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116
S2018 E11
How 29,000 Lost Rubber Ducks Helped Map the World's Oceans
S2018 E12
How Real Mind Control Works
S2018 E13
Why These Words are Illegal
S2018 E14
How to Make an Emoji
S2018 E15
The 3,713 Page Document That Makes or Breaks Economies
S2018 E16
Why Diplomats Can't be Arrested
S2018 E17
Why There Are Thousands of Giant Arrows Across the US
S2018 E18
The $289,500 New York Hot Dog Stand License
S2018 E19
Why One Road in the US Uses Metric (Because of Pirates)
S2018 E20
Why 11 Babies Have Been Born in Antarctica
S2018 E21
How the US Government Kept a Town of 75,000 Secret
S2018 E22
Two Islands in Two Countries, Two Miles and 21 Hours Apart
S2018 E23
That Time When 3 Astronauts Went on Strike in Space
S2018 E24
How an Island Lost Its Fortune Making a Terrible Musical
S2018 E25
Why the World's Smallest Country Has a Railroad
S2018 E26
The 53 Second, 22 Dollar Shortest Flight in the World
S2018 E27
The Italian Town That's Not in Italy (or the EU... kind of)
S2018 E28
Why Wifi is Illegal in Green Bank, West Virginia
S2018 E29
Why Heathrow Airport Had Empty Flights to Nowhere
S2018 E30
The Somewhat Secret Subway System Under the US Capitol
S2018 E31
Why There's an American High School in Communist Cuba
S2018 E32
The Country That Used to Exist Between the US and Canada
S2018 E33
The Time China Had a 12 Day Long Traffic Jam
S2018 E34
The Secretive Book That Names All the Cheaters in Vegas
S2018 E35
The Crazy Time When the US Delivered Mail by Missile
S2018 E36
Every Mistake We’ve Ever Made
S2018 E37
The Island That Switches Countries Every Six Months
S2018 E38
The Fake Neighborhoods on Google Maps
S2018 E39
Why Iceland Imports Ice
S2018 E40
The Baboon That Controlled a Railway for 9 Years
S2018 E41
Bouvet Island: The Most Isolated Piece of Land on Earth
S2018 E42
How A Massive Dam in China Slowed the Earth's Rotation
S2018 E43
Why It's Illegal to Resign from the British House of Commons
S2018 E44
How Polar Bears Ruined Halloween in Northern Canada
S2018 E45
How This Island Near Australia Was Undiscovered
S2018 E46
The Man Who Was Stuck in Paris Airport for 18 Years
S2018 E47
Why NASA Tried to Launch Big Bird to Space
S2018 E48
Why This Island Might be in Canada or Might be in the US
S2018 E49
The Secret Train Station Under New York City
S2018 E50
The 32-Hour Longest Commercial Flight in History
S2018 E51
What's the Shortest International Border in the World?
S2018 E52
Centralia: The Town That's Been on Fire Since 1962
S2018 E53
Why It’s (Sometimes) Illegal to Use These Colors
Season 2019
S2019 E01
North Korea's Fake Town in the DMZ
S2019 E02
Why the UK Desperately Wants This Rock to Be Inhabitable
S2019 E03
The Completely Real American $100,000 Bill
S2019 E04
What's the Furthest You Could Travel Without a Passport?
S2019 E05
What Living in the World's Coldest Town is Like
S2019 E06
The US' Plan for a Hypothetical War with Britain
S2019 E07
The US Government's $350 Million Doomsday Plane
S2019 E08
Why Breaking Out of Prison is Legal in Germany
S2019 E09
How a Missing Comma Cost a Company $5 Million
S2019 E10
How Kim Jong-un Travels
S2019 E11
What Is the Shortest-Lived Country in History?
S2019 E12
The 30 Year-Old Airline That's Never Flown
S2019 E13
Why Every Map of China is Just Slightly Wrong
S2019 E14
The Secret Radio Stations Used to Communicate with Spies
S2019 E15
What's the Most Isolated City in the World?
S2019 E16
How Ireland Accidentally Legalized Drugs for Two Days
S2019 E17
Why Berlin's 15 Year-Old Airport has Never Had a Flight
S2019 E18
How an Australian Prime Minister Disappeared Without a Trace
S2019 E19
Why the World's Fastest Elevator Exists
S2019 E20
Why This Capital City Has a Population of Zero
S2019 E21
Why South Korea Will be Silent on November, 14, 2019
S2019 E22
The Law That Lets You Legally Steal Houses
S2019 E23
How a Manhole Cover Became the Fastest Manmade Object Ever
S2019 E24
How a Boeing 727 Was Stolen (And Never Found)
S2019 E25
The Secret Codes that Printers Put on Every Paper
S2019 E26
Why There's Only One American Cruise Ship
S2019 E27
How Australia Printed a Typo 46 Million Times
S2019 E28
The $14.3 Million World's Most Expensive License Plate
S2019 E29
The US Government's Airline for Prisoners
S2019 E30
Quarter as Interesting: The Topics That Weren't Good Enough
S2019 E31
The Island Invented to Scam a Rich Guy
S2019 E32
North Korea's Tiny, Terrible Airline
S2019 E33
Why There’s Less Gravity in Hudson Bay, Canada
S2019 E34
The US' Terrible Mistake of Selling $1 Coins for $1
S2019 E35
Every Mistake We've Ever Made (2 Fast 2 Spurious)
S2019 E36
The Tiny Building Where 285,000 Businesses are Based
S2019 E37
The Places Where Sneaking Over the US-Canada Border is Legal
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