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1986 - 1991  •  NBC  •  45 hours  •  111 episodes
1 vote
1804 votes
# 7994
One year after the demise of The Jeffersons, Sherman Hemsley returned to television to star in another hit sitcom as Ernest Frye, the lawyer and scheming deacon of First Community Church of Philadelphia, and who intended to keep it under his thumb. Unfortunately, the new minister, Rev. Reuben Gregory, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Deliverance (2) Aired on 05/11/1991
Deliverance (2)
Season 5: Episode 22
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
111 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
The Courtship of Bess Richards
S01 E03
The Morning After
S01 E04
The Deacon Delivers
S01 E05
Rolly Falls in Love
S01 E06
Retreat, Heck!
S01 E07
Sermon from the Cell
S01 E08
Maitre D'eacon
S01 E09
Reuben's Romance
S01 E10
After the Fall
S01 E11
Your Christmas Show of Shows
S01 E12
Frye for the Defense
S01 E13
Thelma's Choice
S01 E14
Betting on the Boy
S01 E15
Casting the First Stone
S01 E16
Yes Sir, That's Your Baby
S01 E17
Into the Night
S01 E18
The Divorce Lawyer
S01 E19
The Rival
S01 E20
The Magician
S01 E21
Glen Garry Glen Thelma
S01 E22
What's Up, Deacon?
Season 2
S02 E01
California Dreaming
S02 E02
Dancing in the Dark
S02 E03
You Bet Your Life
S02 E04
Dueling Ministers
S02 E05
Thelma's Reunion
S02 E06
Deacon on the Line
S02 E07
Rolly's Proposal (1)
S02 E08
Rolly's Wedding (2)
S02 E09
Thelma's Birthday
S02 E10
Thelma's Little Girl
S02 E11
The Twelve Songs of Christmas
S02 E12
Snakes Alive
S02 E13
Man on a Ledge
S02 E14
To Catch a Thief
S02 E15
The Widow
S02 E16
S02 E17
Deacon Dearest
S02 E18
The Fantasy
S02 E19
Wedding Bell Blues
S02 E20
A Slight Case of Murder (1)
S02 E21
A Slight Case of Murder (2)
Season 3
S03 E01
Fear of Flying
S03 E02
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
S03 E03
Look at Me, I'm Running
S03 E04
Court of Love
S03 E05
Get 'em up, Scout
S03 E06
The Minister's Wife
S03 E07
The Housekeeper
S03 E08
Thelma's Handyman
S03 E09
The Deacon's Donkey
S03 E10
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
S03 E11
I Remember Mama
S03 E12
The Reverend Ernest Frye
S03 E13
The Green Card
S03 E14
The Psychic (1)
S03 E15
The Psychic (2)
S03 E16
The Boxer
S03 E17
Nothing but the Truth
S03 E18
Career Girl
S03 E19
First Community Talent Show
S03 E20
The Last Supper
S03 E21
Sing, Sister, Sing
S03 E22
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Season 4
S04 E01
The Engagement
S04 E02
Where There's a Will
S04 E03
Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine
S04 E04
Who Am I?
S04 E05
Witness for the Defense
S04 E06
TV or Not TV
S04 E07
Don't Rain on My Shower
S04 E08
Thelma Says, I Do
S04 E09
You're in the Army Now (1)
S04 E10
You're in the Army Now (2)
S04 E11
Sergeant in Arms
S04 E12
Thelma Frye, Dough Girl
S04 E13
The Deacon vs. the US Army
S04 E14
The Roast
S04 E15
The Deacon and the Mother-in-Law
S04 E16
The Wedding
S04 E17
The Honeymoon
S04 E18
The Talent Show
S04 E19
Moving In
S04 E20
Deacon's Dilemma
S04 E21
Trouble in Paradise
S04 E22
Who's Sorry Now?
S04 E23
The Deacon's Confession
S04 E24
The Deacon's Confession
Season 5
S05 E01
Love, Deacon Style
S05 E02
Two Men, One Woman and a Baby
S05 E03
Child's Play
S05 E04
Yo, Deak
S05 E05
Miracle on 134th Street (1)
S05 E06
Miracle on 134th Street (2)
S05 E07
Judge Deacon Frye
S05 E08
The Gospel Truth
S05 E09
Lights, Camera, Deacon
S05 E10
S05 E11
Ernie and the Sublimes
S05 E12
The Deacon's Slam Dunk
S05 E13
Three Men and a Hammer
S05 E14
Nothin' Says Lovin' ...
S05 E15
My Fair Homeboy
S05 E16
A Star is Burned
S05 E17
S05 E18
The Wild Deak
S05 E19
Three's a Crowd
S05 E20
Date with an Angel
S05 E21
Deliverance (1)
S05 E22
Deliverance (2)
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