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Total DramaRama

Total DramaRama

2018 - Now  •  Saturday 10:00 AM on Cartoon Network  •  32 hours  •  132 episodes
12 votes
607 votes
# 23180
Comedy, Animation, Children
Some of the original Total Drama characters aged down from teenagers to toddlers in a day care ran by Chef Hatchet who almost cares. The cast includes Noah, Harold, Courtney, Izzy, Beth, Bridgette. Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna and Jude (so far) who are set to have adventures only they can imagine.

  Previously Aired Episode
Trousering Inferno Aired on 10/16/2021
Trousering Inferno
Season 3: Episode 27
  New Episode Air Date
Airs on Saturday 10/23/2021
The Big Bangs Theory
Season 3: Episode 28
Total DramaRama | Cartoon Network - Total DramaRama New Episodes Promo (March 30, 2019)
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
Duck Duck Juice
S01 E03
Cluckwork Orange
S01 E04
Free Chili
S01 E05
The Date
S01 E06
Aquarium for a Dream
S01 E07
Cuttin’ Corners
S01 E08
Sharing Is Caring
S01 E09
Ant We All Just Get Along?
S01 E10
Germ Factory
S01 E11
Cone in 60 Seconds
S01 E12
The Bad Guy Busters
S01 E13
That's a Wrap
S01 E14
Tiger Fail
S01 E15
A Ninjustice to Harold
S01 E16
Having the Timeout of Our Lives
S01 E17
Hic Hic Hooray
S01 E18
Bananas & Cheese
S01 E19
Inglorious Toddlers
S01 E20
Not Without My Fudgy Lumps
S01 E21
Paint That a Shame
S01 E22
Snots Landing
S01 E23
Know it All
S01 E24
A Licking Time Bomb
S01 E25
From Badge to Worse
S01 E26
Toys Will Be Toys
S01 E27
All Up in Your Drill
S01 E28
Snow Way Out
S01 E29
Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth
S01 E30
Gum and Gummer
S01 E31
Invasion of the Booger Snatchers
S01 E32
Wristy Business
S01 E33
Melter Skelter
S01 E34
The Never Gwending Story
S01 E35
There Are No Hoppy Endings
S01 E36
Too Much of a Goo'd Thing
S01 E37
The Price of Advice
S01 E38
Mother of All Cards
S01 E39
Duncan Disorderly
S01 E40
Soother or Later
S01 E41
Camping is In Tents
S01 E42
Mutt Ado About Owen
S01 E43
Simons Are Forever
S01 E44
Stop! Hamster Time
S01 E45
Driving Miss Crazy
S01 E46
Weiner Takes All
S01 E47
Apoca-lice Now
S01 E48
Gnome More Mister Nice Guy
S01 E49
Look Who's Clocking
S01 E50
Harold Swatter and the Goblet of Flies
S01 E51
Stink. Stank. Stunk.
S01 E52
Episode 52
Season 2
S02 E01
Glove Glove Me Do
S02 E02
Robo Teacher
S02 E03
The Tooth About Zombies
S02 E04
Lie-Ranosaurus Wrecked
S02 E05
An Egg-stremely Bad Idea
S02 E06
Exercising the Demons
S02 E07
Pudding the Planet First
S02 E08
Supply Mom
S02 E09
Mooshy Phon Phons
S02 E10
Student Becomes the Teacher
S02 E11
Beth and the Beanstalk
S02 E12
Pinata Regatta
S02 E13
A Dame-gerous Game
S02 E14
Royal Flush
S02 E15
Total Eclipse of the Fart
S02 E16
Dissing Cousins
S02 E17
For a Few Duncans More
S02 E18
He Who Wears the Clown
S02 E19
Us 'R' Toys
S02 E20
Dream Worriers
S02 E21
Grody to the Maximum
S02 E22
Wiggin' Out
S02 E23
The Upside of Hunger
S02 E24
Fire in the Hole
S02 E25
Ghoul Spirit
S02 E26
Duncan Carving
S02 E27
Tu Ba Or Not Tu Ba
S02 E28
Dude Where's Macaw
S02 E29
Way Back Wendel
S02 E30
Stingin' in the Rain
S02 E31
Cartoon Realism
S02 E32
S02 E33
Gobble Head
S02 E34
The A Bok Bok Bokalypse
S02 E35
Me, My Elf, and I
S02 E36
Snow Country for Old Men
S02 E37
Jelly Aches
S02 E38
Simply Perfect
S02 E39
Baby Brother Blues
S02 E40
Space Codyty
S02 E41
Snack to the Future
S02 E42
The Gold and the Stickerful
S02 E43
Bad Seed
S02 E44
A Fish Called Leshawna
S02 E45
Double Oh Beth
S02 E46
Duncan Duty
S02 E47
S02 E48
Life of Pie
S02 E49
S02 E50
School District 9
S02 E51
Shock & AWW
Season 3
S03 E01
S03 E02
Whack Mirror
S03 E03
Broken Back Kotter
S03 E04
Weekend at Buddy's
S03 E05
MacArthur Park
S03 E06
Last Mom Standing
S03 E07
S03 E08
Sugar & Spice & Lightning & Frights
S03 E09
Breaking Bite
S03 E10
I Dream of Meanie
S03 E11
Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels
S03 E12
Say Hello to my Little Friends
S03 E13
S03 E14
Cody the Barbarian
S03 E15
TP2: Judgement Bidet
S03 E16
Dial B for Birder
S03 E17
A Hole Lot of Trouble
S03 E18
A Tell Tale
S03 E19
Chews Wisely
S03 E20
A Dingo Ate My Duncan
S03 E21
Erase Yer Head
S03 E22
Teacher, Soldier, Chef, Spy
S03 E23
S03 E24
S03 E25
Quiche It Goodbye
S03 E26
Ice Guys Finish Last
S03 E27
Trousering Inferno
S03 E28
The Big Bangs Theory
S03 E29
Gwen Scary, Gwen Lost
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