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It's History

It's History

2014 - Now  •  YouTube  •  8 seasons  •  267 episodes
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Documentary, History
IT’S HISTORY is a ride through history - Join us discovering the world’s most important eras in IN TIME, the GREATEST MINDS and the most important INVENTIONS. We’re going to explore each epoch in depth showing you the relations that made it important for mankind.
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When did the US Postal Service Begin and What was its purpose? Aired on 11/26/2022
When did the US Postal Service Begin and What was its purpose?
Season 8: Episode 134
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
The Berlin Wall and Peaceful Revolutions
S01 E02
Oktoberfest and the World’s Greatest Parties
S01 E03
Ebola and Media Hysteria?
S01 E04
Amelia Earhart and (un)solved Mysteries
S01 E05
Active Volcanoes, Natural Disasters and the Fate of Humanity
S01 E06
Ferguson and the Grand Jury System
S01 E07
Beheadings And The Modern Jihad
S01 E08
Christmas Traditions
S01 E09
The Legalization of Cannabis
S01 E10
The Streisand Effect - Trying to Hide Things On The Internet
S01 E11
Kanye & McCartney - The History of Music Collaborations
S01 E12
Charlie Hebdo - The History of Satire
S01 E13
Taylor Swift And Music Genre Crossover
Season 2
S02 E01
Let There Be Light - The Invention of the Light Bulb
S02 E02
Adam Smith - The Inventor of Market Economy
S02 E03
Reasons for the Industrial Revolution
S02 E04
Phonograph vs. Gramophone - The Invention of Sound Recording Part 1
S02 E05
Jane Austen - A Briography of Pride and Prejudice
S02 E06
The Steam Machine Changes the World
S02 E07
Along Comes the Walkman - Sound Recording Part 2
S02 E08
The MP3 Wins! - Sound Recording Part 3
S02 E09
From Steam Machine to Locomotive
S02 E10
Karl Marx - The Revolutionary Scholar
S02 E11
Changing Time - Railroads & Canals
S02 E12
Fighting Disease - The Invention of Modern Immune-Medicine
S02 E13
Florence Nightingale - The Mother of Modern Nursing
S02 E14
The Industrial Revolution Comes to Europe and America!
S02 E15
The Invention of the Telephone
S02 E16
Alexander von Humboldt - The Great Explorer
S02 E17
The Workers Rights Revolution
S02 E18
Say Cheese! - The Invention of Photography
S02 E19
Fighter for Quality - Susan B. Anthony
S02 E20
Arts and Culture During the Industrial Revolution
S02 E21
The Invention of the Car
S02 E22
Charles Darwin - Prophet of Evolution
S02 E23
Mass Production and the Road to World War 1
S02 E24
The Era of Queen Victoria
Season 3
S03 E01
Lazy and Generous - A Pirate's Life
S03 E02
The Greatest Pirate of the Caribbean - Black Bart Roberts
S03 E03
Pirate Battle Tactics During the Golden Age
S03 E04
The Golden Age of Piracy
S03 E05
The Most Famous Female Pirates
S03 E06
The Modern Myth - Pirates in Pop Culture
S03 E07
Blackbeard's Last Stand
S03 E08
Bone Saw and Syphilis - Medicine at Sea
S03 E09
Somali Fishermen and Digital Piracy
S03 E10
The Epic Failure of the Spanish Armada
S03 E11
Isn't That India? - Navigation at Sea
S03 E12
The Battle of Trafalgar - Admiral Nelson's Moment
Season 4
S04 E01
Zero Hour - Origins of the Cold War
S04 E02
The Korean War - The Cold War Turns Hot!
S04 E03
The Iron Curtain Has Decended and Germany Gets Divided
S04 E04
Weapons of Mass Destruction
S04 E05
The Father of the Berlin Wall - Walter Ulbricht
S04 E06
On the Pitch and in Space - The Contest of Ideologies
S04 E07
A Child of War - Invention of the Computer
S04 E08
Proxy War in Nicaragua - US-Arms Deals with Iran
S04 E09
The Cuban Missile Crisis and Espionage During the Cold War
S04 E10
Cats, Memes and Porn - The History of the Internet
S04 E11
The First Woman in Space - Valentina Tereshkova
S04 E12
The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking! - The Cold War Arms Race
S04 E13
Turning Point of the Vietnam War - The Tet Offensive
S04 E14
The Electronic Revolution - The Synthesizer
S04 E15
Beatniks, Hippies and Free Love - The Counterculture
S04 E16
Between the Sexes - Sports Legend Ewa Klobukowska
S04 E17
The Soviet Master Spy - Rudolf Abel
S04 E18
X-Men, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings - Cold War Culture
S04 E19
The Falklands War - A War for Lost Glory
S04 E20
Hunting the Communists! - Joseph McCarthy
S04 E21
Fall of the Iron Curtain
S04 E22
Fast Food - Would You Like Capitalism With That?
S04 E23
Jihad with US-Arms - The Soviet-Afghan War
Season 5
S05 E01
War and Power Play at the Yellow River - The Chinese Bronze Age
S05 E02
The Invention of Writing, Paper and Print!
S05 E03
Confucius - Master of Philosophy and Fortune Cookies!
S05 E04
Imperial China Is Born! - The Qin and Han Dynasty
S05 E05
Martial Arts - Fighting for the Perfect Body and Mind
S05 E06
The Three Teachings - Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism
S05 E07
The Fall of the Golden Age - The Tang Dynasty
S05 E08
How a Concubine Became the Empress of China - Wu Zetian
S05 E09
Sun Tzu - The Art of War
S05 E10
And Then Came Genghis Khan - Sorrow of the Song Dynasty
S05 E11
A Tale of Swords and Gunpowder - Weapons in Ancient China
S05 E12
Battle of the Red Cliffs - Three Kingdoms for China
S05 E13
Downfall of the Superpower China - Ming and Qin Dynasty
S05 E14
China Rules the Seas - The Invention of the Junk
S05 E15
The Opium War - Lost in Compensation
S05 E16
The Century of Humiliation - Part 1
S05 E17
The Boxer Rebellion
S05 E18
Cixi: All Power to the Empress Dowager
S05 E19
The Century of Humiliation - Part 2
S05 E20
The Father of Modern China - Sun Yat-sen
S05 E21
The Chinese Civil War - Blood for Unity
Season 6
S06 E01
Greek Orgies, Roman Brothels and the Kama Sutra
S06 E02
The Queen of Lesbos - Poetess Sappho
S06 E03
Playing with Pleasure - History of Sex Toys
S06 E04
The Dark Ages of Sex - All Pleasure Is Sin!
S06 E05
The Trojan War - A Tale of Passion and Bloodshed!
S06 E06
Better Safe Than Sorry! - The History of Contraception
S06 E07
Sexual Enlightenment - Defining What Is Normal
S06 E08
Sex Is a Basic Instinct - Sigmund Freud
S06 E09
The Power of Sex - Cleopatra, Caesar and Mark Antony
Season 7
S07 E01
Baldwin IV - The Leper King of Jerusalem
S07 E02
Vlad the Impaler - The Real Dracula
S07 E03
The Attack of the Living Dead - 1915
S07 E04
Saladin - Sword of Islam
S07 E05
Ivan the Terrible - The First Russian Tsar
S07 E06
Curse of the Friday the 13th
S07 E07
Amputations in the Napoleonic Wars
S07 E08
Secrets of the Medieval Steel
S07 E09
Landsknechts - Most Brutal Mercenaries of the Renaissance
S07 E10
The Truth About Viking Armor
S07 E11
Armors of the Crusades
S07 E12
Medieval Tank - The 13th Century Knight
S07 E13
Danse Macabre - Dancing Plague of 1518
S07 E14
Blood & Glory - The Truth About Gladiators
S07 E15
The Impenetrable Armor?
S07 E16
Suleiman the Magnificent
S07 E17
The Nizaris - Real Assassins
S07 E18
Joan of Arc - The Maid of Orléans
S07 E19
Gilles de Rais - French Dracula
S07 E20
Napoleon - Rise to Power
S07 E21
Napoleon - Conquering Europe
S07 E22
Battle of Hattin - Fall of the Crusades
S07 E23
Tokugawa Ieyasu - Shogun of Japan
S07 E24
T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia
S07 E25
How Vermeer Lied to Us
S07 E26
Santa Claus - Bishop of Mira
S07 E27
Masada - The Last Bastion of the Zealots
S07 E28
Themistocles - Hero from Salamina
S07 E29
Battle Of Ager Falernus - Remarkable Hannibal's Victory
S07 E30
Jan III Sobieski - King of Poland
S07 E31
Who Were the Plague Doctors?
Season 8
S08 E01
Forgotten Tunnels Under Chicago - EXPLORING The History of Chicago Tunnel...
S08 E02
Centralia - Exploring The Burning Ghost Town
S08 E03
The Lost Street Cars of New York City - The Story of American trolleys
S08 E04
When Chocolate was a Drug
S08 E05
When Animals Were Punished in Court
S08 E06
Plague Doctor Costumes, A Terrifying Sight
S08 E07
The Titanic Myth
S08 E08
"THE MAIL ROOM IS FILLING!" Titanic Survivor Account 1 - Joseph Boxhall's
S08 E09
"NOTHING COULD HAVE SAVED HER" - Titanic account #2 Commander Lightoller
S08 E10
Original Pripyat Evacuation Recording
S08 E11
Chernobyl's Belarusian FALLOUT zone
S08 E12
The Dancing Plague of 1518 (new version)
S08 E13
When Germany attacked New Jersey - Black Tom explosion
S08 E14
Going Viral in the 1920's (Flagpole Sitting to TikTok)
S08 E15
Forgotten Streetcar Tunnels of Chicago
S08 E16
Exploring Hitler's Train Bunker (360°)
S08 E17
Hitler's Train Bunker
S08 E18
Abandoned Underground Concourses of Philadelphia
S08 E19
New York’s Lost Skyscraper - The Rise and Fall of Singer Tower
S08 E20
New York's lost marvel - The Story of Pennsylvania Station
S08 E21
New York’s Fake Buildings - Secret Sub-Stations (the story behind them)
S08 E22
Detroit's Abandoned Tower (The Story of Book Tower)
S08 E23
Ghost Town Living - The History of Cerro Gordo Mines
S08 E24
How the World's Tallest Train Station was Abandoned - The story of Michig...
S08 E25
Lost Canals of New Jersey - The Story of Morris & Delaware and Raritan Ca...
S08 E26
Why can't you visit the Statue of Liberty's Torch?
S08 E27
Was The Empire State Building a Blimp Port?
S08 E28
Chicago's Forgotten Lake Tunnels, Cribs, and Waterworks
S08 E29
Castle tour in 360° (Discovering the Zodiac in a Catholic Church)
S08 E30
The Secret Tunnels Beneath New York
S08 E31
Chicago's Forgotten "L" Lines- The History of Chicago Elevated Trains
S08 E32
Why did St.Louis build the Gateway arch?
S08 E33
21 Elephants Walked Across the Brooklyn Bridge to Prove Its Safety
S08 E34
Why a Woman was the first to go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel
S08 E35
How The Erie Canal Transformed America
S08 E36
New Yorks Underwater Tunnel - The History of the Holland Tunnel
S08 E37
Chicago's Christmas Tree Shipwreck incident (Chicago's Weirdest Story)
S08 E38
Why Does New York's Subway have Ghost Stations? (History of NYC public tr...
S08 E39
The Rise and Fall of Atlantic City
S08 E40
The Golden Gate was a Military Fort
S08 E41
Exploring a Huge Abandoned Prison in 360° (Cell found intact)
S08 E42
The Lost Central Railroad of New Jersey - The Story of NJ's Forgotten Tra...
S08 E43
Chicago's Fake Buildings - Secret Sub-Stations (The Story Behind Them)
S08 E44
New York's Weirdest Building - Lost Forever
S08 E45
Why Chicago Demolished the Largest Dome in America - The Federal Building...
S08 E46
What Happened to America’s Telegraph Lines? How the Telegraph Transform...
S08 E47
The Lost Docks of N.Y.C. (The History of New York's Waterfront)
S08 E48
The Lost Streetcars of Chicago - Finding the Last Green Hornet Tracks
S08 E49
Why America's Battleship Graveyard is Forgotten (Philadelphia's Abandoned...
S08 E50
What's inside a Destroyer with active Military crew onboard? ORP Blyskawi...
S08 E51
Finding Chicago’s Last Yellow Street Signs - The Story of American Road...
S08 E52
New York's Lost Pulitzer Tower - The Rise and Fall of The World Building
S08 E53
The Secret Steam Tunnel System of N.Y.C. (and why it pours out of the str...
S08 E54
New York's Deep Tunnel - The Lincoln Tunnel's Forgotten Past
S08 E55
Why the Ruins of this N.Y. tower were moved to Indiana
S08 E56
How New Jersey's Pine Barrens became the Creepiest Place in America - The...
S08 E57
Why the Longest Tunnel in the World Leads to New York City
S08 E58
Why the Navy Abandoned Hundreds of Ships in California
S08 E59
What Happened to America's oldest Telephone Network? (History of the Tele...
S08 E60
New York's other Lost skyscraper - The Rise and Fall of City Investing Bu...
S08 E61
The Rise and Fall of Asbury Park New Jersey
S08 E62
Why Gary Indiana will Become a Ghost Town (The Rise and Fall of Gary Indi...
S08 E63
The Lost Docks of Fort Brooklyn & The Downfall of Brooklyn Harbor
S08 E64
The Secrets of Chicago's Sewer System (and River Pollution)
S08 E65
What's on the Rooftops of New York's Most Famous Skyscrapers?
S08 E66
Why Los Angeles won't run out of water: The Aqueduct
S08 E67
How the New Jersey Turnpike Changed America Forever
S08 E68
What Remains of the Pony Express in 2022?
S08 E69
Chicago's Last Great Railway Terminal: The Forgotten Chicago & North West...
S08 E70
When California's Greatest Treasure Became a National Disgrace: The Salto...
S08 E71
The Dangerous History of Transatlantic Steamship Travel
S08 E72
Philadelphia's Abandoned Ghost Subway Lines: What Happened To Them?
S08 E73
The Rise and Fall of Camden, New Jersey - America's Most Dangerous City
S08 E74
When Seattle's underground became infested with criminals and rats (liter...
S08 E75
Why New York's North River Tunnels Were Cursed from the Beginning
S08 E76
Why New Jersey is called a toxic wasteland - The Radium Girls
S08 E77
What's on the rooftops of Chicago's most famous skyscrapers?
S08 E78
What really happened to Newspaper row and the Tribune Building?
S08 E79
Why Pennsylvania's coal mine fire problems are here to stay forever
S08 E80
The Largest Abandoned Subway in the World
S08 E81
The Weirdest Ships in History (and why they were brilliant)
S08 E82
Why the Alamo you know is a Lie & What's on the rooftops of Texan buildin...
S08 E83
The Rise and Fall of Compton California
S08 E84
Why New York's First River Tunnel is Falling Apart (The Story of The Huds...
S08 E85
The Rise and Fall of Bisbee Arizona
S08 E86
Why Abandoned Battleships Haunt Texas
S08 E87
What Really Happened at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893?
S08 E88
Why Cement Ships Were A Terrible Idea
S08 E89
How Ancient Clay Tablets Became Credit Cards
S08 E90
Why Florida's Overseas Highway Turned From Dream to Disaster
S08 E91
Why Presidents Die on the 4th of July
S08 E92
Why Towns were Lost Under New York’s Water Reservoir
S08 E93
Abandoned Aircraft Carriers and Navy Ships (Washington’s Naval Inactive...
S08 E94
The Rise and Fall of Route 66 (Why America's Greatest Road Fell into Obli...
S08 E95
Portland's Forgotten Tunnels & Trapdoors (Shanghai Tunnels Explained)
S08 E96
Why The Space Needle Looks like a UFO
S08 E97
Why Thousands of Aircraft are Abandoned in the Arizona Desert
S08 E98
Why Hundreds of New York Ships were Abandoned on Staten Island
S08 E99
Why Coal Breakers were Horrific Places to Work (Coal Breakers Explained)
S08 E100
The Lost Battleships of Hawaii (How Pearl Harbor became a ship Graveyard)
S08 E101
The Mountain Climbing Steam Train (The Story of the Cog Railway)
S08 E102
Why The Longest Bridge in The World was Destroyed (and rebuilt)
S08 E103
The Rise and Fall of Tombstone Arizona
S08 E104
Why the Queens Midtown Tunnel has doors to prevent disaster
S08 E105
Why Chicago's Worst Public Housing Project became a National Disgrace
S08 E106
Why New York’s Secret Government Island Has No Inhabitants
S08 E107
The Controversial Truth About Mt. Rushmore
S08 E108
New York City's Underwater Highway Explained
S08 E109
Why Massive Abandoned Domes Were Deserted in Arizona's Desert
S08 E110
America's Greatest Border Dispute: The Story of the Mason-Dixon Line
S08 E111
Why Decaying Sea Forts were Abandoned in Great Britain
S08 E112
Why New York Disgraced One Time Square (The Building Behind the Billboard...
S08 E113
What Is the Highest Tunnel in America? (The Eisenhower Tunnel)
S08 E114
Why the Soviet Union Flooded This Belltower
S08 E115
The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay (Maryland Ship Graveyard)
S08 E116
Why Hoboken Is No Longer an Island (The Rise and Fall of Hoboken N.J.)
S08 E117
Why London Bridge Was Moved to Arizona
S08 E118
Why the Eiffel Tower Has Secret a Apartment on Top
S08 E119
What Happened To Texan Embassies?
S08 E120
Why Miles of Abandoned Tunnel Lay Under Paris (Paris Catacombs Explained)
S08 E121
Why the Monument to Communism in the Sky Was Abandoned
S08 E122
Why Steam Trains were Dumped in Bolivia by the Hundreds
S08 E123
Chicago's South Side Nightmare - The Rise and Fall of Pullman's Utopia
S08 E124
Why Assault Gliders were a Terrible Idea
S08 E125
How Alcatraz Military Fort became America's Worst Prison
S08 E126
New Jersey's Most Beautiful Road - Exit Zero to New York | The Garden Sta...
S08 E127
Abandoned Liberty Ships Explained (The Rise and Fall of the Liberty Ship)
S08 E128
Why Abandoned New York Ruins Remind us of more Peaceful Times ???????? (1...
S08 E129
When New York's Most Dangerous Waterway was Bridged (The History of Hell ...
S08 E130
The Submarine Graveyard that Became a Nightmare (Devonport Royal Dockyard...
S08 E131
Why Chicago's Hidden Street Has 3 Levels (The History of Wacker Drive)
S08 E132
San Francisco's Disgraceful Closure of the Cliff House
S08 E133
Why Ellis Island Separated Families for Years
S08 E134
When did the US Postal Service Begin and What was its purpose?
Episode 1
Changes on Blast from the Past
Episode 2
Episode 1
Episode 3
Welcome to It's History
Episode 4
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Episode 5
What's Happening on It's History? You decide!
Episode 6
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Episode 7
The Vote Is Out - The Next Topic on It's History
Episode 8
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The Cold War Is Coming!
Episode 10
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Episode 11
The New Guy Is Here - And He Will Take You to China
Episode 12
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Toilet Paper Aerobics - Outtakes
Episode 14
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Episode 15
The History of China Recap
Episode 16
Episode 8
Episode 17
Where Did It All Go Wrong? - Outtakes
Episode 18
Episode 9
Episode 19
The Naked Truth - Revealing Season 5!
Episode 20
Episode 10
Episode 21
It's History - New Series Soon!
Episode 22
Episode 11
Episode 23
New Series Going Live Tomorrow
Episode 24
Episode 12
Episode 25
UPDATE - Why 'It's History' disappears so often, Poland, host changes, fu...
Episode 26
Episode 13
Episode 27
Indy Neidell in Conversation
Episode 28
Episode 14
Episode 29
The Great War with Florian Wittig In Conversation
Episode 30
Episode 15
Episode 31
Join The History Council
Episode 32
Episode 16
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