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Encounters with the Unexplained

Encounters with the Unexplained

2000 - 2002   •  Ion Television  •   53 hours
1 vote
28 votes
# 23302
Encounters with the Unexplained is a fascinating show, produced by the Total Living Network and Grizzly Adams Productions. Hosted by Jerry Orbach, the show brings together world-renowned scientists, explorers, and historians in search of answers to famous mysteries. Every episode examines an unexplained ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Vince Foster - Suicide or Political Execution? / Were There Miracles Amidst the Aired on 08/07/2002
Vince Foster - Suicide or Political Execution? / Were There Miracles Amidst the
Season 2: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
53 episodes total
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
What's Behind the Door in the Pyramid?
S01 E02
Is it Noah's Ark?
S01 E03
What Really Happened at Roswell?
S01 E04
Is It the Burial Cloth of Jesus?
S01 E05
What Are Crop Circles?
S01 E06
Is there Really Power in Prayer?
S01 E07
Is Area 51 America's Hidden Spaceport?
S01 E08
Are End Time Warnings True?
S01 E09
What Is So Mysterious about Easter Island?
S01 E10
The Golden Ark with Incredible Power
S01 E11
Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island
S01 E12
Adam and Eve -- Fact or Fiction?
S01 E13
What Really Happened at Kecksburg?
S01 E14
Did Jesus Exist and Perform Miracles?
S01 E15
Is the Miracle of Christmas Really True?
S01 E16
What Happened at Mesa Verde?
S01 E17
Did Ancient Doctors Know More Than Us?
S01 E18
What Happened at Little Bighorn?
S01 E19
Are Dolphins Smarter Than Us?
S01 E20
Was the Six Day War a Miracle?
S01 E21
Jesus: The Lost Years
S01 E22
Is There a Doomsday Asteroid?
S01 E23
Could Ancients Tell the Future?
S01 E24
What Is Really on Mars?
S01 E25
Bigfoot: Real Monster or Urban Myth
S01 E26
What Is the Secret of the Bermuda Triangle?
S01 E27
Time Travel: The Hidden Government Cover-up?
Season 2
S02 E01
Pearl Harbor, Day of Infamy or Deceit? / Butch Cassidy: Dead or Alive?
S02 E02
Who Killed Lincoln? / Did the Walls of Jericho Fall Down?
S02 E03
What Did Ancient Inventors Know? / What New Findings Are in the Bible Cod...
S02 E04
Can We Be Saved by the Light? / What Is the Secret of the Astonishing Cor...
S02 E05
Did Moses Part the Red Sea? / Who Are the Super Brain Kids?
S02 E06
Sodom and Gomorrah: Did God Destroy the Cities of Sin? / What Caused the ...
S02 E07
Who Killed Princess Di? / Will We Be Left Behind?
S02 E08
Which Mountain Is the Real Mt. Sinai? / How Old Is the Human Race?
S02 E09
Who Killed Kennedy? / Was There a Miracle at Fatima?
S02 E10
What Were the Phoenix Lights? / Was There a Noah's Flood?
S02 E11
Where Are the POW's? / Did Jesus Really Walk the Earth?
S02 E12
What Killed the Dinosaurs? / Where Are the Lost Bible Treasures?
S02 E13
What's under the Ancient Sphinx? / Is the Story of the Tower of Babel Tru...
S02 E14
What Brought Down TWA Flight 800? / What Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Tell Us?
S02 E15
JFK, Jr: Accident or Assassination? / Do Animals Have a Sixth Sense?
S02 E16
Will the Hospital Cure You or Kill You? / Has the Holy Grail Been Found?
S02 E17
Did We Really Land a Man on the Moon? / Who Wrote the Bible?
S02 E18
Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa? / Mary Magdelene: Saint or Sinner?
S02 E19
Is Someone Altering the World's Weather? / What Sank the Unsinkable Titan...
S02 E20
Does Spontaneous Human Combustion Really Exist? / Is There a Curse on Kin...
S02 E21
What Happened to Aviator Amelia Earhart? / Did the Bible Code Predict Sep...
S02 E22
Will Global Warming Change Our Lives? / Have We Found the Garden of Eden?
S02 E23
Where is the Lost Gold of the Incas? / Can Anyone Have an Angel Encounter...
S02 E24
Has the Lost Colony of Roanoke Been Found? / Are the End Times Here?
S02 E25
Are We Creating Killer Insects? / Are Crop Circles the Language of Aliens...
S02 E26
Vince Foster - Suicide or Political Execution? / Were There Miracles Amid...
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