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The World's Greatest Tribute Bands

The World's Greatest Tribute Bands

2013 - 2017  •  AXS TV  •  87 hours  •  87 episodes
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This weekly concert series brings music from iconic bands such as The Police, The Beatles and Pink Floyd ... or at least reasonable facsimiles of those groups and others. Host Katie Daryl introduces concerts that are filmed at famous music venues in the Los Angeles area. Not only do the performers sound ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Fab Four - A Tribute To The Beatles Aired on 05/10/2017
The Fab Four - A Tribute To The Beatles
Season 8: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
87 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Britain's Finest
S01 E02
The Ultimate Stones
S01 E03
The Who Revue
S01 E04
Atomic Punks
S01 E05
Kenny Metcalf as Elton
S01 E06
S01 E07
Back in Black
S01 E08
Wild Child
S01 E09
Queen Nation
S01 E10
Damage Inc.
S01 E11
Hollywood U2
S01 E12
Season 2
S02 E01
Space Oddity
S02 E02
The Police Experience
S02 E03
The Fab Four: The Ultimate Tribute
S02 E04
Guns 4 Roses
S02 E05
Alice in Cooperland
S02 E06
Which One's Pink
S02 E07
Blaze of Glory the Bon Jovi Experience
S02 E08
The Iron Maidens
S02 E09
S02 E10
Led Zepagain
Season 3
S03 E01
Purple Reign: A Tribute to Prince
S03 E02
Bella Donna
S03 E03
Rhymin N Stealin'
S03 E04
The Long Run
S03 E05
Garth Guy - Dean Simmons
S03 E06
No Duh
S03 E07
True 2 Crue
S03 E08
The Pettybreakers
S03 E09
Draw the Line
S03 E10
Wings Band
S03 E11
Bruce in the USA
S03 E12
S03 E13
The Nirvana Experience
S03 E14
S03 E15
Mr. Speed
Season 4
S04 E01
Justin Shandor a tribute to Elvis
S04 E02
Pyromania: A Tribute to Def Leppard
S04 E03
Fortunate Son: a Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival
S04 E04
Billy Joel 2 Elton John: A Tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John
S04 E05
Dog N Butterfly: A Tribute to Heart
S04 E06
Fan Halen: A Tribute to Van Halen
S04 E07
Ozzmania: A Tribute to Ozzy & Black Sabbath
S04 E08
S04 E09
The Ten Band: A Tribute to Pearl Jam
S04 E10
SouthBound and Company: A Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd
S04 E11
Blonde Day: A Tribute to Blondie
S04 E12
Super Diamond: A Tribute to Neil Diamond
Season 5
S05 E01
Gary Anthony: a Tribute to Frank Sinatra
S05 E02
Mirage: a Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
S05 E03
Natural Wonder: a Tribute to Stevie Wonder
S05 E04
Double Vision: a Tribute to Foreigner
S05 E05
Hollywood U2: A Tribute to U2
S05 E06
Philip Bauer: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
S05 E07
On the Border: A Tribute to the Eagles
S05 E08
Super Huey: A Tribute to Huey Lewis & the News
Season 6
S06 E01
Strange Days, A Tribute To The Doors
S06 E02
Fan Halen with Red Rocker Guest A Tribute To Van Halen
S06 E03
The Neil Deal A Tribute To Neil Young & CSN
S06 E04
Kenny Cetera's Chicago Experience A Tribute To Chicago
S06 E05
Appetite For Deception - A Tribute to Guns N' Roses
S06 E06
Lotus Land A Tribute To Rush
S06 E07
Bee Gees Gold A Tribute To The Bee Gees
S06 E08
Generation Idol, A Tribute To Billy Idol
S06 E09
Badfish A Tribute To Sublime
S06 E10
Which One's Pink? A Tribute To Pink Floyd
Season 7
S07 E01
Purple Reign: THE Prince Tribute Show
S07 E02
David Brighton's Space Oddity: The Ultimate David Bowie Experience
S07 E03
Sounds of Summer: A Beach Boys Tribute
S07 E04
Mick Adams and The Stones: A Tribute to The Rolling Stones
S07 E05
The Who Generation: A Tribute to The Who
S07 E06
Turn The Page: A Tribute to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
S07 E07
Crimes of Passion: A Pat Benatar Tribute
S07 E08
Infinite Journey: A Tribute to The Music of Journey
S07 E09
Adventures in Parrotdise: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett
S07 E10
Kiss The Sky: The Jimi Hendrix RE-Experience
Season 8
S08 E01
Led Zepagain: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
S08 E02
Damage, Inc. - Southern California's Tribute To Metallica
S08 E03
Eliminator - A Tribute To ZZ Top
S08 E04
Live At The Fillmore - A Tribute To The Allman Brothers
S08 E05
Strange Magic, the ELO Experience
S08 E06
Almost Queen - A Tribute to Queen
S08 E07
Karen as Dolly - A Tribute To Dolly Parton
S08 E08
Warehouse - A Tribute To Dave Matthews Band
S08 E09
Dreamer the Supertramp Experience
S08 E10
The Fab Four - A Tribute To The Beatles
Episode 1
Britain's Finest
Episode 2
Britain's Finest
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