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Beauty & the Beta

Beauty & the Beta

2016 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •   12 days
0 vote
Talk Show
Beauty & the Beta as hosted by Matt Christiansen and his ever trusty sidekick Furer Blonde.Saving the millennial generation in weekly installments from their safe spaces from her high castle tower and his mothers basement, it's Beauty And the Beta
  Previously Aired Episode
Stable Genius v Crazy Nancy, May Resigns, YT Soft Censors Borderless Aired on 05/26/2019
Stable Genius v Crazy Nancy, May Resigns, YT Soft Censors Borderless
Season 2019: Episode 21
Season 2016 2017 2018 2019
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Trump Sexism Exposed, Facebook Suppression of Conservatives
S2016 E02
Guest Free Hugs Guy
S2016 E03
Milo's DePaul Debacle, Katie Couric's Gun Documentary
S2016 E04
Guest Blaire White
S2016 E05
Orlando Terrorism, Onision Feminism
S2016 E06
Going to Republican Nat. Convention! and Big, Scary, Black... Guns
S2016 E07
Guest Kraut and Tea, Brexit, #ProudToBe
S2016 E08
Guests Bearing and SugarTits
S2016 E09
Shootings, #BlackLivesMatter, Hillary Emails
S2016 E10
Guest F--king White Male Owen Shroyer, RNC Recap, DNC Leaks
S2016 E11
DNC, RNC, & Hate Speech!
S2016 E12
Guest Quay Manuel, BLM Debate, Twitter Threats
S2016 E13
Guest Biggest Mikey, Milwaukee Madness, Trump Assassination Call
S2016 E14
#LochteGate, LA Floods, Breitbart Advising Trump
S2016 E15
Guest Some Black Guy, Hillary's Alt-Right Speech, Colin Kaepernick
S2016 E16
Guest Ariana Rowlands, Fake Purdue Censorship, Trump Immigration Speech
S2016 E17
Remembering 9/11, RIP Sick Hillary, Longest Tongue
S2016 E18
NYC & MN Terrorism, Fake Trump Violence, Anti-Pepe Media
S2016 E19
Charlotte Riots, Mall Violence, Pre-Debate Excitement
S2016 E20
Guest Bryden Proctor, Debates, #BasementDwellers, Trump's Taxes
S2016 E21
Guest Roaming Millennial, Debate Breakdown, Trump Tapes, Laci Green
S2016 E22
Blonde Doxed, Trump Accusers, Podesta Emails
S2016 E23
Project Veritas Tapes, Wikipedia is Evil, #DrainTheSwamp
S2016 E24
Halloween Special! Gender Bending, Hillary Investigated
S2016 E25
Comeygate, Electoral Breakdown, Crazy Anti-Trumpers, Guest Biggest Mikey
S2016 E26
Post-Trumpening Party, Guest Owen Shroyer
S2016 E27
Guests Jeff & Memorie Holiday, Hamilton-gate, Swastikas Galore
S2016 E28
Guest Mike Cernovich, the Alt-Right, Free Speech & OSU Attack
S2016 E29
Guests Bearing & SugarTits, Amy Schumer Barbie, Boycott Star Wars
S2016 E30
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Santa & the Dying Kid: Hero or Fraud
Season 2017
S2017 E01
New Year's Hangover, Fake KKK Documentary, Milo's Book
S2017 E02
Critic Backs Out of Debate, Chicago Kidnapping, Real Housewives of ISIS
S2017 E03
Guest That Guy T, Trump's Golden Shower, Shkrelopoulos at UC Davis
S2017 E04
Guest Roaming Millennial, Trump Inaugural/Women's March, Spencer Punched
S2017 E05
The _Muslim Ban,_ Thunderf00t v Lauren Southern, Shia LaBeouf HWNDU
S2017 E06
Guest Dave Rubin, the Rubin Report
S2017 E07
SJW Super Bowl Ads, Our Stalker's Porn Collection, TrigglyProf
S2017 E08
Bearing, SugarTits, Jeff & Mem Holiday Guest, Jim Jefferies v Piers Morg...
S2017 E09
Debate with Spinosauruskin, Pewdiepie v Media, Milo on Real Time
S2017 E10
Last Night in Sweden, Milo Fallout, Trans Bathrooms
S2017 E11
Guest Roaming Millennial, Jeff Sessions, Berkeley Riots AGAIN
S2017 E12
Vault 7, Turkey v the Netherlands, HWNDU Victory 4 Kek
S2017 E13
Muslim Ban v2, Maddow & Trump's Taxes, Trans Families
S2017 E14
The London Attack, US Intelligence Chaos, Trump Jeans
S2017 E15
YT Ad Controversy, Rachel Dolezal Returns, Hate Crime Hoax or No Hoax
S2017 E16
S*ria, Sw*den, & Susan Rice Need a Pepsi
S2017 E17
Guest Styxhexenhammer666, Battle for B*rkeley, M0AB, United Airlines
S2017 E18
Guest Based Stickman, Bill O'Reilly Fired, French Election, Ann Coulter
S2017 E19
Debate w River Gibbs, Bill Nye, BAMN + NAMBLA, WH Correspondents Dinner
S2017 E20
French Election, Obamacare Repeal/Replace, DaddyOFive Custody
S2017 E21
Guest Anthony B Logan, Comey Fired, Laci Green's Red Pill
S2017 E22
One Year Anniversary, Warskis Guest, PSU Journalist Andy Ngo Interview
S2017 E23
M*nchester, Congressman Body Slam, Gazi Kodzo Debate, Matt Palumbo Guests
S2017 E24
Lond0n, Covfefe, Kathy Griffin, Evergreen Insanity Update
S2017 E25
Guest Lauren Southern, Comeygate, Tentacle Pr0n, Bill Maher's Apology
S2017 E26
Alexandria Shooting, Trump-Caesar Play Disruption, Castile Officer Cleare...
S2017 E27
Guest Roaming Mil, Anita v Sargon, #MoreThanARefugee, Peak Buzzfeed Cring...
S2017 E28
Happy Fourth, CNN's Rough Week, the Cold Chicken Incident, YT Death Stunt
S2017 E29
CNNBlackmail, Linda Sarsour Jihad-Gate, Key Fight Hoax? Lena Dunham's Dog
S2017 E30
Don Jr. Russiagate, War for the Planet of DeRay, Chicago Antifa Gym Updat...
S2017 E31
Free OJ, Bye Spicy, Mpls Police Shooting, Yvette Felarca's Arrest
S2017 E32
Military TrannyBanny, PolitiCon Debate Highlights, Patreon CEO Responds
S2017 E33
YT's New Content Policies, Miller v Acosta, Farewell Mooch
S2017 E34
Charlottesville, Google Memo MSM Coverage, Ashley Judd's Airport Struggle
S2017 E35
Guest Liberty Doll, Boston Rally, Barcelona, Alex Jones Coffee Surprise
S2017 E36
Antifa Pepper Balls, Hillary Strikes Back, Beth's Fake
S2017 E37
Guest Styxhexenhammer666, Harvey Fallout, Kathy Griffin, Nurse Arrest
S2017 E38
Roaming Mil Co-hosts, Hurricane Irma, DACA repeal, Betsy DeVos Title IX
S2017 E39
Blonde Returns, Clay Travis Loves Boobs, Shkreli Jailed, St. Louis Riots
S2017 E40
Rocket Man, Trump v NFL, Lawrence's Rage, Lactatia's Makeover
S2017 E41
Grand Theft MAGA Hat, Bennett's Lies Confirmed, Berkeley Antifa Leftovers
S2017 E42
Right Wing Watch Hit Piece, Post-Vegas Gun Control, MAGA Hat Theft Update
S2017 E43
Eminem & Sarah Silverman Cringe, Actual Policy Stuff, BBC Race Propaganda
S2017 E44
Trump v Frederica Wilson, Chelsea Canned-ler, Spencer's Florida Speech
S2017 E45
Halloween Special! Uranium One, Russian Dossier, Surprise Scares
S2017 E46
Red Pill Black Talks Controversy, Donna & the DNC, It's Okay to be White
S2017 E47
Hoax Hate Hits the Air Force,
S2017 E48
Uncle Joe's Gun Lesson, Twitter's Nazi Purge, the Great Sky Phallus
S2017 E49
Kate Steinle Verdict, Keith's Last Ride, Pocah**tas, ABC's Flynn Fake New...
S2017 E50
Trump & Jerusalem, Daniel Shaver Shooting, Gov. Lessons in White Privileg...
S2017 E51
Roy Moore Loses, 'Bye Felicia,' the Hillary Tattoo, Naked Road Rage
S2017 E52
Christmas Special w Roaming Mil, Holiday Cheer/Cringe, Rosie's Meltdown
S2017 E53
Happy New Year! Deadly Swat Case, Antifa Hit by Car
Season 2018
S2018 E01
CNN's Drunken New Year, the Gorilla Channel, Racist IHOP Pancakes
S2018 E02
Guest Tim Pool, Trump's DACA Mtg, Sh!thole Countries, Google Lawsuit
S2018 E03
ReleaseTheMemo, Booker's Tears of Rage, Hijab Hoax Confirmed
S2018 E04
Trump & Mueller, the FBI Texts, CNN & C*ckoldry, Anti-Military Teacher
S2018 E05
Guests Bearing & SugarTits, Memo-gate, SOTU laughs, Walmart is Racist
S2018 E06
Guest Fleccas, Peoplekind, Schiff Prank Call, Illegal Kills NFL Player
S2018 E07
Parkland Shooting Aftermath, Pastor Bondage, 'Subscribe to Black Creators
S2018 E08
Broward Sheriff Failure, NRA 'Boycotts,' the Hijab Hotline
S2018 E09
Take the Guns First, Due Process Second, & the Chocolate Diversity Milk
S2018 E10
Guest FreedomToons, Dick's Lawsuit, Pettibone & Sellner Detained in the U...
S2018 E11
McCabe Fired, Hillary Stumbles & Tumbles, Nat'l Walkout, Bridge Collapse
S2018 E12
Guest Brittany Pettibone, #MarchForOurLives, Spending Bill Fail
S2018 E13
Hogg v Ingraham, Stephon Clark Shooting, Deadspin Smears VA Tech Girls
S2018 E14
Guest Owen Benjamin, the YouTube Shooting, Local Gun Bans & More
S2018 E15
Syria Strike, Cohen Raid, Comey Book, Zuck Grilled
S2018 E16
Starbucks Reparations, Fatal Plane Explosion, Fresno St. Prof Hates Barba...
S2018 E17
100th Episode, Guest Styxhexenhammer666, Alfie Evans, Kanye v Errybody
S2018 E18
Ben Shapiro v Alex Jones, NRA Convention Fake News, Hoax Hate Returns
S2018 E19
Iran Deal Nuked, NK Prisoners Free, Schneider-man, Jenner's Wife
S2018 E20
TX School Shooting, MS-13 Animals, Yanny/Laurel, Starbucks Racist Again
S2018 E21
Guest Ian Petty Bro. of Parkland Victim, Robinson Jailed, NFL Kneel Ban
S2018 E22
Roseanne Banned But Sam Bee is Fine, Alex Jones Saves Incel Jesus & More
S2018 E23
David Hogg Swatted, Maher Hopes for Recession, Miss America Bans Swimsuit...
S2018 E24
Trump-Kim Meeting, OIG FBI Report, CNN's Trans Father's Day
S2018 E25
All the Border 'Scandal' Fake News, Maher Doubles Down, Hoax Hate Returns
S2018 E26
Guest FreedomToons, Supreme Court Mania, Maryland Newspaper Shooting
S2018 E27
Roaming Mil Co-Hosts, Trump Montana Rally, ICE Protests, #TrudeauToo
S2018 E28
Kavanaugh v the Left, Trump v Europe, Strzok v Congress
S2018 E29
Russian Hysteria, James Gunn Firing, #EvolveTheDefinition & More
S2018 E30
Guest Liberty Doll, Cohen Tapes, "Fake" Ocasio Interview, BK Gets Woke
S2018 E31
Ft. Slightly Offens*ve, T. Robinson Free, Bigfoot Erotica, Praise Acosta
S2018 E32
Alex Jones Ban, C'ville Rd 2, Bike Lock Prof Free, NM Child Compound
S2018 E33
Guest Owen Shroyer, Dueling Cuomo Stupid, Brennan Clearance Revoked
S2018 E34
McCain Dies, Mollie Tibbetts, Cohen Manafort, Trump South Africa
S2018 E35
Monkey-Up 'Racism,' ESPN Rips Tiger over Trump, Dem In-N-Out Boycott Fail
S2018 E36
Kavanaugh Hearings, Alex Jones Twitter/Apple Perma-Bans, Nike/Kaepernick ...
S2018 E37
Hurricane Politics, Leaked Google Tape, Kavanaugh Gets Me Too-ed
S2018 E38
Guest Styxhexenhammer666, Kavanaugh Smearing, Rosenstein Scandal, TX Murd...
S2018 E39
Ford-Kavanaugh Circus, Flake Flakes, Cosby in Prison, Cruz Harassed
S2018 E40
Kavanaugh Confirmed, Unhinged Protests, 'Roundhouse Kick' Guy Arrested
S2018 E41
Kanye at the White House, Hillary Says No Civility, 'Scary Time' Feminist...
S2018 E42
Chief Warren, Trump v Horseface, Anti-Cruz Hyena Man, Honduran Caravan
S2018 E43
Halloween Special, Synagogue Shooting, Magabomber, Megyn Kelly Fired & Mo...
S2018 E44
Birthright Citizenship, WSJ v Superchat, Don Lemon v Evil Whites, Midterm...
S2018 E45
Election Results, Thousand Oaks Shooting, Antifa Targets Tucker, Trump v ...
S2018 E46
Nuke the Assault Weapons, Avenatti Accused, GoFundMe Homeless Vet Hoax
S2018 E47
Chipotle Racism Fraud, Dogsh*t 'Hate Crime,' Gavin Quits the Proud Boys
S2018 E48
HW Bush Dies, Cohen Admits to Lying, Bump Stock Ban, Trans Kid Custody Ba...
S2018 E49
Patreon Bans Sargon & More, France Riots, Kevin Hart Booted from the Osca...
S2018 E50
Border Wall or Gov. Shutdown, Google Hearing, YT Rewind's Dislike Record
S2018 E51
Happy New Year! Illegal Murders Cop in CA, Public Freakout Double Feature
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Warren for Chief, New Congress Crazies, Jazmine Barnes Shooting, Louis CK...
S2019 E02
Trump v Chuck & Nancy, Jayme Closs, Gender Studies Prank Prof Punished
S2019 E03
MAGA Kids 'Harass' Indian Guy, Buzzfeed Fake News, White Privilege Gaffe
S2019 E04
Guest YouTuber Law, Stone Raid, MAGA Kid Interview, Apocalypse T-Minus 12...
S2019 E05
Northam's Rough Week, Jussie Smollett Hoax Hate, Jack Dorsey on Rogan LIV...
S2019 E06
SOTU Recap, Green New Deal for Those 'Unwilling to Work,' RIP Warren Camp...
S2019 E07
The Wall Emergency, Jussie Smollett's Fake Noose, Aurora IL Shooting
S2019 E08
Bernie Runs, I Just Want Some Ranch, Reparations 2020, ISlS Bride Change ...
S2019 E09
Free Speech Exec. Order, Alex Jones on Rogan, Gun Control Passes the Hous...
S2019 E10
Jussie Indicted, Muslims Win the UK Intersectional Battle, Taco Bell Gang...
S2019 E11
Christchurch Shooting, Tucker v Media Matters, Aunt Becky's College Scam
S2019 E12
Mueller Report Done/No Collusion, New Zealand Gun Ban, SPLC Chief Resigns
S2019 E13
Jussie Charges Dropped, Avenatti Arrested (Again), Green New Deal Dies
S2019 E14
Touchy Biden, Lesbian Cliff Divers Case Closed, MAGA Pirate Swordsman Arr...
S2019 E15
Assange Arrested, Candace Owens v Ted Lieu, War for the Planet of the Clo...
S2019 E16
Mueller Report Spin, Notre Dame Fire, Why Don't You Pay More, Martha
S2019 E17
Guest Styx, Biden Is In, Terrorist Suffrage, San Diego Synagogue Shooting
S2019 E18
Facebook Bannings, Barr Hearing Circus, Venezuela Unrest
S2019 E19
Colorado Shooting, Brian Sims No-Shows Pro-Life Rally, Shapiro v BBC
S2019 E20
Abortion Law Wave, Buzzfeed v Soph, BK Milkshake Assaults, Batwoman
S2019 E21
Stable Genius v Crazy Nancy, May Resigns, YT Soft Censors Borderless
Episode 1
#0 Beauty & the Beta Episode 0
Episode 2
Warski Live Beauty and the Beta
Episode 3
Beauty and the Badger
Episode 4
Thank you Scott
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