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Glitch Please

Glitch Please

2017 - 2019  •  Rooster Teeth  •  5 days  •  89 episodes
0 vote
Talk Show
Have you ever played a video game and thought, "Hey, games are pretty cool. Except when they're all broken and glitchy. I wish I knew if other people felt the same way." It's a desolate world out there, but GREAT NEWS! You're not alone after all. Join Gus, Ashley, Ryan, and friends from the Rooster Teeth ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction versus the Mr. X Experience Aired on 02/01/2019
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction versus the Mr. X Experience
Season 1: Episode 89
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
89 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
The Glitches Become Camp Counselors
S01 E02
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
S01 E03
Carboni Connected Universe
S01 E04
Call To ARMS
S01 E05
Tap It And Forget It
S01 E06
Sony is N. Sane
S01 E07
Dracula the Drama Queen
S01 E08
Kid in the Streets, Squid in the Sheets
S01 E09
Make It Fun For Me Now
S01 E10
How to Destroy Your Computer in 1 Easy Step
S01 E11
Cents On The Hour
S01 E12
Sonic Puts A Ring On It
S01 E13
Uncharted's Fugitive From Margaritaville
S01 E14
Goombas Clean Their Butts?
S01 E15
Screaming About Destiny 2 Shaders
S01 E16
Let's Kill The 3DS
S01 E17
YouTube Steals From Twitch
S01 E18
The Better Gamer Challenge
S01 E19
Learning To Hate Ourselves
S01 E20
Loot Box Mania
S01 E21
Say Goodbye To Single Player
S01 E22
Let's Get Scary
S01 E23
999 Moons And The Princess Ain't One
S01 E24
Nobody Ever Cheers For Hummer To Win
S01 E25
Battlefront II: I Have A Bad Feeling About This
S01 E26
Gather 'Round The Thanksgiving Tree
S01 E27
Return Of The Low Ping Bastards
S01 E28
A Well Placed Gus
S01 E29
Reedus's Fetuses
S01 E30
Worst of 2017
S01 E31
Best of 2017
S01 E32
VR Worth Flipping The Bed Over
S01 E33
A Huge Mini Direct
S01 E34
Nintendo is the new Ikea?
S01 E35
Game Pass and Chill
S01 E36
Big Swords and Bigger Monsters
S01 E37
We're The Real Colossus'ses
S01 E38
Internet in Australia is Upside Down?
S01 E39
Caught Being Biased
S01 E40
Perpetual Soup: Deliverance
S01 E41
Bait and Switch
S01 E42
The VR Fad is Over
S01 E43
C Minus Of Thieves
S01 E44
Far Cry 5: The Michael Bay Fiesta of Games
S01 E45
A Way Out in a Minit
S01 E46
Hold This Baby, I'm Going In!
S01 E47
Boy Of War
S01 E48
Labo Makes Cardboard Fun?
S01 E49
Glitches Get Pitches
S01 E50
Body By Beat Saber
S01 E51
State of Okay 2
S01 E52
Detroit Become Mustache
S01 E53
Fallout 2000 NT
S01 E54
500 Vault Boys Parachute Onto An Island
S01 E55
A Very E3 Episode of Glitch Please
S01 E56
Are You A Game Addict?
S01 E57
Gus Hates Mario Tennis Aces
S01 E58
Bad PlayStation is Back?
S01 E59
Fired For Tweeting?
S01 E60
Letith Thou Travel Thine Octopath Share
S01 E61
No Man's Sky version 1.0
S01 E62
Bonus Episode: Let's Build A PC! Share
S01 E63
Gungeons & Chasms
S01 E64
Living The Dead Cells Life
S01 E65
Trash Can Bad Guys = Horror Game
S01 E66
Holy Guacamelee
S01 E67
Spooky Stardew Valley
S01 E68
Spider-man Can't Cross-Play
S01 E69
The Forbidden Soccer Game 2019
S01 E70
Animal Crossing Battle Royale
S01 E71
Cross Play Lives!
S01 E72
Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slitherland, and Slowlee
S01 E73
Assassin's Creed Xena Simulator
S01 E74
Playstation 5?
S01 E75
Jon's New Presidential Friend
S01 E76
Only Half Black Hat
S01 E77
Quiz Please
S01 E78
Sissy La La Man Cowboy
S01 E79
Pokemon Switches It Up
S01 E80
Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Destroys The Ending
S01 E81
Tetris Effect Game Of The Year?
S01 E82
Who Are The Smash Bros. Ultimate Anime Boys?
S01 E83
Fallout 76 Lunchbox Lootbox
S01 E84
Game Of The Year 2018
S01 E85
SouljaGame Over?
S01 E86
Most Anticipated Games of 2019
S01 E87
All Star Wars Games Are Cancelled
S01 E88
Mortal Kombat Has A Story?
S01 E89
Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction versus the Mr. X Experience
Episode 1
The Pilot
Episode 2
Nostalgia Money
Episode 3
Enter the Dragon
Episode 4
The Definitive Blue Shell
Episode 5
Prey for a Comeback
Episode 6
The Final Countdown
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